15 Horrifying Rumors About Wrestlers That You NEED To Hear

If you’re a pro wrestling fan, and have been for a long while, you will have undoubtedly heard your fair share of rumors about those you watch step inside the ring week in, week out. While rumors and legends are a part of every day life, there really is no business like it when it comes to how many you can unearth when you go trawling the internet for them in professional wrestling. Wrestlers sleeping with each other, doing favors for jobs, drinking bleach. Yes that’s right, keep an eye out for that one. If there’s something weird and sordid out there that someone has done, chances are there are one or more wrestlers who have topped the story you’ve heard while doing the same thing.

This upcoming list will feature just fifteen of the pro wrestling rumors floating around out there, and trust me it was tough to narrow it down to just that. The more hardened and weathered fans among you will have undoubtedly heard about some of these, but here’s hoping that even the most ardent fan is taken aback by at least a few of these. It really does feature some horrifying stuff that has apparently gone on in pro wrestling. If any of these at all are true, then the world is a much darker place than I once thought.

16 Dolph And Sunny's Night Of Passion

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WWE Diva Sunny, known outside of the realm of professional wrestling as Tammy Sytch, is known for sleeping around somewhat. Needless to say because of that this won’t be the only appearance she makes on this list. Some are obviously rumors, like her supposed wild night with Seth Rollins, while others are in limbo as to whether they’re true or not. This is one of those. Apparently Sunny spent the night with current WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, and there are some sordid details doing the rounds accompanying that rumor. One is that the two of them made love for an impressive seven hours. The other more amusing tale coming out of the alleged night of passion is that little Ziggler curves to the left. Hopefully we’ll never see the evidence.

15 Raven Flashing Debra

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Stone Cold Steve Austin may be a WWE Hall of Famer and seem like a sweetheart of a guy nowadays, but that hasn’t always been the case. What isn’t a rumor is that when Austin was married to former WWE Superstar Debra, he was violent towards her in what his wife at the time blamed on his use of steroids. One thing that is a rumor and involves the two of them plus oddly also includes Raven. One time back stage Raven stepped out of the shower completely naked not knowing that Debra was there. When Stone Cold found out he was not pleased, tracked Raven down and apparently beat the man who had flashed his wife pretty badly. A little over the top if true.

14 The Iron Sheik Was Asked To Break Hulk Hogan's Leg

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One of the oldest and craziest pro wrestling rumors that still does the rounds dates all the way back to 1984, and it involves two names that are synonymous with the business. In 1984 The Iron Sheik was the WWE Champion after winning the title from Bob Backlund. The only reason he had the championship was to drop it to Hulk Hogan shortly after. Promoter Verne Gagne had other ideas though and supposedly told Sheik to break The Hulkster’s leg as opposed to dropping the belt to him. Not only that but if Sheik took Verne up on the offer he would apparently get $100,000 for his troubles. If it was something that was truly suggested, Sheik of course didn’t take him up on the offer. Something he seemingly regrets judging by his Twitter account.

13 Kevin Sullivan Booked His Own Divorce

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There are a lot of wrestling rumors out there, as you’re quickly discovering from this list I’m sure, but this one is just downright bizarre, especially if it’s true. In the 1990s Chris Benoit was of course in WCW. It’s where he would meet the woman who would eventually become his wife, Nancy Sullivan. As you might have guessed if you didn’t already know, Nancy was married to fellow WCW wrestler and booker Kevin Sullivan. There was actually an angle that saw Nancy and Chris become an item on screen, and it was that which led to them starting a relationship in real life. The weird rumor behind this one is that Kevin booked the angle so that Nancy would cheat on him and leave him for Benoit. It sounds ridiculous and far-fetched right? Nevertheless it’s a wrestling rumor that is out there.

12 Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon

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Sticking with rumors that are downright bizarre, get a load of this one. There are all sorts of rumors circulating that various female performers throughout WWE history have performed certain acts for Vince McMahon in order to propel their careers. Hell, Vince himself has admitted to being unfaithful on occasions to his wife Linda. Some people would have you believe however that it wasn’t only women convincing Vince to help them out in return for favors. Shawn Michaels may be one of the greatest in ring performers of all time, but there’s a rumor out there that he didn’t stay at the top for so long based on merit alone. Yes that’s right, some people think that once upon a time the Heart Break Kid and Mr McMahon were once romantically involved. If Shawn wasn’t as talented as he was I may have given this one more time, but considering the circumstances I find this one particularly hard to believe.

11 The Bellas Blocking Superstars' Returns

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At WrestleMania 33 Nikki Bella and Maryse paired up with their significant others to go head to head in a mixed tag match. In the build to the bout Maryse made some bold claims that Nikki and her sister Brie previously blocked the Total Divas star from making a return to the company. Well turns out that was more than just a scripted line for the sake of the story. Rumor has it that when Total Divas was first coming together as an idea, WWE were interested in re-recruiting former employees Maryse and Maria Kanellis. That is until The Bella Twins got their way. If you ask Maryse or Maria, they’ll tell you that Brie and Nikki convinced the powers that be not to bring them back into the fold, that way the twins could be the stars of the new reality show.

10 Billy Graham Drank Bleach

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Another absolutely ludicrous one for you to mull over now. Superstar Billy Graham is a man who probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves. While he wasn’t the greatest wrestler in the world, there’s no question that his look and style directly influenced Hulk Hogan, and where would pro wrestling be today without The Hulkster? There is one aspect of Graham’s act that The Immortal One wouldn’t have mimicked though, and that’s drinking bleach. Yes you read that right, according to urban legend Billy Graham would drink bleach back stage simply to prove to his peers that he could. I know wrestlers in the past have been known for substance abuse, but if this one’s true that’s taking things to a whole other level.

