15 Inappropriate Moments You Didn't Notice In WWE

Not much gets by WWE fans. Those who have watched the product for years know that there is a kind of rhythm to WWE’s show that the staff sticks to regularly. Hey, you try coming up with decades of scripted entertainment without occasionally dipping back into

the same well. That’s why WWE fans tend to notice when the company does something shocking or inappropriate. These moments are not only pretty entertaining in their own right, but they stand out amongst a flurry of the same old things. Most of the time, that’s why these moments are thought of as the best in company history.

Sometimes, though, even the most loyal of WWE fans miss out on these moments. Sometimes, WWE and its performers do such a good job of hiding these moments that you almost need to be willing to watch them a second time and do a little digging in order to understand what happened at all. Once you do understand the kind of content that WWE sneaks into their programming every week...well, you really start to appreciate that the shocking moments you know about are just the tip of the iceberg. These are the 15 inappropriate moments you didn’t notice in WWE.

15 Layla Groped Most of the Female Roster

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It’s inevitable that wrestlers are occasionally going to feel each other up while they’re in the ring. You try doing a safe bodyslam without putting your hand somewhere it wouldn’t usually be. However, there are some wrestlers that take this...privilege a bit too far. The most notorious of those wrestlers is most certainly Layla. If you don’t remember, Layla was a pretty mediocre in-ring performer who also happened to be incredibly attractive.

She had a fondness for groping her fellow female performers whenever possible. You might remember that she was the one who pulled down Rosa Mendes’ shorts. She was also the one who enthusiastically tapped out by spanking AJ Lee. Layla’s favorite move, though, was grabbing another wrestler’s breasts while going in for a pin.

14 Yokozuna Relieved Himself During Matches With Bret Hart

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There’s a code of ethics that you follow as a professional wrestler that goes well beyond groping. The first obviously involves ensuring the safety of your opponent. If they can’t trust you to protect them, then you’re not going to make it very far. However, there are certain other codes that wrestlers don’t really talk about that often. Of course, that’s mostly because they probably thought they don’t have to mention it. Yokozuna was a big violator of one of those codes. He had a habit of relieving himself mid-match and forcing his opponents to deal with it. Bret Hart was the biggest recipient of these “accidents.” In fact, you’ve probably watched some of their most famous matches and not realized that Yokozuna was giving Hart the Banzai drop with a load in his tights.

13 Vince McMahon Drops an F-Bomb on Television

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Shane McMahon’s return to the company was leaked shortly before he appeared on Raw, but it still managed to come as a shock to just about everyone. There was something special about seeing Shane McMahon take to the ring one more time. There was something really special about watching him share the stage with Vince McMahon again. There’s a very good chance that Vince himself got pretty excited by the prospect of working with his son again, because he happened to drop a very rare “F-bomb” while speaking with Shane in the ring.

Now, the USA censors did a great job of bleeping it and some people didn’t even really catch that Vince had just said what he said. However, the live reports confirmed that he dropped the mother of non-PG words during a live show.

12 Big Cass References Seth Rollins Leaked Pics

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It’s getting harder and harder for a wrestler to go off script. WWE has enforced some pretty strict regulations on performers over the years that have prevented them from really messing with the writer’s words too much. The best way to sneak in something unapproved is to make the executives question whether you said anything inappropriate at all.

Consider a recent promo involving Big Cass, Seth Rollins, and other members of the Raw roster. During the promo, Cass noted to Rollins that “size does matter.” This seemingly innocent comment caused Rollins to break character a bit. It’s believed that this line was a reference to some leaked Rollins nude pics that featured Rollins' privates at full attention. It seems that Cass wasn’t that impressed with what he saw.

11 Matt Hardy Name Drops Ring of Honor During WWE TV

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It’s hard not to feel like WWE dropped the ball in regards to the Matt Hardy/Edge feud. They seemed hesitant to really dive into the real-life animosity between Edge and Matt Hardy. While the matches Edge and Matt Hardy had weren’t exactly the best of the year, the earliest days of this feud were admittedly interesting. Shortly after Matt Hardy’s WWE release, the company had him make run-in appearances during live shows.

During one of these “off script” appearances, Matt Hardy actually name-dropped Ring of Honor in a kind of overlooked moment. Years later, CM Punk would draw a lot of attention for doing the same thing during his pipe bomb promo, but Hardy actually beat him to the punch by talking about the competition on WWE television.

10 JBL Does An Illegal Salute in Germany

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To be fair, you probably didn’t notice this moment because it never actually aired on WWE television. However, this shocking moment eventually made the rounds via a piece of fan footage. The incident in question occurred around 2004 during the later years of JBL’s in-ring career. While on a European tour - which always seems to be a source of trouble for the WWE personnel - JBL decided to get a little cheap heat in Germany. To do so, he decided to goose-step across the apron while raising his hand in a manner similar to the Nazi salute. Not only was the move itself a childish way to draw attention, but it is actually illegal to actually do what he did in Germany in the manner in which he did it.

9 Jerry Lawler Calls Out WWE’s Podcast Policy On-Air

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The odds are good that there is a large number of inside jokes said during every major WWE broadcast that we don’t know about. That’s why they’re inside jokes. Sometimes, though, a WWE star does us the courtesy of cluing us into the fact that something a little off-script was just uttered. That’s what happened a few years ago when JR tweeted about some kind of inside joke that the announcers made during an episode of Raw.

It seems that Jerry Lawler made a comment about appearing on Steve Austin’s podcast. When asked by the announcers what other podcasts he’d been on, Lawler quietly said “just the one.” The line was in reference to WWE’s policies which prohibited talent from appearing on other outside podcasts. However, most talent tended to ignore that rule.

