15 Hilarious Pictures These Wrestlers Did NOT Want To Be In

The life of a wrestler isn’t all that glamorous outside of the ring. Even in the WWE, Superstars are responsible for their own hotels, ground travel and food. All the company really does is book and pay for your flights and cater food during events. For everything else, you’re pretty much on your own.

That is the taxing part of the industry and we’ve seen this make or break careers. Even the likes of Brock Lesnar at one time cracked under the pressures of these circumstances. He only came back because the WWE gave him a part-time schedule along with his own private jet, which goes to show how much these factors can haunt a wrestler.

This article catches these wrestlers at the wrong times, while they are enduring a brutal travel schedule. Even the likes of Michael Cole make the list! Other situations also include wrestlers blowing up in public or just being flat out jerks. Luckily for us, these fans were able to capture these moments.

Without further ado, here are 15 hilarious pictures these wrestlers did not want to be in, enjoy!

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15 Sasha’s Not Impressed

via twitter.com

She’s only 24 but Sasha Banks has already been around the world with years of experience already. Banks oozes with passion for the industry and became a pro wrestler at a very young age, as she began to train with Chaotic Wrestling when she was only 16 and made her in-ring debut at the age of 18. By the age of 20, Banks had already inked a deal with the WWE and reported to the development that is NXT.

Sasha’s already been on the road for six years, so it seems like she’s grown accustomed to the travelling life. At times though, she just wants to get home or to a show like everyone else and after years of travel you’re allowed to have this sentiment. This picture in particular went viral after Big E posted it on his Twitter page. The picture of Sasha looking none too pleased not only went viral, but also caused Big E to create Sasha socks with her face from the picture on the stockings.

With Xmas around the corner, be sure to pick up a pair today for a loved one.

14 Cena Getting his Grind On

via youtube.com

We're not sure who was more furious about this picture going viral, John Cena or the WWE? Probably the WWE. In any event, in this pic, Cena was caught having some fun outside of a WWE ring. Back in the early 2000s to mid 2000s, wrestlers were still partying it up between shows and living a glamorous life. Cena, who was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau between 2009 and 2012, was said to be quite the party animal behind the scenes. Chris Jericho can attest to this statement, as he once told a story of him and John Cena getting heavily intoxicated at a hotel bar. Y2J ended up passing out only to wake up perfectly tucked into his bed (which Cena placed him into gently) while Cena calmly and graciously pounded down a few more beers in the room with a fully stocked cooler next to him.

Steve Austin must be smiling somewhere.

13 That Road Life

via pinterest.com

Being a WWE Superstar is great, but the travelling aspect is really brutal. In the past, we’ve seen some of our personal favorites leave the business because of this aspect.

Despite what some believe, wrestlers are generally responsible for their own well being while on the road and the WWE really doesn’t help that much. Aside from catering food and booking an airline ticket, you're pretty much on your own. So renting a car, getting food and booking a hotel is basically all up to you.

In this picture, we see a tired Roman and Rollins, who were worked to the bone at this point as The Shield. The guys stopped at a truck stop to grab a quick bite, but not before posing for this hilarious picture with a fan.

As you can probably tell, the mega stars don’t look too pleased about it.

12 Even Michael Cole Gets Antsy

via imgur.com

We're not sure if this fan stalks wrestlers, but he's in a lot of photos with them at airports. In this picture, long time WWE employee Michael Cole seems none too pleased about having to pose for the picture. Maybe it’s because of his new found love for fitness and the dieting involved? Or maybe because he’s been travelling with the company nonstop since 1997. Either way, he looks disturbed.

Commentators are worked hard, which explains why Michael looks so destroyed in the photo. According to Tazz, McMahon had a rule with employees that traveled with him and those who wrestled were allowed to sleep on the plane. Employees who were not in-ring talents weren’t so lucky and McMahon demanded they stay up and work as a sign of respect and dedication.

So to sum up, Michael Cole hasn’t slept in the last 19 years.

