15 Hilarious WWE Comics Only True Fans Would Understand

When one thinks of WWE and comics in the same sentence, it usually has something to do with officially-endorsed comic books that feature your favorite WWE Superstars doing battle against each other, not unlike Batman, Superman, Spider-man, the X-Men, and other comic book heroes who remain popular to this very day. But you've also got internet comic strips that don't come with WWE's endorsement, but are crafted by some passionate and talented wrestling fans with a great sense of humor, and great awareness of what's going on behind the scenes in the WWE. James Hornsby's Botched Spot immediately comes to mind, as well as Brandon Kirkpatrick's The Full Nelson Press. As such, we've featured the works of these two individuals prominently in this list of hilarious WWE webcomics.

As there seems to be a dearth of good WWE webcomics on the internet, we've also included some products of The Simpsons screen capping website Frinkiac, courtesy of Maffew Gregg and the Botchamania Facebook page. They might not count as true webcomics, but we're including a few of them nonetheless, because of how savage they can be at times. So sit tight, as we now bring you 15 of the funniest or cleverest WWE comics that you should get if you're a true pro wrestling fan.

15 Jinder Mahal, Vein Eventer

via botchedspot.com

We didn't feel it would be right if we didn't include comics that reference some very recent, controversial WWE events, so let's go back to April, with WrestleMania having just wrapped up and WWE creative planning to promote an erstwhile SmackDown Live lower-carder to the main event. Or should we say, vein event? It didn't matter that Jinder Mahal was a glorified jobber since returning to the WWE in 2016, just as he was as part of 3MB in his first WWE run. During his final weeks on Monday Night Raw, he did the job to Finn Balor, but not before allegedly concussing him. But it didn't seem to matter to Vince McMahon, who, in this comic, is anointing the Modern Day Maharaja as the latest big, sweaty man to get a rocket push to the main event.

All in all, Mahal's WWE Championship reign lasted six long months, and whether you like him or not after that controversial title reign, it seems as if WWE has no immediate plans to bust him back down the card.

14 I Woo-Woo-Woose To You

via facebook.com/Botchamania

Obviously, Maffew Gregg of Botchamania fame loves his Simpsons, as he's got a folder full of "Simpsons S**tposts" on the official Botchamania Facebook page. In here, we've got a reference to that episode where Lisa Simpson gave Ralph Wiggum a pity Valentine's Day card, but instead of a train and the caption "I choo-choo-choose you," we've got a train with Zack Ryder's face on it, and the caption "I woo-woo-woose to you." That's right – before his fellow ex-Edgehead Curt Hawkins became the owner of a 140-match-plus losing streak, Ryder was synonymous with doing the job in the WWE.

To the surprise of many, Ryder won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32, but all that turned out to be was a hope spot. He doesn't even have the Hype Bros to give him hope for relevance, as Long Island Iced Z is likely to find himself in the losing end as he feuds against ex-partner Mojo Rawley. Two Edgeheads-turned super-jobbers on their respective brands – if it happens, don't tell us we didn't warn you.

13 Subpoena SmackDown

via botchedspot.com

So it's an ordinary day in the first month of WWE's 2016 brand split. Vince McMahon is trying to make sure everything is flowing smoothly at the Battleground PPV. He's giving orders to Raw's Mark Henry and Braun Strowman, then moves on to the SmackDown Live side, which features Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, and Sabu. Wait a minute...hasn't it been a while since those last two were ever affiliated with the WWE?

Then Vince moves on to three wrestlers from the even more distant past – Adam Bomb, King Kong Bundy, and Road Warrior Animal. And that's the only time he realizes something is amiss.

The above comic is an obvious reference to the 50-plus ex-WWE wrestlers who sued the company for traumatic brain injuries they supposedly suffered in the ring. Need a nostalgia spot on a special TV episode? Sure, why not. But sue the WWE and you can bet Vinny Mac won't give you the time of day.

12 Sting In WWE: Expectations Vs. Reality

via paigeeworld.com

When Sting lost to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, many felt like it was an example of WWE up to its old tricks, making WCW look like a bush league operation that merely got lucky with the nWo, yet couldn't sustain the momentum. But fans didn't give up hope just yet – many still wanted to see a dream match between Sting and Undertaker at the next WrestleMania, and this comic shows how the Icon appears to be cooking up a plan to get booked against the Deadman, while giving the fans a true "WCW vs. WWE experience."

Then reality came in the form of The Authority (which, as they so often said, "always wins") and Seth Rollins, whose lackluster WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign is poked fun at through his shirt, which seems to read "Never Wins Clean." And yes, we did mildly censor comic Sting's reaction, in the interest of keeping things PG. Indeed, Sting's match against Rollins at Night of Champions 2015 turned out to be his last, as he was laid out with a career-threatening injury and announced his retirement during his WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2016.

