15 Hot Photos Of Carmella You NEED To See

She has been a cheerleader for two different major sports franchises and is actually a second-generation wrestler. The Queen of Staten Island, Carmella has been a fixture on WWE television since appearing on NXT with Enzo and Big Cass. As Smacktalker Skywalker used to exclaim, "she's hot as hell, and you can't teach that!" You need to be hot as hell to be a WWE Superstar. Toss in her previous jobs as well as being a personal trainer and you have a blond bombshell who takes such pristine care of herself that it's easy to see how she might be the most fit diva of this generation.

Whether she acquires the kind of skill set that her contemporaries have will remain to be seen, but currently 'Mella is carving a niche out for herself on SmackDown as a vicious heel, something the Women's Division desperately needs. And something many of our readers might desperately need are some damn fine shots of the Beantown native. So withou any further adieu...

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15 Big Cass is a Lucky Man

In the storyline, Carmella started out as a hairstylist whose career was ruined by Enzo's tomfoolery (and sidebar - aren't Enzo and Cass the Jay and Silent Bob of the WWE Universe?). Because he cost her a job, she now wanted to be trained to be a wrestler and it wasn't long before she became the third member of their little club. Backstage, she and Cass got to know one another on a different level and have been dating for several months now. If you've ever perused Instagram, there a little bit of adorable, doing all kinds of things that could fill a romantic comedy - most recently Cass sang his girl's theme when they went to the WrestleMania party in Orlando. Whether or not they ever get back together in the storylines, Cass is definitely a very lucky man and if the big lug ever doubts why (how could he?!), all he'd have to do is look at shots like this one - Happy Valentine's Day indeed!

14 Hottest Submission Hold Ever

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Besides all of the wonderfully impure and perverted male/teenage thoughts that this picture might imply, there aren't too many submission holds, or any moves for that matter that showcase a wrestlers body better than Carmella's Code of Silence and it's set up, the STO. First The Queen of Staten Island smashes her opponents face into the mat, rolls backwards and as she rolls she's starting to wrap her phenomenal legs around her opponents chin and starts to wrench back on it. Obviously, with the neck and chin being some of the most sensitive parts of the anatomy, the Code leaves its victims immediately begging for mercy. The move itself takes all of the muscles 'Mella works so hard to cultivate - her legs (of course), but it takes some great arm strength to elevate herself up and even stronger ab strength to hold it all together - look her abs in this pic, some people work their whole lives just for a six-pack. But Carmella has an eight pack for cryin' out loud.

13 Model Shot

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Everyone knows that female WWE Superstar aren't just paid to be some of the most beautiful women on the planet, they happen to be just that - it's probably a prerequisite for 99.9% of them - to be smoldering hot women. Some of these girls have even had the opportunity to steam up men's fantasies before they ever had ring dreams. Carmella is among that elite group of gals who was a model before jumping into the ring. This is the classic "blue steel" style pic that most models have. The trope is simple, here's my face and just enough tease to send hearts and minds into a tizzy. The picture was taken by Tristan Kallas, a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles. Fashion models specifically have this snap in their portfolios, which is proof positive that fashion has nothing to do with it – it's all about Carmella's come-hither stare, taken prior to her WWE run. Gather ye mortals and despair.

12 Rooting for Kobe

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To some fans, WWE Superstars might be misconstrued as nothing more than glorified cheerleaders. And why not? The lovely ladies of the ring have been flaunting their money makers, clapping it up for their charges since Miss Elizabeth first coordinated ring outfits with the Macho Man. But long before The Baddest Chick in the Ring would lead crowds in cheering for The Realest Guys in the Room, a young Leah Van Dale spent several years in the Staples Center getting the Los Angeles faithful to cheer on the L.A. Lakers. That's right folks, Carmella was a bonafide Laker Girl from 2010-2011. As if her hotness was ever in any doubt, the future Queen of Staten Island in her first and only season for the team was on the cover of the 2011 Laker Girl calendar. During her stint in La La Land, 'Mella began working with the charity Fit for Life, an organization that helps kids get fit. Who better to teach them than the owner of one of the tightest bodies on the planet?!

