15 Hottest Women To Ever Work In ECW

Each and every one of us generally has that period of time in our lives where we feel as though things just can’t get any better. Whether that is school, or friendships, or the sports we enjoy watching, it’s just how life goes. For me, the best time of my life, as far as being a wrestling fan, has to be when I was in high school in suburban Philadelphia and ECW was transitioning from “Eastern” to “Extreme.” My friends and I got ECW’s version of season tickets, pretty much always sitting in the bleachers right below Joey Styles. We got to see some of the best wrestling of that era, some of the biggest stars as they were on their way to even bigger and better things.

Also, we got to see some of the hottest women in wrestling. And, just like the rest of the promotion, up to and including the fans? These women weren’t just hot. They were hardcore. They were extreme. I mean, think about the women who worked up and down the East Coast, in the fabled bingo hall at the corner of Swanson and Ritner, and everywhere else on the planet that wanted to go extreme. You had some ladies who had been working in wrestling for years and were looking for another chance. You had some women who had never been in wrestling before but were gorgeous and the ownership wanted to cater to it’s young adult male-laden audience. You had women who either before, or since, have gone on to have jobs in adult entertainment. This is no accident, ladies and gentlemen. This is Extreme Championship Wrestling. And this list right here represents the fifteen hottest women who ever got paid to call ECW home (that is, if Paul E. was cutting checks that week!).

And, just for the record, while the best ECW was the ECW before WWE bought and paid for it, I will be including the reboot years as well. Because, let’s be honest: hot women are hot, no matter which time they showed up in ECW.

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15 Sherri Martel

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Right off the bat, I need to give a shout out to Sensational Sherri. While the late, great Martel’s best and most memorable years were behind her when she took a spin through the South Philadelphia promotion, this acknowledgement is well-deserved nonetheless. Sherri is deservedly remembered for being one of the most significant women in wrestling history and even if she was showing her years during her stint in ECW, she was long considered one of the more attractive women in the sport. Her looks are also notable because, unlike some women who were just there to serve as eye candy, Sherri was not. Yes, she trotted out there as a valet as she aged, but she was an active women’s division performer for quite a number of years.

14 Woman

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I fully expect to catch some degree of heat for having the late Nancy Benoit so low on this list, but it’s much less a knock on Nancy as it is an admission that, in the words of Joey Styles: Oh My God, this list is just stacked. I mean, seriously folks, this is one heck of a list. Woman was gorgeous, she was influential, and she had a great run as one hell of a manager during her time. She was worth watching just about anywhere she worked. And, while I could get slammed for saying it, there’s likely not a man reading this list (or a woman, if that’s your thing) that would have objected to taking Woman out on a date. But, given the knockouts on this list, that’s something that holds true for pretty much everyone on this list.

13 Taryn Terrell

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Here lands the first woman who benefitted from the WWE's version of Extreme Championship Wrestling. I say benefitted, as though she wouldn’t have found work elsewhere, but as stunning as she was, she probably would have. But, at the same time, in spite of her stunning good looks, she never really did much in wrestling following her Extreme stint. I mean, sure, she went to TNA, but she didn’t really have an amazing career, right? Why does she come in this low? Well, as hot as she was, I have to ding her a few points because she was not in the original ECW. She might be hot, but she wasn’t truly as extreme as the women who rank above her. She is notable though, as she was one of the contestants of that infamous WWE Diva Search, back when WWE used that silly moniker for it’s female Superstars.

12 Kimona Wanalaya

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This was one I debated putting higher up on the list, not necessarily because of how smoking hot she was when working for Extreme Championship Wrestling (though, she was certainly a stunner). No, I kept her low on this list because, when compared to other women, she lacked staying power, as she just wasn’t around that much. But, man oh man, when she was around, did she ever make an extreme impact! Kimona was one of these women who got sucked into the extreme excitement of the company but not because she had aspirations of being a wrestler or even following in the footsteps of some truly great wrestling valets. But, if you’ve never seen it before, I implore you to go see Kimona’s most famous appearance in ECW. All those other indies can try to say they were hardcore, but ECW (and Kimona) can lay claim to the fame that they. She performed a strip tease in the middle of a wrestling ring. Heyman needed her to appease the fans during a delay in the action, so Kimona put her years as a go-go dancer to good use. That’s hardcore.

