15 Hot Pictures From Wrestling Women You Wouldn't Expect

If there is one thing about the wrestling industry that is clear from the first moment you tune in, it is a very cosmetic business. It makes sense as the industry started out in carnivals and has always brought people in by being a spectacle that is extremely difficult to look away from. The men at the top of the industry are typically large weight or height wise or are heavily muscled probably due in large part to the fact that Vince McMahon is the standard bearer. On the other end of the spectrum, most of the women have small tight bodies and are awe-inspiring because of their beauty. The interesting thing is that when there are a bunch of gorgeous women grouped together, some of them will have their looks less appreciated than they should be due to the comparison alone. Realizing that is what inspired us together this list of fifteen hot pictures from wrestling women you wouldn’t expect.

In order for an image to be included it first and foremost has to feature a woman inside of the wrestling industry that isn’t seen as among the sexiest in the business, looking good. For the purposes of this list, we have limited ourselves to people who currently work in some form or fashion under the umbrellas of the WWE and TNA (otherwise known as Impact Wrestling). It doesn’t matter if they actually take part in matches which means that announcers, interviewers, valets, managers, or any other position in the back of a wrestling show she takes up. Finally, it doesn’t matter who else appears in the photo as the only thing we care about is the person we are focused upon.

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15 Tamina

via heartbreakers.me

A member of the Smackdown roster, WWE fans would be forgiven for wondering if she is still employed despite Tamina being employed by the company since 2010. The daughter of a highly controversial Hall of Famer, Jimmy Snuka, it seems as though it runs in her genes as she proven herself to be a capable member of the roster. Initially brought in alongside The Usos, she has predominantly been seen as the muscle for other performers, also including AJ Lee. Seen here in a white dress during a photo shoot she took for the WWE website if you ask us it proves that she is a lot prettier than many give her credit for. Constantly seen under layers of clothing, you’d have no idea that she is sporting a body like that underneath it all.

14 Charlotte Flair

via wrestlingforum.com

The daughter of the dirtiest player in the game, the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and a sixteen-time world champion (according to the WWE at least as others have that number much higher), Charlotte had a lot to live up to. Since being signed by the WWE without any experience, she has become the flagbearer for the company’s women’s divisions, both in NXT and on the main roster. Embroiled in back and forth feuds with both Sasha Banks and Bayley of late, she was involved in the first ever women’s match to main event a pay-per-view in company history. Despite the prominence she has enjoyed during her run, Charlotte’s looks are rarely as celebrated as her peers despite having a body for the ages. Seen wearing very little clothes here, it allows us to get a look at her long and muscular legs as well as a stomach as tight as anyone which makes it clear that she has it going on.

13 Daria Berenato

via si.com

A judoka expert who was once an MMA fighter, Daria was introduced to the wrestling world when she competed on the most recent season of Tough Enough at the time of this writing. Coming in eleventh, it looked like she may not be made for the industry but based on her history and personality the company saw something in her which led them to give her a contract. Assigned to NXT, where she is learning the ropes and creating an MMA style character for herself, she has made a handful of appearances on the weekly show. A woman with a distinctive face, she isn’t packaged like a typical WWE beauty queen but looking at her here alongside Mandy Rose, a fellow Tough Enough contestant, it is clear she has the body for such a role.

12 Bayley

via officialfan.proboards.com

At one time Bayley was arguably the most popular wrestler in NXT and quite possibly could have even eclipsed anyone on the main roster if more people were aware of her work. An innocent character that loves to hug the world and served as the ultimate underdog, before too long children and grown-ups alike embraced her fully. Finally placed in a prominent role on the main roster in recent weeks, we can only hope that the writers get a handle on her character and what made it so special in NXT really soon. Due in large part to the innocence of the person she portrays on television, it is sometimes very easy to ignore how attractive this talented performer truly is. Shown from the backside here, while signing autographs for her many fans, this image shows off one of her sexiest attributes, her mindblowing derriere.

11 Asuka

via thecoli.com

There have been a lot of dominating female wrestlers in the history of the WWE, with people like Alundra Blayze, Chyna, Kharma, and Beth Phoenix immediately coming to mind. However, to our memory, there has never been a figure quite like Asuka before. Brought into the WWE after a run in Japan, where she was known as Kana, her signing was treated with a similar fanfare to that of men like Finn Balor and Hideo Itami. Not just a flash in the pan, though, she has backed up the stature she was given in the ring ever since and as of this writing stands as the undefeated NXT Women’s Champion. A fierce competitor who comes out in a face mask and garb that covers her from head to toe for theatrical reasons, it seems to often be forgotten that she is a beautiful woman. Seen here in a seasonal outfit that barely covers her torso, it puts her chest and midriff on display and we love the view.

10 Dana Brooke

via Pinterest.com

A former bodybuilder, fitness competitor and model before she made a leap to the professional wrestling business, she was signed by the WWE in 2013 despite zero experience at the time. Suffice it to say they were thoroughly impressed with her body and the dedication that was obvious by the way she sculpted it. Partnered up with Emma in NXT, the pair made quite the devious duo, including a short run on the main roster until the injury bug left Dana on her own again. Recast as the protégé of Charlotte Flair, she doesn’t appear on every episode of Raw but she can be depended on to show up regularly. Seen here making her way to the ring in order to ref a match, it turns out that she looks quite titillating in black and white stripes, though the short shorts help a lot too.