11 The Accountant with the Money in the Bank Briefcase

via twitter.com

This picture of Seth Rollins went viral right after it was taken. A kid's father took this picture with Rollins and his son later posted it on his social media account, claiming Rollins looked more like an accountant than a pro wrestler.

Rollins is often spotted at airports, as he is one of the few wrestlers that doesn’t reside in the Florida area. Instead, Seth still lives in Davenport, Iowa where he has all his family and friends. The reason for Seth still living in the small community is his love for the private life. Rollins isn’t all that eager to meet fans and be in the spotlight constantly. He admitted to being irritated by fans that wait for wrestlers at airports, Seth doesn’t have a problem meeting fans if it’s spontaneous, but dislikes those who wait and stalk.

So if you see Seth, make sure to tell him you’ve been planning to meet him at that very location for months.

10 I’ll Just Close My Eyes For a Bit

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Poor Virgil represents everything wrong with being a pro wrestler. The guy had no talent and still tries to make a buck off of his fame to this very day.

He got his first big gig with the WWE back in 1986 as a manger. He stayed on board until the mid 90s before parting ways and joining WCW. Virgil became an even bigger afterthought with the company, being used as the “nWo pushover” that would be sacrificed into losing against a babyface opponent. After his failed run came to an end, he’d announce his retirement only to return shortly after on the indie scene.

Nowadays, he spends his time trying to make a quick buck at wrestling conventions. The former WWE star has been spotted just about everywhere from malls to parking lots to metro stations. This picture shows a tired Virgil taking a nap after a hard day’s work. Rumor has it that he demanded a royalty fee off the picture...

9 The 'Can I Go Now' Dean Ambrose Picture

via wrestlingmedia.org

The beauty of Dean Ambrose is that the character he portrays on television is pretty much a reflection of himself in real life. He's weird and loves being that way. Heck, he lives in Las Vegas, so I’m not sure there’s anything more telling than that.

Ambrose walks to the beat of his own drum which is why fans were so surprised to hear that he began to date WWE employee Renee Young. The two travel together, as you can see from this picture, and they spend their time together either in Toronto (where Renee lives) or Vegas (where Dean lives).

Ambrose isn’t the best Superstar to meet outside of the ring, as he’s very “short” according to fans when it comes to conversations. Although he is said to be very respectful and does take a picture with fans upon request.... if Renee is present that is.

8 Take the Damn Picture (Randy’s Facial Expression)

via pinterest.com

Like Seth Rollins, Randy Orton lives outside of the Florida area, residing in St. Charles, Missouri. Travel has been a big aspect of Orton’s life throughout his long career which began in the WWE back in 2001 when he joined Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Oddly enough, his attitude with fans has actually improved over the years. During his earlier days, Orton was said to be an a** towards fans and didn’t really give anyone the time of the day. Today, however, Randy is a changed man since the birth of his first child. Orton is also happily re-married and a family man. His new attitude caused a great shift with Orton and his fan interactions.

In this picture, however, he seems seconds away from hitting an RKO on the person taking the picture.

7 Bryan Caught in the Act

via dailywrestlingnews.com

The reason Daniel Bryan was able to connect with the WWE Universe is simply because he is a genuinely good guy. In the ring. and outside of it, Daniel is a class act and a role model that millions aspire to be like. He may not look like the prototypical WWE Superstar, but he has the heart of one. For that reason, he was able to connect with audiences on a deeper level than his coworkers.

Outside of the ring, as we said, he’s pretty much the same. In this picture, Bryan got caught in an act of kindness, as he showed up to the airport surprising Brie with their dog, Josie. Catching him in the act only furthered the fact of how great of a guy he is outside of the squared circle.

6 Khali Stares into Your Soul

via whatistheexcel.com

This picture gets the award for the most random photo on the entire list. It seems like the fan was so frightened to take the pic with Khali, that he literally just took one of him alone and ran away.

