15 Hot Photos of Eva Marie You NEED To See

There’s no doubt about it, while she definitely has improved her skills in the ring, WWE Diva Eva Marie has carved a reputation for herself by being absolutely red hot. Quite literally – she’s known for not only rocking a vibrant, bright red mane, but often pairing it with red nails or a red outfit. As she frequently says in the captions of her Instagram shots, #allredeverything. It’s become such a huge part of her identity that the throwback photos she shares of herself in her younger years as a brunette seem to be a completely different person.

Eva Marie – the stage name for the California-born Natalie Marie Coyle – had a bit of a different start than many of the other WWE Divas in the industry. Many of them put in years and years in development or started at the bottom as some male wrestler’s valet. Eva Marie signed with WWE, headed to Florida to train at the WWE Performance Centre, and was fairly quickly made a part of the Divas-centric reality television show Total Divas. In fact, there was a bit of tension about how quickly she made it, as some of the other Divas felt she didn’t deserve what she had so easily gotten. She’s definitely made for reality television, with her over the top personality and disregard for what other people might think, and her role on the show has catapulted her to superstardom, making her one of the most recognizable Divas on the roster.

Whether you love her or hate her, the divisive Eva Marie definitely has an absolutely sutnning face and drop dead gorgeous physique. Her fans obviously agree – she has a whopping 2.6 million followers on Instagram, all of who eagerly await her next selfie or gym update.

Here are 15 photos of Eva Marie that you absolutely need to see.

15 Between The Sheets 

#GoodNight ?? - SnapChat : #AllRedEva

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

It’s no secret that Eva Marie has cultivated a bit of a sex kitten persona, with her flowing red locks, over the top attitude, and incredible physique. In this Instagram shot, she shares a still from a photoshoot with her followers, capturing countless fantasies that her male (or female) fans may have. From an aesthetic standpoint, the photographer has done a phenomenal job, contrasting her bright red hair with the white sheets and the black bed frame. However, we have a feeling that the 40,000 people who liked the shot aren’t really thinking about photo composition.

14 Bikini Bombshell


13 Santa Baby  

Christmas is getting closer ?? who's started their Christmas shopping ?? #AllRedEverything ❤️??

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

Even WWE Divas get in the festive spirit, especially Eva Marie. I mean, a woman whose life motto is #allredeverything would obviously be obsessed with Santa and his signature color! In this shot, the gorgeous Diva is blowing a kiss to the camera while clad in a scandalous Santa outfit, with a beautifully decorated house in the background. We’re just going to come out and say it – all the gorgeous WWE Divas need to come together and do a version of the sultry Christmas classic song, “Santa Baby.” I mean, Eva Marie already has it down to an art.

12 Gym Bunny


While she often rocks heavy make-up and has her hair perfectly styled nearly at all times, there’s one thing that can’t be faked for the cameras – a rock hard body. Sure, there are a few tricks of the trade that can make you look even more ripped on camera, but at the end of the day, this Diva puts in time at the gym – so why not share a photo that showcases that side of her life? In this shot, the red-headed hottie is jumping rope amidst punching bags, clad in teeny, tiny shorts and a sports bra. According to the caption, the image is from a photo shoot with photographer Michael Neveux.

11 In The Ring 

#Slay ☝️ #NxtOrlando ?

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

There’s no doubt about it – Eva Marie’s Diva outfits are totally over the top. While all the Divas need to wear eye-catching costumes in the ring, Eva Marie’s are often just a bit more out there, often incorporating things like leather or metal studs. This picture captures pretty much everything that Eva Marie’s fans love about her – the confidence, the attitude, and the crazy body. I mean, it takes a certain kind of woman to pull of leather arm-bands and a leather bikini with knee-high boots. As Eva Marie herself says in the caption, #slay.

10 Vision in White 


It might seem like having flaming red hair would make outfits harder to select, as colours might clash more than they would with simple brunette or blonde locks. Eva Marie proves that’s not the case – in fact, her vibrant hair generally pops against whatever colour she’s wearing and enhances the outfit. Case in point, this all white ensemble. She rocks a figure-hugging pencil skirt with a matching sleeveless crop top, showcasing her killer curves and toned abs. The red just makes the outfit look even crisper and whiter – we’re betting all the fans in San Diego were loving her look that night.

9 Spice It Up 

Just casually spicing up my chicken today with a little @flavorgod ??? #WeAllNeedALittleSpiceInOurLife ?

