15 Hot WWE Diva Posts That Almost Broke Instagram

Can you imagine if Instagram existed back in the 90s during the Attitude Era? Would the product be the same? Would it have generated as much interest? Who knows. One thing we do know is that the world of social media is taking the pro wrestling business by storm, as most WWE employees have an Instagram account to document their everyday lives outside of the ring. Although ratings have dipped significantly in comparison to the Attitude Era, the WWE is hotter than ever online and continues to expand globally. If you think the WWE is really all that concerned with its current ratings, think again, as the company is well aware of the impact the product has online with most fans relying on the internet for WWE programming.

With such a strong social media following pertaining to its women, the company decided to start a reality show, Total Divas. The reality based show has hit the mark and only increased the reach of the company. Wrestlers like Nikki Bella are not only WWE stars, but have an entirely different reach in other avenues of entertainment. This is documented by Nikki’s five million Instagram followers while sister Brie enjoys over four million fans following her every move.

With Instagram a buzz, these ladies don’t shy away from posting pictures that have fans talking. These 15 posts in particular probably shattered the app for a significant amount of time. Here are 15 hot WWE Diva posts that almost broke Instagram, enjoy!

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15 Nikki Bella: The Neck Brace

Looking back at her WWE debut in 2008, we can safely say Nikki’s come a long way since her days as a shy twin. Today, she has turned her persona into a brand, bringing the world of fashion and entertainment to the WWE Universe. What makes it even greater is that she can kick some serious butt in the ring and is one of the most improved wrestlers we’ve seen in quite some time.

As we touched base on, her popularity stems further than the WWE and into the world of fashion and entertainment. This has led Nikki to an immense Instagram following which features five million followers. Nikki is an active user and her pictures are jaw-dropping most of the time. This one in particular received 109k likes and showed the world that Nikki is a 10, even when wearing a neck brace. Unfortunately, Bella took off the outfit as she left her room claiming it was “too muc.h. John Cena was breathing a sigh of relief wherever he was.

14 Brie Bella: I’ve Also Got The Goods

We tend to forget, but Brie was the first of the sisters to be pushed by the WWE. She not only claimed the Divas Championship, but feuded with Stephanie McMahon as well in an epic rivalry. Nikki cashed in nicely during this story, turning on her sister and becoming a prominent fixture in the Divas Division.

Brie is labelled as the more “reserved” sister of the two. As you can see on her Instagram, she’s quite humble and genuine when it comes to posting. She lives a quiet life nowadays with Daniel Bryan as she awaits the birth of the couple's first child. Despite her understated ways, she has an immense Instagram following of 4.3 million followers. As for this picture that received over 70k likes, Brie is showing us that she’s also got the goods. Her Instagram probably crashed for a little bit following this post.

13 Lana: Good Heavens

With a focus on women as in-ring performers nowadays, it’s a bit of rarity to have a female that is strictly a manager. Lana not only fits that mold, but she has succeeded immensely since making her debut alongside Rusev, her real life husband. Despite her lack of in-ring work, the crowd seems to love The Ravishing Russian, even when she’s teasing those in attendance and the millions watching at home.

The WWE is trying to benefit from this as much as they can. They finally made the decision to have Lana appear on Total Divas this season, which seems like something that was long overdue when you consider her connection with the WWE crowds and her Instagram following, which is just under two million followers. After this picture was posted to hype Total Divas, we believe that following number went way up, with flocks of wrestling and non-wrestling fans clicking the follow button.

12 Maryse: Ready For The Miz’s Birthday Party

MizFest ready!!!!! 🎶🍾💕

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

If you need an additional reason to hate The Miz, you’ve come to the right place. The current Intercontinental Champion has the privilege of locking eyes with this Quebec beauty every day. Damn you Miz, damn you!

Maryse recently returned from her time away from the company and is now working strictly in a managerial role. Say what you want about her role, but she’s certainly helped The Miz gain credibility since returning. Miz has made his way onto the upper-card of SmackDown Live and has been one of the best IC champs in recent memory. Whether Maryse is going to return to in-ring action remains to be seen, but we’re certainly not complaining about her current role.

