15 HUGE Takeaways From WWE Hell In A Cell 2017

We're on the Highway to Hell (in a Cell) as the much-anticipated PPV featuring WWE's most demonic structure makes its way to our screens. The violence got cranked up to 10 and there was a sense of excitement rarely felt nowadays as we witnessed many more memorable Hell In A Cell moments.

What did The New Day and The Usos do in the first ever Hell in a Cell tag team title match? Did AJ walk out as US Champion? What about Natalya and her Women's Title? Most importantly, KO takes on Shane McMahon in what will surely be a hellacious matchup.

With two Hell in a Cell matches in one night, read on and share your opinions on our takeaways from WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV.

15. Ain't No Stopping Him Now... On The Pre Show

It's great to see Shelton Benjamin back in the WWE, but it would be nice to see him used better than he has thus far. Sure, it gives Chad Gable something to do and they'll most likely be the next challengers for the SmackDown tag team titles, but he's a recognizable enough name that should be on the main card and not stuck in the mediocre tag division.

At least he and Gable got the win, so all complaints are minor. Also, what happened to the supposed split between Mojo and Ryder? Looks like we'll still be getting hype!

14. Welcome To The Uso Penitentiary 

In one of the more entertaining Hell in a Cell matches you'll ever see, The Usos became 5-time tag team champions when they defeated their arch-nemeses, The New Day, in an absolute classic. There were unique, creative spots, awesome usage of weapons and just a clever match layout filled with anger and a sense of importance. These two teams have produced gold every time they've stepped in the ring together, and this match was no different. They can fight each other forever and we wouldn't complain! (Not that we want them to... be original WWE!)

13. What Do You Do With The New Day?

The New Day lost their tag titles to The Usos at Hell in a Cell, and one has to wonder where they go from here. Do they finally break up? Does Big E get his much anticipated singles run?

Don't worry, New Day fans, because if the rumors are to be believed, not only will the team stay together, they'll be getting even MORE gold in the future... just hopefully not against The Usos. You see, Vince McMahon is apparently so eager to rewrite tag team history, that the New Day's longest title reign won't be the only record they'll hold; no, they will also break the record for most tag team title regins, which is curently held by The Dudley Boyz at 8.

12. Rusev Should Be In Jinder Mahal's Spot Right Now

@rusevig and @randyorton are face-to-face and ready for action! #HIAC

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Before this sudden interest to promote the WWE in India (which isn't really proving successful, by the way), Rusev was scheduled to face off against Randy Orton for the WWE title. Vince McMahon then changed his mind, and decided to rush the ascension of Jinder Mahal to the WWE promised land. And since there can only be one evil foreign gimmick in the title scene, Rusev got stuck with the short straw.

What is that short straw, you ask? Jobbing to Cena and Orton, over and over again. Handsome Rusev is one of the more entertaining characters on SmackDown, so obviously he gets fed to the charisma-vacuum that is The Viper.

11. Pulp Fashion!

Say what you will about the WWE's juvenile humor, but when it gets done properly by talented performers, it can be absolute gold. We're not quite sure where the Fashion Files fit into that, but hey, they can be pretty darn entertaining. Although they won't ever lead to anyhting significant, it keeps Tyler Breeze and Fandango somewhat relevant, and those two guys definitely deserve it. And hey, we get some bonus Ascension. That's exciting - said no one, ever.

10. Adding Tye Dillinger To The US Title Match Was The Right Call

10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! And yes, if you counted them, they're ten 10s.

The US Championship match was given a major boost when it added The Perfect 10. Not that AJ Styles can ever be boring to watch, but Baron Corbin isn't the most exciting of opponents, especially when we've seen it a bunch before. Tye added that much more to the match, playing perfectly into the ending - get the title off AJ without making him look bad. And most importantly, he got a PPV pay cheque. Good work for everyone involved.

9. The Lone Wolf Tastes Gold

He may have been the laughing stock of the WWE whn he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and lost in idotic fashion, but look at The Lone Wolf now. Baron Corbin won his first WWE title when he beat AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger.

Although they may have soured on him for the WWE title, Corbin is still a pet project of McMahon's, so it's only a matter of when, not if he goes on to bigger things. It all starts with a US title reign.

