15 Incredible Things Triple H And Kane Have In Common

Triple H and Kane are two of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. Both men had problems in the early-going to get their careers on track. But as the company launched into the Attitude Era, Kane and

Triple H and Kane are two of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. Both men had problems in the early-going to get their careers on track. But as the company launched into the Attitude Era, Kane and Triple H changed the direction of the promotion with their epic character changes.

Triple H's vulgar faction of D-Generation X made wrestling fans forget about the New World Order in WCW, which would lead to their downfall and cement WWE's victory in the Monday Night War. Meanwhile, Kane's Big Red Machine gimmick led to a storied career, namely with a partnership and rivalry with The Undertaker. Both men have gone on to win multiple WWE Championships and have surely done their parts to ensure they make the WWE Hall of Fame some day.

The two men have had completely different characters, but as history shows, they've followed similar paths throughout their WWE careers. Here is a look at 15 amazing similarities between The Game and Kane.

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15 Employed by WWE for 20 Years


Kane and Triple H both struggled to win over fan popularity in their wrestling careers. Triple H went by a French aristocrat named Jean-Paul Levesque. Kane was an evil minded dentist named Isaac Yankem, whose entrance theme composed of that cringe-worthy dentist drill. He also had a gig as Fake Diesel, where he looked like and mimicked every move made by the old Diesel (Kevin Nash) who went to WCW.

Alas, it's worked out well for both guys. Kane has used his Big Red Machine gig for nearly two decades now, which has surely led him to a future spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. As for Triple H, he joined the WWE 20 years ago. As we'll dive into later, he's been able to reinvent himself over-and-over again.

14 Were Members of The Authority


The Authority was one of the few storylines/factions that worked out so well in the PG Era. Some debate whether or not they ended it at the right time, or if they deserved to go on longer. Nonetheless, it helped Triple H play the evil boss character with his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Shortly after the 2013 edition of Hell in a Cell, Kane turned bad guy and joined The Authority. For two years, he was one of their henchmen who came out to fight any one who went against them. They made him their Director of Operations, a role he would eventually lose in a match stipulation against Seth Rollins.

This helped Kane turn babyface, where he's stayed on since. Both Triple H and Kane had nice runs in The Authority, but both wrestlers have unclear futures now when it comes to the ring. That's life when you're in your mid-40s.

13 Engaged in Epic Promos with Jim Ross Backstage

During a 1999 promo, Triple H went on a rant with Jim Ross. Triple H discussed among other things how he was held back (thanks to the MSG Curtain Call) within the company. The promo was laced with obscenities as Triple H got a lot off his chest. That was one of the more memorable Triple H promos that cemented him as one of the company's top heels.

As for Kane? Well, we all know that he has been part of some very controversial storylines that would never make the PG Era today. But one of his backstage segments with JR was quite gruesome. During the July 14, 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw, Kane tormented JR backstage and lit him on fire, until officials came and put it out.

Two famous promos done by two similar men.

12 Starred in WWE Studio Films


As we all know, WWE Superstars are simply actors and athletes. They are simply acting out as characters, following scripted storylines and matches. However, it's too easy to get lost in the world of WWE and view it as a completely real-life show going on. But WWE Studios helps you see these wrestlers as actors from a completely different angle.

WWE Studios has produced a number of movies as means to promote their own wrestlers' as actors. All of the main stars have starred in at least one, but Triple H and Kane have found themselves in multiple films. Kane starred in See No Evil and See No Evil 2. Triple H starred in The Chaperone and Inside Out.

Hopefully, we can see these two legends in more films. They actually do a better job than John Cena in The Marine.

11 Brutalized Shawn Michaels

After forming the D-Generation X faction and changing the landscape of WWE, Shawn Michaels had to retire to nurse back injuries while fighting through drug and alcohol addictions. Triple H tore his quad and missed a significant portion of time in 2001. But when both men were back at it in 2002, an epic feud arose.