11 Rooting for Brady

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Before her days rooting for some of the most beloved basketball players of all time, Carmella began her cheerleading career rooting for some of the most hated. In 2008, Van Dale began cheering for the polarizing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The girl might have been rooting for the enemy, but damn did she get noticed! The beautiful anti-Bella got herself into the pages of magazines like Muscle and Fitness, and men's drool fest, Maxim. During this time, she also got the opportunity to travel all over the world, spreading her beauty to far away places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar for our troops, but noticeably to Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The WWE is definitely global company, but clearly Carmella doesn't need them to traverse the world. For all of the shade that gets tossed on New England's favorite football team, let alone Boston in general, they did something right in helping to rear and then introduce the Beantown Beauty to the world.

10 Modeling 

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There is no doubt in any fan's mind that Carmella is one of the hottest women ever! Like the bevy of beautiful blonde bombshells before her, 'Mella was admired for her looks long before her WWE career started. She was a dancer, a cheerleader for two franchises, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and in pics like this one, a model all before NXT came calling, Carmella is actually much different than the cookie–cutter "Diva" that she seems to be emulating on the surface. She is actually a second generation Superstar. Her father was journeyman Paul Van Dale. This fact alone make the Fabulous 'Mella a schism point for the entire Divas department. All of the hot no–talent dime pieces who have little to no interest in becoming a great in ring talent, and all of the best workers like Nattie and Sasha all converge at the feet of the Staten Island Queen.

9 Winter Wonderland

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland ⛄️❄️

A post shared by Leah Van Damme (@carmellawwe) on

Merry Christmas to all of TheSportster readers out there! This is the latest shot of the blonde beauty and if there was ever a reason to behave all year ‘round – it’s The Queen of Strong Island! Nikki Bella is right to be fearful of Carmella – with dresses like this one and an attitude like hers, perhaps the twin’s days are numbered as the number one girl on SmackDown Live! ‘Tis the season for showcasing a lighter side of the fitness guru. Usually dressed in dark colors, the dress she is wearing again helps to echo a point made earlier–Big Cass is a lucky man. The little gaps that reveal all and still show nothing showcase just how naughty Carmella can be when pushed around by her enemies. But for now, it’s the season of giving – the heck with the gift of Jericho, here’s the gift of Carmella.

8 All Hail the Queen

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Most of our hottest images of 'Mella come from her own Instagram or Twitter accounts, or photo shoots prior to her joining the WWE. But this one is just a good old fashioned WWE promo shot. Dressed in black leather, Carmella looks like she could give Sasha a run for her Boss money. She's The Queen of Staten Island for a reason fellas, and outfits like this that highlight a whole lot of her curves accentuate that. Even in the PG WWE Universe, their photographers still know how to make the women look amazing, but when you look like Carmella, it's an easy job. This outfit complements all of Carmella’s past jobs – it’s evocative of dancers in music videos, and ‘Mella grew up as a dancer. In NXT she was a cheerleader of sorts for her boys, Enzo and Cass. The black leather also helps to showcase just much she would go on to dominate – like the Women's Division on SmackDown Live.

7 Certified Hot as Hell

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When the former cheerleader used to strut to the ring with Enzo and Cass, Enzo would introduce and proclaim that "she's hot as hell and you can't teach that!" While looks like Carmella's can certainly not be taught, that doesn't mean they can't be cultivated to only look better. The Queen spends a lot of time in the gym to cultivate just how hot she looks. Hours spent in the gym to tone and chisel every single inch of herself is a discipline that could be taught. She's a certified fitness instructor who has been working out since the age of three. Considering her dad is journeyman Paul Van Dale, it's no surprise that health and fitness is a very important part of the Queen's life and with a body like hers, everyone who hopes to look this good better take notice.