8. The Queen Gets Her Derriere Kicked

I'll be the first to say it, I absolutely hate DQ finishes at PPVs. The finish to the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship match was... not terrible. The feud will obviously continue cause of Natalya's cheap DQ win, and I must commend the WWE for portraying their champion as absolutely dominant. Nattie womanhandled Charlotte throughout their match, making The Queen seem unworthy. Whether or not this leads to a new character arc for Charlotte (a heel turn, perhaps?), we're excited to see where the SmackDown's Women's division goes.

Speaking of...

7. Where Was Mrs. Money In The Bank?!

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There's no reason to force the Carmella Money in the Bank cash in, especially at a B-PPV. Such a monumental event should take place on a major PPV. With all the tension with Charlotte and Natalya in the past few weeks, a Carmella appearance would have been welcome. No, no need to tease the cash-in every time the champ is in a match, but some psychological warfare would have been much appreciated. Oh well.

6. Always Great Promo Work From WWE

Let's not beat around the bush: the Nakamura-Jinder Mahal feud has been garbage. There, it's been said. The Mahal experiment is over, and everyone wants Jinder to be hindered. We were hoping for Nakamura to be our savior, but alas, he's not a questionably big dude with bacne. Instead, it deteriorated to cringeworthy segments filled with lame, racist jokes. Nothing could have saved the build up to this match.

Enter WWE's video team. The promos these guys make are absolutely fnatastic. I still didn't want to see the match, but man did they try hard and made it seem like a legitimate. big-feel fight.

5. Watching Jinder Mahal Beat Shinsuke Nakamura Hurts... Every... Time

To follow up on all the bad taste the previous entry left in our collective wrestling mouth, here's some more Jinder hate!

One of the reasons absolutely no one was excited for this match was the fact the outcome was never in doubt. With WWE set to tour India in December, there would be no reason to not have the title on Jinder while they visit his "homeland". No one likes it - but it just makes sense. It's ill-timed and ill-advised, but Jinder is most likely gonna start the new year with the title.

Back to the PPV; having already seen this outcome at SummerSlam, it sucked to have to see it again... especially when you totally expect it. All hope is lost...

4. Glorious Bathroom Break

That. Entrance.

Whether you think he's overrated as a wrestler or not, no one can deny the greatness - no, wait, the GLORIOUSNESS that is Bobby Roode's entrance. No, onto the match.

It was there; not great, far from terrible, placed in the dreaded spot right before the main event: the bathroom break. Roode rightfully won against the gimmick-less (i.e. jobber) Ziggler (while holding the tights - heel turn, anyone?), but the feud must continue with the post-match beatdown.

3. " Take A Good Look At Daddy!!!!"

You've heard it before, and it bears repeating: KO is gold. He is absolutely fantastic at what he does, from his wrestling to his promos. His passion and intensity when it comes to keeping kayfabe alive is amazing - he's just so good at it.

Case in point: during the Hell in a Cell match, his beats up father Shane in front of his wife and kids from the inside of the demonic structure, yelling "Take A Good Look At Daddy!" while doing the Shane shuffle.

Sometimes, it's all about the little things...

2. "Let's Go Owens" - "Shane O' Mac"

What has @samizayn done?! @shanemcmahonwwe @ko_fightowensfight #HIAC

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From the cannonball through the table to the always-fun-to-see Coast To Coast, these two guys gave it their all. They kicked each other's butts, and the fans let it be known with great duelling chants. Better yet, while we know of Shane's popularity, it's good to see the WWE Universe show the respct KO rightfully deserves.

A special mention has to go out to these two crazy SOBs who fought on top of the cell for a considerable amount of time. Every move was amplified, and it was done to perfection. Kudos to both men.


6-2 Sami Zayn Helps Kevin Owens Defeat Shane McMahon

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In something very few saw coming, Samy freakin' Zayn saved his long-time buddy/rival KO from the iconic Shane O' Mac shoot-my-body-off-some-place-high elbow drop. He then dragged KO's body over Shane's, covering him for the 3 count and the win.

Why did Zayn help out his frienemy? Did he have a change of heart? What brought upon this swerve? All we can say is... WHO CARES?! SAMI ZAYN IS GETTING PPV MAIN EVENT TIME! Bring on SmackDown for some answers!

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