15 Hot AF Pictures That Prove Nikki Bella Has Been Eating Her Booty O’s

You know Nikki’s pretty darn smoking when we have an article dedicated to her booty. Heck, there’s even a Twitter account and a limitless amount of GIFs created in dedication of that fantastic glute area. Some would argue her chest is also pretty blessed but in this article, we take a look at her Booty O eating skills specifically.

Her dominant glute prowess didn’t take shape over night. Nikki has admitted to putting in lots of work in order to bring up her booty. It’s taken some great conditioning, weight training and of course, the eating of Booty O’s (no jokes, you need carbs to grow your booty).

Along with a lovely set of glutes, Nikki seems to be knocking it out of the park nowadays, having a following of over six millions fans on Instagram, along with over 625K subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Things are looking quite good for the 33-year old who’s currently enjoying her WWE hiatus, planning her wedding with John Cena.

Enough of the chit chat and let’s get to it. Ladies and even gentleman, grab a box of Booty O’s and enjoy this article that pays homage to Nikki’s Booty O eating prowess. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend!

15 That Candid Booty

😳🍑 Junk in the Trunk 😳🍑

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Not sure what’s better, the fact that this candid shot was taken or that Nikki proudly put it up on her Instagram account. Her fans took a liking to the pic as well giving it over 135K likes. You have to admire Bella for posting the picture, embracing her terrific curves during the live event. That bald dude sitting in the front had the perfect view of Nikki’s booty, but like her theme song suggests, “you could look but you can’t touch”.

It wasn’t the first time Nikki posted a candid picture taken by a fan and it likely won’t be the last. Nikki is a female in power that embraces her curves and that’s been well documented over the last couple of years. Also worth mentioning, rumors indicate a box of Booty O’s was in fact consumed before this bout.

14 The 200K Booty Shake

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A treat for the eyes, Nikki decided to thank her fan base with a fantastic booty shake while rocking a skin tight grey top and pants. The video was made as a thank you for receiving over 200K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Bella has turned her brand into an empire, as she now continues to dominate YouTube. That video in particular reached 600 K views, and continues to grow.

That video was posted early January, and a couple of months later, the channel is already at over 625 K subscribers. Bella once again gave her fans quite the treat when she took it all off alongside Cena, celebrating her 500K subscriber milestone. It remains to be seen what she has in store for the fans once the channel reaches a million subscribers. Some fans hope it has something to do with her booty!

13 Candid Booty In Yoga Pants

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This picture truly sums up Nikki Bella, someone who’s gorgeous to look at, and an absolute pro when it comes to the WWE fanbase. Say what you must about Bella, but her people skills are truly something to behold, and she’s constantly made time for fans. For that reason, she continues to have a massive army of fans which is only growing at this point.

Obviously, along with eating her Booty O’s, Bella works out religiously. Her attire seems like she just finished a training session, and we strongly have a right to believe that her booty was worked quite intensely. If you haven’t yet, you can check a Bella booty session which is up on her channel. If your eyes start to burn at her movements in the tight spandex, we suggest you hit the red X in the corner ASAP.

12 Getting Spanked On Total Divas

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A forgotten part of both Nikki and Brie’s WWE careers is the fact that they briefly left at one point in time due to contract disputes. The twins would proceed to leave, hitting the indie scene briefly working for lower tier promotions. However, the WWE wisely chose to re-contact the duo offering them new deals which included a reality show. The duo jumped at the opportunity and it grew their stock higher than ever before. Nikki and Brie’s role on the show was so huge, that the company gave them their own spinoff, Total Bellas.

Both shows have had some heart racing moments, including Nikki in a bathing suit among other things. We can do an article alone on Nikki’s booty during Total Divas. This GIF shows Nikki getting a good spanking from her good friend, Natalya. We can all agree Nikki’s quite naughty and deserved the gentle slapping on the backside. Cena likely agrees...

11 Getting Proposed To... But Booty

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We here on The Sportster have a knack for ruining precious moments and this one is no different. Seeing Nikki get proposed to by gravity was certainly a treat, but the male demographic can’t help but to look at Nikki’s booty in this picture. Nikki’s booty one, floating ring zero.

All jokes aside, Cena provided the WWE Universe with quite the WrestleMania moment. Some expected it to take place, but nothing was really set in stone. The proposal went viral onto mainstream media the next day, making the WWE that much happier about the entire ordeal. The two are already hard at work planning out the wedding while they’re both currently off of WWE TV. It remains to be seen when the power couple is set to return.

10 YouTube Booty

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Yup, a common theme so far in this article has been the content on Nikki’s Youtube, you likely already flew there but if you haven’t yet, give it a quick look. Let us know how your eyes fared once you’re done. This is yet another image from the channel as Nikki gives out some quick tips on how to enhance the booty. In just a couple of days, the video is already at over 150 K views. Shame on the 99 dislikes.

The comment section is littered with great comments such, “my hands are burning right now” and a more appropriate comment, “don’t forget to eat your Booty O’s”. Other comments are also worth reading, but quite frankly, this site is family friendly and we just can’t read some of the more explicit content!

9 The Younger Days

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This picture shows that Nikki’s been eating them Booty O’s for quite some time, as the leopard printed undergarments fill out quite nicely. Although her booty wasn’t as robust, Nikki was still thicker in stature than Brie during her younger days.

