15 Hot Photos Of Maria Her Husband Mike Kanellis Doesn’t Want You To See

Maria Kanellis entered the world of professional wrestling in 2004 and has been a part of seemingly every major promotion in the United States throughout the course of her career.

The 5-foot-7 native of Ottawa, Illinois is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women currently in World Wrestling Entertainment. Her slim 120-pound frame has helped her to land several major modeling gigs with many well-known publications. Moreover, the fiery redhead has appeared in several television shows and a few films as well.Like most women involved in sports entertainment, Kanellis has also appeared in some racy photo shoots over the years. Between her social media accounts and various internet outlets, there are several risqué photos of this stunning beauty.

Like most women involved in sports entertainment, Kanellis has also appeared in some racy photo shoots over the years. Between her social media accounts and various internet outlets, there are several risqué photos of this stunning beauty.

This article features only the very best images of the former TNA Knockouts Champion. These photos are so hot, that one may run the risk of melting their computer screen by simply looking at them. And after seeing these shots, it will be nearly impossible to deny that Maria Kanellis is one the hottest females ever to set foot inside a wrestling ring.

In fact, many of these pictures are so racy that even her husband, wrestler Mike Bennett (aka Mike Kanellis in WWE), may not want you to see them.

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15 Strong Body

via instagram.com

Maria Kanellis gives us a little poetry with this Instagram posts as she poses in the buff. The grappling starlet proudly shows off the physique that played a significant role in her rise to fame. The nude image manages to be provocative, yet tasteful.This photo proves that Maria Kanellis is a celebrity who knows how to be inspirational and look good doing it. A photo like this will certainly keep her social media follower engaged.

Fun Fact: In 2015 Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling. She even participated in an intergender six-person tag match with Bennett and Matt Taven. The trio took on the the team of Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Amber Gallows (O’Neal). It was actually Kanellis who secured the victory for the team by pinning Amber Gallows' shoulder to the mat.

14 Small Town Girl

Kanellis decided to go a bit country in this particular pic. This image shows the Illinois native sitting on a haystack while posing on what appears to be quite a pleasant day. The caption suggests that this is her parents' backyard. It must have been quite a transformation from being a small town girl into to becoming one of the most recognizable female wrestlers on the planet. After seeing this shot, one could conclude that growing up in a small town might not be so bad with ladies like this around.

Fun Fact: Maria Kanellis' first run in WWE ended on February 16, 2010, when she was released from the company. While WWE’s official release statment seemed to imply that the two parties mutually agreed to her release, Kanellis publicly stated that it was the company’s choice to release her.

13 Wonder Woman

via instagram.com

Kanellis is one WWE superstar who knows how to celebrate her countries independence. In this hot Instagram post, the Illinois native shows off her physique in this revealing Wonder Woman costume. Gal Gadot has nothing on this wrestling star. Kanellis shows off the lower half that helped make her famous in this exciting celebratory photograph.

Fun Fact: Before Kanellis rose to prominence in WWE, she was a contestant on a reality television show called Outback Jack. The show is a bit like an Australian Outback version of dating shows like The Bachelor. During her season on the show, she competed for the affection of an underwear model named Vadim Dale. Kanellis wasn’t ultimately chosen by Dale to be the winner of the show, though she did make it to the final three.

12 Shirt Up

via pinterest.com

This picture is so hot that even Maria Kanellis herself needs to take her shirt off, in order to cool down a bit. This image would seem to emphasize the 35-year-old redhead’s prominent "assets". Kanellis once again proves that she is able to create memorable images for her loyal fan base.

Fun Fact: Maria Kanellis began her career in WWE as a contestant on the 2004 version of the WWE Divas Searc. She competed against the likes of Michelle McCool and Candice Michelle, who both went on to have great careers in the WWE. In fact, Kanellis finished ahead of both women in the competition. Longtime TNA announcer Christy Hemme actually won the contest, with Kanellis coming in 5th place overall.

11 Sizzling Selfie

via imgur.com

Selfies appear to be all the rage on the internet these days, and it looks like Maria Kanellis is on board with the trend. In this lovely pic, the former Divas Search contestant shows off her slender frame in the mirror while striking a pose with her hair up. Her undergarments are certainly figure flattering, to say the least.

Fun Fact: Kanellis did not begin her career in WWE as a wrestler or a valet; instead she started out by portraying a bubbly backstage reporter. The seemingly absent-minded character would ask wrestlers questions that were often perceived to be annoying or sometimes even irrelevant. In those days she also hosted WWE’s KissCam segment. Maria Kanellis has certainly come a long way as a performer since her early days in the business.

10 Hoodie

via twitter.com

This image shoes Maria Kanellis in her signature hoodie, an outfit most commonly associated with the redhead's Ring of Honor run. That being said, it’s unlikely that many people are focused on her hoodie with this particular image. Kanellis gazes seductively into the camera, while once again showing off her prominent lower half.

Fun Fact: In January of 2016, Kanellis arrived in TNA Wrestling with her husband Mike Bennett for the company’s primer on Pop TV. During her time in TNA, she feuded with Gail Kim while also serving as the TNA Knockouts Division Commissioner. It was during her run in TNA that Kanellis won her first major singles title, the TNA Knockouts Championship. She would hold the title for 50 days before losing it at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view to Gail Kim.

9 Just A Hat

via twitter.com

Maria Kanellis proves that clothes are overrated when you have a hat that looks this good. This image highlights the vivacious grappler's nearly-flawless front half. The busty photo demonstrated the WWE star’s ability pose for the camera and make every shot look amazing.

