15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Survivor Series

So here we are, with Bragging Rights, um, I mean Survivor Series now in the books. The night's advertised theme was all about brand warfare and fantasy becoming reality.

We saw RAW dominate the night early, with wins from both the RAW women and RAW tag teams. They also managed to retain the Cruserweight division, while SmackDown held onto the Intercontinental Championship. However the biggest brand battle of the night saw the blue brand come out victorious. How will the outcomes of these matches affect both shows going forward?

And in a rematch 12 years in the making, (although until six weeks ago, none of us really cared to see it), Lesnar and Goldberg faced each other in one of the most shocking outcomes to any wrestling match we've ever seen.

What does this all mean? Read on and find out our top 15 takeaways from Survivor Series.

@megatjp, @noamdar and @richswannofficial do battle in six-man tag team action NEXT on @wwenetwork.

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The WWE decided to throw in a second cruiserweight match in addition to the Kalisto/Brian Kendrick match later in the night. Noam Dar, Rich Swann, and TJ Perkins got the win over Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak after Swann beat Daivari with a 450 splash. Overall, this didn't do much in advertising the cruiserweights. 

#LukeHarper goes head to head with #Kane NOW on @wwenetwork! #SurvivorSeries

Luke Harper was thrown onto the pre-show in a match with Kane, and in a puzzling booking decision, Kane picked up the victory. It was Kane's 18th appearance at Survivor Series, but did he really need the win here? Perhaps the WWE was acting on the heels of Kane's reunion with The Undertaker following SmackDown 900, but once again a Wyatt family member falls short on a PPV card.

@thenikkibella may be unable to compete as #WWE medical staff and @natbynature check on her condition backstage at #SurvivorSeries.

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As Nikki Bella was set to make her entrance, she was shown backstage, having been attacked from behind and ruled out of the match. Coach Natalya stepped in for the women's SmackDown team and you wonder why. Was this so Natalya could perform in front of the Canadian crowd?

In all likelihood, this was to further the feud between Carmella and Nikki Bella, but perhaps we're going to be swerved and it was in fact to set up a feud between Natalya and Nikki.

Team #Raw @charlottewwe, @ashasebera_danabrooke, @niajaxwwe, @itsmebayley, @thefoxxyone and @sashabankswwe kick off #SurvivorSeries!

Well, let's see, Bayley and Charlotte are the survivors for Team RAW and then Charlotte attacks Bayley after the match. I wonder where this is going...

It's pretty well known by this point that Vince McMahon is not a big fan of Sasha Banks (why the hell was she eliminated so early?!) so we'll have to hope he's at least a Bayley supporter. We know he LOVES Charlotte, as her PPV winning streak has now been extended in 2016. She's still undefeated in PPV singles matches.

Bayley ended up getting the decisive pin for Team RAW so that's a good sign for her going forward. With a complete contrast in characters, a Bayley/Charlotte feud should be very intriguing.

The #ItCouple look to keep the #ICTitle on #SDLive as @mikethemiz goes head to head with #SamiZayn with @marysemizanin by his side. #SurvivorSeries

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Sami Zayn had Miz wrapped in a Figure Four, and with Zayn seemingly set to win, Maryse rang the ringside bell, fooling Zayn into thinking he won, only for Miz to sneak up and win with a rollup.

I get that you had to find a way for Miz to win dirty being the heel, but did the bell really have to be a factor AGAIN at Survivor Series. This only begs the question further as to why Ziggler lost the Intercontinental title so soon after winning it at No Mercy. Is there more to come in the Ziggler/Miz feud?

Team #SDLive is ready for battle! ?

Oh yay, another match all about brand 'bragging rights'. Yes there are matches where there's just too much going on at once. A 10-on-10 match isn't exactly something we're used to. I realize it was done back in '87 and '88, so maybe this was just playing into Survivor Series nostalgia.

The WWE went a little too far with this 'brand warfare' theme and hopefully next year, we get something more like a tag team turmoil for each brand. While the match between the five RAW tag teams and the five SmackDown tag teams was fun, there really wasn't anything at stake. Hopefully the WWE cools it on the whole 'RAW vs. SmackDown' thing next year. We don't want another Bragging Rights, do we?

10 teams entered, but only one duo stood tall at the end. @wwecesaro and @wwesheamus were the lone survivors for #TeamRaw!

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Okay, the whole 'odd pairing' tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro is getting a little old. While Cesaro's as great as ever and Sheamus is, well Sheamus, Cesaro really deserves more than this. In any event, the WWE threw a curveball in the Tag-Team Survivor Series match, as The New Day was the first RAW team to be eliminated.

It was a nice touch for Cesaro to win the match for Team RAW with the Sharpshooter, always a guaranteed Canadian crowd pleaser. With Cesaro and Sheamus as the survivors, they're fully entrenched as the emerging no.1 contenders to New Day. Hopefully New Day breaks Demolition's tag title record (they would tie it on Monday, December 12).