11 Peaches

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Now, if you aren’t a long-time watcher of Extreme Championship Wrestling, there’s a chance you actually forgot about Peaches. Honestly, the women who show up toward the top of this list made it easy for her to be overlooked and even I needed some reminding. When composing this list, she wasn’t the first name that jumped onto the pages here. But she absolutely earned her spot on this list. She was one of the first women working for the company and she served as ECW legend The Sandman’s first valet. But, that would make sense, considering that when The Sandman was a top star in ECW, she was also his wife. So, maybe she wasn’t the absolute hottest woman on the planet. But she was plenty attractive and none of the ECW fans would have complained if they had the chance to take Peaches home with them.

10 Jenna Jameson

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Yes, folks. THAT Jenna Jameson. Adult film star Jenna Jameson worked in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and it’s entirely safe to say that, based on her films, her work in ECW might be considered far less extreme than her other famous features. All that being said, she was one of the most viewed women in the world when she took a spin through ECW. So why is she “only” in the middle of this list? Well, as hot as she is, she was basically only in the company for a cup of coffee. That’s not a knock on her, but a reward to those ladies who worked their asses off for years in the kingdom of Extreme and who also happened to be gorgeous. Jenna was brought to ECW because she was a special attraction, but had little to do with wrestling. As we move up the list, many above her had plenty to do with wrestling AND happened to also be gorgeous.

9 Jasmine St. Claire

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OK, I suppose you could call this the “ECW valets who were adult stars” portion of the list. It would be accurate, as the women of Extreme Championship Wrestling never really tried to hide their past lives. If anything, guys like Paul Heyman liked to publicize their salacious pasts, because their extreme day jobs fit the image of being politically incorrect and damn proud of it. And, when you get right down to it, look at St. Claire’s film credits. You can’t much more extreme than some of her many adult works. She did have another excuse as to why she was around, as she wound up hooking up with long time ECW performer The Blue Meanie. Talk about punching above your weight class! And, while she was in ECW, she managed to have a decent little feud with a certain Queen of Extreme. But more on that later.

8 Dawn Marie

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Sometimes known as Tammy Lynn Bytch, a play on the name of someone else who’s about to appear on this list. Call it an homage, if you wish. But in any case, Dawn Marie was smoking hot during her ECW tenure. Originally brought in for what was expected to be a short run (think a month), she turned it into a three year run in ECW, lasting until the company went under, and then she actually managed to extend her career to WWE as well. She served as a valet for a couple factions during her time in the company, most notably The Impact Players, Lance Storm and Justin Credible. She managed the duo to the ECW tag team championships. Skilled and hot, perfect for a valet.

7 Tammy Lynn Sytch

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Call her Tammy Lynn. Call her Sunny. Call her the most downloaded woman at one point or another. She’s got many titles, and she’s earned every one of them. She landed in ECW with long-time beau Chris Candido after their forgettable run in WWE as Sunny and Skip. They fared much better in ECW, as they were free of such a ludicrous gimmick as The Bodydonnas. Moving to ECW, if anything, allowed her to get hotter, as if that was needed. But how? Because she was in the land of Extreme, of course. No filters, no restrictions. Unfortunately for her, she’s been in a bit of a downward spiral since, as she’s made a few questionable choices in her time since then. She may not be considered as stunning as she once was (rehab and other legal issues can wear a girl down!), but she will always be Sunny.

