15 Former WWE Superstars You Didn't Know Were Parents

There are a number of WWE superstars who somehow manage to juggle life as an athlete and as a parent. Stars like Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Mickie James and AJ Styles all have a family at home waiting for them while they are on the road 300 days a year.

Many stars decide that they are going to enjoy their freedom while they're in WWE and the perfect time to start a family is after they retire from the ring.

Some superstars manage to avoid the limelight for a long time after they walk away from the business, which is why there isn't a lot known about the personal lives of many of WWE's former wrestlers and champions. But there are a number of former stars who have gone on to have happy relationships and create a family of their own since they disappeared from our TV screens whether it was in the past year, or over a decade ago.

The following list looks at just 15 former WWE stars who have gone on to become parents, or who were already parents while they were wrestling, but managed to keep their personal life secret for a long time.

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15 Edge

Her first love. His whole heart. <3 #mommyawe

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Edge is a former 11-time World Champion; there's a reason he became known as the Rated-R Superstar throughout his lengthy tenure with WWE. Edge had been married and divorced twice before he finally met former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix. The couple then dated for a number of years after Edge left WWE in 2011.

Phoenix gave birth to the couple's first child in December 2013, a daughter called Lyric Rose. Their second child, Ruby Ever, was born in May 2016 before the couple finally decided to tie the knot on Edge's 43rd Birthday in October 2016. Both Edge and Beth Phoenix have now been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which makes them the first ever WWE couple to have both been given this honor.

14 Mark Henry

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Mark Henry is a former World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and also a former ECW Champion, but the one title that Henry was never able to lift was the WWE Championship. This is now something that will always elude him since he announced his retirement from professional wrestling earlier this year.

Henry was The World's Strongest Man back in 2002 and that has been something that has stayed with him and become his character throughout his WWE career. Since his retirement, it seems that Henry will finally have time to spend with his family after so many years on the road. It is unknown to many in the WWE Universe that Henry actually has a wife called Jana Perry, along with a son called Jacob and a daughter named Joanna.

13 Marty Jannetty

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Marty Jannetty will always be remembered as the old partner of Shawn Michaels, the partner that was kicked through a barbershop window. It seems that without Shawn, Marty was never going to have the success that HBK did, and hasn't been seen on WWE TV now since 2006 when he tried to return to help out his old friend.

Marty has instead been spending time on the Independent Circuit all over the world; back in 2013 it was discovered that Jannetty had fathered a daughter, called Bianca. She managed to track him down and looks to only be in her 20s. This story has a number of twists and turns (and DNA tests) including that Janetty publicly posted the fact that he and his daughter were fighting the urge to be lovers! It's never a straight forward story with Jannetty, is it?

12 Michelle McCool


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Michelle McCool is a former WWE Divas Champion and Women's Champion as she was the first woman to have held both Championships. She made the decision to leave WWE back in 2011 when she lost a "Loser Leaves WWE" match to Layla at Extreme Rules.

Michelle married WWE Legend The Undertaker just a year before that and it seemed that the couple was looking to settle down and start a proper family of their own, so Michelle decided it was time to walk away. A year later in August 2012, Michelle gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter that they called Kaia Faith Calaway. Kaia is Michelle's first child and Undertaker's fourth since The Deadman already has a son named Gunner Vincent from his first marriage and two daughters named Chasey and Gracie from his second marriage to Sara Frank.

11 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is perhaps one of the best-known female wrestlers in WWE history, as a seven-time Women's Champion and a WWE Hall of Famer, Trish has set the tone for all the women who have come after her and now is seen as the measuring stick for the current crop of wrestlers.

Trish made the decision to leave WWE back in 2006 and the company even allowed her to bow out in her hometown of Toronto, Canada at Unforgiven. Trish wanted to marry her high school sweetheart and start a family of her own after being part of the wrestling industry for a number of years. Trish married Ron Fisico in September 2006 and the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Maximus, on their wedding anniversary in 2013. In January 2017 Trish gave birth to her second child, a daughter that she called Madison.

10 Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams was part of the WWE Diva Search back in 2006 before she was then moved over to ECW and became part of Extreme Expose alongside Kelly Kelly and Layla. Brooke later left WWE and switched over to TNA where she became known as Brooke Tessmacher. She is a former three-time Knockout's Champion and one-time Knockout's Tag Team Champion.

Brooke had an on and off relationship with fellow TNA superstar Robbie E before she later became engaged to personal trainer Weston Wayne Piper. The couple welcomed their first child in September 2016, a boy who they decided to call Jace. Brooke returned to Impact Wrestling earlier this year following the birth of her first child, and it seems that she wants to continue to wrestle along with being a mother.

9 Batista

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Batista may be tearing it up as part of Hollywood now as the star of Guardians of The Galaxy, but he first came to fame as The Animal Batista on WWE TV. Batista is a former World Champion and Royal Rumble winner, but he walked away from WWE back in 2014 when it was made obvious that WWE was not going to give him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Batista has had quite a stacked personal life as well. His first wife Glenda is the mother of his two daughters Keilani and Athena, but the couple divorced before Batista married his second wife Angie in 1998. Once again Batista divorced in 2006 after rumors of his affair with Melina began to circulate. Batista then married competitive pole dancer Sara Jade in 2015. Batista became a grandfather in 2013 when his daughter Keilani gave birth to sons Aiden and Jacob.