The picture above shows Maryse looking really, really good. Based on her comments, she’s all dressed up for The Miz’s bday in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. We say it one more time; damn you Miz, damn you!

11 Torrie Wilson: You Still Got It... Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

This picture was so incredible that we decided to include some former WWE Divas, like Torrie Wilson When the WWE purchased WCW, most of the WCW stars crashed and burned following the Survivor Series PPV. Wilson was instead salvaged and kept on board. In the early to mid 2000s, you'd struggle to find a Diva that was more over than Torrie Wilson. With the brand split in place, the WWE used Raw as the “fighting” brand while SmackDown was led by Wilson as the “eye candy” for the ladies, with various gimmick matches taking place which were meant to show off the Divas' beauty. Nobody did that better than Wilson during her time with the company.

Say it ain’t so, but at the age of 41, Torrie Wilson still looks spectacular and this picture proves that. With a following of 378k fans, Wilson is not only still relevant, but she keeps on stealing our hearts despite the fact that she’s been gone from the WWE for years.

10 Sasha Banks: Green Jumpsuit

Green jumpsuit from @fashionnova use SashaXO when you checkout

A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

With 100k likes, Sasha’s Instagram broke just a couple of days ago when Sasha Banks posted this picture featuring a revealing green jumpsuit which had fans freaking out. She’s married to a former WWE costume designer and we're pretty sure he approves of this outfit choice.

Sasha has continued her dominance in the ring, becoming Women’s Champion for the third time. What makes her so unique is the fact that she can bring it in the ring and yet look amazing outside of it. With 1.8 million followers on Instagram, you can only expect that number to go up as the years roll along. An involvement on the reality show Total Divas would certainly put the champion over, giving her an even greater reach with fans from outside of the company.

9 Naomi: We Feel The Glow

She was a product of NXT and later made her main roster debut as a member of the forgettable Funkadactyls. As documented on Total Divas, Naomi struggled to sustain any type of momentum early on. Although she showed great commitment to improving her in-ring ability, nothing seemed to fit in terms of persona.

Finally, the WWE successfully re-branded Naomi as a babyface who loves to “feel the glow,” with an entrance that certainly makes you stop whatever it’s that you’re doing. She’s thrived thus far on SmackDown Live ,not only with the gimmick, but her in-ring work has improved dramatically since her debut.

As for the picture, we’ve decided to put Jimmy Uso on "the list" for marrying such a beauty. The picture received nearly 29k likes and we doubt that’s because of Jimmy. No offense bro.

8 Emma: Thanksgiving In Jamaica

Still young at the age of 27, Emma has gone through quite a bit during her WWE run. She started off in the territories, got fired for stealing an iPad, got re-hired as she claimed it was an accident, worked alongside Santino in a comedic role, worked alongside Dana Brooke in a super serious role and has now stumbled upon yet another new gimmick as a glorified hottie known as Emmalina.

Despite another gimmick change, fans are certainly not complaining with this one, as Emma’s vignettes, along with her Instagram page, have been loaded with seductive content. This picture in particular shows exactly that, as Emma is enjoying a nice Thanksgiving in Jamaica. The only thing fans were giving thanks to was this picture and her wonderful...glasses. Yes, we’ll say glasses.

7 Charlotte: Bow Down To Charlotte Flair

Looking back at 2016, you'll find it hard to choose a Superstar that was better than Charlotte Flair. Her work rate just continues to improve week after week. In the ring, she’s a ring general like her father, calling all the shots against opponents. Her promo skills are certainly on par as well, Charlotte plays the role of the villainous champion to perfection and can create heal heat rather easily, something not many can truly say.

With her in-ring work and promo dominance comes some pretty darn good looks as well. Some fans hate to admit cause they hate her on-screen role, but there’s no doubting Charlotte’s obvious beauty. Her Instagram page justifies that with an array of natural pictures that see the former champ wearing hardly any makeup. This picture instead shows Charlotte polished and looking like a perfect 10. Somebody call Tye Dillinger.

