15 Hot Pics Of Fans Cosplaying As Your Favorite Divas

Cosplaying has become an increasing trend recently with more and more fans deciding to dress up as their favorite WWE stars. With the Women's Revolution at the forefront of the promotion right now, many of the WWE Universe want to ensure that they show the world who they are supporting.

Many Comic-Con events now have cosplay competitions which means that fans work hard on their costumes for competitions in order to win and be seen as the best comic con version of that WWE star.

Instagram has seen a lot of different fans sharing their ideas for some of the hottest Cosplay's as well. The trend seems to be growing and growing even more, with many of the WWE Universe now dressing up as their favorite characters to attend Raw and SmackDown Live events as well.

Cosplaying has now reached the point where it is taken very seriously and the people involved really do put in the time to ensure that they look like the person they are trying to portray.

The following is a list of 15 of the hottest fans versions of your favorite WWE Divas. Some of these look like they took a lot of hard work to create.

15 Pompous Pickle As Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss may only be five feet of fury, but the current Raw Women's Champion has quite a loyal following behind her when it comes to her famous attire and metal hand gear.

Pickle here shows that she isn't scared to take on the persona of the former SmackDown Women's Champion ahead of her appearance at Comic-Con, where she can show off her love of wrestling alongside many other fans of the show. Alexa seems to be a popular character choice at Comic-Con after she decided to take up the Harley Quinn version of her attire following the release of Suicide Squad, which many of the WWE Universe were able to get behind. Pickle even has the boots with Alexa written down them, which shows the effort she put into getting this attire right.

14 The Women Of Wrestling Cosplay

It seems that as well as there being a number of individual female wrestling fans who enjoy taking on the persona of their favorite stars, there is also a group of women who come together and share their love of wrestling at Comic-Con events.

Megan, Allana, Natalie, and JusZ dressed up as Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Bayley, and Becky Lynch for a Comic-Con event back in January and have been an internet sensation ever since. The four women were allowed to throw down moves in the ring at the event as well and seemingly enjoyed their time acting like members of the WWE roster for the day. The outfits look incredibly thought out and detailed too, it seems that these girls could have a future as lookalikes for the current Women's Division.

13 Amanda Fresard As Brie Bella


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Brie Bella may have made the decision to retire from WWE back at WrestleMania 32 so that she could go on to start a family with her husband Daniel Bryan, but the WWE Universe are still strong followers of The Bella Twin.

As seen above, Amanda Fresard decided to dress up as the younger Bella Twin for her appearance at Youmacon back in November of last year. Brie has recently given birth to her daughter Birdie Jo and she could be thinking of making a return to WWE in the coming months when she feels it's the right time to be able to leave her daughter. That's good news for all the Bella fans out there who have Brie Bella cosplay outfits ready to dust off.

12 Natasha As Sasha Banks

The Boss has come to London as Natasha shows off her cosplay of Sasha Banks at Comic-Con back in October. Sasha is popular with the WWE Universe and has climbed through the ranks in WWE over the past few years ever since she first got her start in NXT.

The WWE Universe has backed Sasha ever since then and now she is a permanent fixture on the main roster as a former three-time Raw Women's Champion. Sasha is also a popular merchandise seller as well and it seems that many of the WWE Universe enjoy dressing up as The Boss and this is why her sales are so good. Tasha seems to be doing a great job of recreating The Boss across the pond in the UK as well.

11 Fay Jones As Charlotte

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Charlotte is The Queen of WWE and a former four-time Raw Women's Champion. It is easy to see that the daughter of Ric Flair is the future of the WWE Women's Division and she has a huge following behind her as she hopes to push her way back into the SmackDown Women's Championship picture.

One of the people supporting The Queen is professional cosplayer Faye Jones. She dressed up as Charlotte for her recent Comic-Con appearance back in March and also managed to include her famous entrance robe as part of her cosplay outfit. Even though she obviously loves the former NXT Women's Champion, Faye has also been seen dressing up as Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss in recent months, as she loves champions in WWE.

10 Jessica Petro As Bayley

Bayley is a former NXT Women's Champion and held the Raw Women's Championship up until Alexa Bliss made the switch over to Raw and took it from her. Bayley has recently attempted to climb back into the title picture, but despite where Bayley is in WWE storyline wise, her character has already captured the heart of the WWE Universe.

Jessica Petro is seen here at Megacon back in May dressed as the Huggable star. But Bayley isn't the only star that Jessica enjoys dressing as. Jessica is a qualified bikini competitor as well as professional cosplayer and obviously, loves watching wrestling while she visits the gym. Bayley is an easy star to cosplay and is very popular with the younger members of the WWE Universe. So, it comes as no surprise that Bayley has her own band of cosplayers.

9 Pahisman As Becky Lynch

The inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch has her own followers of the straight fire mentality as she hopes to be put back in contention for that championship in the near future. Despite being on the outside of many WWE storylines currently, there are still many loyal fans of The Lass Kicker.

