15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Clash Of Champions

Now two months into the brand split, both RAW and SmackDown have put on their first brand exclusive PPVs. After Backlash provided us with AJ Styles winning his first WWE Championship, it was up to RAW to give us a big moment at Clash Of Champions. With the Cruiserweight title being defended for the first time and Kevin Owens defending his Universal Championship for the first time, there sure were opportunities to do it.

Now that Clash Of Champions is behind us, how will the WWE be affected going forward? Did RAW establish itself as WWE's dominant brand?

***WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!!!

15. Commissioner Foley > GM Foley

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You had to think that with Stephanie McMahon sticking around on TV as RAW's commissioner that Mick Foley would not be the front runner as he was as Commissioner Foley. Foley's playing second fiddle to Stephanie, much like anyone does in a story with the McMahons. You have to wonder why the WWE felt the need to have GMs if Stephanie and Shane were going to be the dominant faces of their shows anyway.

At least SmackDown has two faces running the show, which is a refreshing change of pace from WWE on-screen authority figures. On RAW, it's getting painful to see Foley merely answering to Stephanie and not really asserting any authority himself.

You would think that the commissioner would eventually fade into the background and let the GM run things, but it looks like RAW is going to remain all about Stephanie (and Triple H?).

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