Before hitting the WWE scene, both Nikki and Brie searched for superstardom, taking minor modelling and acting gigs. They got a break of a lifetime during the Diva Search. They weren’t offered a gig on the show, but better yet, were given WWE deals. They improved dramatically throughout the years despite no experience, and as of now in 2017, we can call both twins respected performers inside of the squared circle. The WWE Universe remains hopeful that both Nikki and Brie will at some point, return to in-ring action.

8 Cena & Nikki’s Early Moments... But Booty

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Seems like they started sampling Booty O cereals a long time ago, as we can only assume Nikki had herself a bowl that night in this throwback picture, rocking a tight red dress. All we can really say is, booty!

This throwback picture shows just how into each other these two have been. According to rumors, it’s believed the two began to date in late 2012. They’ve been unstoppable ever since, with Cena dominating the WWE and now taking his success to the acting world. And as for Nikki, she hasn’t done too shabby either ever since being crowned the longest reigning Divas Champion ever, and holding the distinction of putting the WWE on the map when it comes to reality TV, with her involvement on Total Divas and other social media platforms. Power couple? Seems like it.

7 That Entrance

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Pulling off such an entrance, you need to be eating boxes of Boot O’s on the regular. Bella has dazzled fans with her epic twirl up the entrance ramp. We can just imagine grown men causing fires in their household putting aside everything their doing, to get a glimpse of the entrance once her music hits. Once can only imagine the chaos that entrance has caused in the past.

It seems like throughout the years, her entrance keeps getting better and better, likely because her booty keeps getting bigger and bigger. Despite the hectic schedule, Bella has emphasized training during her off-time and it’s led to some incredible results. Not only has she slimmed out, but her booty appears to be growing nonetheless. Remember folks, squats and Booty O’s are a wonderful thing.

6 Bent Over With Brie

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Doesn’t get much better than this does it? A pair of stunning twins lying on the beach, it’s every bro and bros dream isn’t it?

Although the twins look alike, they have their differences. Nikki is the curvier of the two beauties while Brie rocks more of a lean look. According to most fans, Nikki gets the booty and body edge, while Brie gets the upper hand in terms of her facial features. Nonetheless, both are stunning to look at. Brie attains such a body by eating clean veggies and practicing the likes of yoga and aerobics. Nikki on the other hand, trains more of a strength style, while not shying away from healthy proteins, carbs (the Booty O’s) and fats.

5 Booty In White Pants

It takes a good looking booty to rock a pair of white skin tight pants. Nikki of course is the self-named Fearless one, and this photo shows exactly that as she pulls off the outfit to perfection. The photo was taken during Nikki's wine tasting experience, we hope she didn’t get any red wine on that glorious outfit. As she stares off into the sunset, many of us are starring off somewhere else...

Not too surprising, the picture gathered in nearly 170 K likes. Nikki has immense social media following on Instagram picking up six million followers, more than any other current WWE Diva, and more than most WWE Superstars. She’s a giant on social media and we can expect that to continue even when her WWE days are up.

4 By The Water

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A wallpaper worthy picture, not many things better than a smoking hot Nikki Bella along with a stunning blue scenery. The green however steals the show in this image, as her booty looks quite astonishing in the bathing suit. Damn you John, damn you.

You’ll also likely notice a tattoo located on her backside. No, that wasn’t because she ate too many Booty O’s but instead, a piece of ink she got during her younger days. A heart on fire, Nikki refuses to get rid of the tattoo claiming John “loves it”. How can an invisible person have an opinion? As for sister Brie, she got the tattoo located in a similar spot removed as she’s set to become a mom shortly, giving birth to Daniel Bryan’s child.

3 More Insta Booty


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Perhaps not even Nikki Bella herself could have predicted that such a beauty picture would draw the attention of millions of fans. Becoming a global name was something that was no guarantee at any point for Nikki, heck she was even engaged at one point when she was young, but thankfully, the marriage was annulled soon after. Can you imagine just how different things could have been has she stayed married?

Luckily for us, it didn’t stick and she moved to LA with her sister working as a waitress while searching for a talent agent that could help out a stunning set of twins. They both had ups and downs, but nowadays, there enjoying nothing but success particularly Nikki who’s brand constantly continues to grown.

2 Recent Internet Breaking Post


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If you don’t follow Nikki on Instagram, shame on you cause your seriously missing out. During her time away from the WWE ring, Bella has upped her content posting some eye opening pictures. This one, stole the show as Nikki’s booty screams out ten as she poses for the fantastic picture, likely taken in Cena’s home. Life seems to be going pretty well for the power couple nowadays!

With some time off wedding planning, you can expect Bella to work even harder on her physique. Also, rumor has it The New Day personally shipped off large amounts of Booty O cereal to her Tampa residence, so don’t worry, she’ll have plenty during her time away from the WWE. Remember ladies if you want to grow that booty, get in them carbs!

1 The Booty In Action

We close off the article with another stunning candid shot that proves Nikki’s been eating her Booty O’s and even asking for seconds. Bella posted the candid shot on her Instagram praising her booty progress. We agree with Nikki and applaud the shape of her posterior!

Coming back from a lengthy injury, Bella looked absolutely flawless inside of the ring. Not too hard to realize why the likes of Bret Hart have praised Bella for her in-ring work. She capped of her return with a fantastic ending teaming up with her hubby for the first time ever on the Grandest Stage of Them All. It was a moment she’ll never forget, however, we hope it isn’t the last we’ll ever see of the stunning Bella Twin.

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