15 Hottest Pictures Of Sable That Brock Lesnar Doesn't Want You To See

Sable is undoubtedly one of the hottest WWE divas of all time. From her debut in the WWE in 1996 all the way up until her departure from the company in 2004, Sable was amongst the most popular divas on the roster and I'm certain she captured many male hearts along the way. If you didn't know (which I'm sure you do), Sable was mainly apart of the Women's Division during the Attitude Era.

Back then, Women's Wrestling in the WWE was more about the women showing off their assets and putting on a "show" versus actually producing highly technical matches capable of stealing a show like we have nowadays, with wrestlers like Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks among others changing the way we look and think about Women's wrestling.

Because the Attitude Era Women mainly put on "shows" for the male audiences, the hotter you were, the better your position was and the more money you would make. In Sable's case, she definitely had the look which catapulted her into WWE stardom leading Sable to capture the WWE Women's Championship. If you also didn't know, Sable and Brock Lesnar are married as of 2006. As you are likely aware, Brock Lesnar comes across as a bit over-bearing and over-protective (Lesnar's not a big fan of being in the media's eye hence why he and Sable live in the middle of no-where) so I can guarantee he wouldn't want anyone (especially a guy) to be staring at the pictures that will be featured on this list.

Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 hottest pictures of Sable that Brock Lesnar doesn't want you to see, and he would probably take any guy staring at the pictures to Suplex City if he had the chance. Don't worry, Brock Lesnar won't jump through the screen so you're all safe. With that said, let's begin the list.

15 Sable In Striped Bikini

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This photo of Sable is quite alluring. Not only is she skimpily dressed, but Sable's facial expression gives off that "look at how beautiful and sexy I am" vibe. Sable certainly wasn't afraid of showing off her assets on WWE programming, and I'm sure she enjoyed all the attention she got, especially from the male members of the audience. Let's also not forget much of Sable's tenure in the WWE was during the Attitude Era and let's be honest, back then, the fans whistled and shouted whenever they saw something they liked, and in this case, I'm sure the majority of fans liked what they saw.

Sable fact: The 1999 issue of the Playboy magazine which featured Sable on the front cover, was one of the highest selling Playboy magazine issues in history. In total, Sable has been featured on three Playboy covers.

14  14. Sable Working Out

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This picture summarizes what many guys would love to see in the gym, a hot girl working out. The photographer got an angle of Sable that most fans can't resist staring at. I wonder if the workout Sable's doing is to increase her bust size? I really don't think Sable's chest could possibly could get any bigger. She might have needed to purchase a larger shirt after she finished this workout. Humor aside, this is a very flattering (and flashy) picture of Sable that showcases her beauty as well as her incredible physique.

Sable fact: Sable made her WWE debut in 1996, and her first role was to escort Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) to the ring for his match against The Ultimiate Warrior at WrestleMania XII.

13 Sable Posing In Pink Lingerie

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Among the pictures of Sable that Brock Lesnar surely doesn't want any of us to see, this sexy and flattering picture of her is by far one of the best. Posing in skimpy pink lingerie with a very naughty look, it comes as no surprise that Sable has crawled into many WWE fans hearts. Definitely a great picture of Sable, but it's also kind of ironic that she's wearing a cross while posing in such fashion. This picture definitely gives off that "bad girl" vibe.

Sable fact: Before marrying "The Beast" Brock Lesnar in 2006, Sable was formerly married to Marc Mero (Johnny B. Badd) between the years 1994 and 2004. Sable's first marriage was in 1986 with Wayne Richardson, and they remained married until Wayne had died in a drunk driving related accident in 1991 which is both unfortunate and sad.

12 Sable In A Stunning Black Dress

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As you can see in this photo, Sable is photographed wearing a stunning lace black dress that highlights her gorgeous features in the best way possible with absolutely fantastic lighting. In this picture, Sable has that confident, yet sexy look which is a huge reason why countless fans fell for this Attitude Era Diva. This is definitely one of Sable's most flattering pictures, and one for sure that Brock Lesnar doesn't want you to be staring at.

