15 Great Wrestlers That WWE Doesn't Want You To Remember

WWE is not shy when it comes to rewriting their own history. In fact, sometimes it seems that they'll attempt to have you forget things that happened from one week to the next. Sometimes we complain and make a fuss that things don't make sense, other times we just grin and accept it, because if you're more of a hardened fan, you know that's just the way it is. However, it's not as cut and dry as WWE wanting you to forget a tiny aspect of a storyline. Or that one week where someone is a heel and the next they're a face. Sometimes, WWE want to wipe large chunks of their own history from all of our collective minds, and to have us forget certain Superstars even competed for them.

If WWE had their own way, we'd all have one of those memory wipe pens from Men in Black fixed to the tops of our TV sets. That way, they'd have the ability to wipe anything and anyone from our wrestling memories whenever they saw fit. Unfortunately for them, it's not that simple. Nevertheless, Vince McMahon and co have attempted to erase certain performers from their long and illustrious history.

Some with good reason, some perhaps not so much. Either way, the following fifteen entries are all Superstars who have competed for WWE at some point, but the company have tried their utmost to have us forget. As you'll soon see for yourselves, some have been deleted more successfully than others.

15 The Hardy Boyz

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Matt and Jeff Hardy may have made names for themselves in WWE, but they're certainly not making any money for Vince McMahon right now. In fact, at this moment in time, The Hardy Boyz are probably the hottest thing in pro wrestling outside of WWE. Rest assured that won't be sitting well with the WWE, especially since it would appear that Matt and Jeff snubbed a return to the company in favor of a stretch with Ring of Honor.

Broken Matt and Brother Nero, as they're now known, are far and away from their Team Extreme days from the turn of the century. If they ever do return to WWE, it'll be interesting to see which gimmick shines through. Not to mention, Jeff Hardy left WWE in 2009 during the biggest push of his career.

14 Eugene

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Okay, describing Eugene as great might be a little bit of a stretch, but saying he's someone WWE wants you to forget about is most definitely not a stretch by any means. Eugene, portrayed by pro wrestler Nick Dinsmore, was a Superstar whose gimmick was that of the 'special' on-screen nephew of Eric Bischoff. Nick Dinsmore was definitely talented in the ring, but WWE didn't allow him to display it with the Eugene character

Definitely very un-politically correct, especially since his run in WWE was only a little over ten years ago. No excuse really, and unsurprising that you rarely, if ever, hear his name in WWE nowadays. It wasn't a short stay either. During his time with WWE, Eugene feuded with Triple H and Kurt Angle. He was involved in moments with The Rock and Hulk Hogan, even becoming Tag Team Champion with William Regal.

13 Umaga

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During the mid-2000s, Umaga played a big part in many top WWE storylines. It begs the question as to why the Samoan is not often talked about on WWE television. Umaga was a family member of the continually growing Samoan dynasty that has been ever present in WWE, and not just a distant cousin either. Umaga is the uncle of current SmackDown Live Superstars, The Usos. However, whenever the twins pay homage to their late uncle through their move set, it's their father Rikishi who gets all the credit.

The underlying cause of all this is that Umaga parted ways with WWE after he was suspended for violating the wellness policy. Not only that, but the Samoan refused WWE's offer of rehab. A sad state of affairs, especially considering Umaga passed away from complications caused by drugs shortly after at the age of just 36 years old.

12 Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett is not ignored by WWE for drug abuse, nor is he an unwelcome reminder of the upsettingly high mortality rate to be found in the wrestling business. No, Jeff is an example of someone who underachieved in WWE and has gone on to make a name for himself elsewhere. WWE aren't fans of such wrestlers, especially when said success involved creating rival wrestling companies.

Yes as of now, those companies have not exactly proven to be worthy adversaries of the juggernaut that is WWE, but still, TNA to this day is very rarely mentioned by WWE. Even though Jarrett's companies aren't on a level playing field with the big dogs, it's clear that they still rub Vince the wrong way.

11 Sin Cara (The Original)

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This one may very well be the strangest entry on this list. Sin Cara, who is still an active wrestler currently on the Raw roster, has been portrayed by two different Superstars. Due to the fact that Sin Cara wears a mask that completely covers his face, back in 2011, WWE saw an opportunity and seized it. The original man under the Sin Cara mask, Luis Urive, was suspended for a wellness violation.

However, before the 30 days had passed, Sin Cara returned to the ring. It turns out that WWE had Hunico adopt the gimmick, which ultimately led to him and Urive/Mistico feuding over who was the real Sin Cara. Even though Urive won the rivalry, the Sin Cara within WWE ranks today is Hunico, since the original was released back in 2014. All very confusing, I know. No wonder WWE would rather we just forget about it.

10 Muhammad Hassan

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As we established earlier in this list with Eugene, WWE doesn't really care for being politically correct. Well, at least it didn't ten to twenty years ago. Never has that been quite as evident as when it comes to Superstars from foreign lands. Enter Muhammad Hassan. The portrayal coupled with the poor timing of the on-air character goes a long way to explaining why you may never have heard of him.

WWE actually had poor Hassan be the focal point of a terrorism angle. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only that, but said angle coincided with the London Bombings back in July of 2005. Naturally, the storyline was quickly quashed and Hassan removed from WWE television due to the extremely poor taste and timing of the character.