6 Stephanie McMahon: ESPN Award Show Outfit

Known as The Billion Dollar Princess, no female in the WWE has had more of an impact on the company over the last couples of years than Stephanie McMahon. She continues to excel on-screen working as an Authority Figure. She’s also working wonders behind the scenes as the Chief Branding Officer of the WWE, promoting the company around the world. Her contributions are admirable and she'll likely have more responsibility as the years roll on.

Not only does she have all that going for her, but she also finds the time to train on a regular basis alongside her husband, Triple H. Because of that, Stephanie is in the best shape of her entire life and this picture justifies that, as Stephanie looks incredible in her outfit, ready for the ESPN awards.

5 Lita: Suns Out, Guns Out

At the age of 41, Lita still looks spectacular as she graces us with her presence weekly as a panelist for the WWE. The former Women’s Champion simply looks like she does not age and her natural Instagram pictures are the perfect example of that.

For Lita, making things right with the WWE and its fans seemed like an uphill battle at one point despite her tremendous career. Cheating on her former partner Matt Hardy, Lita felt the brunt of the anger from fans and was heckled throughout her prior final run with the company. She would take time off and come back to a warm reception. The situation seems to be a thing of the past and we now appreciate Lita for her trailblazing ways in the ring. You can follow her life outside of the ring on Instagram and the picture above will surely make you want to follow.

4 Kelly Kelly: Simply Glorious 


A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

Good to know that Kelly Kelly is still breaking Instagram, even though she left the WWE. This former WWE Superstar shattered the net with this picture and had fans wondering why she ever left. Well, here’s a reminder, she allegedly slept with half the locker room, had marginal in-ring talent and opted to leave to start a career elsewhere. But seriously, who cares about that stuff, can they just bring her back? Somebody get Vince on the phone.

Since her WWE departure, Kelly has kept relevant by doing several photo shoots for prominent magazines along with her role on the E! Television show WAGS. She also married former NHL hockey player Sheldon Souray and we hate him for it, even if half the people reading this don’t have a clue who he is. Looking at her Instagram pictures, Kelly still keeps in touch with the WWE employees, as she recently posted a picture with Maryse.

3 Eva Marie: All Black Everything?

Oh Eva Marie. Wrestling fans put her on mute while she's on television, but still seek her perfect pictures online. Despite her inability to truly improve in the ring, the company continues to push Eva because of her stunning looks. She hasn’t excelled in the WWE yet, but she has on Total Divas and on social media with a following of 3.5 million fans on Instagram. Her account truly is a must follow, whether you like her or not.

This picture sent the social media world on fire, as Eva is looking stunning while sporting black hair and not her signature red locks. She looks just as stunning and the fans agree, with almost 68k likes on the picture. Without a doubt, her Instagram was probably working at a slower rate after she posted this magnificent picture.

2 Paige: Nice Flowers...

When your love brings you flowers to make you smile. ❤️

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

She’s been gone for quite some time now, but thankfully we have social media to keep us up to date with Paige's recent projects outside of the WWE. In large part, everything Paige seems to be doing nowadays revolves around the life of Alberto Del Rio. With that in mind, we struggle to understand how Paige will ever comeback with Del Rio by her side.

This picture absolutely destroyed Instagram, receiving nearly 154k likes. The caption reads “When your love brings you flowers to make you smile.” We agree with Paige, as we’re smiling with her about this picture ,but for very different reasons. All jokes aside, Paige looks stunning in this picture and we seriously hope she returns sooner than later. Although she’s still young, the more time passes by, the less likely her return seems.

1 Nikki Bella: Relax Time Looks Nice

Your winner and still WWE Instagram Champion, Nikki Bella! We end the article with a second Nikki picture and one that had her fans freaking out, receiving 128k likes. The picture just proves that Nikki has all her assets working for her, from a beautiful face, flattering chest and top notch backside as depicted in this photo.

The picture shows Nikki finally enjoying some relax time following a leg day and cryotherapy session. Her time at home was merited as Nikki was returning from a three week road trip, finally ending up back at home in California. Despite the lengthy trip, Nikki remains looking top notch. What we're wondering is who took this picture and how do we sign up?

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