Sable fact: Sable's one and only WWE Women's Championship reign came in November 1998 after defeating then champion, Jacqueline at Survivor Series, with Shane McMahon being the special guest referee for the match. Her title reign lasted for 176 days before eventually losing the belt to Debra on an episode of RAW Is War in May 1999.

11 In Ring Action 

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What can I say. This picture not only showcases Sable's beauty, but the picture also showcases her absolutely incredible physique. She definitely had to have worked out very hard in the gym to get those kind of abs. In this picture, it's as if Sable is communicating "I'm beautiful and everyone knows it and what more is there to say". Okay, maybe I'm reading too much into the photo but regardless, this is yet another picture that Brock Lesnar would try to keep under wraps and keep away from our eyes.

Sable fact: Following her first departure from the WWE in June 1999, Sable filed a 110 million dollar lawsuit against the company, claiming that there she suffered forms of sexual harassment and that the WWE provided unsafe working conditions. Sable eventually reduced the lawsuit amount and the WWE and Sable settled things out of court just a couple of months later.

10 Attitude Sable

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Not only does Sable look sexy and alluring in this picture (which she certainly does), but can we also take a minute to acknowledge just how incredibly ripped her arms were? In this picture, she definitely gives off that "hot, yet bad-ass girl" vibe and just by her facial expression, it's as if she's saying "I'm beautiful yet deadly, so step into the ring at your own risk". Her physique aside, Sable certainly looked stunning and eye-catching in this picture!

Sable fact: Aside for her time in the WWE, Sable has also made appearances for various wrestling promotions including WCW in 1999 and in New Japan Pro Wrestling accompanying Brock Lesnar through 2006-2007. They eventually departed from NJPW as Lesnar was now battling WWE with a lawsuit.

9 Striking Pose

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Okay, if we're all going to be honest here, this has to be one of the sexiest pictures of Sable in existence. Her pose, her expression, the lighting and the background of the picture really makes this Sable photo standout from all the rest. This is a classic picture of Sable and I'm sure if the picture was taken before her run in the WWE started, I would have willingly bet that Vince McMahon took one look at the photo and said in his gruff voice "alright she's signed, let's give her the belt dammit!". I mean who could blame him, Sable definitely had the looks to be the top Women's Division wrestler, especially back in those days!

Sable fact: Around the time when the Playboy Magazine with Sable featured on the cover was doing so well, in WWE, Sable turned heel and took on a character with an inflated ego as a result. Her new signature catchphrase was "This is for all the women who want to be me and for all the men who come to see me".

8 Ring Entrance Outfit

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Strutting down to the ring in a revealing eye-catching black dress with wavy hear, what fan wouldn't like this picture? Sable definitely looked beautiful in this one! Also, by Sable's expression, it looks as if she means some serious business and I can admit, I certainly wouldn't want to be the one on the receiving end of her wrath!

Sable fact: The reason (allegedly) for Sable losing the WWE Women's Championship to Debra in May 1999, was because of her lawsuit/dispute with the company at the time. Sable was definitely not a very popular diva backstage during her last couple of months with the WWE. Even Sean Waltman (X-Pac) went on record to admit that on Sable's last day in the company, he played a nasty practical joke on her.

7 Sable At Ringside

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Sable's favorite color must be black, because it seems like almost every dress she wears is well, black. This skimpy dress surely gave the WWE fans something to stare at, probably enough to take their minds off of whatever was going on in the ring. This picture truly captures an eye-pleasing angle of Sable, and her facial expression couldn't have looked more alluring! This is definitely a picture of Sable that Brock Lesnar would NOT want any of us to be staring at!

Sable fact: After her first departure from the WWE in 1999, Sable appeared on the talk-shows The Howard Stern Show as well as Late Night With Conan O'Brian. Sable also released her autobiography in 2000 titled "Undefeated" as well as a comic book titled "The 10th Muse" which starred herself as one of the books superhero's.

