15 Hot WWE Divas Who Don’t Get Enough Love

Everyone knows about Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Eva Marie, AJ Lee, the Bella Twins, and Mickie James (how could we not, with the amount of attention they’ve been given over the years?). But not everyone knows about (or knows enough about) Ariel, Serena, Katie Lea, Tori, and Savannah, those Divas who, despite being gorgeous and/or talented, spent their careers in the shadows of their supposed superiors.

It’s the nature of the business: only the most beautiful and the most talented survive. But sometimes a female wrestler is just as beautiful and just as talented, if not more so, than the more popular figures in the industry, yet for some reason they fail to achieve the same level of fame.

What makes Natalya one of the most famous Divas of all time while Beth Phoenix, a former three-time WWE women’s champion, failed to reach the same status. What makes Eva Marie, arguably one of the worst female wrestlers currently in the WWE, so popular, while Eve Torres, who is every bit as hot as Marie but twice as talented, isn’t nearly as popular, with roughly 10% of the Instagram followers as Marie.

We don’t have the answers, but we do have this list. Here are 15 hot WWE Divas who we feel do not get the love that they deserve.

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15 Beth Phoenix

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In more ways than one, Beth Phoenix is one of the best WWE Divas of all time. Not only did she make our list of the top 25 Divas of all time (coming in at #10) for her wrestling abilities, but she’s also one of the hottest female wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. She kind of looks like a slightly more jacked version of Natalya, and we all know that Natalya is one of the most popular wrestlers currently working.

So then why is it that she has less than 50k followers on Instagram, a fraction of the amount of fellow Divas (Natalya, for example, has over 2 million), and why is it that she rarely shows up on “hottest Divas” lists? Your guess is as good as ours, but it could be because she’s a little more modest than the average female wrestlers. Aside from an appearance in WWE’s Summer Skin photo shoot, you won’t find her showing off too much of her body.

14 Layla El

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Yes, Layla El was a popular figure in the wrestling world from her debut in 2006 up until her retirement last year, but was she as popular as she should have been? In particular, did she receive enough attention for her looks? We would argue no.

Most of the attention was focused on women like Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus, or, in more recent years, Eva Marie and the Bella Twins, but Layla, with her dark skin and voluptuous body, was just as deserving of our attention, especially when you consider that, on top of her beauty, she was also a highly accomplished wrestler, having won the 2006 WWE Diva Search and the WWE Divas Championship in 2012.

13 Lena Yada

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Like many others on this list, Lena Yada had the looks to be popular in the WWE, but she lacked the wrestling skills, and she was therefore forced to take on odd jobs within the company, like working as an interviewer.

Had her skills matched her looks (she is a former model and beauty pageant contestant), Yada might have gone down as one of the most popular Divas of her time, but, instead, her tenure in the WWE was short-lived and uneventful, and she was released not long after making her in-ring debut in 2008.

Since her release, she has been working on the independent circuits.

12 Rebecca DiPietro

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Even before she joined the company, Rebecca DiPietro was alongside the hottest WWE Divas of all time. That is, she appeared (in the buff of course) in the same issue of Playboy as Torrie Wilson in 2004.

Unlike Wilson, however, DiPietro would not go on to have a successful career in the wrestling industry, as her time in the WWE would only last from October 17, 2006 to March 22, 2007, at which point she requested and was granted her release.

Admittedly, she was not a great wrestler, and she was mostly used in bikini contests, but her looks alone warranted a longer tenure in the business—at least for the fans’ sake.

11 Eve Torres

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In one facet or another (wrestler, backstage interviewer, bikini contestant), Eve Torres had been involved in the WWE for nearly a decade, even winning the Divas championship 3 times, so to say that she is underappreciated might be a stretch, but she could certainly be more appreciated. I mean, just look at her. With her long legs and incredible, lean 5-foot-8 body, she looks as though she could easily be a supermodel.

Torres isn’t just a nice body, though. She’s also an actress, a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a BJJ instructor, and the owner of her own event management business. She currently serves as an “ambassador” for WWE.

10 Savannah

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After being offered a contract following the 2007 WWE Diva Search, Angela Fong, who would later go by Savannah, struggled to find a role within the company, working as an interviewer, a valet, and eventually an NXT broadcaster. Unfortunately, nothing stuck, and she was released from her contract in 2010.

Now with Lucha Underground under the ring name of Black Lotus, it’s clear that the WWE and its fans missed out on an opportunity with Fong, who is both hot and entertaining to watch.

Her most recent storyline with LU involved her serving as the bodyguard to Dario Cuerto, which ended in an exciting televised match (her first with the company) against El Dragon Azteca Jr.

9 Serena

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At just 30 years old, it’s a shame that Serena Deeb’s career has already hit a wall. After a few uneventful years in the WWE, mostly in the developmental territory, Serena was released and relegated to the independent circuits, where she remained until her retirement last year.

In her prime, Serena was one of the hottest female wrestlers around, and with training from veterans like Al Snow and Lance Storm, she had all the ingredients necessary to be a superstar. But, unfortunately, she was largely overlooked during her time in the WWE and is now all but forgotten.

