15 Hot Wrestlers Who Would Make The Worst Girlfriends Ever

Dating a wrestler is generally considered a poor decision by most level-headed people. The travel schedule is one factor, but so is the mind-bogglingly surreal life led by those in the pro wrestling industries.

Wrestling is just one of many segments of the entertainment industry which is made up almost entirely of eccentric and bizarre human beings. That is a good thing for many reasons, but it doesn't mean that these aren't still people to steer clear from in real life.

The women in this article have all been red-flagged for exhibiting behaviour that should exclude them from any eligible bachelors' possible courtings. You'll keep far away from these women if you know what's good for you.

A pro wrestler's tendency to veer towards the eccentric might be why so many of them seem to marry others in their industry. Only wrestlers can truly understand wrestlers. Also, only wrestlers would want to be with other wrestlers.

What is notable about this list is that some of the top female athletes in all of wrestling are on here. In fact, there does seem to be some correlation between ability to succeed in wrestling and an ability to fail completely in your private life.

Here are 15 female wrestlers, that, while attractive, would make the worst girlfriends ever, either in real life, storyline, or both.

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15 Zahra Schreiber

via heavy.com 

Former NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber is smokeshow gorgeous, but make a great girlfriend she would not.

It had to take something big to get Schreiber fired from WWE, and something big it was. In 2015, she was dating former WWE champion, Seth Rollins, when old social media posts Schreiber had made surfaced publicly. Turns out she collects some Nazi memorabilia, and posted some of it online. Also, she didn't make it overly clear she was anti-Nazi. As a general rule, you should always make sure people know you aren't pro-Nazi.

Anyone who posts Nazi things online without making unbelievably clear that they are not pro-Nazi is not girlfriend material. What other communication errors are they capable of?

She would also be involved in another scandal before being released as well. Nude photos of her and Seth Rollins ended up being posted to Rollins' and his ex-fiancee's Twitter account.

14 Paige

via wwe.com

Here's hoping that Paige and Alberto Del Rio have a long and happy marriage, but honestly, does anyone think that is how this story is going to end?

So far since they've been together, Alberto lost his job with WWE and Paige may be next. Paige had private photos and videos leaked online, Alberto no-showed some bookings, and they've recently been heard having a loud argument at Impact tapings. To top it off, he looks like he spends all day on the beach while she looks like the sun will cause her physical pain. They are an odd pairing.

Any smart person is going to steer far clear of Paige. She is not girlfriend material. She's an awesome wrestler though! The sad part of her whole deal with Alberto is that it may cause WWE to one day cut ties with her.

13 Charlotte Flair

via pwmania.com

Charlotte Flair's penchant for violent outbursts with previous boyfriends should serve as a red flag to any future suitors out there. In fact, even if you are the responding officer to a domestic disturbance call, you should be wary of Charlotte.

The current multi-time WWE champion got herself arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer back in 2008. At the time, Charlotte had just graduated college and was working as a personal trainer, when she had a dispute with her boyfriend that led to one of her neighbours calling the cops.

When police arrived, Ric Flair was present and laying on a bed in another room for some reason, and Charlotte ended up assaulting one of the cops. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail, but this was later reduced to supervised probation.

She's a great wrestler. But that is what domestic life could be like with Charlotte, that's all.

12 Reby Sky

via rebysky.com

Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Sky, sure has made an impact in the world of pro wrestling as of late. While the Hardy family seems to be doing quite well these days, Reby has shown in the past she is not the kind of woman any cautious bachelor would attempt to court.

In 2014, both Matt and Reby were arrested for domestic violence. The hotel the couple was staying in ended up calling the police around 5:45 AM. When police arrived Matt was bloodied up and had several scratches on his face. Reby was sporting a swollen lip and black eye. They both ended up obtaining restraining orders on each other. They had been married for a year at this point.

Reby was also charged with "resisting an officer without violence" in 2007, after apparently becoming unpleasant with an officer who pointed out her broken taillight.

11 Becky Lynch

via hawtcelebs.com

Becky Lynch is actually far more attractive than she is played up to be on television. She would not make a fine girlfriend however, not even close.