6 Sable In Bikini

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What's not to like about this picture! Sable's posing with that "look at how hot I am" vibe in a beautiful bikini with some absolutely stunning lighting. Sable is definitely not camera shy, and she really knows how to make the most alluring poses and facial expressions. It's quite obvious why she was so popular during the attitude era! She had the looks, the confidence, and knew how to rile the audiences up (especially the male audience) with her sensual poses and outfits.

Sable fact: If you didn't already know, during one of Sable's many brawls with Stephanie McMahon during their feud in 2003 (the parking lot brawl), Sable's bra was ripped off by Stephanie during their fight, which exposed Sables "assets" for all the fans to see on live television.

5 Stunning Sable

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This has to be one of the best and most flattering pictures of Sable out there. Not only does Sable look sexy in the picture, but she also looks very confident and comfortable which definitely adds to her allure. It's as if she's saying "I'm sexy and we both know it". The lighting the photographer used, as well as Sable's pose also really made this photo pop and standout as one of her very best pictures. It comes as no surprise why Brock Lesnar fell for Sable, she is absolutely beautiful, sexy and stunning!

Sable fact: Aside from her wrestling career in the WWE, Sable has also made several guest appearances on various television series including Pacific Blue, Relic Hunter and First Wave, and she has also appeared in the movie Corky Romano.

4 Dazzling Pose

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Dazzling is the only word that can accurately describe a picture like this! Sable looks absolutely beautiful, stunning and alluring in this picture. The white lace background/theme also really adds to the intrigue of this picture. This has got to be what many men wish and dream to find and see when they eventually reach the heavens above! Just a fantastic photo of Sable, and this is one for sure that Brock lesnar would be guarding.

Sable fact: Aside from having one WWE Women's Championship reign under her belt, Sable also has two Slammy Awards to her name, both of which were won in 1997. One of the awards was for "Dressed To Kill", and the other award was for the "Diva Of The Year".

3 Confident Sable

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This picture captures Sable's confidence and comfortability in front of the camera. Her dress is both stunning and pleasing to the eyes, and her physique is also showcased. Sable just comes across as someone who is confident with who she is, which is why she was a perfect fit to be one of the top WWE divas during her time. She just had the "superstar" presence and look because not only was she beautiful and confident, but she also had a fantastic physique to boot!

Sable fact: Sable's first WWE storyline she took part in involved her real-life husband at the time (Marc Mero). The storyline started after Sable was being mistreated by Hunter Hearst Helmsley which Mero witnessed, and as a result, he attacked Triple H and he took Sable to become his manager.

2 Alluring Pose

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What fan could resist staring at a picture like this! This is by far one of Sable's most alluring and hot pictures you can find and just by looking at it, you can see why that is so! Her pose, the scenery and her sensual expression makes this one of her hottest pictures ever, and it is certainly one that Brock Lesnar doesn't want any of us to see or stare at.

Sable fact: During Sable's WWE Women's Championship match against Jacqueline at the 1998 Survivor Series, Sable had power-bombed Jacqueline to win the belt, but she also power-bombed Marc Mero who had tried to interfere with their match. Although it was a pretty funny and cool moment (for Sable), Marc Mero's WWE career as a credible star was pretty well finished after that power-bomb. However, it definitely made Sable look like a total bad-ass none the less!

1 Revealing Angle

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Out of all the photos that I've included on this list, this picture of Sable has got to be the hottest and most revealing. This angle of Sable definitely shows off her "assets", and as you can see if you look closely at some of the fans in this WWE crowd, they were very pleased with what they were seeing! Sable was by far one of the WWE's hottest divas during the Attitude Era (and all-time in general) and she really had the look, style and mannerisms to make any crowd go crazy while she was in their presence. Although she's far from being the most technically sound diva of all time, she excelled in all other departments which is why she was so popular during her run in the WWE. She had enough of everything else to make up for the things she did lack.

Sable fact: Sable's very last WWE appearance occurred on an episode of SmackDown in the summer of 2004 where she, Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie accompanied Eddie Guerrero to the ring in his low-rider. Brock Lesnar went on record to say that Sable left the company so that she would be able to spend more time with her family.

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