15 Hot Wrestling Valets You Completely Forgot About

The wrestling world has seen so many women make their name in the industry as managers, or valets, as they are frequently referred to. The '80s gave us the late Miss Elizabeth and Sherri Martel, the '90s produced Sable and Sunny, and Ruthless Aggression mega-stars Trish Stratus and Lita were originally introduced as valets, Trish to T&A (Test and Albert), and Lita to Danny Doring in ECW (as Miss Congeniality) and Essa Rios and The Hardy Boyz in WWE. And while one could say that the mostly non-wrestling valet is a dying breed, Maryse and Lana will probably tell you otherwise, though Maryse used to wrestle full-time, and Lana is now being pushed as a wrestler.

Indeed, all the women we mentioned are recognizable to many a wrestling fan. But what about those pretty and sexy women from years gone by whose names might not ring a bell to some, or most fans, especially those who haven't been watching in a while? We've got 15 of them listed in here, as we hope to help you recall what they did during their time in the pro wrestling business, while, in many cases, updating you on how they're doing these days.

15 Francine

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When talking about the women of ECW, people tend to remember Beulah McGillicutty (Raven's valet, later on Tommy Dreamer's real-life wife) and Dawn Marie (gave Torrie Wilson's real-life dad a kayfabe death by snu-snu as part of a WWE storyline). As such, Francine, aka the Queen of Extreme, doesn't always get the recognition she deserves from newer fans who may not have been too aware of the original ECW back in the day.

Best-known in ECW as the valet of Stevie Richards, The Pitbulls, and Shane Douglas (at separate points in her ECW run), Francine also spent some time managing Tommy Dreamer, then Justin Credible in the renegade promotion's final years. But unlike Dawn Marie, she didn't make the jump to WWE right after ECW folded, instead making some appearances on TNA and in the indies, before a brief and forgettable run as Balls Mahoney's manager in WWE's version of ECW in 2006, and her retirement soon after her release from WWE.

14 Marianna

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If you've been reading my recent lists, your memory has probably been refreshed with regards to Marianna Komlos, who worked for WWE in the late-'90s as Mrs. Cleavage, and later on under her real first name when Chaz Warrington denounced Beaver Cleavage, and preached to the choir when he said the gimmick sucked. As Chaz's kayfabe girlfriend, she had also framed up the former and future Headbanger for domestic abuse in one of the Attitude Era's most tasteless storylines/temporary gimmick changes.

The reason you may not remember Marianna too much is because she left the pro wrestling business right after her release from WWE in 1999. Five years later, she married fellow bodybuilder Paul Lazenby, but she had also passed away that same year from breast cancer. Marianna turned 35 just three weeks prior to her untimely death in 2004.

13 Major Gunns

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We all know that Vince Russo loves his puns, especially if they're sexually explicit. That would explain WCW midcarder/future NXT head trainer/class bully Bill DeMott's ring name going from Hugh Morrus to General Hugh G. Rection. And that would also explain fitness model Tylene Buck adopting the ring name Major Gunns, as she served as the valet for the par-for-the-course late-era WCW stable, Misfits in Action. After turning on the M.I.A., she then joined Lance Storm's Team Canada faction, despite the fact that she's a native Californian. Hooray for WCW logic.

Since the demise of WCW, Buck has competed on-and-off in the independent scene, most recently for a company called Double Trouble Wrestling, which is an all-female wrestling promotion where the action can get NSFW real fast. She's also built up an impressive resume in the "other" industry, and also pays the bills by doing webcam shows, even now that she's in her mid-40s. (That isn't to say she doesn't look great these days, though.)

12 Lena Yada

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2007 Diva Search finalist Lena Yada had quite an interesting career ahead of her short, oft-forgotten WWE career. She was a professional tandem surfer and swimsuit model who had taken part in a few beauty pageants, and when she did make it to WWE's main roster, she was mainly a backstage interviewer. This role of hers included a heel turn on ECW (where she inserted herself in a Diva Dance-Off and declared herself the winner), and a few weeks managing fellow heels Victoria and Layla.

In November 2008, Yada won her only televised WWE match – a 16-Diva tag team match where she was never tagged in. She was released a week later, and quietly left the wrestling business after an undistinguished stint in the independent scene. Rock fans may be more familiar with her these days, as she's been married to Disturbed lead singer David Draiman since 2011.  The couple currently has one son, Samuel Bear Isamu Draiman, who will be turning 4 this September.

