15 Horrifying Rumors About Wrestlers That You NEED To Hear

If you want to define the term "horror" you can use all sorts of different definitions. Horror can mean something scary — something so grotesque that you simply can't believe it and wouldn't want to look at or acknowledge it.

Another definition of horror might be knowing that the future is inevitable. You can see what's about to unfold, you know you're going to hate it, but it's just the way things are, and that sucks.

Perhaps to you, horror means despicable actions by another person. Whether they were rude, gross, unethical, disturbing or simply childish, the horror that you felt another person could have done something so hideous made you immediately despise that person.

No matter how you define horror, there are tons of rumors that include wrestling and wrestlers from the past and present that qualify as horrific. We've decided to take a look at 15 of them.

From upcoming storylines to past experiences and documented accounts, the actions of these people, parties or onlookers were horrific in their own unique way. While some of these entries aren't gross, others are. While some involved new and current superstars, others don't. What all of these entries have in common is that they're simply different rumors from different eras and they're pretty messed up.

We should warn you... some of these we know are true. We're guessing most of them aren't. The stories just escalated and as a result, they made our list. We take no responsibility for what you're about to read. They're just found rumors that are pretty messed up.

It's kind of like watching a car wreck. You don't want to know that anything horrific just happened or is about to, but you can't look away.

15 The Rock May Wrestle Rollins at WrestleMania

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It's always big news when The Rock might return to the WWE and wrestle a match. When the rumored match is at WrestleMania, it's a very big deal. The Rock is an attraction no matter how much or how little he appears and when the most electrifying man in sports entertainment shows up, it's "must-see" programming.

An interesting tweet made the headlines when a fan suggested their dream match would be The Rock versus Seth Rollins. Rollins actually responded to the tweet with a hint that there are only 8 months until WrestleMania (and anything can happen). Does this mean the two are set to have a match? No. Could Rollins be playing this up and promoting the WWE like a good soldier? Yes. Would it be awesome? Nope.

If this is true, there are so many better and more mainstream opponents for The Rock if he came back, it would be a waste to use his limited appearances against a guy like Rollins. This idea is terrible.

14 Hogan Accused of Being Abusive and Gay

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. But, calling someone gay to get back at them during divorce proceedings, only to try and damage their reputation and career is definitely messed up. Even Hulk Hogan admitted, that after his ex-wife Linda Bollea wrote in her book that Hogan was having a romantic relationship with Brutus Beefcake, if he was, he'd admit it. There wouldn't have been anything wrong with it. But he wasn't, so he can't. And that's why he sued Linda for defamation.

The strangest part is, Linda must have figured that trying to "out" Hogan as gay was actually going to hurt his rep. Being straight or gay no longer matters for celebrities. It's not a shock anymore to be outed. Linda also called Hogan abusive and violent. If she really wanted to hurt him, she should have stuck with that story. Clearly, she had trying to wreck his career on her to-do list. Hogan may not be on her Christmas card list, but that was a bit much.

13 Kazuchika Okada Was Backstage At Raw

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If you know Kazuchika Okada, then you know that Okada is arguably the best wrestler in the world right now. He is currently wrestling in Japan, and if he wanted to, Okada has the best opportunity to make a major name for himself in the United States. International wrestling fans are just waiting for the day they hear he's signed with the WWE.

Well, this past week, fans really got excited when they learned Okada was visiting the WWE Superstars backstage at Raw and SmackDown Live (even sitting at the guerilla position for SmackDown Live). Many assumed this was leading to a negotiation and possible signing with the WWE. Unfortunately, he was only visiting friends. It doesn't appear as though there is any such signing on the horizon. That's horrifying news for Okada fans who want him in the WWE.

12 Von Erichs Killed a Cat

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The story of the Von Erichs is tragic. They had family members die, personal demons take over their lives and parents outlive their children, which is never right. With that in mind, it's always difficult to say something about any members of the family that isn't positive.

But, some of the stories about the Von Erichs are legendary and not necessarily in a good way. One story goes that Kevin and Kerry Von Erich were extremely high on coc@!ne and while not in a state of mind to be making rational decisions, were playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it. In a separate rumor, Kerry allegedly put the iron claw on a cat once in Japan and killing it. What is it with the Von Erichs and cats?

