15 Hottest Women Of WCW: Where Are They Now?

What would a wrestling promotion be without its divas? After all, the ring needs a bit of sex appeal and girl power every once in awhile. There have been many legendary divas throughout wrestling history, from Sable and Charlotte Flair to Chyna and Lita.

Don't just judge these women by their looks -- not only are they hot, but they are also skilled in the ring. Take Chyna, for example, who was well-known for being one of the most dominant female competitors in wrestling. She could lift dudes over her head and body slam them with ease! (She did this to Eddie Guerrero quite a few times in their WWE days.) Chyna was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble, the King of the Ring tournament, and become the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

While WWE has featured the most well-known divas in the world, one cannot forget the women who graced the ring of World Championship Wrestling. Two of the most famous female wrestlers of all time, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, started out in WCW before becoming legends at WWE. And who can forget the Nitro Girls, the WCW's very own dance team who entertained audiences during commercial breaks?

WCW featured some of the hottest and most talented women in the business, and although this wrestling promotion was bought out by Vince McMahon and subsequently destroyed, its legacy of great female talent should not be forgotten.

Here's a list of the 15 hottest women of WCW and what they're up to now:

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Pamela was WCW's backstage interviewer and intermission eye candy. She also announced matches during Monday Night Nitro. Paulshock won the WCW Bikini Contest in 2000, beating out some of WCW's hottest women, such as Major Gunns, Tygress, Torrie, Chiquita, Chae, Paisley, and Leia Meow. Needless to say, Paulshock was pretty hot.

Paulshock wasn't particularly known for her wrestling skills, but she had her five minutes of wrestling fame back in 2000 when Chris Kanyon forced her to be his partner in a tag team match against Buff and Judy Bagwell. Paulshock didn't actually wrestle in that match, as she refused to be tagged in. Nowadays, she doesn't have to worry about tag team matches. After the WCW was bought out by WWE, Paulshock made some guest appearances on The X-Files and Las Vegas. She's married to former game show host and radio personality Roger Lodge. They have two kids.


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Stacy Keibler is known for her very long legs, which earned her the nickname "The Legs of WCW." Standing at 5'11" and with 42 inch legs, she was one of the tallest women in WCW and one of the few who could enter the ring through the middle rope. Keibler made her WCW debut as a Nitro Girl named Skye before becoming Miss Hancock, who was known to dance seductively on top of announcers tables to distract competitors.

Her storylines at WCW involved a mysterious pregnancy and a relationship with David Flair, who she dated in real life. She made her wrestling debut in a Wedding Gown match against Daffney and later did a bit of mud wrestling. Since her days at WCW, Keibler's made guest appearances on several TV shows as well as modeled for Maxim. She was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Nowadays, she's mostly concerned about being a mom to her daughter Ava, along with her husband Jared Pohle.


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Torrie Wilson didn't spend too much time at WCW, only gracing the ring from 1999-2001, but her time with the promotion is memorable. Wilson was first introduced as "Samantha," a valet for the nWo. She spent much of her time at WCW accompanying David Flair and later managing Billy Kidman, whom she married in 2003 and divorced in 2008. Her storylines usually involved pitting two men against each other. Wilson sure did enjoy love triangles.

One of her most memorable matches at WCW involved a bra and panties match against Tygress, which she lost. After her time at WCW and WWE, Wilson appeared on a reality TV show for NBC called I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! She also dated Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez for a couple of years. Today, she has a career as a fitness expert and runs her own website. And in case you haven't noticed, she still looks AMAZING.


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Madusa, born Debrah Anne Miceli, made her wrestling debut in 1984 at the American Wrestling Association. Two years later, she became the first woman to win the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year Award. Madusa went on to have two stints at WCW, first from 1991-1993 and then from 1995-2001. Her return to WCW in 1995 was a bit controversial, after throwing her WWE Women's Championship belt in a trash can live on Monday Night Nitro. She was blacklisted from the WWE for that.