11 Andrea Lynn (Fandango)

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Thanks to his current run with Tyler Breeze as one-half of Breezango/The Fashion Police, we're remembering less and less of Fandango's humble beginnings as a ballroom dancer who wouldn't wrestle until people got his name right. And while he would eventually be paired with Summer "Still Employed" Rae and WWE's original Ms. "Still Employed," Rosa Mendes, his original valet wasn't even a contracted WWE Diva, but rather a college student and legitimate dance instructor named Andrea Lynn.

Lynn was never named during her brief stint as Fandango's dance partner/valet, and in an interview she cut shortly after this guest role, she had some less-than-flattering words to say about Fandango's gimmick, and the "Fandango-ing" craze that followed – "That's not dancing. That's not giving the ballroom world justice." Hmmm. Wonder if Officer 'Dango wants to run an investigation on her on the next Fashion Files.

10 Shakira

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No, not the Colombian pop singer – that's a completely different Shakira. The Shakira we're referring to is the former nWo Girl named Kim Kanner in real life, who, alongside the far more familiar Midajah, had served as one of Scott Steiner's female valets, aka his "Freaks," during his first few years as Big Poppa Pump. Shakira would soon depart WCW, however, leaving the Big Bad Booty Daddy with only Midajah as his valet until WCW folded in March 2001.

Shakira left the wrestling business soon after leaving WCW, and she's now working in the real estate business in California. Oh, and in case you're curious, she was named after the singer, as she happened to have a namesake in the far more established Kimberly Page.

9 Gorgeous George

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We are not referring to the (male) wrestling legend who irked the average homophobic wrestling fan of the '40s and '50s through his flamboyant gimmick. We're referring to the female Gorgeous George, a woman named Stephanie Bellars who happened to be Randy Savage's real-life girlfriend at the time she joined WCW in 1999 to manage the Macho Man. Only 23 years old at the time, she was gorgeous indeed, but was a charisma vacuum compared to Savage's ex-wife/ex-valet, Miss Elizabeth. That's probably why she didn't do much of consequence in the wrestling world after WCW folded.

Bellars would go on to marry the brother of a WCW "talent" who won his only, pun intended, singles match for the company – Paul Caiafa, aka Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former guitarist of punk legends The Misfits. (Whose bassist, Jerry "Only" Caiafa, had a thankfully brief WCW stint in 1999.) The couple would divorce in 2013, and as of 2015, Bellars was reported to be working on an autobiography, which has yet to see the light of day in bookshelves.

8 Kimona Wanalaya/Leia Meow

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This list, as you'll see, is heavy on ECW women who aren't named Dawn Marie – it's been about two decades since the company's heyday, after all. And with that said, how many of you remember the Korean-American Kristina Laum, who managed Raven, Shane Douglas, and other ECW mainstays under the punny name Kimona Wanalaya? We'd love to say that Vince Russo came up with that name, but he didn't – this was ECW, remember?  And if you were watching back then, you probably remember the time she danced on top of the ECW Arena on her very last day with the company.

After that ECW run, Laum was signed by WCW in 1999, joining the company as it suffered through the post-Fingerpoke of Doom chaos that ultimately led to its demise. She was given a name with less bad puns and Asian stereotypes than the first one – Leia Meow – as she managed the likes of the Varsity Club, and later on the Jung Dragons. She's long since retired from the wrestling industry, occasionally showing up in conventions, but mostly living quietly and keeping a low profile in the New Jersey area.

7 Cherry

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Between writing about Deuce's incompetence as a second-generation wrestler and plant/cameraman and Cherry's obscurity, I've covered way more Deuce N' Domino for my liking as of late. But they do remain a guilty pleasure, and they would've made such a perfect fit for WWE's recently-concluded Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view.  But I'm willing to bet you had pretty much forgotten about Cherry, had your memory not been jogged about her through the previously-linked article on obscure WWE wrestlers.

Cherry was the ring name WWE gave to New Jersey-born wrestler and valet Kara Drew, and she fit in perfectly with the whole concept of 1950s throwbacks, as Deuce N' Domino's valet. She would then compete as a singles wrestler after the pretend-greasers replaced her with Maryse, and get released by WWE in 2008 after an underwhelming run as a jobber to the Divas stars. While long retired from the world of pro wrestling, she remains in touch with her old colleagues, particularly Natalya, whom she put over numerous times during said singles run.

6 Amy Weber

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Fortunately for those who appreciate good women's wrestling, we didn't get to any in-ring action from 2004 Diva Search contestant Amy Weber. Instead, she was primarily used in a non-wrestling role, mainly as the "Image Consultant" of JBL's Cabinet. She did get booked for a match against fellow Diva Search alumni Joy Giovanni, but ended up winning that match by forfeit. With that said, I guess she can take solace in the fact that she ended her brief wrestling career undefeated.