I have a funny feeling Cesaro and Sheamus will dethrone New Day at Roadblock on December 18, after New Day has broken the record for the longest tag title reign in WWE.

@baroncorbinwwe shows no remorse for his vicious attack on @kalistowwe. #SurvivorSeries

The possibility of the Cruiserweight Division shifting to SmackDown was exciting, as that's the show where the division became famous in WWE, but no, there just had to be a Baron Corbin run-in. While there was an established feud between Kalisto and Baron Corbin, it's a huge buzzkill that Kalisto will remain out of the Cruiserweight division and will instead have to keep feuding with *shudder* Baron Corbin.

Following the match SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan confronted Corbin and said he'd deal with him on Tuesday, whatever that means.

You can call this...VINTAGE @ShaneMcMahon! Did he just take out @BraunStrowman?! #SurvivorSeries

— WWE (@WWE) November 21, 2016

Okay, so for most of the night, RAW owned Survivor Series, as they took the women's and tag-team Survivor Series matches and managed to keep the Cruiserweight division. All SmackDown had was a cheap screwjob win by The Miz.

So now, with all deck stacked against SmackDown, captain Shane McMahon led his team to victory. With rumors amounting of a possible Shane McMahon vs. Brock Lesnar match, this very well could have been a way to give Shane O'Mac momentum before meeting The Beast, presumably at WrestleMania.

Sure, Shane didn't survive the match, but he went out in style, taking the spear from Roman Reigns when going coast to coast. Classic Shane O'Mac.


Okay WWE, we get it, you want to paint the picture of Team Red vs Team Blue, but by God, did we have to see this shot in EVERY match? We saw the confrontations on RAW and SmackDown, we got the staredown prior to the match, and yet we had to get another one DURING the match?

This seems like the equivalent of everyone pointing to the WrestleMania sign around Royal Rumble time. Okay, I'm done venting about this trivial matter.


Uh-oh, there may now be a wedge between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, our favorite duo. During the RAW vs. SmackDown elimination match, Owens got himself disqualified by using the List of Jericho as a weapon. With Jericho distracted by the broken list, Orton hit him with an RKO to eliminate Y2J, much to the displeasure of the Canadian crowd.

Sure, Owens used the list as a way to help save Jericho from a beating, but how will Jericho take the fact that his best friend took the list apart? We may be overthinking this, but we're all worried about these friends splitting up.

It was a little confusing as to why the babyface would be the one in this match to let his ego get the better of him and cost his team a major elimination. Ambrose was the first man eliminated from Team SmackDown and we've seen heels do this at Survivor Series when in similar spots, but it was weird to see the face do it.

It was cool to see The Shield reunite for a brief moment, but it's still strange booking for a babyface to nearly cost his team the match for his own selfish reasons. Speaking of The Shield...


The stars are aligned for this to happen. All three members of The Shield are now babyfaces and the crowd goes nuts whenever there is any glimpse of them in the ring together. While Ambrose is on SmackDown, while Rollins and Reigns are on RAW, a simple brand switch can happen.

As repercussions for his actions, maybe Shane and Daniel Bryan trade Ambrose to RAW, setting up a reunion... Okay, maybe that scenario is a pipe dream, but given how the crowd seems to be behind the idea, I wouldn't bet against this happening some day. Hey, the crowd would actually cheer Roman Reigns in this scenario, so WWE could get behind it, right?

#BrockLesnar moments before his match against @goldberg95 at #SurvivorSeries! #WWE

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Needless to say, this was just about the most shocking ending you could ask for. The same man who has been breaking arms, breaking backs and dominating the entire WWE roster, the man who ended The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMana, just got SQUASHED by the returning Goldberg.

After a storyline revolving around a 12-year wait for a Goldberg/Lesnar rematch, we got a classic Goldberg squash, taking Lesnar out in two minutes. Perhaps that's why Paul Heyman was bragging all weekend that Brock would win in under two minutes. 

Instead of picking all this apart, I'll just go ahead and enjoy a bit of nostalgia in seeing a classic Goldberg match.

Who's next? We'll find out NEXT at #WWE #SurvivorSeries. The main event is about to begin on the @wwenetwork! #MegaMatch

Well, we saw a match that was billed as Goldberg's last, as he kept saying the last few weeks, that it was all about one last ass kicking and one chance for his family to see him wrestle. And what his son saw was two spears and a jackhammer for a quick win.

This makes you wonder if this really was Goldberg's last match as he said, or if WWE feels they can get more from Goldberg. Did they really bring him back just for that?

My guess would be we see a Lesnar/Goldberg rubber match at WrestleMania where Brock finally gets his win over Goldberg or Goldberg gets a new opponent, perhaps John Cena or The Undertaker.

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