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

Eva Marie may not be a Michelin starred chef, but in order to get a body like that, you need to be able to prep some clean foods. Like many athletes and fellow WWE Divas, Eva Marie endorses a few products and this shot shows her shaking some Flavor God seasoning onto a plate of chicken breast, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Sure, it might not be the same as the infamous Carl’s Jr. ads featuring gorgeous girls eating greasy burgers, but hey – healthy is sexy, right?

8 Little Black Dress 


When you have hair as bright as Eva Marie, you don’t need to wear a lot of patterns – it would just be too much going on. While she can rock a bright costume as well as any other Diva, Eva Marie tends to favor fairly muted solids in her down time – and this outfit proves it perfectly. A simply black mini-dress paired with some brown over-the-knee boots is the perfect casual yet sexy outfit for a night on the town in Paris. She looks phenomenal in even the simplest of outfits.

7 Wedding White 

#TBT in my @michaelcostello wedding gown? I want to wear it again ? #JustCasuallyInSomeFieldsOnMyWeddingDay ?

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

It’s no secret that Eva Marie semi-recently got married to her husband, Jonathan Coyle, a fellow athlete who often joins the WWE Diva in her gym sessions. However, the minute she got engaged, pretty much everyone was wondering what kind of dress she would be wearing. She definitely didn’t disappoint fans looking for something with a bit of a wow factor – instead of opting for the typical strapless dress showing off a fair bit of cleavage, Eva Marie went for an entirely backless dress cut down below the small of her back and bare at the sides. It’s the perfect mix between ultra-sexy and conservative.

6 Blue Jean Baby 


There’s no doubt that Eva Marie looks great when she’s all dolled up in heavy make-up, a bodycon dress, and sky high heels. However, she also looks phenomenal in a simple knotted white tee and teeny cut-off denim jeans (paired, of course, with some ultra sexy over the knee boots). It’s not as in your face sexy as some of her other outfits pictured, but at nearly 60,000 likes, there’s no denying that her fans love this snap.

5 High Roller 

Viva Las Vegas ✌️? #AllRedEverything #Olympia

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

When a WWE Diva goes to the Olympia, she’s not going to take a snap of herself waiting in line to check her bag at the airport. No, she’s going to get a shot of herself in front of a sexy sports car and private jet, with a Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder, a casual knotted tank, and, of course, sunnies. I mean, Eva Marie is practically Dan Bilzerian in this photo, all she needs is her shirtless husband in the background. If you’re going to hit Vegas, this is definitely the way to do it.

4 Luxury Life 


While Eva Marie is definitely not afraid of sharing hundreds of selfies, every now and then she shares a shot from a photoshoot with her fans – and they love it. In this shot, Eva Marie rocks goddess-like, perfectly curled hair, a smoky eye, and some kind of gorgeous strappy bathing suit. Oh, and of course, she’s perched on the edge of a black luxury car, because what goes better with a drop dead gorgeous woman than a sleek automobile? She captions the photo “woke up like this,” proving that she’s not just sexy, she also has a good sense of humor.

3 Seeing Double 

The calm before the storm yesterday, before heading out to the #BarclaysCenter for #NXTTakeoverBrooklyn ??? - Jumpsuit - by @fashionnova ? #AllRedEverything #RedStormRising #RQ?

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

The only thing better than one shot of WWE Diva Eva Marie is two, right? Well, her fans certainly seem to think so – this seemingly casual outfit shot has gotten nearly 75,000 likes. It’s not hard to see why – while Eva Marie is simply capturing an outfit shot before heading to the Barclays Center for NXT Takeover Brooklyn, the jumpsuit she’s wearing is pretty killer. It definitely shows off all her assets, if you know what we mean, while also looking totally chic.

2 Shredded and Sexy 


It’s no secret that Eva Marie puts in time at the gym, and she also endorses several fitness-related items like supplements. In this shot, if you can tell by the background, she’s hawking Shredz products, a favorite of many bodybuilders and bikini competitors everywhere. However, let’s be honest – your eye doesn’t go to the Shredz duffle bag in the background right away, it goes to Eva Marie’s rocking physique as she stretches out and shows it off.

1 New Americana 

Hello July???? ? - #MyKindOfMonth ? #AllRedEverything #RedWhiteAndBlue❤️???

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

Next to baseball, wrestling is pretty much the American pastime, so what better way to celebrate the good ol’ USA than by rocking a stars and stripes bikini? Eva Marie’s stage outfits often reveal quite a bit of skin, but this teeny, tiny bikini is definitely on the next level. This seems like a shot from a photo shoot rather than a casually snapped selfie, but we have a feeling that her fans aren’t complaining – when you look like Eva Marie, the more bikini shots, the better.

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