15 Hilarious Wrestling Memes Guaranteed For A Laugh

Everything about wrestling entertainment has grown, as the business continues to move forward with athleticism and entertainment. From the southern wrestling company WCW to the mega company WWE, wrestlers have given fans many different gifts that will last a lifetime throughout the wrestling culture. As of now, it's undeniable and amazing how the new age wrestling culture continues to strive with more and more from the past using the internet to make classic and brand new wrestling moments more rememberable for fans and wrestlers alike.

Adding to the wrestling culture while giving the business some laughs, the meme culture takes over by using photoshop skills, creativity and comedy to create timeless memes overall wrestling seems to be on the top of the list of favorites for the meme culture. Everyone you can imagine from Stone Cold Steve Austin to Macho Man, to the hard hitting Triple H have been used to create memes and the fun doesn't stop their meme culture. Even go to use photos and video of classic wrestling superstars like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant to create this new way of expression we call memes. Most of all memes focus on laughs, so here and now enjoy a list of the of some of the funniest memes floating around the internet and I guarantee that you will not go through this list without laughing out loud

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15 Brock Lesnar's Dates

via memegene.net

This is a photo of the beast we know as Brock Lesnar long before he entered the ring with WWE to cause all out havoc and crush opponents while becoming the biggest problem for The Undertaker. Brock would also become the WWE Champion and Universal Champion but looking at the photo who would have guessed this guy we see here would be the WWE champion years later.

So here we see that someone made light of that joke saying that this superstar looked more like someone who would have trouble getting dates in high school. At the same time, it pokes fun at Lesnar's ridiculously light WWE schedule. One thing you have to know about memes is that sometimes they are true and in this case, it works while giving fans a laugh.

14  14. Ryback Pushed?

via zahthoughts.com

The 6' 3" giant Ryback was known for being a true madman and getting into it with any wrestler who opposed him, coming from the Tough Enough competition to a powerhouse in WWE until his departure in 2016. Ryback made his name known throughout the business due to his bodybuilder type physique and the tendancy to go off in shoot interviews at any given time.

The Vince laughing with R-Truth meme has been used time and time again, but on this occasion, it plays into Vince having seemingly been building to a Ryback title run, only to take it away. Ryback's booking in WWE was always one step forward and two steps back. Eventually Ryback requested his release after not getting the pay he was seeking from the company.

13 Stone Cold Drinks Wine


Here we have Stone Cold Steve Austin in a position that many of the wrestling fans haven't seen him in. Many fans remember Stone Cold as one man on a mission during the WWE Attitude Era as he drank beers and seemed nothing like he is shown here, so that was the perfect motivation for the meme culture.

In this, we see Stone Cold Steve Austin with a glass of wine while he seems to be giving somewhat of a toast. We also see him savoring his wine rather than chug two at a time, like he would with beer cans. Wrestling fans who watched Attitude Era don't know Austin as a wine drinker and meme culture use this to create another great meme comparing Austin to a friend that you've lost to a boring new relationship.

12 Braun Strowman makes it rain on Roman Reigns

via wrestlingmemes.com

The new age WWE wrestling superstars Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns' feud will go down in WWE history as they battled in the "Ambulance Match" from WWE's Great Balls Of Fire 2017 pay per view event. For many this match instantly stood out as a fan favorite as the two giants battled throughout the area where the feud came to surprising ending.

In this photo, the meme culture used Photoshop to create a funny photo that explains what happened during that intense match between the two using Braun as the face of this meme to show Braun Strowman using a ambulance to make it rain on Roman Reigns. Although it didn't go exactly how this meme shows it's sure played for a highly funny simulation of what went down.

11 Hulk Hogan's Beard's beard

via imgur.com

The legendary wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan is known for so many things mainly as being o e of the standout figures that truly helped push the sport forward, but nobody is safe when its comes to comedy from the meme culture and they go at the wrestling legend.

Here in this photo they come for the superstar's iconic blond handlebar mustache that we know the legend so well for and with that said they make another whole face out of his mustache which is a great laugh just because of how absurd it looks. His legendary mustache really has a mind of its own. Hogan's mustache has been around just as long as the wrestler. This meme goes down as a classic meme that will make anyone laugh.

10 Triple H Looking Back

via pinterest.com

The Game Triple H has been around since the early 90s and has seen many different eras of the business while undergoing many different changes but like a loyal friend, the wrestler has been with WWE for over 20 years which makes this Hall of fame wrestling superstar is a true veteran of the company and the business in general.

This meme compares Triple H to his earlier days, as he was in the earlier years of his wrestling career under the name Terra Ryzing and Jean Paul Levesque. This meme leaves us all with the open question; is this some jobber or is this Triple H? Either way, this makes for the perfect laugh that continues to grow inside the wrestling culture.

9 Iconic WrestleMania III Slam

via facebook.com/newmemeorder

One of the most iconic moments in wrestling history was when Hulk Hogan picked up Andre the Giant and slammed him at WrestleMania III. However in recent years, Hogan has been persona non grata in WWE and it seems WWE has erased him as much as they could from history. Here is a meme poking fun at just how far WWE might be willing to go in altering their history as Andre is falling miraculously from mid air down to the canvas.

