15 Hot Female Wrestlers Who Can't Stop Flaunting Their Cup Sizes

Over the last several years the WWE has undergone a huge transformation in the way they handle their female wrestlers which has had an effect on the industry at large. No longer used strictly for eye candy on a regular basis as they had been in the Attitude Era, this move has led to these grapplers being seen a lot more seriously by their many fans. A move that we totally admire, it is fantastic that they treat these ladies as the athletes that they are and we’re pleased that young girls who are wrestling fans have more stars to look up to. However, if you think for a moment that means that there aren’t a lot of beautiful female wrestlers around that seem to take pleasure in flaunting their chests you’d be sorely mistaken. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this like of fifteen hot wrestlers that can’t stop flaunting their cup sizes, not that we’d want them to.

In order for someone to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, they first off have to be a woman that has been employed in the wrestling business. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if they are contributors from an in-ring perspective as long they make their living by taking part in wrestling shows. Additionally, it should be noted that they don’t have to be employed by the WWE, as this list is designed to look at the industry at large. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

15 Natalya

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Arguably the most talented member of the newest generation of the Hart wrestling family, Natalya has spent her life in and around the business, and that has clearly paid off. Spending a decade under contract to the WWE, over those years, we have seen her accomplish a lot, even though she hasn’t been given many of the opportunities she deserved. Undergoing a change of image a few years back now, she made the decision to alter her ring gear making her less covered-up, and as a result of that, she now finds herself on a list like this one. It was a great career move since she works in a company that is obsessed with the looks of its workers, but it also seems like she enjoys sporting gear that drives those that are attracted to women wild.

14 Ivelisse Vélez

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First coming to prominence in the wrestling world when she took part in the fifth season of WWE’s Tough Enough which was hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, from the start Ivelisse Vélez stood out. Coming in seventh place after she left the competition due to injury, she seemed like a can’t miss prospect when she signed with the company and reported to FCW, which they had a relationship with. Ultimately released from her contract in 2012 under dubious circumstances, she would go on to be one of Lucha Underground’s best talents to this day. Known today for her kickass attitude and unflinching in-ring style, it certainly doesn’t hurt that she wears garb to the ring that allows viewers to have a great view of her chest.

13 Peyton Royce

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Since its inception, at any given time NXT has had a number of people on its roster that wrestling fans around the world love and hold in high regard. Still, if you ask us one of the best acts to ever appear in it is the current one that involves Peyton Royce and her onscreen BFF Billie Kay. Carrying themselves with an abundance of confidence and charisma, whenever they come to the ring, we know we are in for one hell of a show. As for the skills of Peyton in specific, we feel she has many, yet the easiest thing about her to notice is her physical beauty. While she may not have the largest cup size of the people on this list, it is still true that we always love the opportunity to look at her since we can expect her to wear something that doesn’t cover them very much.

12 Serena Deeb

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As she was a wrestler that many people felt never got the opportunity to succeed in the WWE she deserved, we’re very pleased to see that Serena Deeb has a working relationship with the company today. The sole female member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, in her main roster debut she had her long locks cut off and her character began to follow his drug and alcohol-free teachings. Reportedly let go from the company because she drank in public, which ran counter to that story, it seemed like an inauspicious way for someone with oodles of potential to depart. Of course, we’d be lying if we said that her looks played no part in our sadness that she no longer appeared on our televisions because we always enjoyed seeing her wearing gear that accentuated her chest.

11 Traci Brooks

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No longer a regular performer in the wrestling industry, we still find it hard to forget the career of Traci Brooks all these years later in part because of the way she dressed when she came to the ring. A TNA mainstay in between 2003 and 2012, she would depart the storylines for periods of time during those years but could always be counted on to make a return before too long. Serving a number of different roles for the company, including grappling in the ring, managing wrestlers like Bobby Roode and Frankie Kazarian, or appearing as an on-air authority figure, she was a jack of all trades. Quite memorable for the fact that she was almost always dressed in clothes that were cut low enough that she’d have a lot of cleavage on display, it was always clear that she took pride in her physical assets.

10 Santana Garrett

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A former model who made her way into the wrestling industry in 2009, Santana Garrett is someone that we’d love to see signed to a long term WWE contract. She's talented enough that she has been tapped to appear for several companies over the last several years including TNA, NXT, Shine Wrestling, and more, but we think she deserves to find a permanent home. Recently brought in to be a part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament that is under the WWE umbrella, we sincerely hope that it is a harbinger of things to come for their relationship. Like so many other wrestlers, Santana has a social media presence where you can often times find photos of her where she wears things that show off her body as a whole. Adding that with her revealing ring garb ensured she was a shoo-in for a list like this.

9 Eva Marie

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The WWE refreshes its roster regularly with stars coming and going or changing their place on the card. Of course, there are certain stalwarts that remain static in their standing with the company and most of them are the biggest stars like John Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, or others of that ilk. There was, however, one other person that seemed to stay the same, Eva Marie, who received hate from a lot of the company’s most passionate fans year after year. While that can be a good thing if your character is designed to get a reaction like that, at times she was meant to be received well, but that was something most audiences weren’t going to go with. You may wonder why the company’s had her on their roster for so many years and we think there is one answer for that, she is hot. Say what you will about her abilities in the ring, when it comes to wearing clothes that show off her body, including her chest, and looking good, few did it better than Eva Marie.