11 The Birth Of Total Bellas

via botchedspot.com

In yet another gem from Botched Spot, we see a Daniel Bryan fan so crushed by his hero's abrupt retirement that he heads to a magic store to purchase a monkey's paw that could grant him any wish. His wish, of course, is to see Bryan on WWE TV again in any way, shape, or form. Months later, his wish is "granted," as he has to deal with watching poor Bryan sob about his retirement, while his wife Brie Bella and brother-in-law JJ Garcia talk about their mom Kathy's, uh, bedroom activities with new hubby John Laurinaitis. Be careful what you wish for, kid, because Daniel Bryan on Total Bellas technically qualifies as seeing him on WWE TV.

Sure, the comic ignores the fact that Bryan was, at that time, playing a far more meaningful role on WWE TV as SmackDown Live's GM. But let's not let that get in the way of a good comic, shall we?

10 The WWE Training Facility

via thefullnelsonpress.deviantart.com

So you want to be a WWE Superstar? If so, you might want to head over to The Full Nelson Press' version of the "new" WWE training facility, where you can learn all the tips and tricks of the business from people like Zack Ryder, who can teach you how to vent out on social media if you're not getting a good push, or Randy Orton, who can let you in on the fundamentals of swapping tainted pee with clean stuff so you can pass your drug tests. You can also learn to watch WWE television like a real WWE Superstar – standing up and looking at a monitor. And overseeing everything is none other than the man with the shovel, Triple H, who says in the comic that he can teach you how to "become the next Super Cena."

Yup, sounds pretty accurate – all in a day's work for the average WWE Superstar. And don't let that shovel intimidate you. As you'll find out in another comic in this list, Trips has used it (as many would say) on some of the biggest names in WWE history.

9 Love And Jobbers

via botchedspot.com

Remember the first few months of WWE's brand split? If you don't, allow us to jog your memory. On Monday Night Raw, WWE kicked off Braun Strowman's singles push and welcomed Nia Jax to the main roster by having them squash a series of local enhancement talents. On one end, it made lots of sense, given that they're both monstrous in size when compared to the rest of WWE's roster. But it was mostly throwaway wrestling, and a none-too-welcome throwback to the days when WWE's big (and not-so-big) names mostly squashed pure jobbers in between pay-per-views.

The similarity of Strowman and Jax's initial Raw pushes must have sent fan fiction writers into a creative frenzy, which is what undoubtedly inspired this Botched Spot comic. The Monster Among Men falls for someone who's not like most girls? Why not! But as we now know, Strowman has since moved on to much bigger things, while Jax...is still treading water in Raw's women's division, and currently in a romantic/comedic storyline with a man about a couple inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter – WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. How you doin'?

8 WrestleMania Is Coming: House Anoa'i

via paigeeworld.com

Now here's something both fans of WWE and Game of Thrones can appreciate – a GoT-style depiction of one of wrestling's most prominent families, complete with the appropriate caption of "WrestleMania is Coming." Not surprisingly, Roman Reigns and The Rock are front and center, and are also joined by family members such as The Wild Samoans, The Usos, Rikishi, and even the now-deceased Umaga and Yokozuna. Indeed, "House Anoa'i" is well-represented in this comic, which comes courtesy of The Full Nelson Press and the man behind it, Brandon Kirkpatrick.

While probably not the most ha-ha funny WWE comic out there, we've got to give credit to Kirkpatrick for his attention to detail, using a ladder and a plethora of foreign objects to replace the Iron Throne, and for including just about every member of the Anoa'i family to achieve success in the WWE. Especially Roman Reigns and his "cousin," The Rock, who's considered a part of the clan despite not being a blood relative.

7 The Real Reason Behind Brock's Walkout

via botchedspot.com

Give Daniel Bryan the mic and once he's got his momentum going, he can cut a pretty damn good promo on you. Give Paul Heyman the mic and prepare to get impressed as he redefines the term "verbal beatdown" with his almost-unparalleled oratory skills. But give his client, Brock Lesnar, the mic and...never mind. Apart from those pterodactyl shrieks, his request to Heyman to "say something stupid," "Suplex City, b*tch!" and his infamous "LET'S...DO...THIS?!?" challenge to The Undertaker, hardly anything memorable comes out of The Beast's mouth on WWE television.

Early in 2015, Lesnar had notably walked out of a Raw taping, and while things were eventually smoothened out, Botched Spot took a hilarious look at what could have set Brock off and forced him to leave in a huff. Apparently, one does not give Lesnar long, passionate promos to memorize – he just can't, and won't do it, and would rather let his suplexes and F5's do the talking.

6 Life Lessons From Homer Simpson

via facebook.com/botchamania

Sasha Banks losing the Raw Women's Championship in Boston. Bayley losing the same title in San Jose. Randy Orton failing to regain the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal in St. Louis, as his dad "Cowboy" Bob and other legends watched. WWE has a crazy tendency to make wrestlers lose in their hometown, especially if it's a big match, and if not for Ric Flair's recent health scare, we doubt that WWE would have wanted Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women's Championship in the hometown where she got her in-ring first name from.