Other things that make the pic so great: Khali wearing a suit jacket that appears to be custom made for Godzilla and the fact that the picture is taken in a random super-market. According to witnesses, the person who took the picture was never seen again.

All jokes aside, the picture basically sums up Khali’s career, which was random as hell. Thankfully, Khali is now back home and far away from the WWE. Today, he spends his time training wrestlers at his school, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (which seems like a bunch of words thrown together). If you want to learn how to chop someone in the neck, we strongly advise you to sign up.

5 Taker Looking Old

via twitter.com

At the age of 51 and with a body of work in the ring spanning over three decades, it’s only normal that The Undertaker has aged quite a bit throughout the years. This picture in particular sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe as Taker looked to be in some really rough shape. The picture was really ill-timed and made The Deadman look exactly really out of shape.

Despite that terrible picture, The Undertaker is still in decent shape, training year round in his home gym. Taker is also said to be quite the gentleman in his local community of Austin, Texas. Residents call him a class act, which is not surprising considering The Undertaker is regarded as the “godfather” of the WWE behind the scenes.

4 Apple Date

via thechive.files.wordpress.com

Just imagine walking in to Apple and seeing John Cena alongside Nikki Bella. You’d either:

A) Ask for a picture.

B) Look from a distance.

C) Smile at them in a creepy way.

D) Take a picture without them knowing.

This person wisely chose option d, although Cena knew what was up and didn’t seem all that pleased. As much as John is a great ambassador for the WWE, he likes his privacy outside of the ring and you can’t really blame him for that. He's literally met thousands of people and you can’t fault him for wanting to escape the limelight from time to time.

Both Cena and Nikki live together nowadays, residing out of Tampa, Florida. So if you wish to stalk them, go there.

3 The Gift of Yelling at Stupid Idiots

via youtube.com

Only Chris Jericho can manage to make catchphrases stick in this day and age. From his gift of Jericho to stupid idiot to even the word “it,” Chris has managed to further his brilliance in a day and age that lacks creativity.

Another unique part of Jericho’s persona is how seriously he takes it. During his podcast, Chris discussed how if he’s a heel in the ring, he’s a heel out of it as well. As much as we love that attitude, he took things a step to far after a live event in British Columbia.

Things went sour after a fan banged on Jericho’s rental car. Chris pulled over and yelled at two fans, one who was a girl. Fans caught the entire dilemma on tape, which resulted in Chris punching the fans and yelling furiously. This was one of the minor blemishes in what truly is a nearly perfect career (minus the Kelly Kelly thing).

2 He Simply Hates Everyone

via brocklesnar.us

Even these poor fans that approached Brock Lesnar during a tour in India couldn’t get Lesnar to even crack a smile. It's not surprising as Lesnar was involved in two things he hates the most: interacting with people and travelling.

Lesnar made it clear during the Stone Cold Podcast that he doesn’t like people and the interactions involved. Apparently, he doesn’t even talk to wrestlers at shows, he simply "clocks in and clocks out." Brock moved to a secluded farm in Saskatchewan for a reason and not just because of its wonderful landscape.

He also can’t stand travelling and he initially left the company on terrible terms for that very reason. The only way he was willing to return was with a limited schedule, along with his own private jet. As ridiculous as that sounds, the WWE granted his demand and he’s been loving it ever since.

1 Punk Being Punk

via pinterest.com

Outside of the ring, Punk can be ruthless with fans from bashing them on Twitter to ignoring them altogether. This has made Punk a polarizing figure, as some fans love that about him, while the traditionalist hates it.

One fan in particular took to Twitter to voice his displeasures after taking this picture. According to the fan, Punk was incredibly rude to him after he politely asked for a picture. Instead of being nice about it, Punk turned to the fan, smirked at him and turned back around.

Look, we get that you don’t want to take the picture, but at least be polite. Punk defended himself on Twitter, claiming the guys approach wasn’t the greatest, but fans weren’t buying Punk’s claims.

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