In all seriousness, WWE would never go THAT far to erase Hogan from history but it does beg the question as to whether they will welcome Hogan back into the fold. The two sides always seem to reunite, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before they do again.

8 How Braun Strowman really flipped that ambulance

via imgur.com

This match stands alone as it makes another appearance on our list, as while the match may have been forgettable, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns had some memorable moments from the bout. In the buildup to the ambulance match, we saw Braun manage to flip the ambulance truck on its side.

So with this meme, we finally get the answer to how Braun Strowman overturned the ambulance with Roman Reigns inside of it. This meme suggests that The Undertaker's spirit surprisingly came to the rescue to help put the nail in the coffin to finish off Reigns who The Undertaker feuded with until ending his memorable wrestling career with the WWE. Considering all the mystical antics of Taker over the years, this wouldn't seem so far fetched if WWE wanted to run this angle.

7 Ric Flair & Bret Hart Use The Force

via pinterest.com

The match is in WWE history books as both wrestlers but this is Bret's first WWE WWE Championship title win that broke through for the new era and a new breed of wrestling. This match took place October 12th, 1992 between two legendary and Hall Of Fame wrestlers Hart and Ric Flair who was the title holder at the time.

Meme makers use this legendary wrestling moment to compare the wrestling battle between the two to a star wars battle between Star Wars jedi warriors that make the moment, even more, larger than life. Overall this great comparison as this meme holds up to how this wrestling moment stands out to wrestling fans and wrestlers throughout the business. And, it's downright good for a chuckle.

6 WOO!!!

via facebook.com

This has been a tough month for fans of wrestling, as Ric Flair was hospitalized earlier this month with a heart condition stemmed from years of alcohol abuse. However, we mustn't forget that Flair has lived an amazing life and we all remember him for being a kiss stealin', wheelin dealin son of a gun! Here, the meme maker has a picture of Flair in a bed (it's hard to tell what the context of this was) and Flair was known as the ladies man in his day. He has been married four times and lord knows how many other girls he met on the road. You have to think male fans back then were nervous to bring their wives to shows because they knew The Nature Boy could steal them away. WOO!

5 Twister

via facebook.com

When news came out that Paige had a sex tape leaked, the WWE must have been popping a gasket. What also may have concerned them was the fact they had shot a video of Paige and The New Day playing Twister. That video, like any Twister game, led to some awkward positions and it's all the more ironic that Paige and Xavier Woods were competing against each other. This really could have gone in any direction and there are probably countless memes featuring this video clip, but we'll have to settle for this one.

As far as the incident in question, Paige has not wrestled for over a year due to a neck injury and Xavier Woods has continued to appear on WWE television, as the company seems to realize it was not the wrestlers' faults for the leaked tape.

4 NWO 4 Life (Or A Week)

via quickmeme.com

WCW is a company this is truly missed by the people who got to see the company grow during the monday night wars like many of the wrestling fans you loved both or you was loyal to one company but honestly how could anyone just love one company when both were companies WWE AND WCW managed to change wrestling entertainment forever.

The NWO was known for having many members come and go and many which made perfect for plot twisting during this time. Eventually this would open the door for many different substitutes to the original that would be called NWO wolfpack and LWO which all took from the original idea of NWO black and white.

So with this meme the creator pokes fun at how their slogan NWO for life wasn't always the case

3 Chris Jericho on Tacks

via WWE.com

A fan favorite throughout his years in the business from WCW to WWE Chris Jericho is known by his peers as a tough straight forward and renowned wrestler who will go down in history as he's won and held onto too many different titles while being a part of WCW and WWE.

This meme pokes fun of a match Chris Jericho had, as he made history with the first ever Asylum Match alongside Dean Ambrose and with that match so many moments happened. As each superstar put it all out in the ring, they threw safety out the window. During this match Chris was thrown on tacks and he quickly jumped up and now we see Chris being used as a photoshopped bull rider. Meme makers can do anything.

2 W.C.W vs WCW

via quickmeme.com

The internet culture will take everything and make it its own and most times people cannot stop the culture but many classic wrestling fans are fed up with the internet taking things over. Adding to the list of things the internet has taken over is the initials WCW, which for many wrestling fans only stood for World Championship Wrestling, but now when you see WCW people are using this as a thing called Woman Crush Wednesday and wrestling fans are livid.

Here in this photo the meme culture created a meme to express how W.C.W. Wrestling fans seem to see the acronym this is a perfect meme that relates to the fans who feel that WCW is lost in the internet.

1 Big Show & Randy Orton

via vidgeo.com

The Big show and The Viper Randy Orton finish off our top 15 list of hilarious memes that will make you cry laughing with an awesome gif meme that is just stupid and funny. It shows the two going all out as they attack bystanders while having a boat ride. Meme wrestling culture is something. I hope sticks around as it big more and more comedy to the business.

Overall we hope you enjoyed our list of memes. Comment and tell us which one of the memes listed is your favorite. So until next time, we will be here looking for the next meme worthy moments to keep you laughing. But if you find it before we do keep us posted with links in the comments.

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