11 Austin Threatened Raven

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There is a good time and place to conduct a promo interview on camera and then there is a bad time. Apparently, Stone Cold Steve Austin's ex-wife Debra chose a bad time and that got Austin upset.

Debra was shooting a promo near a shower in the locker room. Debra did not know that Raven was in the shower and Raven did not know Debra was doing a promo. Raven walked out, completely undressed and Debra saw more than she bargained for. No harm no foul right? Well, not so much.

Austin heard about the incident and threatened Raven. Apparently, it wasn't that he figured there was something fishy going on, it's that Austin thought Raven was showing off (rumors are, Raven is well endowed). After Austin stopped choking Raven, he apologized. Raven understood because the wrestlers knew at that time that Austin was VERY protective of Debra then. The idea of seeing Raven and his big member on a promo is kind of horrific. That Debra would have chosen Raven or Austin is even more horrific.

Although, later in life, Austin treated Debra like garbage so he didn't exactly deserve her either.

10 Dynamite Kid Was Deadly

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There are all sorts of rumors about things the Dynamite Kid used to do to wrestlers behind the scenes. From getting Davey Boy Smith hooked on drug$ to fighting and ribbing other wrestlers. The worst rumor is perhaps that one that includes the Dynamite Kid waking up his wife up repeatedly by putting a pistol to her head... and pulling the trigger once her eyes opened. Then he would say, "One day, it will be loaded."

Despite being a great in-ring wrestler, Dynamite Kid was a terrible person. There are so many disturbing stories that come out about the former tag team champ, you wonder how he stayed employed for so long. Putting a gun to his sleeping wife is the most horrific by far. Chances are, he wasn't even upset with her.

9 Roman Reigns To Win Title... Again

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If you are not a Roman Reigns fan — and it seems to be the "cool thing" not to be, you'll be horrified to hear that the path leading to SummerSlam is being set so that Reigns can win the title again. The WWE also wants him to headline WrestleMania for the title. And, against of all people, John Cena. It's more and more becoming the Roman Reigns show but the WWE is trying to mask their love for him a little by making fans think he's the underdog.

Even more horrific is that it appears the WWE hasn't decided that they want to turn Reigns heel. They are content with him being a tweener and calling the heat he gets from the crowd "a reaction." Their motto is, any reaction is still a reaction. For fans, even if Reigns proves to be a strong talent (which he's doing), he needs a change of direction to be accepted.

8 JBL's Bullying Depths

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It's becoming old news to talk about JBL and his former reputation as a bully backstage in the WWE. But, it's a story that has so many details, it's horrific that he still has a job.

According to a referee who was released from the WWE, Bradshaw tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was nude and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to violate him until he cried. This is all while the locker room looked on and laughed. The story goes the victim might have previously physically harmed a girl while on a date or may have just not been well-liked (those are two very different things). It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like '98 or '99 and the guy was a fairly well-known. Many have speculated, but we'll leave that for you to research.

7 Lawler's Foot Fetish

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This rumor may have started because he was in a "kiss my foot match" with Bret Hart and that makes this one an easy target. The rumor goes that Jerry Lawler has a well-known foot fetish and he was once caught by a valet (ECW/USWA ring-rat Miss Patricia) pleasuring himself into her shoes. If that's true, that's pretty gross.

And, if it's true and some of the wrestler's backstage in the WWE had gotten wind of it, it could explain why another rumor went around that an entire group of wrestlers (mostly The Kliq) had taken a number-two into Lawler's crown when he first arrived in the WWE. Word is, he was not well liked and the boys wanted to show him who's locker room it was he was entering the WWE. Both stories are pretty horrific. Not sure which one is worse.

6 Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon

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This rumor isn't exactly news but it's still horrific just the same. The story goes that Randy "Macho Man" Savage was passed over by the WWE for the Hall of Fame so many times because he was caught having a hidden relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Understandably, that might bother Vince McMahon. But hey, Stephanie was an adult and she could do what she wanted... except that she wasn't.

