15 Hot Brooke Outfits Hulk Hogan Secretly Liked

Turning the clock way back to 2005, Brooke enjoyed some serious stardom alongside her dad on the VH1 reality show, Hogan Knows Best. The reality series was one of the very first of its kind back in the day and it led to huge success. Before he knew it, Hulk was welcomed back to the WWE and even his daughter appeared on the show during her popularity boom in 2006.

The program would get the boot after season 4, however Brooke ended up getting her own spin-off due to her popularity. It didn’t last and she slowly dwindled down into irrelevancy after her time in the spotlight. She’s appeared sporadically in the past with some music gigs. You can follow her current adventures via Instagram where she has a modest following of close to 150K fans.

So the question you ask is probably, is she still hot? As you’ll see with pics taken days ago, the 29 year old is still looking fine AF. In the article we document some her best outfits of both the past and present. The 15 outfit choices are so good, that we have reason to believe that Hulk himself secretly “liked them”. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to engage in the inappropriateness via Facebook. Without further ado, here are 15 Brooke outfits Hulk Hogan secretly liked. Let’s begin!

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15 One Piece Perfection

Some of you likely clicked this article with the intent of finding out if Brooke is still hot or not today. Well, she’s got Instagram and judging by her recent photos, she’s still got it going on. Yet to hit her 30s and the age of 29, Brooke still performs various glamour shoots and this is a spectacular photo taken from a recent photography session. If Hulk was watching in the background, he was likely “running wild”. No not cause of Brooke but likely because catering came around serving vitamins and glasses of milk...

Despite her status being a little bit on the down low, Brooke is enjoying life out of Beverly Hills. She also still maintains a strong following of 145 K followers, which isn’t too shabby.

14 Mini Skirt & Mini Top

My mini me and PIC @mandyallyn

A post shared by Brooke Hogan (@mizzhogan) on

Towering over her friend that she labels as “mini me”, we have no problems with Brooke’s height in this shot as her outfit makes us dizzy given how great she looks in it. Where to start, from top to bottom, she’s got it going in this recent Instagram post, everything appears to be shrunken from her petite black top, to her petite and tight white bottom.

Some creepy fans are likely starring at the mirror in back looking to get a glance at the booty. Given her current form, we have reason to believe she’s hitting them squats on the regular while Hulk feeds her with endless supplies of healthy vitamins and glasses of milk. Seriously though, imagine squatting and drinking a glass of milk right after? Good lord that sounds awful but we should turn into a challenge or something, first contestant, Hulk Hogan, last contestant, Hulk Hogan.

13 The Red Swimsuit

via blogspot.com

Make a quick search on Brooke Hogan and you’ll realize that she’s one of those “beach bums”. Brooke has a plethora of bikini pics available online, most of the candid nature. She’s been spotted down in Miami time and time again, her favorite location as it seems.

Judging by the color of this bikini, we feel like Hulk digs this swimwear outfit the most. After all, Hulk was all about the red and yellow, that made his character stand out amongst the others. Looks like his daughter’s doing the same in this picture with the red bikini, however, unlike Hogan’s large pipes, some of us are starring at another “asset” his daughter has some serious game in. Hint, she likely consumed some “bench press” before this shot...

12 Brooke’s TNA Days

via vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net

Yup, some major TNA going on in this picture.... Okay sorry we had to put that in, was a sin if we didn’t. Of course, leave it to TNA to allow Brooke into the promotion. The time was 2012, an era that saw Hogan once again gain big time control of a company. Brooke would start off as an Authority Figure and later, serve as the love interest of Bubba Dudley. Yes, the same Bubba that’s 45, the dude in his mid 40s was with the girl in her 20s, oh TNA, how did they ever go out of business?

Nonetheless, the entire angle was a major flop with Brooke ending her time trying to get a divorce from Bully Ray. She was quietly released from the company a year later in the summer of 2013. She has not returned to wrestling since.

11 Concert Outfit

via dailymail.co.uk

Fans of the Hogan Knows Best reality show tend to forgot, but the entire purpose of the series was surrounded on the story of Brooke making it as a musician. After all, the reality series played on VH1, so there had to be a musical twist somewhere along the lines. Hulk was very protective of his daughter, however, she would end up signing a prominent record deal. She made some decent hits that even reached the billboards list such as About Us, that hit as high as number 33. She had great success early on but after the reality show, that same success slowly deteriorated.

In 2015, she made a comeback to the music scene, this time re-launching her style as an alternative country singer. As you see in the picture above, her style fit the genre as she looks like quite the stunning country lady.

10 Cleavage Still Running Wild

This picture is one of the newest shots in the article as it was taken just days ago. It appears as though Brooke is still rocking the cleavage look to perfection appearing spectacular in her black, tightly fitted outfit. The photo was taken in Nashville so it seems like she’s doing a bit of traveling nowadays. One can assume the travel was done with the intent of pursuing her country music career. Still only 29, not giving up is a good idea. Never give up folks!

For those wondering, a WWE career is far gone at this point. However, many forget she once appeared on the show, adding fuel to the Randy Orton Hulk Hogan feud. That was back in 2006 over a decade ago and nothing would ensue following that. She would return to wrestling though as you’ll see in the next picture.

9 GLOW Party Outfit

For a reality star like Brooke, it’s vital she keeps staying in the public eye. Once your time in the spotlight is up, it’s only up to you to maintain such attention. Brooke has done so by making small appearances as of late, one of those took place at a GLOW party. With the show having a wrestling inspired theme, who better that the daughter of Mr. Wrestling himself Hulk Hogan to show up and support the cause.