8 Sara Lee

As the Tough Enough female winner from season six back in 2015, Sara Lee wasn't able to make the same kind of splash in WWE that runner up Mandy Rose made, but she was able to train for a while in the Performance Centre and show that she had what it takes to be a WWE superstar.

In 2016, Sara announced that she was expecting her first child with fellow WWE superstar and former NXT Tag Team Champion Wesley Blake. Sara was released from WWE not long after, since her year long developmental contract had come to an end. Sara was a relatively unknown WWE release since the WWE Universe hadn't been able to follow much of her work since she won the competition the year before. Wesley and Sara welcomed their daughter on May 1st, 2017, who they named Piper.

7 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio is a former World Champion in WWE as well as a former Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank winner. Del Rio had quite the run in WWE the first time around but was released from the company in August 2014 when he slapped an employee backstage for making a racist comment.

Del Rio later returned to the company in October 2015 and won the US Championship, but his second run was nowhere near as fruitful and he left once again in 2016. Del Rio has been caught up in a lot of scandal when it comes to his personal life recently, but what is not well known is the fact that Del Rio has three children with his ex-wife Angela Velkei and the couple currently share custody of their children following their divorce.

6 Candice Michelle

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Former Women's Champion Candice Michelle is another female wrestler who came to WWE through the Diva Search and was able to make a career in the wrestling industry. Candice is also a former Playboy cover girl but this is something she managed to put behind her to push forward with her wrestling career.

Candice left the company back in 2009 just four years after she married chiropractor Ken Gee Ehrlich. It seems that Candice was ready to start a family with her new husband and the couple announced the arrival of their first daughter AkiAnne Rose in May 2010. Their second daughter Ryumi Grace was born in October 2012 and their third daughter, Aloha Von Ehrlich, was born in July 2015. It seems that Candice has settled into life as a mother very well.

5 Ted DiBiase Jr

Ted DiBiase Jr was always going to be in the shadow of his father, The Million Dollar Man, and sadly this was the reason that his career never took off in the way that many hoped it would. Ted was a big part of Legacy alongside Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes, but it seems that this was the height of his career. Ted is also an actor and made his debut on the silver screen in The Marine 2 in 2009.

DiBiase opted not to renew his WWE contract in 2013 and decided to walk away from the company to spend time with his family. The former Tag Team Champion married his wife Kristen Tynes in 2008 and the couple welcomed their first child, a son called Tate McKinley DiBiase in May 2012.

4 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley was the kind of WWE superstar that Vince McMahon loved. He looked the part and seemed to be a star that would go far in WWE, but sadly the ECW Championship was the only real World title Lashley was able to claim. He later left the company to pursue a career in TNA.

Lashley stood out in TNA and is a former four-time Champion in the company. While he was part of WWE he met Diva Kristal Marshall and the couple began dating. The couple even spent a stint together in TNA. The couple has two children together, a son named Myles who was born in 2008 and a daughter named Noami who was born in 2011. The couple decided to go their separate ways in 2010.

3 Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler may have never won any championships in WWE, but she is still well remembered by the WWE Universe for her trademark long legs. Stacy was used mostly as a valet during a time when women were seen as eye candy but managed to move on to a role in Dancing with the Stars and various other projects when her WWE career died down.

Stacy previously dated Hollywood star George Clooney but the couple decided to end their relationship after two years in 2013.  She then began dating Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. The couple had been friends for years and finally decided to marry in March 2014 in Mexico. The couple have a daughter together called Ava Grace who was born in August 2014, just months after their wedding,

2 Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero came from one of the most famous families in wrestling and was able to carve out his own legacy as part of WWE. Even though Chavo never reached the heights of his uncle Eddie, he is still fondly remembered for some of his own iconic WWE moments. Chavo is a former ECW Champion and was part of the rebranding of the company back in 2006.

Chavo requested and was granted his release from WWE in 2011 and has since worked all over the world, including work for Impact Wrestling. He married Shari in 1998 and the couple have two sons together. Chavo is a private person when it comes to his family and doesn't share any photos of them online. His latest appearance came as part of the Netflix original series GLOW, alongside fellow former WWE star Carlito.

1 Eve Torres

This place really is magical. It was such a special day with my boys.

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Eve Torres is a former WWE Divas Champion and the 2007 winner of the Diva Search, Eve made huge strides in WWE considering she came into the company with no wrestling experience and has two Divas Championship reigns to prove it.

Eve asked for her WWE release in 2013 so that she could be an instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program. The free time allowed her to concentrate on her personal life as well, and she married Brazilian Martial Artist Rener Gracie in April 2014. The couple welcomed their first child, a son called Raeven Gracie, in September 2015. Eve Torres was recently made an ambassador for WWE in 2014 and appeared on Table for Three alongside Maryse and Kelly Kelly earlier this year.

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