On a more serious note, Weber's departure from the WWE in February 2005 came with some heavy accusations, as she alleged some of WWE's male wrestlers had harassed her in what she called a "frat house environment." Since leaving the wrestling industry, Weber has made several appearances in films and theater productions, and is now the mother to 8-year-old twins.

5 Hiroko Suzuki

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When talking WWE's ill-fated experiments at bringing Japanese talents to America, you can talk about Kai En Tai, Hakushi (Jinsei Shinzaki), Yoshi Tatsu, and even The Orient Express, despite the fact one of their members wasn't even Japanese. But many people tend to leave out Kenzo Suzuki, who worked a gimmick where he and his wife/valet Hiroko tried WAY too hard to act American, much harder than Apu of the Kwik-E-Mart did when he was nearly deported in that old Simpsons episode.

Generally speaking, the Suzukis didn't have a very good WWE run, and were both out of the company by 2005. Hiroko was elected to the Funabashi city council in 2015, suggesting that she's found some success in politics after failing to make a big splash stateside when she and her husband worked for the WWE.

4 Beulah McGillicutty

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Well, we might as well include the real-life Mrs. Dreamer in this list, as it's been a while since she decided to lay low in the wrestling industry. But in case you've forgotten Beulah McGillicutty's backstory, Trisa Hayes was given this frumpy ring name as she was supposed to be an unattractive, fat teen hopelessly in love with Tommy Dreamer when they were kids. She then ended up with Dreamer's kayfabe childhood friend Raven, out of revenge for Tommy's rejection. As part of this ECW storyline, she had become quite a hot and appealing adult since hooking up with Raven, and a Penthouse model at that, angering Dreamer to the point that he'd regularly land piledrivers on his future wife.

Of course, that's not how Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Laughlin roll in real life, as Beulah and Dreamer have been happily married for the past 15 years. Now 48 years old, Beulah hardly looks her age, and she's also branched out into the world of children's literature, having published the book Gertrude the Great in 2012.

3 Ryan Shamrock/Symphony

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Alicia Webb was only 19 years old in January 1999, when WWE hired her to play the role of Ken Shamrock's storyline sister, Ryan. And if you're wondering why she was given a guy's name, that's because WWE needed an excuse for Val Venis, whom Shamrock was feuding with, to cut an "adult film" called Shaving Ryan's Privates. Touche. Ryan would then join Terri Runnels' faction Pretty Mean Sisters, but didn't last long, as WWE released her in July of 1999.

Later that year, Webb was off to WCW, where she was given the ring name Symphony, as she was managing a kayfabe classical pianist called The Maestro. But since The Maestro was forgettable even by late-era WCW standards, he and Webb were both released in August 2000. She's since appeared sporadically in the independent scene, including a blink-and-you-miss-it run in TNA, and is currently dating hard-luck UFC fighter Ian McCall, who hasn't competed since 2015 because his fights keep getting cancelled.

2 Shae Marks (HHH)

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You might not be too familiar with the fact that Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s first regular valet while using the Connecticut Blueblood gimmick (hence our calling him by his full ring name) was Sable. But in the weeks before Sable made her WWE debut as part of the future Game’s revolving-door lineup of female valets, he was being escorted to the ring by Playboy Playmates from the early-to-mid-'90s.

Out of these Playmates, Shae Marks is probably the most recognizable early-era HHH valet, as you may also remember her for a film she starred in, which also featured a certain Marcus Alexander "Buff" Bagwell as the villain. That film was Day of the Warrior, a 1996 B-movie directed by legendary erotic action film maker Andy Sidaris, and as is the custom in Sidaris films, Marks played the role of a gorgeous (and if we may add, surgically-enhanced) private eye, whose outfits are far racier than anything you'd expect from women in this traditional male role.

1 Fifi The Maid

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You probably recognize the name Wendy Barlow as the woman whom twice-over WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is currently engaged to, but not yet married to, because as you should know, marriage has NEVER turned out well in the end for the Nature Boy. But you might not remember that Barlow did work for WCW in the early-'90s, appearing as Fifi The Maid, Flair's valet and a mainstay of his WCW talk show, A Flair for the Gold. She would also be used in higher-profile roles during her time working for Billionaire Ted, but vanished from the public eye until she was revealed to be Flair's newest lady love.

It may also surprise you to know that Wendy Barlow is already 57 years old as of this writing – she maintains quite a youthful appearance for her age, and could easily pass for someone in her mid-40s. Her relationship with Flair was also revealed to reality TV viewers a few years back, as the couple appeared alongside Roddy Piper and his wife in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

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