For casual WWE fans, this may sound mind-boggling. But even a doofus like Homer Simpson appears to have it figured out. Even as a longtime Simpsons fan, I can't remember the episode where Botchamania got the above screen cap from, but I do remember Homer comically sharing life lessons to his kids, or in this case, would-be WWE wrestlers – never wrestle a hometown match if you don't want to be embarrassed in defeat.

5 Roman Reigns Vs. '60s Pop Culture

via botchedspot.com

"You are a sniveling piece of sufferin' succotash!" Yes, we all know Roman Reigns said those lines to Seth Rollins, and as a result, the WWE Universe had yet another reason to turn on the Big Dog, as his heat came closer and closer to nuclear levels. We're guessing only one person in WWE's creative team – out-of-touch old Vince McMahon – thought that Reigns referencing an old Looney Tunes cartoon would work. It certainly didn't, and this comic shows us just how far Vince had the potential to go, which is by quoting The Jetsons (George Jetson shouting "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!") and I Love Lucy (Ricky Ricardo telling Lucy she's "got some 'splainin' to do.") Thank goodness I'm nerdy enough not to have to ask Baby Boomer relatives about those references.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the WWE Universe is pop culture-savvy enough to get the antiquated references Vince seemingly wants his wrestlers to incorporate into their promos. And as a bonus, we even see him showing full confidence that Roman will make those references get over with a largely millennial audience. Why? Because he's Roman Reigns, dammit!


via facebook.com/botchamania

Here's another good one from Botchamania, as Maffew and company posted this right before TNA's Bound for Glory pay-per-view in 2015. Although the company wasn't yet in the dire straits as it was in 2016, TNA (or Impact Wrestling, as they're known these days) was still a joke for many a wrestling fan, and the comparison above says it all. When WWE PPVs, especially their "big four" shows are on, people's living rooms resemble Homer Simpson's, when he invited everyone to watch "The Bout to Knock The Other Guy Out" via ill-gotten cable TV. But when a TNA/Impact PPV is on, people's living rooms are more akin to Homer's living room when he's watching TV alone in the middle of the night.

Two years after the above post, the situation sadly remains the same in Impact Wrestling, even with the changing of the guard to Anthem Sports, even with all the talk of WWE PPV buyrates being way down.

3 Getting Ready For WrestleMania 31

via botchedspot.com

All things considered, WrestleMania 31 was a pretty good 'Mania. A lot of that owes to Seth Rollins' unexpected Money in the Bank cash-in and subsequent WWE World Heavyweight Championship win. But prior to the event, there were three men whose pre-Mania hype was substantially greater than that surrounding other wrestlers booked to compete on the Grandest Stage of them All.

So how did they prepare for the event? According to this Botched Spot comic, WCW icon Sting got ready by begrudgingly cutting a voiceover explaining how his old company went out with a whimper, despite his best efforts. Brock Lesnar prepared by gleefully imagining a windfall of cash from WWE, the UFC, and Jimmy John's. And The Undertaker? Why, there he is at home, listening to his wife Michelle McCool talk about her day, while he's drinking a beer and watching his invisible presence threaten Bray Wyatt on Raw, as he was never physically present in the run-up to their WrestleMania match. No wonder their feud, as well as the match itself, went down like the proverbial fart in church.

2 WWE 2K15: A Year In The Life Of CM Punk

via paigeeworld.com

To say CM Punk had a colorful 2014 is an understatement. Which is what influenced The Full Nelson Press to present their idea for a new My Career mode in WWE 2K15, one where you control none other than the Straight-Edge Savior himself. Indeed, Punk was still included in the real WWE 2K15, but in this comic version, gamers get to relive moments such as the times Punk bailed on the WWE, his matches against "steroids guy" Ryback, how he got fired on his wedding day, and of course, his shoot interview with Colt Cabana on The Art of Wrestling.

These days, Punk appears to be much better for exiting the WWE, although his UFC stint might cause one to think otherwise. And while you probably won't catch him writing comics similar to the ones on this list, you can expect him to keep pushing forward as a comic book writer, as he's written several stories for Marvel since leaving the WWE in 2014.

1 Triple H Burials, Through The Years

via botchedspot.com

Triple H is probably the epitome of company man in the WWE. In over two decades with the company, he's risen from gimmicky rich snob to 14-time world champion, married the boss' daughter, and as many allege, buried the careers of many a colleague. Allow Botched Spot to talk us through the most prominent examples of such – ruining Chris Jericho's push as WWE Undisputed Champion, putting Kane through the tasteless Katie Vick debacle, cutting racist promos on Booker T ahead of WrestleMania XIX and still winning their 'Mania match, stalling Sheamus' rocket push at WrestleMania XXVI, denying CM Punk a main event match several WrestleManias later, and winning the WWE Championship from Roman Reigns at the 2016 Royal Rumble match.

In the first five examples, we see the wrestlers Triple H is talking to looking none too happy about their potential burial. But Reigns? From one company man to another, he seems pretty cool with dropping the strap to The Game at the Rumble match. Sounds just about right.

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