8 WWE Covers Up CM Punk’s Face With Sticky Notes

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CM Punk and WWE executives had an...interesting relationship. We’re not entirely sure we’d call it hostile, but it was clear that the two sides often disagreed. These disagreements often led to some hostile discussions. We know that Punk certainly didn’t leave WWE on the best terms, but if you really want to appreciate how messy their break-up was, just watch WWE’s most recent Ultimate Warrior documentary. During that documentary, we see Warrior walking around WWE’s offices. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice several posters around the offices that seem to have a sticky note on them. Those sticky notes are all being used to cover CM Punk’s face. We’re not sure why WWE wouldn’t just take those down, but covering them out of spite does seem like something Vince McMahon would totally do.

7 AJ Lee Compares Nikki Bella to an STD

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This is one of those moments that happened on WWE television, but it happened so fast that you might not have caught it. Back in 2015, the Bella Twins were starting to be pushed as serious threats in the women’s division. Some people felt that their push was undeserved. It seems one of those people was fellow female performer, AJ Lee. During a live promo, Lee made a quick reference to Nikki Bella and sexually transmitted diseases. While some people thought she was accusing Nikki of having an STD, that’s not actually the case. What she was really saying is that Nikki was like an STD in that she only existed because she was sleeping with John Cena. Inappropriate or not, that is a quality burn.

6 Seth Rollins Threatens to Murder Edge

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This is another one of those moments that happened in plain view of the camera, but wasn’t really caught by everyone. During Seth Rollins’ brilliant initial heel run, he happened to run afoul of John Cena. In order to goad Cena, Rollins decided to beat down WWE Hall of Fame superstar Edge. Cena came out to defend Edge, but was cut off by Rollins and his goons. While Big Show held Edge’s head down, Rollins got Cena to agree to reinstate The Authority, who Cena's team had forced out of power a month earlier at Survivor Series.

Rollins then threatened to do the curb stomp on Edge. Before that, though, Rollins briefly informed Cena that he’s going to “kill Edge anyway.”It had been years since a WWE star straight up threatened to murder someone else. We’re guessing that nobody in the back approved that particular line.

5 Matt Hardy Admits to Killing Jeff Hardy’s Dog

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The Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy feud is another one of those feuds that WWE really dropped the ball on. This epic confrontation between brothers should have been a personal - yet epic - encounter build upon years of animosity and jealousy. Instead, it became clear that the writers ran out of ideas fairly early on. If you need proof of that accusation, simply watch the time that Matt Hardy “admitted” to burning Jeff’s house down.

See, Jeff’s house actually did burn down around the time of their feud. WWE decided to work this into the storyline by implying that Matt Hardy started the fire. As dumb as that is, the whole story was made that much worse by the implication that Matt had killed Jeff’s dog in the process. That’s some really bad Attitude Era level storytelling.

4 WWE Slips Some Childish Jokes Into the Slammy Credits

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Back in 1987, WWE hosted the second Slammy Awards. Much like it is now, the Slammy Awards were little more than a way for WWE to advance some ongoing storylines and create new ones. This particular edition of the ceremony is fondly remembered for being particularly ridiculous. It even featured Vince McMahon performing a song and dance number. However, the highlight of that particular evening happened during the credits.

Since WWE basically presented the show as a parody of real award programs, they decided to create fake credits. For instance, the evening’s director was “Kaye Fabe” (a reference to professional wrestling kayfabe). The choreography was done by “Anita Mann.” It was all very childish, but some have criticized the writers of these joke names for focusing on jokes directed at women.

3 Gorilla Monsoon Mocks Terry Garvin’s Homosexuality

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Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, announcer Gorilla Monsoon would typically reference something called the Terry Garvin school of defense. He rarely did this during big matches, but was fond of dropping that line during TV bouts. It probably seemed innocent to most viewers, but it was anything but. See, Garvin was an open homosexual at a time when being an open homosexual was looked down on in the wrestling business. Of course, Garvin was later a part of some serious molestation accusations regarding WWE personnel. Monsoon’s school of defense line seemed to be a reference to Garvin’s homosexuality. That would certainly explain why Monsoon usually dropped the line in regards to a wrestler’s “rear defense.” WWE has certainly tried to cover up these little quips.

2 Randy Orton Repeatedly Calls Kofi Kingston Stupid

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Back in 2010, Kofi Kingston enjoyed a brief singles push. WWE felt he was the perfect “mid-year” foil for Randy Orton during Orton’s deranged man run. Kingston certainly got over with fans, but it felt like the push ended before it really began. Nobody knew why at the time, but looking back, it seems it had something to do with an episode of Raw that saw Kingston and Orton square off. During that match, Orton hit Kingston with an RKO and started calling Kingston “stupid.” It seemed like a character moment, but it was really a bit of unprofessionalism on both men’s parts. The rumor is that Kofi wasn’t in the right position to receive a punt from Orton. Orton was forced to change the plans and decided to verbally assault Kofi for his mistakes.

1 Dean Ambrose: The “T***y Master”

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Dean Ambrose is one of the best performers in WWE. He may not always get the chance to show his skills off, but the guy just understands how the business works. He’s also a bit of a wild card when it comes to sticking to the script. For instance, you may recall that Ambrose used to write some things on his taped fists and wrists. One time, he even wrote the words “ti*** master” on the tape. This seemingly random event actually has a backstory. It seems that Dean Ambrose fought Big E quite a bit during one of WWE’s European tours. Because Big E is a guy that is pretty ample in the chest area, the boys started to refer to Ambrose as the ti**y master. Some online fans, though, have come up with other reasons for this message.

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