15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Fastlane

The Road to WrestleMania is underway as we hit the final pay-per-view stop with the third edition of WWE Fastlane, taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four titles are on the line with the main event featuring Bill Goldberg as he takes on the current and longest-reigning (as WWE loves to remind us) Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.

It remains to be seen whether Owens' former best friend, Chris Jericho, will be involved in some capacity. There is also Brock Lesnar who clearly has some unfinished business with Goldberg.

Braun Strowman has manhandled the entire roster, but can Roman put an end to his reign? Will Bayley be the one to break Charlotte's undefeated pay-per-view streak? Will Kevin Owens head into WrestleMania as champion? All these questions and more will be answered as the first Raw PPV of 2017 takes centre stage!

15. Joe Vs Zayn Was Too Short


This match was expected to steal the show, but sadly, it didn't even get past 10 minutes. It should have been given 5-10 more minutes, allowing these two to showcase their abilities. We live in a world where Jinder Mahal gets more spotlight than Sami Zayn.

Joe emerged victorious after locking Zayn in the Coquina Clutch. Poor Sami - just when we thought he had finally moved on from being Braun Strowman's whipping boy, Samoa Joe has now taken the reigns.

14. Cruiserweights Back On Track!


Remember the excitement WWE was able to generate for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic? Things had not gone as planned after being brought over to Raw, with the division struggling to garner much interest from the crowd.


However, things are finally looking up for the Cruiserweights! Jack Gallagher and Neville arguably stole the show, as the latter retained his title following an absolute flawless Red Arrow off the top rope.

13. Raw Tag Division Is Lacking

Considering how many good tag teams are on RAW, it's mind-boggling as to why it has been boring. At Fastlane, Gallows and Anderson defended their Raw Tag Team Championship against Enzo Amore & Big Cass. It was an underwhelming match to the say the least, which has been a recurring theme of late.

The finish was sloppy with Gallows barely making it in time to knock Enzo's foot off the rope. It's only a matter of time before WWE puts the title belts on Enzo & Big Cass, but will anybody really care with the current direction?


12. WWE Video Packages Never Disappoint

The road to #WrestleMania makes it's final pitstop TONIGHT at #WWEFastlane!

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If there is anything WWE does better than any other company, it has to be their video packages. In fact, WWE could put together a video of me eating breakfast and it's guaranteed to get you amped for your next morning meal.

It wasn't any different tonight with several phenomenal videos to hype up the matches. The video previewing Kevin Owens' title defense against Goldberg stood out in particular.

11. Cesaro Deserves Better

What is WWE even doing with Cesaro? Could someone fill us in? Why is he taking on Jinder Mahal of all people? Knowing WWE, Cesaro and Sheamus are bound to break up eventually, but for the time being, they haven't been doing much as seen tonight.

Thankfully, the draft is coming up in a few months and Cesaro could take his talents to the blue brand, where he will probably be featured on their promotional posters in Switzerland.

10. Sasha Bossing It Again

Sasha Banks has mostly served as Bayley's sidekick in recent weeks, but she emerged with a big win at Fastlane. Although just an hour later, she would return to her role as Bayley's Robin by distracting Charlotte during their title bout.

As for her match at Fastlane, she was dominated by Nia Jax for the majority of the bout until she pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a roll-up that turned into a bridge. It's now only a matter of time before Sasha gets back in the title picture.

9. Rusev Got Buried

Handsome Rusev has managed to get even more handsome with his new haircut. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save him from THREE chokeslams by Big Show, which brings up the question - what did Rusev do to deserve this?

Rusev doesn't seem to be in the good graces of WWE creative who have gone out of their way to make him look bad in recent times. He has shown to be entertaining in the ring, as well as on the mic, but he's in dire need of better booking.

8. Last Hurrah For Big Show 

If you believe the latest news, it seems as if the showdown between Big Show and Shaq won't be taking place at WrestleMania, much to the dismay of all three fans who were looking forward to it. At Fastlane, Big Show followed up his impressive showing against Braun Strowman on Raw with a dominant victory against Rusev.

It seems like Big Show is preparing for a final run in the WWE, having recently gotten in the best shape of his life. The fans have gotten behind him in recent times, as seen during tonight's match. Of course, it also helps that he hasn't turned heel..........yet.

7. Strowman Hot Streak Ends

It's not that we didn't expect it to happen, we were just hoping it wouldn't come at the hands of Roman Reigns. Strowman's hot streak is no more after tonight as Roman Reigns pinned him, following a spear to put him away.

What's next for The Monster Among Men? His feud with Roman Reigns will most likely not carry over to WrestleMania. In the past few months, Strowman has made a believer out of his biggest doubters, and his momentum shouldn't slow down after his loss at Fastlane.

6. Roman Reigns Still Dominates


Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns is here to stay. After pinning Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns is likely headed for an even bigger challenge at WrestleMania 33, with The Undertaker being his rumored opponent.

The two had a face-off during the Royal Rumble, but nothing is official as of now. The fans may not like it, but WWE will not give up on Roman Reigns anytime soon.

5. Undefeated PPV Streak Is No More

Why wait until WrestleMania to end Charlotte's streak when you could just do it at Fastlane? It would have made more sense to have Bayley retain her title via disqualification, but alas, Charlotte's undefeated pay-per-view streak has officially come to an end.

WWE had been building up the streak for a while, so most fans didn't expect it to end at Fastlane. But of course, WWE does love to surprise the fans from time to time, as we experienced with another famous streak. In all fairness, we would've probably still been complaining had Bayley lost the title so soon after she won it.

4. All Streaks Must Come To An End


Braun Strowman, Charlotte and Nia Jax don't have many things in common, but one thing they do after tonight is that their streaks came to an end at Fastlane. The Nia Jax streak wasn't particularly hyped up as the other two, although it was still mentioned by Michael Cole.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's streak was ended by Bayley as it turns to 16-1. As for Strowman's unbeaten streak, Roman Reigns was the one to hand him the loss. Needless to say, Fastlane will be an event to forget for these three competitors.

3. Another Squash Match

Kevin Owens has been running the show since last summer, but his tricks weren't enough to overcome Goldberg. After defeating Brock Lesnar in one-minute and twenty-six seconds at Survivor Series, and eliminating him quickly from the Royal Rumble, Goldberg is back at it again as he finished off the longest-reigning Universal Champion with ease.

It's understandable as Goldberg is 50 years old and has never been known to have long matches, but most fans were hoping this wouldn't be the case at Fastlane.

2. Best Friends Face Off

Weeks after the "Festival Of Friends" took a turn for the worse, Chris Jericho returned at WWE Fastlane to distract Kevin Owens, who had been wasting time to avoid fighting his challenger in Bill Goldberg.

Owens lost the Universal Championship and the former best friends will not be making amends. While it's not official, the two will most likely face off at WrestleMania 33, which should surely steal the show. Ideally, in a different universe, the Universal Championship would have been on the line.

1. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar For The Universal Title At WrestleMania 33


What's more exciting than two underwhelming bouts between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar? A third rematch for the WWE Universal Championship! The two met at Wrestlemania XX for the first time with Goldberg coming out on top.

Twelve years later, they would meet again at Survior Series as Goldberg once again defeated Lesnar, this time in one-minute and twenty-six seconds. At WrestleMania 33, Lesnar will have the chance to win the biggest match of them all as he goes against Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship.

Braun Strowman Vs. Brock Lesnar Set For Crown Jewel In Light of Reigns' Absence

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