Pahisman shows above just how much she supports the former NXT star with an authentic outfit and matching steam punk glasses. Pahisman shares on her Instagram page that she loves to cosplay and she loves WWE. Being able to cosplay as Becky Lynch is a happy medium between the two. She has also cosplayed as Brie Bella in the past.

8 Rosemari Martinez As Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is perhaps the most popular female wrestler in WWE right now. She is a former three-time Women's Champion on Raw and will be fighting Alexa Bliss for that championship again in the near future. So it makes sense that she has become a popular star for the WWE Universe to cosplay. Sasha also has a lot of merchandise which makes it much easier for her attire to be copied.

During WrestleMania weekend back in April, Rosemari Martinez wowed both fans and members of the WWE roster with her cosplay of the former Women's Champion, an outfit that even got her noticed by the woman herself. Rosemari could have a future in the cosplay community if this was her first attempt at dressing as the woman known as The Boss.

7 JusZ Cosplay As Brie Bella

The Bella Twins are easily the most famous Divas in WWE. Along with their starring roles in Total Divas and Total Bellas, they were actually a huge part of the WWE Women's Division up until recently. So it makes sense that there are so many girls who want to dress up as the women they see as role models.

JusZ Cosplay is a professional cosplayer who attends a number of Comic-Con events ever year and at one of these events, she decided to dress as Brie Bella. Not only that, but there are a group of females who dress as different female wrestlers and she managed to find someone dressed as Nikki Bella as well. Well, they do look very similar to the twins.

6 Megan Louise As AJ Lee

AJ Lee always made it part of her character that she would remain in Converse and shorts because they would then be easy for the WWE Universe to copy. It also meant that she remained true to her roots which was something that AJ always said was important to her.

Over the years, hundreds of fans of the controversial former Diva have dressed up as her to show their support and Megan Louise even created a YouTube video to help other WWE fans to be able to get the look of their favorite former Divas Champion. Megan is a cosplayer from Australia and also dresses up as DC Supervillains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to attend various Comic-Con events when she isn't recreating the attire of her favorite WWE Divas.

5 Senza Titolo As Paige

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Paige has been popular with the WWE Universe ever since she was called up to the main roster back in 2014 and called herself "The Anti-Diva." Paige's attire is an easy one to copy because much like AJ Lee Paige decided to make her attire one that the WWE Universe could enjoy replicating.

Senza often dresses up as WWE stars with Paige and AJ Lee being her two favorites to cosplay. She usually has professional photo shoots done much like the one above so that she can show off her creations on Pinterest and Instagram with many of the like-minded WWE fans who follow her. I think we can all agree that at this point,  given recent personal issues, she probably makes a better Paige than the real Paige.

4 Lexie As Carmella

Carmella made history at Money in the Bank when she became the first woman to lift the briefcase. She was even able to defend her case when she was forced to put it on the line a week later by SmackDown General Manager Shane McMahon.

Carmella has come a long way since her days working as the valet for Enzo and Cass in NXT and now the WWE Universe sees that The Princess of Staten Island really has a future on the SmackDown Brand, she has become the subject of a number of cosplays, much like the one above where Lexie showed off her love of Carmella. Lexie often cosplays as WWE Divas and past costumes include Sasha Banks and Paige as well.

3 Vanessa Wedge As Asuka

Asuka is currently tearing it up on the NXT brand as the undefeated longest reigning Women's Champion. And even though she is on the developmental brand and a definite option for a call up in the near future, Asuka seems to have a huge following of her own already.

One of these followers of professional cosplayer Vanessa Wedge, who chose to take on the enormous task of cosplaying as Asuka which also included her famous entrance coat. Vanessa is a huge fan of the Japanese star and her cosplay goes into perfect detail. She has managed to capture the entire theme of Asuka's character even down to the mask she also uses during her entrance. This seriously is a fantastic effort when it comes to cosplaying a character that most fans would find quite confusing.

2 Victoria Warren As Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has to be one of the biggest stars in the Women's Division recently as the only women who has won both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championship. Little Miss Bliss has taken the imagination of the female demographic when it comes to the WWE Universe and many of her fans have begun showing their support by dressing up as the current Women's Champion.

Victoria Warren showed how much she loves Alexa Bliss recently as she dressed as her favorite female wrestler for Colossal Con back in June. Victoria has even changed her hair to make it look like Alexa's famous dip dyed hair style, something that she often changes when cosplaying as other characters. Victoria has also cosplayed as Jessica Rabbit and Misty at recent Comic-Con events.

1 Brittni Sacco As Nikki Bella

The Bella Army has been out in full force over the past few years since Nikki Bella became the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. The WWE Universe is showing that they back their Slammy Award winning Diva by dressing up as her and attending WWE events.

Brittni Sacco is a Graphic Design student at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She has become a star on Instagram after she began sharing pictures of herself dressed up as many WWE stars including Finn Balor, The Hardy Boyz, Alexa Bliss, and Shawn Michaels. But her most famous creation is Nikki Bella,. Brittni owns all of Nikki's different attires and wears them to the events to support her favorite Diva. Nikki even reposted a number of her cosplays, which means she obviously enjoys her work.


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