Madusa was the first woman to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and also participated in several bra and panties match. In 2015, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and also became the commissioner for Japanese women's wrestling promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. Madusa has also enjoyed a very successful monster truck career! Who would have figured that?


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Kimberly Page was one of WCW President Eric Bischoff's most well-known female talents. She began appearing in 1994 as her then-husband Diamond Dallas Page's valet. In fact, Page was at DDP's side for much of his time at WCW. Page went on to form the iconic Nitro Girls, the WCW's sexy dance team. She was featured in several pictorials in Penthouse and Playboy during this time, as well as in Iron Man magazine.

She left the Nitro Girls in 1999 and later betrayed DDP and joined Bischoff's New Blood heel stable. Page also had feuds with Miss Elizabeth and Miss Hancock. After her time at WCW, Page divorced DDP and made a couple of appearances on TV. Her most notable cameo is in The 40-Year Old Virgin's "Date-a-Palooza" scene in which her breast popped out of her top while speed dating with Steve Carell's character.


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Many would call Tammy Lynn Sytch, the WWE's first Diva. Since making her debut in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992, Sytch has become one of the most popular female talents in the business. While she's best known for her time at WWE, she had a very brief stint at WCW. Sytch spent most of her career managing Chris Candido until his untimely death in 2005.

Sytch's time in the wrestling business was full of scandal. She allegedly had affairs with both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, and rumors of drug abuse were prevalent throughout her career. Since her retirement, Sytch has been arrested several times. She spent 114 days in jail, where she was diagnosed with cervical cancer for which she underwent treatment. In 2016, Sytch starred in an adult film. As recently as this past February, Sytch was going through a court-mandated rehabilitation program.


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Debra Gale Marshall made her WCW debut alongside her then-husband former NFL player and wrestler Steve "Mongo" McMichael in 1995. Having participated in several beauty pageants before her entering the business, Debra developed her "Queen of WCW" persona. Debra turned on McMichael during Bash at the Beath 1997 and began managing Goldberg and Alex Wright.

Marshall left WCW shortly after her divorce from McMichael. At WWE, she played a shrewd businesswoman simply named Debra. During this time, she also took on the role of Jeff Jarrett's on-screen girlfriend. Behind the scenes, she had started a relationship with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, whom she married in 2000. They divorced three years later after Austin pleaded no-contest to domestic violence charges. Since then, Marshall's gone back to school to get her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama.


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Tylene Buck, better known as Major Gunns in the ring, had a pretty brief stint at WCW, but she makes the list because she is one of the hottest women to enter the promotion's ring. She started out as an nWo valet before spending a little time as a backstage announcer. Her most famous role was as the valet for the Misfits in Action stable, who she later betrayed to join Lance Storm's Team Canada. One of her most notable moments inside the ring was a mud match against Miss Hancock, which she won.

After her time in professional wrestling, she began a career as an adult film star and camgirl. She also performs for Double Trouble Wrestling, an adult wrestling promotion where fans can book matches you wouldn't normally see on television...


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Nora Kristina Greenwald, best known as WWE wrestler Molly Holly, spent a little time at WCW, where she learned from the much more seasoned Madusa. As Miss Madness, Greenwald made her WCW debut as one of the valets to Randy Savage's Team Madness heel stable. Miss Madness and Madusa were later fired by Savage after he lost the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Greenwald later returned as the fan favorite Mona, who wrestled in a blue cocktail dress and barefoot. As Mona, she had feuds with Madusa, Asya, and Little Jeannie. After leaving WCW, Greenwald had a much more successful stint at WWE, where she won the Women's Championship and the Hardcore Championship. These days, she works with children with special needs and teens suffering from drug addiction. She's also a coach at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling.


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Shannon Claire Spruill once played a character called "The Governor," who was based on former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. But before that, Spruill was Daffney at WCW. Daffney was the mentally deranged girlfriend of David Flair. Spruill has said that she based the character on Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series and the comics. She was known for her very shrill voice at ringside and her infatuation with Flair, who later dumped her for Miss Hancock.