9 Nikki Cross

via prowrestling.wikia.com

A member of the NXT roster, Nikki Cross is the sole female member of the recently created SAnitY faction and judging by the odd capitalization of its name you should know they are extreme. All joking aside, they are running roughshod over the promotion and it seems like they are poised to make a run for all of the major championships available there. The sole female member of the group, she has been stalking around the incumbent Women’s Champion of late and it seems like only a matter of time before she will have a belt around her waist. A vaguely gothic figure who often comes to the ring looking dirty and grimy, her character is more scary than sexy. Seen here in a bra and fully made up, she looks a lot more sultry than we’ve ever seen her before and while we love the way she has been portrayed we now know we’ve been missing out.

8 Nia Jax

via Twitter.com

Recently called up the main roster during the most recent draft, Nia Jax has an imposing look but when she made her Raw debut it seemed too fast for a woman of her experience level. In the months since she has grown leaps and bounds and while she may still have room to grow she has become a valuable member of the team. Looking different than any of the other woman that are a regular part of WWE television due to her size, there may be some fools that look past how pretty she actually is. A former plus-size model, a photo like this stems from her time in that industry and looking at it, we are certain she had what it took to make it in that industry. Very sexy in a bikini and blessed with a smile that lights up a room, she looks stunning even in black and white.

7 Sienna

via 4archive.org

Brought into Impact Wrestling in 2016, Sienna was once known as Allysin Kay on the indie scene where she worked for companies like Shine Wrestling and Shimmer to name only two. A former Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Champion, who was ranked as the tenth best female wrestler in the world in 2016 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, she is great in the ring and on the mic. Used as the heavy in “The Lady Squad”, she won the TNA Knockouts Championship within months of debuting and is because of her excellent work as a villain has earned the ire of their fanbase and may just be one of their most valuable players going forward. Due to the way her character has been used, people seem to have missed the fact that she is an alluring woman. Looking at a photo like this one we’re guessing that is abundantly clear, especially when her chest seems to only be covered by the placement of her TNA title belt.

6 Charly Caruso

via pictaram.com

Currently working as a backstage interviewer on Raw, Charly, despite her good looks hasn’t exactly stood out in any major way as of yet despite doing a good job in the role. Having previously reported on sports events put on by the NFL, MLB, and NHL in the early years of her career, oftentimes without a support staff, she clearly has the chops to stand out. Hopefully, the WWE gives her the opportunities she deserves but whether that ever comes to pass one thing seems obvious, she is good enough to kill it in virtually any job she undertakes. Seen here in a very simple photo, it includes a very small amount of cleavage but for the most part, it is her beautiful face that makes this image stand out and demand a place on this list.

5 Rosemary

via YouTube.com

Another sole female member of a faction, Rosemary serves as the mouthpiece for Crazzy Steve and Abyss, the other people in Decay, more often than not. The very definition of gothic, she comes to the ring wearing makeup that brings to mind the look Marilyn Monroe wore at the height of her popularity. Sporting ring gear that serves to make her look all the more intimidating but does nothing to emphasize her looks, during a memorable TNA segment we got a much better idea of what she is working with. Wearing white for the first time on the show, it came in the form of a top that hugged her chest and revealed that it is a lot more bountiful than we ever expected, much to our delight.

4 Natalya

via Pinterest.com

A member of the highly celebrated Hart wrestling family, despite competing with people like DH Smith, Teddy Hart, and even her husband Tyson Kidd, Natalya is the most prominent of her generation. Signed by the WWE in 2007, she made her main roster debut the following year and while she has gone through different phases since she has been a mainstay of the main roster ever since. Somehow only a one-time WWE champion to date, it is obvious that she hasn’t gotten her due from the powers that be in the back but the same holds true for her looks being underappreciated by WWE fans. Shown here in a selfie that she posted of herself on social media, it shows off her body far more than we are used to and all we can say is wow, just wow.

3 Sara Amato

via WWE.com

A former standout of the indie scene, Sara has worked for companies like Chikara, Ring of Honor, and Shimmer to name a few and she has won wrestling championships all over the world. Someone that could have been a star in the WWE if you ask a lot of wrestling fans, Sara didn’t have the look that the company looks for because they have a history of being close-minded, so it never happened. However, she was finally hired by them as a trainer, otherwise known as a head coach, behind the scenes in NXT. The long-term girlfriend of Cesaro in real life, looking at a photo like this one makes it clear that he is a lucky, lucky man as she looks spectacular. After all, how impressive is it that she looks good even sporting a WWE uniform shirt, which has a lot to do with how it looks on her chest?

2 Laurel Van Ness

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

When the sixth season of Tough Enough began a woman by the name of Dianna Dahlgren was in the running but when she quit they brought in the future Laurel Van Ness to replace her. Known as Chelsea Green at the time, she came in fourth on the female side of the competition but unlike some of the other competitors, she was never given another shot. Eventually brought into Impact Wrestling where she took on her current name, she played second fiddle to Maria Kanellis but now that her leader has left the company we look forward to Laurel taking the forefront. Looking at a photo like this one it is hard to imagine that she ever took the backseat to anyone. Possessing a body that is worthy of salivating over, her midriff is about as arousing as possible, especially with her sporting that belly button ring.

1 Cathy Kelley

via Imgur.com

Currently a member of the WWE broadcast team, Cathy has been seen on NXT television in the past but to date has principally been seen as a host on shows like Bottom Line and Afterburn. First having her career intertwined with the wrestling business when she became a host of Afterbuzz’s Raw and NXT recap shows, it makes sense that the WWE have used her that way given her experience. That said, we want to see more of this exquisite beauty because she is insanely hot, seems to be down to earth and seems to love the business which makes her come off as sincere similar to Renee Young. In fact, we’d argue that if more WWE fans were aware of her there is no way we could include her on a list like this one that focuses on women you may not expect to be hot. We mean, just look at her in this photo where she appears to be dressed up as The Riddler for Halloween. Her skin tight outfit shows off her every curve and the results can only be referred to as awe-inspiring.

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