6 Brooke Adams

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Here’s another lady who gets to join the list thanks to her participation in, and discovery by, WWE’S Diva Search. She also gets to be here because early in her career, she worked in the rebooted version of Extreme Championship Wrestling. The one that was less than extreme, but 100% WWE Corporate. So, why is she here? I mean, come on…just look at her! She’s smoking hot. And, if you looked at the name and said “who?,” it's fine. Why? Because Brooke went on to be a star in TNA after her ECW/WWE days. Only, by then, you’d remember her as Brooke Tessmacher. Regardless of how you remember her, or what you called her, I think we can all agree on this: Brooke is and was absolutely gorgeous.

5 Lita

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Okay, fine. Lita didn’t work in ECW as Lita. Call her what you wish, as Amy Dumas has gone by many names. For ECW, it was Miss Congeniality, but don’t feel too bad if you don’t recall her time with the company. For one, her most notable works happened while employed by WWE. For another, she was not even in ECW a year, so it wasn’t as though fans had time to form attachments. However, one thing is and was undeniable: Lita has always been incredibly easy on the eyes, with a unique look all her own, and absolutely, unequivocally sexy. It’s a shame she came to ECW as late as she did, as she could have been an even bigger star sooner. She was perhaps the quintessential extreme beauty.

4 Kelly Kelly

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If you dislike her this high, so be it. I get it, she wasn’t long for ECW and she is arguably more well known for work done on the parent company’s RAW and SmackDown brands. Fine. You win. But, when you consider just how downright sexy and stunning Kelly Kelly is, don’t we all really win in the end? She was another woman who was only a part of the reboot and she also happened to be super young when she debuted (she was only 19. Want to bet that helped her appeal too?). And, taking a page out of Kimona’s playbook, Kelly Kelly liked to play as an exhibitionist and, in that vein, she performed (less extreme) stripteases. Now, Kimona’s was far more extreme, but with all due respect…Kelly Kelly has her beat on the hotness scale. She’s off the charts!

3 Missy Hyatt

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You can’t even discuss women of wrestling without invoking the legendary name of Missy Hyatt. Now, the downside of things here? Missy made it to Extreme Championship Wrestling on the downside of her own career. The upside? It’s Missy Hyatt!! She came in to work with The Sandman and others in the earlier times, just as ECW went from Eastern to Extreme. And, everyone knew just how hot she was and not just because she used to be married to “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert, either. No, Missy was adored by fans, seen as a desirable sex symbol. And the boys in the back? They craved her too (though, if all the reports and stories are to be believed, many of them scratched that itch). No matter how you slice it, Hyatt was one of the hottest women ever to work in wrestling.

2 Francine

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Ah, Francine. One of the original women and certainly one of those you think of when you think of the valets in ECW. She came to television playing the role of someone obsessed with Stevie Richards and she rode that introduction to over a decade of work within wrestling, most of it for ECW. From Richards, she went on to take her most notable role, as the head cheerleader to Shane Douglas’ Franchise gimmick. Sure, maybe some of the other folks on this list are better qualified to be eye candy, but Francine had that certain something about her that you just became mesmerized by her. And, if the looks and personality weren’t doing it for you, perhaps you need to look up one of her infamous cat fights, which she had with the woman who stands at number one on this list. Go ahead, look them up. I’ll wait. I promise, they won’t disappoint.

1 Beulah McGillicutty

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Here it is folks. The hottest valet in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling -Beulah McGillicutty. She’s had quite the history with the company, at times serving as Raven’s valet and then doing the same for his enemy, Tommy Dreamer. The storyline goes that the trio attended the same Summer camp and that they both had the hots for her. I can’t blame them if they did, storyline or not. She’s gorgeous and she can fight. She’s hardcore, too, as the fans chanted for her on more than one occasion. She’s also married to hardcore, as she became the real life wife of the hardcore icon himself, Tommy Dreamer. And, as I mentioned with Francine above as well, if you dispute Beulah’s spot as the hottest valet in ECW, go enjoy any number of her catfight videos. You’re welcome.

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