Daffney's most famous appearance in the WCW ring was a wedding gown match against Miss Hancock, which she won. She was also the second woman to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Spruill's continued to wrestle since being let go from WCW, most prominently at TNA. She was previously married to Chris Ward, guitarist in Chris Jericho's band Fozzy. In 2011, Spruill was arrested for driving under the influence.


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There were many beautiful Nitro Girls, from Kimberly Page to Stacy Keibler to The Klimaszewski Twins, who later appeared as alien strippers on Star Trek: Enterprise. One of the hottest Nitro Girls was undoubtedly Melissa Bellin, better known as Spice. While she was mostly a dancer and a Penthouse model during her time at WCW, Spice also spent some time in the ring. After Page left the Nitro Girls, Spice started a feud with Jazzy and later Tygress over who would lead the dance group.

Spice later had a feud with Madusa over the affection of Evan Karagias. She spent some time as Karagias' valet before betraying him so that Madusa could win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Spice managed Madusa for a brief time before leaving WCW in 2000.

After her time in wrestling, she became a member of the pop group Diversity 5. Today, she works as a chiropractor.


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The very babely Melinda Midajah McCullum, better known as simply Midajah, spent two years at WCW. She debuted as one of the nWo girls, valeting the faction of heels into the ring. Later, she was one Scott Steiner's valets, which the wrestler called his "Freaks." Midajah didn't actually spend too much time in the ring, instead developing little storylines backstage. She did have a brief feud with Leia Meow after the Miss WCW contest in 2000.

Midajah left WCW after WWE acquired the company and she spent some time wrestling at World Wrestling All-Stars, where she participated in a couple of bra and panties match. She's also a fitness model who has been featured in Iron Man magazine, MuscleMag, Muscular Development, and Muscle & Fitness.


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While Rebecca Curci didn't spend much time in the ring, she was a member of the Nitro Girls. Under the name "Whisper," she danced alongside some of the hottest women in WCW, including some of the women mentioned above. Because her name was Whisper, she used to end every dance routine by putting a finger to her lips. Curci isn't only on this list because she's attractive, though. She's also married to one wrestling's greatest superstars: Shawn Michaels.

Curci met Michaels through Kevin Nash, who introduced the two at some point during her time at WCW. The two were married in 1999. She subsequently left WCW and has made a few appearances at the WWE since, including in an alteraction with Chris Jericho, who punched her during his feud with Michaels. Today, Michaels and Curci have two children together.


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Melissa Ann Hiatt, better known as Missy Hyatt, was once regarded by many as the "First Lady" of WCW. She first joined the promotion back when it was still the UWF. Hyatt spent her early days at WCW as a commentator and later as a manager for Eddie Gilbert and the Steiner Brothers. She also developed a feud with Paul E. Dangerously (better known as Paul Heyman) while they were both working as commentators. Hyatt and Dangerously eventually faced off several times, including in arm wrestling, which Hyatt won.

Hyatt later had a feud with Madusa to decide who was WCW's "First Lady." Hyatt beat Madusa in a Bikini Showdown at the 1992 Beach Blast PPV. Missy Hyatt left WCW after an altercation with Eric Bischoff. Hyatt remained involved in the wrestling business until 2016.


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Jacqueline Moore was already tough as nails by the time she arrived at WCW in 1997, after spending a few years in the indie circuit. She debuted in WCW as Kevin Sullivan's manager. But don't get it twisted: she wasn't just some pretty valet. Moore often helped Sullivan win matches by body slamming his opponents. Eventually, that partnership ended though when Moore betrayed Sullivan during a Loser Must Retire match against Chris Benoit. Her final days at WCW saw her feud with none other than Disco Inferno.

After her time at WCW, Jacqueline had a successful stint at WWE, where she held the Women's Championship and later became the third woman to win the Cruiserweight Championship, now owned by WWE.  In 2016, Moore became the first African-American women be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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