Fun Fact: Maria Kanellis appeared on the third season of the hit reality television show, The Celebrity Apprentice. Kanellis wasn’t the only pro wrestler featured that season; Bill Goldberg was also a contestant on the program. While she was able to outlast Goldberg who was fired on the 6th week of the show, she wasn't able to win it all. Kanellis was fired by WWE Hall of Famer (and eventual US President) Donald Trump during the 10th week of the show. However, she did manage to raise $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation throughout the course of the show.

8 Black Dress

Maria Kanellis looks a little overdressed while doing her homework. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that any of her Instagram followers will be complaining. The wrestling starlet looks nothing short of amazing in this form fitting black dress. Moreover, the fact that she is pursuing a graduate degree suggest that Kanellis is fortunate enough to possess the rare combination of both brains and beauty. The black and white effect also helps to give this image some artistic flare.

Fun Fact: In 2008, Maria Kanellis joined the list of wrestling females who have posed for Playboy Magazine. WWE even incorporated her Playboy exploits into a storyline. They (kayfabe) forced Maria to defeat future WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix in a match in order to earn the right to appear in the magazine.

7 Triple Threat

via forums.superherohype.com

In this photo Maria Kanellis is joined by two other wrestling starlets, Ashley Massaro and Mickie James. Kanellis appears to be having a blast while riding an inflatable alligator in her bikini. Massaro and James help make this shot even more breathtaking as the latter appears to be pulling the gator by its tail. It must have been quite a treat for many of those who passed by these thre gorgeous ladies on the beach during this particular photo shoot.

Fun Fact: Ashley Massaro also made her debut in WWE as a Diva Search contestant, though it wasn’t the same year Kanellis debuted. In fact, Massaro was actually the 2005 Diva Search winner and thus took home $250,000 as well as a WWE contract.

6 Black & White

via distal.com

Maria Kanellis shows off all of her powerful 5-foot-7 frame in this unique black and white image. The wrestling star somehow manages to look both authoritative and inviting all at the same time, in this particular shot. The seemingly tight fitting one piece more than does its part to highlight the Illinois native's finer points; thus making this a picture that Maria Kanellis fans are very likely to remember for years to come.

Fun Fact: Participating in a match a WrestleMania is something that every wrestler aspires to do. One of Kanellis’ career highlights came when she participated in a match at WrestleMania XXIV. Unfortunately, for Kanellis at least, she and her partner Ashley Massaro were defeated by the tag team of Beth Phoenix and Melina.

5 Bunny Hop

The gorgeous redhead appeared to be in a festive mood last April when she posted this fun photo. The former Playboy cover girl makes one of the best looking Easter Bunnies in the holiday’s history. There are certainly more than a few wrestling fans out there who would love to go on an Easter egg hunt with this hopping hottie.

Fun Fact: After her initial release from WWE, Kanelis resurfaced in Ring Of Honor Wrestling, where she served as a valet for (her now real-life husband) Mike Bennett. During her time in ROH, she portrayed a heel character and was referred to as the “First Lady of ROH.” She even wrestled on occasion and helped Bennett defeat the team of Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger in an inter-gender tag team match.

4 The Ropes

via instagram.com

In this Instagram post, Kanellis shows us once again that she isn’t shy about displaying her lower half for the adoring masses. It’s image like this that have helped her gain such a massive following on social media outlets such as Instagram. This photo alone generated 19,000 likes from her devoted followers.

Fun Fact: In 2005, Maria Kanellis became an active in-ring competitor in WWE. Her first match on Raw was against fellow Diva Search contestant (and eventual winner) Christy Hemme. The two women went head-to-head in a lingerie pillow fight, with Hemme emerging the victor. That year, Kanellis received her first title shot at Taboo Tuesday in a Divas battle royal. However, she was unable to capture the gold on that occasions and was eliminated by the eventual winner Trish Stratus.

3 Supergirl

This is a photo that even Supergirl herself might be proud of. The former Knockouts Champion looks stunning while proudly showing the world her ultra patriotic under garments. The gold boots help to highlight the WWE star's healthy legs. Photos like this one will likely have cosplay fans drooling. These are the kind of images that makes Maria Kanellis a must follow on social media outlets, especially Instagram.

Fun Fact: Maria Kanellis has appeared in four feature films. Her filmography includes; Mother Hen (2012), Army of the Damned (2013), The Opposite Sex (2014), and The Santa Files (2016). Arguably, the most successful film she was featured in was The Opposite Sex, where she portrayed a character known as (the) Hot Mess. She has also appeared on numerous television shows.

2 Strike A Pose

via pinterest.com

Maria Kanellis once again steals the show in her thigh-high stockings and revealing attire. Kanellis proves she is second to none when it comes to being able to make a photo shoot memorable. Photo’s like this one remind help to remind fans why the 35-year-old is still easily one of the hottest females on the entire WWE roster.

Fun Fact: Kanellis was tried her hand in music and even released her own album on iTunes. The album entitled Sevin Sins received mixed reviews from critics. Riley Sky of Dropkick Divas Media had this to say about the album; "The album itself is pretty good, not great, nor bad. The self-titled track 'Sevin Sins' was the disappointing part about the EP. 'Alice In Wonder Land' is the best, 'Change Your Mind' is the in between good and great.”

1 Car Wash

via wwe.com

This stunning car wash photo is anything but a bust. In this image, Maria Kanellis is joined by fellow Divas including the likes of Michelle McCool, Stacy Keibler, and even Candice Michelle. There are certainly more than a few wrestling fans who would pull over immediately if they saw these gorgeous grapplers hosting a car wash. Even amongst all these beautiful women, Kanellis is still able to stand out.

Fun Fact: Kanellis previously dated retired wrestler and fellow Illinois native CM Punk for about two years from 2005-2007. According to The Sun, her debut album Sevin Sins was inspired by her break up with Punk, despite the fact that the album was released nearly three years after the two had called it quits.

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