After her wrestling career came to an end, she began working as a yoga instructor in LA. Judging by her Instagram account (which somehow has just 3,189 followers), Deeb is hotter than ever, and we’d love to see her make a comeback.

8 Maxine

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Maxine’s another one who inexplicably failed to make a splash in the big promotions (including WWE, TNA, and Lucha Underground) and was therefore forced to work in smaller independent companies.

After toiling in the developmental territory of the WWE for three years, Maxine, who is currently wrestling in Lucha under the ring name Catrina, asked for her release. But the WWE should have realized what they had in her at the time and fought to keep her around, because she has the potential to be a big attraction.

Fortunately for her (and for us fans), she was given the freedom to stretch her wings with Lucha, and so far she’s made the most of it.

7 Eden

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Brandi Rhodes (aka Eden Stiles) might not be a wrestler, but she can rival anyone in the business in terms of beauty. In our opinion, she was underutilized in the WWE as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer. With her incredible looks, she should have been front and center as much as possible.

What’s even more impressive about this knockout is the fact that she has a master’s degree in journalism—beauty and brains.

After requesting a release from the company earlier this year, Eden decided to take her talents elsewhere. She is currently signed to TNA, where hopefully she will finally earn the respect that she has long-deserved. And apparently we’re not the only ones who feel this way; with nearly half a million Instagram followers, there are more than a few people who want to see her succeed.

6 Katie Lea

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Katarina Waters (or “Katie Lea”) has been around the wrestling world for a long time. Born in Germany, she began wrestling shortly after moving to England. Nearly a decade later, she finally made her debut for WWE, where she would remain for a couple years before making the move to TNA and eventually returning to the independent circuit.

While Waters has certainly developed a sizable fan base over her 16-year career, she never earned the attention that she deserved—for either her wrestling skills or her beauty. With a gorgeous face and a killer body, she easily could have been a mainstay on the biggest stage.

5 Ariel

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Remember Shelly Martinez, also known as Ariel? We think it’s a shame that we even have to ask that question. If you could get past her somewhat terrifying demeanor - that of a vampire accompanying Kevin Thorn - Martinez was one of the hottest wrestlers in the company.

Rumor is that she was booted from the main stage because of a real-life altercation with Batista, but, in WWE’s defense, she wasn’t exactly making much headway with fans anyways, so her departure was pretty much inevitable.

Although no longer with WWE, Martinez is still wrestling, currently working for TNA. Hopefully she gets the attention there that she deserved in the WWE.

4 Hiroko Suzuki

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It’s understandable that Hiroko’s hotness would have gone unnoticed—and therefore underappreciated—during her brief stint in the WWE, given that it was buried underneath layers of makeup and an unflattering geisha getup. When she’s not in her wrestling attire, however, the Japanese former valet to Kenzo Suzuki, to whom she is married, is pretty darn attractive, which kind of makes you wonder why the WWE would have wanted to hide her behind a borderline racist character.

WWE fans got a glimpse of her beauty when she wrestled Torrie Wilson while wearing nothing but a robe and lingerie. Much to Hiroko’s embarrassment, Wilson tore off her robe at the end of the match, revealing a surprisingly hot body.

3 Joy Giovanni

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Since the dawn of time, there have been many unsolved mysteries, such as: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Who killed JonBenet Ramsey? What happened to flight MH370? Who (or what) is behind Stonehenge? Who was Jack the Ripper? Is Hilary Swank hot?

And then, of course, there is perhaps the most bewildering mystery of them all: How was Joy Giovanni not more popular in the WWE? I mean seriously, just look at her. Who cares about whether or not she was a good wrestler. With those looks, she could have had the in-ring skills of The Great Khali with the mic skills of, well, The Great Khali (God, that guy sucked) and fans still should have loved her.

2 Tori

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Before Torrie Wilson made her debut in the WWE, there was another female wrestler by a similar name: Tori. But while this Tori was just as attractive as the other Torrie (okay, maybe not as attractive, but still pretty damn attractive), she ultimately failed to leave the same mark on the company.

After several years in other promotions, Tori (aka Terri Power) finally found her way onto the WWE roster in 1998, but her arrival was not met with nearly as much enthusiasm as it deserved, and her time in the company was over almost as quick as it had started.

After being released, Tori, whose real name is Terri Poch, began working as a yoga instructor and eventually opened up her own studio.

1 Kaitlyn

via dailywrestlingnews.com

With over half a million followers on Instagram (and if you’re not currently one of them, you’re missing out on some amazing stuff), Kaitlyn (aka Celeste Bonin) clearly isn’t hurting for fan support, but we feel as though she deserved a little more love during her time in the WWE.

After working in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT for a couple years, Bonin finally got the call up to the big stage in 2012, and she would remain there for nearly two years, engaging in feuds with Divas such as AJ Lee and Eve Torres.

Still, with her incredible body (she is a bodybuilder, after all), she could have been a main attraction in the company, like Chyna but hotter.

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