The rumor goes, Macho Man had his way with Stephanie (she was about 14 then) back in 94/95 and that Vince found out. Cleary, that's beyond inappropriate and if true, it's no wonder Savage was immediately terminated.  The more likely deal is that this never actually happened. Vince is known for forgiving people and putting business first, but if Savage and a 14-year-old Steph actually were together, there's pretty much nothing about that which would be forgivable to a father.

5 Paul Heyman Embezzled Funds

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Paul Heyman has never been known as a trusting guy. In fact, he's admitted to lying and cheating people to get what he wanted or needed if doing so served his purposes or led to financial gain. It should come as no surprise then that there is a rumor that his firing from WCW had to allegedly do with embezzlement of funds. Who knows how much truth there is to this, but the rumor was, he would have two sets of bills for road expenses thus, overcharging WCW.

It's not that this is, by itself horrific (it is unethical and underhanded), but this wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for a guy like Heyman. What is horrific is that knowing this, and the many other things Heyman has done that are both illegal and unethical, the WWE still employs him knowing he can't be trusted. It goes to show that if you're talented (and Heyman is one of the best talkers in the WWE) you can get away with a lot more stuff.

4 Shawn Michaels Gets Crap Kicked Out Of Him

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This is a rumor that the WWE actually talked about on television. As the story goes, Shawn got a little too flirty with a female who was dating one of the military thugs at the bar. Once outside, the thugs jumped Michaels and beat him into oblivion. Davey Boy and X-Pac were with Shawn at the time and jumped out of the car to help get the thugs off of Michaels. Simply looking to take advantage of a mismatch, they ran away when the odds evened up.

A battered and bruised Michaels appeared on Raw shortly thereafter and the announcers acknowledged the legit beating. This one is horrific only in that it goes to show how out of control Shawn was in his years of being a troublemaker and that there were/are a ton of people looking simply to beat on a wrestler because wrestling was "fake."

3 Shamrock and Nasty Boys Fight

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Recently, there was buzz that Ken Shamrock would be interested in another return to the WWE. He wants to face Brock Lesnar, but, it sounds like the WWE doesn't really want anything to do with Shamrock.

This news made one of the rumors about Shamrock when he started out a bit interesting and worth revisiting. Before Shamrock was a UFC star, he got roughed up pretty good by the Nasty Boys who cheap shotted him in a 2-on-1 hotel room brawl. Rumor has it that a few years later when Shamrock was in WWE, Rock and Shamrock were walking thru an airport. One of the Nasty Boys was walking around and Shamrock spotted him. The story has it that Shamrock immediately went into a crazed state of mind and Rock had to really calm him down, before the two were arrested at the airport of all places.

2 Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Take Out an MTV Fan

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Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx (Sean Waltman) were guests on stage as a part of MTV's annual spring break coverage. The cross promotion between WCW and MTV was meant to build up the annual Panama City Nitro that Monday. An intoxicated fan in the crowd was causing trouble and threw something at the stage. Hall and Nash asked security to get control of the rowdy crowd but were ignored. Because the intoxicated fan was left alone, he threw something else. Kevin Nash jumped into the crowd a took out the fan. He then turned him over to security.

Scott Hall was heard saying "if you can't provide better security, we'll leave." MTV has shown the footage annually as a "wildest ever moment." They used it to build up their spring break specials. It's amazing what fans were allowed to get away with and that a big company like MTV didn't take better care of their celebrity talent.

1 The Miz and Maryse Splitting Up

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It seems insane to think the WWE is actually going to go through with this, but if you've watched recent episodes of Raw, you'll notice that The Miz and Maryse are having "issues." This is the most horrific and stupid idea that the WWE could do right now and it's all thanks to the debut of Mike and Maria Kanellis.

Apparently, the WWE doesn't want two heel duo couples on television. It makes no sense and The Miz and Maryse have been one of the most entertaining aspects of the WWE for months. They are must-watch, they have brought relevance back to the Intercontinental Championship and neither one will be nearly as successful without the other. Mike and Maria Kanellis are totally unproven and they have a gimmick that looks like it's going to flop incredibly. To sacrifice The Miz and Maryse for it, is insanity.

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