Her cameo was that much better looking at her outfit choice of the night. Had she been a little older at the time, she could of rocked similar attire while working alongside dad with the nWo. Just imagine, Brooke and Hulk together in the nWo? Knowing Hulk, had she been older, he likely had the creative control to pull off such a maneuver!

8 Recent Leg Shot

As we’ve stated in the article, Brooke still has it going on despite the fact that her fame is relatively lower nowadays. However, she’s still a fire cracker and one of her top “assets” still looks quite fine and that’s those long legs that ride up for days! Another picture taken in Nashville last week, Brooke’s got them meat slabs on point in this photo. It’s a shame she didn’t pursue wrestling more intensely cause she’s got the features to lock up inside of the squared circle. Instead, leave it to father Hulk to lead her down a path of music and modelling.

In any event, the point is, she still looks great and Hulk would certainly give the old school thumbs up when it comes to this Nashville inspired ensemble.

7 Candid Beauty

via zimbio.com

Oh the candid picture, fans love them and celebrities likely hate them. They can catch someone at their very worst or in this case, their best. Hulk certainly approves of this outfit even if it doesn’t feature any yellow or red. Brooke has us seeing red however as we stare at this picture for days (cheap pop).

Rocking a green dress that seems to be painted on her body, Brooke looks like a perfect ten in this photo. She’s also got the height going on wearing some massive heels, one would assume she’s taller than her own father wearing those darn things. Many wish they could have got a glimpse of the back, but we’ll settle for the front nonetheless. Just be careful not to fall in those shoes.

6 St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

Who said Halloween is the only day for a lady to dress up? Women love to play dress up even when it’s not Halloween, even Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle dresses like a lovely Elf when Christmas comes around. So that begs the question, Noelle’s Elf outfit versus Brooke’s St. Patrick’s day outfit, who’s hotter? Man is that ever a tossup.

This recent picture was taken by Brooke and posted on her social media page. One would automatically ask the question “Hulk’s Irish?”, but it appears the ensemble was all for show as she dawned the look despite the fact that her blood is completely Irish free. Even if she isn’t, we don’t oppose the outfit and the effort and neither does Hulk who’s smiling creepily somewhere as he continues to collect his checks from Gawker.

5 Happy Hump Day

Happy hump day!

A post shared by Brooke Hogan (@mizzhogan) on

Speaking of squats, we know take a look at another outfit that highlights a specific “asset”, Brooke’s glutes. Don’t feel too bad looking at it as she made the post specifically with the intent of it being hump day. Rocking a tight white dress on top of a muscle car, this picture is every man’s dream including her own fa... okay too far, too far.

We have reason to believe boxes of "Booty O" cereals were consumed on the regular months before this recent picture was posted to her Instagram account. The photo received more than 2K likes which isn’t enough, however the comment section made up for it with some inappropriate comments directed at Brooke. Ah, it’s good to be a Hogan isn’t it!?

4 White, Flowers & Cleavage

via pintrest.com

We saved the best dress for the end as Brooke has the look of an angel sent from high above. Not sure what she’s doing in the picture, one would assume she’s singing, however, that’s the last thing most people are wondering looking at such an outfit. The cleavage just adds the cherry on top of this near perfect picture.

So the next question you might be asking is how can I meet this smoking hot honey? It appears that she’s single at the moment. Hogan was almost snatched up by former NFLer Phil Costa. The two were set to get engaged back in 2013 however, much to the dismay of Hulk, his daughter was put back on the market as the two called off the engagement.

3 His Favorite Outfit

via uproxx.files.wordpress.com

We saved one of the best or worst, depends how you look at it, for the end. This picture takes inappropriateness to another level as Hulk rubs down his daughter. To make matters even more awkward, his wife is sitting next to Brooke watching this all unfold. In what world is that normal!?

In any event, it seems obvious Hogan’s favorite Brooke outfit is beachwear as he rubs his daughter down with what we can only hope is tanning cream and not some weird voodoo cream. The picture created quite the buzz and it was one of the many pictures that indicated Hogan and his daughter might be a little too close for comfort. This throwback shot is by far one of the very worse of the two.

2 Recent US Inspired Bikini Shot

The Hulkster is probably blocking the other half of the image from his view as it features his ex-wife Linda. Of course, the two sides underwent a terrible divorce which saw Hulk lose a fortune. Judging by this recent picture posted by Brooke, it looks like Linda hasn’t lost any sleep over it as the 57 year old looks incredible given her age. How ‘bout them puppies?

Okay seriously though, this is all about Brooke and she looks spectacular while rocking the US inspired bikini. Obviously, the post was made on Independence Day. The Hulk character was driven by US patriotism throughout his run in the 80s so without a doubt, he’s digging his daughter’s ensemble in both a creepy and loving way we can only assume.

1 The Hulkamania Top

via blogspot.com

Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Brooke had quite the childhood given her dad’s high profile status. She put her talents in the field of cheerleading and gymnastics at a young age. Her popularity would reach new heights as a huge reality star with her VH1 gig.

Now for the picture, this is without a doubt Hulk’s favorite outfit out of the entire list (we secretly and sincerely hope). Brooke’s rocking the classic red and yellow with her own spin on it. The Hulkamania top is cut just enough to show off that great cleavage. If that wasn’t enough, the yellow short shorts put the cherry on top of this wonderful outfit. If Brooke ever chose to wrestle, this would be her dad’s wardrobe of choice for his daughter. Maybe in the next life Hulk.

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