9 Dolph Ziggler Caused Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

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In 2012 WWE announcer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler almost passed away live on Raw while commentating at ring side. The Hall of Famer suffered a major heart attack, and if he had been almost anywhere else at the time he would have likely died. Luckily with all the medical staff on hand at WWE events Jerry was seen to instantly and his life was saved. Ironically if he hadn’t have been there that night at all, rumor has it he wouldn’t have suffered the heart attack in the first place. Earlier in the night Lawler was in a match that saw him take numerous elbow drops right to the chest courtesy of Dolph Ziggler. While it can’t be confirmed it’s widely believed that it was that which led to King’s heart attack. Jerry himself said he thinks the elbows knocked his heart off rhythm, and the delayed reaction was it trying to get the beat back to normal.


7 John Cena Got Mickie James Fired

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Earlier on in this list we covered The Bella Twins allegedly blocking certain female Superstars from getting back into WWE. Well funnily enough there’s a rumor that has been circulating for years that Nikki’s fiancé, the one and only John Cena, has done exactly the same thing. There were different reasons driving John to do it though. Before Cena was with Nikki he was actually married, however that marriage came to an end when rumors started swirling that Big Match John was having an affair with Mickie James. Mickie was engaged at the time also, so it was one big mess. Such a big mess in fact that Cena apparently saw to it that James was gradually forced out of the company. Pretty dastardly if true, and probably pretty awkward now that Mickie is back.

6 HBK, The Hitman, And Sunny

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The rumor from earlier in this article about Sunny’s apparent night with Dolph Ziggler is not the most scandalous one out there involving the former WWE Diva. First thing’s first, one aspect of this that was more than merely a rumor was Sunny’s affair with Shawn Michaels. The rumor part of this entry was actually conjured up by HBK himself. Presumably to deflect some of the attention away from him, Michaels told people that it was in fact Bret Hart sleeping with Sunny. Whether it was true or not people believed it, and it’s a rumor that has lasted until this day. It even caused trouble in Bret’s marriage despite both he and Sunny flat out denying the allegations.

5 Virgil and Pat Patterson

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The business of professional wrestling is hardly known for being politically correct. Women are only just now getting what they deserve in the ring and foreign stars are still depicted as bad guys nine times out of ten. That’s why it’s not surprising that there aren’t many openly gay wrestlers in the business, especially when rumors like this arise off the back of someone in wrestling coming out as. Wrestling legend Pat Patterson is an openly gay former in ring competitor. He’s had a high up position in WWE for years now, even coming up with the idea for the Royal Rumble match. With the nature of the business he’s in though, so many rumors have arisen about him persuading Superstars to do sexual favours for him in return for their job or status in the company. Perhaps the strangest is ex Superstar Virgil who allegedly showed Pat his penis in order to gain traction with him.

4 Randy Savage And Stephanie McMahon


One of the biggest, strangest, and most long standing urban legends in professional wrestling is the one surrounding Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon. The Macho Man was once one of Vince McMahon’s most prized possessions. Then all of a sudden the Hall of Famer was relegated to the announce desk and eventually left for WCW. No one could really put their finger on exactly why Vince disliked Savage all of a sudden, then the rumor mill started up. Some people would have you believe that Randy slept with Stephanie McMahon, presumably at a time when she would have been under age. That would certainly explain why Vince grew to hate Savage, but it’s one of those things that we’ll probably never know the whole truth about.

3 Randy Orton Sh**s In People's Bags

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Those of you with a weak stomach will maybe want to skip this one because if it’s true, it’s pretty gross. Randy Orton may be a third generation Superstar and multiple time World Champion, but if the rumors are true he’s not as great as you might think. Well if the rumors are true he is technically still those things, but he’s a pretty awful human being. The rumor is that The Viper once defecated in a Diva’s bag. There are mixed messages on this one. Some say he did it often, but the one that always surfaces is the time he did it to a Diva. There are also rumors that the prank was to simply make it look like he had done the dirty deed by pouring tanning lotion in there. Nevertheless if it’s true it’s extremely gross, and apparently was only done because Randy didn’t think the victim respected the wrestling business.

2 JBL's Shower Punishments

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WWE SmackDown Live announcer John Bradshaw Layfield has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. The former WWE Champion has been labelled a bully by fans after he seemingly drove Mauro Ranallo away from the company with his constant berating of the play by play guy. Well if you believe the rumors, hassling Mauro is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to JBL’s bullying antics. Allegedly one form of punishment Bradshaw would dole out involved him throwing wrestlers in the shower and doing something that would fall between beating them down and touching them up. Extremely dark if true, and astounding that he remains at the company calling the action every Tuesday night.

1 Two Ultimate Warriors

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There have been some pretty strange and bizarre rumors featured in this list already, but this one really takes the cake. We’ve seen replica Undertakers and fake Diesels, but did you know that there’s a rumor out there that the Ultimate Warrior was not the same guy throughout his whole career? Legend has it that the original Warrior passed away and Vince McMahon simply replaced him and carried on as normal. Despite how absurd that sounds, there’s also some very loose evidence to back it up. Apparently WCW genuinely did use an Ultimate Warrior body double when the original didn’t show, and when he did make his WCW debut Hulk Hogan said to him ‘I thought you were dead’. Spooky and let’s be honest, just downright insane whether it’s true or not.

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