8 SoCal Val

Perhaps the person on this list that has the most interesting career in the wrestling industry, SoCal Val has had a number of jobs for various companies. Most associated with working for TNA in between 2006 and 2013, she spent much of that time working as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer. Perhaps her most talked about role was serving as the valet of Jay Lethal when he was known as Black Machismo, while acting like Miss Elizabeth before betraying him and joining his onscreen enemy, Sonjay Dutt. As that was a sad moment for fans of the budding relationship that played out on our TVs each week, we felt especially bad for Jay while thinking of her in the skimpy outfits she often seems to like wearing.

7 Catrina

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Over the years the WWE has let a number of talented performers slip through their fingers but these days with the advent of NXT that seems like a much rarer occurrence. Still, there are more recent examples of this type of thing, like Ethan Carter III, and the woman now known as Catrina, whom they had under contract (as Maxine) and did little with. Ultimately requesting her release due to her feeling that she was getting nowhere after an extended period of performing only on the competition show version of NXT, this beauty then remade her career. One of the most important members of the Lucha Underground roster today, she brings a gothic and gorgeous energy to the show that we find captivating. Known to appear in her trademark black gear and red lipstick, she also always makes sure that her garments are cut so that her cleavage is very visible.


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Most of the women on this list have created an image for themselves that plays heavily on their seductive nature but there is one notable exception, and that's ODB. However, that in no way means that her persona doesn’t rely heavily on her bountiful bosom, as that couldn’t be further from the truth. A fun character that is known for her undying pursuit of wrestling gold and a good time, she comes out to the ring with a flask of alcohol in her shirt and a smile on her face. On top of that, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that she also wears tops that show off her chest. She is also known to grab her chest with both hands regularly in a movement that exposes what she is working with even more.

5 Emma

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As of late, Emma has been claiming to be one of the founders of the so-called women’s revolution in the WWE, and she totally deserves such an accolade for her NXT feud with Paige that changed a lot for women in WWE. Unfortunately, in the years since that watershed moment, she has been relegated to a backseat position in the car driving that change. We hope that she finds much greater success in the future than what she got during the company’s attempt to rebrand her as Emmalina, which was an utter failure. That was remarkable considering they were trying to base her character around her mind-blowing body in a bikini which is nothing short of a work of art. She may wear more typical ring gear today but she still belongs on this list because she uploads photos of herself in that style constantly on social media which we love.

4 Scarlett Bordeaux

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One of the best-known wrestlers in the world to never had a meaningful run in either of the two North American companies that are considered the biggest, Scarlett Bordeaux has gone a different route. Instead, this gorgeous woman has made her name by working for the biggest indie promotions including ROH, NJPW, CZW, and Chikara to name only some of them. On top of that, she had an extended stay in Ohio Valley Wrestling which at one time was in lockstep with the WWE so we’re pretty astonished she has never been brought in there. Someone that has competed in the ring a lot over the years, she has also served as many wrestler’s managers and in both roles, she is known to dress in skimpy outfits that accentuate her chest.

3 Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams

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As someone whose adult life has involved her having jobs that are based around her physical gifts, it was hard for us to stop ourselves from placing Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams at the top of our list. Formerly employed by the WWE for a brief time, it is in TNA that Brooke has made her greatest impact since they used her as more than just eye candy even though she is marvelous at that. A former Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters who has seemed to relish those competitions where she wears small bikinis, it should come as no surprise she belongs here. Prone to wearing very little in the photos she uploads on social media, she also earns her placement here with her appearances In the ring where fans get a feast for the eyes.

2 Taeler Hendrix

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Previously signed to a deal with TNA (or GFW as it is now known), Taeler Hendrix competed in their Gut Check segment and was given that opportunity, but after that, she only appeared in around five matches for the company. Let go far too early in our opinion, in the years since she has garnered a great deal of attention by working for companies like ROH, Queens of Combat, and Shimmer where she always stands out. A woman with incredible curves that she seems to greatly enjoy showing off, even when she is at autograph signing events it is far from unheard of for her to wear tops that leave little to the imagination. When you then factor in the outfits she wears to the ring it becomes abundantly clear that she belongs on this list.

1 Nikki Bella

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Having been someone that was turned away when she and her twin sister Brie auditioned for the Diva Search, Nikki Bella would have a gigantic reversal of fortunes in her WWE career. Initially spending years as eye candy of some sort, at that time few could have expected she’d have a lot of in-ring accomplishments under her belt eventually. At one time the person that the entire women’s division was based around for an extended period of time, she was even able to hold the WWE Divas Championship longer than anyone else ever had. Also one of the WWE’s biggest mainstream names today, she is the star of two “reality” TV shows, and receives attention for her figure a lot of the time. Open about the fact that she had her chest surgically enhanced, she has also spoken about enjoying showing off the results which she does almost any time she appears in public or on social media.

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