To get a feel for how spending a large amount of time with Becky Lynch would go, let's take a look at this rather odd YouTube video where Lynch shows off her rather unique, and terrible, sense of humour.

She really thought that was funny. It wasn't though, it wasn't funny at all. Could you imagine being around jokes like that all day?

Let's try another one:

They don't get any better. She does these regularly on SnapChat.

The 30-year old Irish Lass Kicker has recently fallen out of the title picture on SmackDown. After losing her title to Alexa Bliss, Lynch has fallen down the rankings in the division a little bit.

10 Eva Marie

via WWE.com

How bad of a professional wrestler do you have to be to look like Eva Marie and still find yourself in WWE's bad books?

The 32-year old debuted for WWE in 2013, but never became competent enough in the ring to become a major player. In this modern day of women's wrestling, it isn't enough to look good; you have to actually be able to perform in the ring, and Eva couldn't do that.

Why is Eva Marie not girlfriend material? When the glitz and glamour machine of WWE is all gone, she doesn't even look like the same person. Just look at the above comparison of her with and without makeup. She doesn't even look like she could be related to herself. What else would you find out about her? She's probably not even "All Red Everything" like she says!

9 Ivelisse

via wrestledelphia.com

Ivelisse is an athletic and attractive woman. She's kind of scary however, and that makes her non-girlfriend material. She's well trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and seems like the kind of woman who lock you into a kimura if you said the wrong thing.

The WWE actually gave up on Ivelisse, which is surprising in hindsight. Ivelisse claims she was released from WWE developmental after complaining of sexual harassment by one of WWE's trainers. Later, head trainer Bill DeMott would resign from his position after coming under fire from multiple sources for bullying and sexual harassment of female trainees. He was replaced by Matt Bloom, aka Albert/Tensai, last year.

Ivelisse is currently in Lucha Underground, where she has had a successful run. She was one-third of the Trios champions for a time, and at the end of last season started a program with Catrina.

8 Madison Rayne

via Wrestlezone.com

Madison Rayne is about as gorgeous as they come, but there are some heavy red flags waving all around her, so bachelors beware.

What is it about this smoking hot 32-year old that should illicit such romantic caution? She made the conscious decision to marry Impact Wrestling commentator Josh Matthews. At least, we are of the understanding she made a conscious decision to do this, if it comes out later she was unconscious during the whole proceedings that would actually be less shocking.

The much maligned commentator and Madison were married in 2015. She has a child from her previous marriage. Since the new ownership group in Impact took over, Josh is playing a major role for the company. He is so unbearably annoying, however, that anyone who chooses to be around him is someone to be wary of.

7 Tessa Blanchard

via tvovermind.com

Tessa Blanchard is an extremely gorgeous woman. If you are old enough to remember her father, Tully Blanchard, in his prime, however, you can't "un-see" his face in hers. It would be like going out with Arn Anderson's partner in The Brainbusters, and one of the legendary Four Horsemen. Gross.

The 21-year old Tessa will be WWE-bound at some point in her career, and it is surprising it has happened already. In April of 2016, she wrestled three matches on NXT, but she wasn't able to turn that into a full-time deal with the company. She lost to Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and then finally Carnella.

Oddly, while Tessa is Tully Blanchard's daughter, she is also the step-daughter of his longtime storyline rival, Magnum T.A, after he married Tully's ex-wife.

6 Asuka

via pinterest.com

35 year-old Kanako Ura is better known to wrestling fans as Asuka, or as Kana in Japan. While she is an attractive woman, she is far too frightening to be anyone's "girlfriend".

As of this writing she is currently the NXT women's champion, but she could be main roster bound any day.

While in Japan, Asuka took part in some rather bizarre, and also revealing photo shoots. It's true Asuka is a vicious killer inside the ring, but wrestling fans have also celebrated her more aesthetically pleasing features.