9 Owen Hart

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When it comes to wrestlers that have met their demise way too soon, none are held in higher regard than by both the fans and his peers than Owen Hart. In perhaps the most tragic event in WWE's history, Hart plunged to his death after a malfunction with a zip line that was meant to lower him to the ring for his match at Over the Edge 1999.

This one doesn't need much explanation as to why WWE would rather you didn't remember the events of that night. It was an accident that obviously never should have happened. Not only did it take the life of a talented wrestler with so many years ahead of him, but also left Owen's wife and children needlessly without a husband and father.

8 Dynamite Kid

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There are many number of Superstars from the past twenty plus years that admire Dynamite Kid, and attribute some of their style to him. So, why do WWE barely even acknowledge that the Brit exists or ever wrestled for them? Well, there are good, albeit quite dark, reasons for their neglect of the former Bulldog.

For starters, Kid's first wife has claimed in interviews that he treated her very poorly. If the allegations of him holding a shotgun to her head are true, then 'poorly' is an understatement. Dynamite Kid is also currently engaged in a lawsuit with WWE, as he blames the company for the extremely poor quality of life he has now due to exploits he performed in the ring.

7 Brian Pillman

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Brian Pillman is only ever spoken of fondly by his peers, even to this day. However, many Superstars who shared a locker room with Pillman also talk about how the man was obsessed with his position on the card throughout his career. Pillman never made it to the absolute top. He came close. In fact, he was probably as close as the next rung down.

However, despite his unquestionable talent both in and out of the ring, he could never make that final leap for some reason. Although Pillman played a big part in WWE's history during the 90s, he's another name that they neglect to remember unless they absolutely have to. Brian is yet another example of a wrestling personality passing away way before his time, at the age of 35, due to a previously undetected heart condition.

6 Chris Benoit

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This one unfortunately does not need a lot of explanation. Back in 2007, Chris Benoit was found dead in his home along with his wife and young son. Upon further investigation, it became clear that Benoit had in fact killed his wife and child before going on to hang himself. A tragedy beyond belief and one that most still can't get their heads around. Naturally, WWE has effectively scrubbed Benoit from their records.

However, there are still those that lobby for him to become a Hall of Famer. What Chris achieved inside the ring cannot argued as he was a fantastic wrestler. But his actions during his final hours cannot be forgiven and will rightfully overshadow everything he ever accomplished.

5 CM Punk

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In 2014, CM Punk turned his back on the WWE. Safe to say that in the aftermath following the Second City Saint's departure from the company, it wasn't exactly plain sailing. Punk left WWE for a number of reasons, all of which he would make clear once his contract had officially come to an end. Between being booked poorly and just drained from constantly being on the road, Punk was simply done with wrestling.

Some of the stuff he's had to say about WWE since leaving however hasn't been too complimentary to say the least. Naturally, WWE haven't taken too kindly to some of the things Punk has revealed about them, whether they're true or not. Never say never when it comes to WWE returns, but it seems like CM Punk is still a long way off from ever being inside a wrestling ring again.

4 Perry Saturn

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A return to the familiar drug abuse angle, and the turn of Perry Saturn on this list. Perry arrived in WWE as a part of the faction The Radicalz, two of which have now passed on (Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit). Judging by Saturn's life since leaving the ring, it's a miracle that he hasn't also passed away. Perry recently opened up about his life recently on Talk Is Jericho and how he's been suffering with a severe drug addiction.

An addiction that began before his life in the ring came to an end. While WWE is known to accept and forgive recovered drug addicts back in to the fold, they certainly need to prove that life is behind them.

3 Nailz

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This one has a slightly different flavor to any of the other entries featured on this list. Nailz, real name Kevin Wacholz, portrayed a prisoner character in WWE during 1992. His departure from the company was somewhat of a violent one. Allegedly, Wacholz cornered Vince McMahon in his office over a pay dispute. The argument turned to a physical altercation that apparently saw Nailz knock Vince from his chair and choke him.

Wacholz also revealed in interviews following his termination from WWE that Vince had offered him steroids during his time with the company, and even testified against the chairman during his steroid trial in 1994. A number of court cases between the two also arose, following the pretty violent end to Nailz's short time with WWE.

2 Chyna

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Chyna is a former Superstar that WWE are finding harder and harder to ignore. Unfortunately, it's taken the Eighth Wonder of the World's death to trigger that reaction. Even before Chyna's untimely passing in 2016, fans were clamoring for her to rightfully be inducted in the Hall of Fame. WWE is reluctant though due to the path Chyna's career took following her time as a professional wrestler, including her time in the adult film industry.

As WWE have quite fairly deduced, they wouldn't want young fans of today's product trying to find out more about Chyna via internet research, after hearing about her on WWE TV, and stumbling across a part of her career not really suitable for younger viewers. The history involving her with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon hasn't helped matters either.

1 Hulk Hogan

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The biggest name in the history of WWE. A man that transcends the business like no other. Yet, few and far between are mentions of Hulk Hogan's name on WWE TV today. Hogan kept pushing and pushing, testing WWE's limits. What did he have to do for them to finally turn their back on him? Even a sex tape didn't keep him away. However, some extremely racist comments about who he did and did not want his daughter to marry were caught on tape. That finally did the trick.

Hogan has since utilized the excuse that he didn't know he was being recorded, because of course that excuses the awful things he said. Currently, WWE are still not seeing eye to eye with Hogan, but it would appear that the company are on the cusp of bringing him back in to the fold. The comments that The Hulkster made are truly unforgivable, but it seems WWE may not agree with me on that one. Only time will tell.

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