6 With Her Boys

She might be tearing up SmackDown Live right now solo, but Carmella still hasn't forgotten her roots. She recently posted this throwback picture of her and boys, Enzo and Cass taken right before WWE Roadblock in February, where The Realest Guys took on The Revival. Very soon afterward, NXT's hottest and most beloved trio would be split up and called up to their respective shows. But look at the Staten Island princess - hood chick hot, holding her own and looking dynamite and just as strong as the men she manages. Sometimes just being able to hold your own with the men makes you way hotter than you were in the first place. Seinfeld had Elaine, early WWE had Miss Elizabeth, and now we have Carmella! Right now she might be tearing it up on the Blue Brand, but here’s hoping for even a brief reunion and having Carmella help her boys to neutralize Lana in their battle with Rusev.

5 Paging DDP

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If you're looking at pictures of 'Mella, you might be thinking things like "have mercy," but if you're a wrestling fan you might be thinking in the words of DDP "good gawd!" Here are some the many reasons that Carmella is as gorgeous as she is. We can never have enough pictures of beautiful women working out for several reasons - inspiration and the obvious - it's just easy on the eyes. The Princess is clearly a yoga fan, perhaps helping wrestling Yogi DDP out during his WrestleMania weekend workouts would be a real treat for the fans who can keep it together and not pass out due to being so close to the certified fitness instructor Carmella in person. Not to mention, she could probably teach Page a thing or two as well. The men who are capable of keeping their jaws from hitting the floor would learn a lot from the fitness goddess, who is also a proponent of FlatTummyTea.com

4 Tailgate Party

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When you look like Carmella, it's easy to forgive her for being a Patriots fan. Guys have always loved girls who like football. Perhaps it's because the girls are showing off their tough side or maybe it's because it's one more shared interest to have as a couple. Maybe they just want the girl to tackle them instead of watching the game! This shot was taken as one of the WWE's great photo spreads featuring their ladies posing in a variety of outfits (as risqué as possible in a PG Universe). This one is capitalizing on the tailgate parties that happen all during football season. If the thought of hanging out with 'Mella grabbing some drinks before the game doesn't make you happy, you might not have a pulse.

3 Life Before Wrestling

Many of today's Superstars had been chosen to join the Performance Center and train tand possibly become a WWE superstar. Some had plied their trade all over the world while others like Carmella, have also been all over the world, but have been utilizing their talents in avenues outside of the ring. Carmella was a instructor and personal trainer. She was a cheerleader for not one but two marquis sports franchises, and she was a model. This picture advertises what was once Leah Van Dale's website which lasted until she signed. It is one of the most perfect pictures of Carmella on the internet. It highlights every single inch of her and is provocative enough for adult fans and inspiring enough for younger fans too. Van Dale shows that classic shots like this one, the "Madonna on the Rocks" modeling pose are always over when ladies like this are taking part of them.

2 Flattest Stomach Ever

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It's been well established that Carmella is a fitness femme fatale. When you're as Fabulous as her and you're an established fitness instructor and personal trainer, your own body is a huge selling point. 'Mella definitely takes care of her own and has one of the tightest bodies on SmackDown Live! No body like Carmella's would be completely fit without a stomach as flat as the Staten Island cutie's and without the abs to match. There is surely no limit to the amount of crunches, sit-ups, ab curls, and all other kinds of exercises. To showcase product, 'Mella's Instagram has loads of pics of her tummy, along with the flat tummy tea that she's repping. Clearly, whatever she's doing is working in droves.

1 F – A – B – U – L – O – U – S

Our list of the hottest pics of The Hottest Chick in the Room would not be complete without this picture, which is currently one of the most smoking white-hot pictures of the blond bombshell out there. Recently being selected as the hottest Instagram pic of 'Mella, this one showcases all of her best features from the waist up, which comes as no surprise that it's pretty much every inch of her. She might be just thanking her hair stylist for making her hair phenomenal looking. However many men's eyes need to be surgically implanted back into their heads when gazing upon the rest of her smoldering face. We haven't even begun to talk about the rest of her features on display here, either. Up, down, and all around, Carmella works very hard to look this good and she should be commended as being successful at looking just that.

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