Inspired by the likes of the Great Muta, Asuka would often dawn elaborate face-paint for big matches in Japan. Sometimes the results were a little scary. While her time in NXT has been less frightening than some of her matches in Japan, we are starting to see some of the old Kana come out. That's what Ember Moon found out last month anyway.

5 Mickie James

via edbonsports.com

Mickie James may have cost her former fiancee, Kenny Doane Jr., a job in WWE twice. Kenny from the Spirit Squad was involved in a relationship with James back when both were in WWE.

This was around 2007-08. Kenny would have been approximately 21 or 22 at the time, and James is 7 years older than him. When it came out that James had an affair with Cena, Kenny was moved to another show and eventually let go. James ended up losing her job as well after things with Cena didn't go to her liking.

Just recently, both were in WWE again. James was back in the women's division, and Kenny and his old Spirit Squad buddy Mikey had been brought back as well. Then James spoke publicly about the negative comments Kenny made about her years earlier, and suddenly the Spirit Squad were gone from WWE yet again.

4 Rosemary

via denofgeek.com

Indy wrestlers will know her better by the name Courtney Rush, but current Impact Knockouts champion, Rosemary, is one all bachelors should be wary of, even ones attracted to her gothic sexiness.

Why be wary of Rosemary? Because she, like many black widows and women of similar ilk, is poison, just like the girls Bell Biv DeVoe warned us about in 1990.

Actually, Rosemary's character uses the "Poison Mist." Popularized by the Great Muta, and also used by Tajiri and NJPW's Bushi, the poison mist has a long and interesting history in pro-wrestling.

The Great Kabuki was the first to use the mist, though little is known on the substance involved. What experts have gathered is that a green mist blinds the opponent, red mist burns, black mist severely blinds, blue mist renders the person unconscious, and yellow mist paralyzes them.

Using the poison mist didn't go well for Rosemary during The Final Deletion, however.

3 Catrina

via luchaunderground.com

Formerly known as Maxine in NXT, Catrina has become one of the most interesting characters on Lucha Underground. She's also one that cautious bachelors will steer clear of.

Unless you enjoy dating much older women, Catrina is not for you.

There is most likely a large age gap between Catrina and any mortal she might choose to date. The reason for this is that while it has never been officially acknowledged on the show, there have been several hints dropped that Catrina is at least over 100 years old. She might actually be immortal, as we've seen her help Mil Muertes cheat death on several occassions.

Catrina's character is also in possession of one-half of a pendant that has mysterious powers. She also mentions rescuing Mil Muertes from the rubble of an earthquake which happened 32 years ago. Then again, you might not mind dating the performer playing Catrina, as Karlee Perez is only 31 years old.

2 Sasha Banks

via wrestlingforum.com

I feel as though Sasha Banks would not be quality girlfriend material on account of the fact that she refers to herself as "The Boss". This should serve as a red flag to any potential suitor.

You are not going to get equal weight in a relationship with someone whose entire identity is based on the idea that she is the one who makes the decisions, and tells people what to do. That would be a very difficult relationship.

25-year-old Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado was almost instantly signed by WWE. She had her first pro match at 18 years old, and was signed by WWE just a few months after her 20th birthday.

She is a student of the game as well. Banks has said she grew up watching All-Japan Women's Wrestling, which no doubt played into her future style. You don't learn to wrestle like Sasha Banks by watching Bra and Panties matches.

1 Stephanie McMahon

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Come on, don't try and say you don't find Stephanie McMahon a little bit attractive!

She's got the successful older woman thing going on for her. Unfortunately what would be fun for a little bit would eventually lead to terror, as you realize you have entered a relationship with a female Vince McMahon. That is no scenario anyone wants to find themselves in.

40-year-old Stephanie McMahon-Levesque first appeared on WWE programming in 1999, as a young 22-year-old who wanted to marry Test, the character portrayed by the late Andrew Martin. Considering her failed marriage to Test, an averted dark wedding to The Undertaker, and being drugged and married by Triple H, it has been an eventful two decades for Stephanie.

Stephanie's most recent match was at SummerSlam 2014, when she wrestled Brie Bella. She has said she hasn't had her last match yet.

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