In a 2002 segment, Triple H smashed Michaels' face through a car window, setting a stage for a match at SummerSlam that HBK would win. But Kane also had his own plan of brutalizing The Heartbreak Kid. On a 2004 edition of Monday Night Raw, Kane put Michaels' neck on a steel chair and stomped on it, forcing blood to gash out of his mouth. I remember being nine years old and thinking it was a real storyline, wondering why people were doing such horrible things. Michaels would return weeks later to beat him at Unforgiven 2004.

10 Inside a HIAC with Both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker At Same Time


Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker faced off in the very first Hell in a Cell match at the 1997 edition of Badd Blood. Kane made his debut under his current gimmick we both know today and attacked The Undertaker, helping Michaels pin The Phenom for the victory. As such, Kane was inside a Hell in a Cell ring while Michaels and The Undertaker faced off.

Triple H would face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII inside a Hell in a Cell. Michaels was the special guest referee. With the streak on the line, Undertaker prevailed and kept his perfect WrestleMania record in tact.

It's somewhat a random fact, but Kane and Triple H are the only two wrestlers that have been inside a cell when Michaels and The Undertaker were there as well.

9 Contributed to the Rise of Daniel Bryan


It's a shame that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan had to retire so early. It didn't take long for the five-feet-eight star to come out of nowhere and become the company's new babyface. But hey, we have to celebrate the fact there's a legend of Daniel Bryan to cherish in the first place.

Daniel Bryan can thank Triple H and Kane for helping him get over. The Big Red Machine formed Team Hell No with him in 2012, where they would hold the WWE Tag Team Championship until Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated them, ending a 245-day reign as champs.

Meanwhile, Triple H cut the B+ promo that shaped the legacy of Bryan. He cut a promo calling Bryan a B+ wrestler and challenged him to prove his worth. Dave Scherer of claimed that Vince McMahon saw him as a B+ wrestler and didn't plan to keep pushing him.

Bryan relished the B+ angle, building a huge underdog character off of it and being the face of WWE until his untimely retirement nearly a year ago.

8 Members of The Corporation


While most people remember the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin and D-Generation X in the Attitude Era, some overlook The Corporation. This was one of the most iconic villainous factions in the history of WWE. It consisted of the McMahon family, The Rock, and of course Triple H and Kane.

Kane was part of the group, but only because WWE blackmailed him into it. Triple H was originally with DX. But at WrestleMania XV, he turned on his alliance and helped Shane McMahon (part of The Corporation,) win the European Championship. Triple H kicked Kane out of the group that night and embarked on an allegiance with The Corporation.

Though Kane didn't have many great moments with The Corporation, Triple H sure did. And it all started when he forced Kane out of the group, who would feud with the group afterwards.

7 Underrated Stars of The Attitude Era


Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock emerged as the two main stars of The Attitude Era. Austin's beer-drinking, rule-breaking, kiss-stealing (wait, that's Ric Flair!) and Rock's epic trash-talking big-shot characters got over the crowd right away. Fans look at them as the guys who turned WWE into the top wrestling promotion in the world once and for all.

People also attribute the Attitude Era's success to the introduction of Mr. McMahon, the evil WWE Chairman. The Undertaker's emergence is also another key factor in helping the WWE topple WCW for good. But what about Kane and Triple H? Those guys had some success as well.

Kane's Brothers of Destruction alliance with The Undertaker (along with their rivalry) formed one of the more memorable feuds of the '90s. People shouldn't forget Triple H as the leader of DX, or his storyline relationship with Stephanie McMahon. He too deserves credit for the rise of the Attitude Era.

6 Faced The Undertaker at Multiple WrestleManias


As we talked about earlier, The Undertaker's legacy was set when he became an icon on WrestleMania. Thanks to the efforts of Kane and Triple H, The Streak became synonymous in WWE lore and added more to the legend of a man they call The Undertaker.

Kane faced Triple H at WrestleMania XIV in Boston, where The Deadman beat him in a 17-minute match. The two would face off again at WrestleMania XX, where 'Taker finished him off in just 7:45 at Madison Square Garden.

But Triple H got to face The Undertaker three times at WrestleMania. Their first bout on The Grandest Stage of Them All took place at WrestleMania X-Seven, where The Undertaker beat The Game in part one of their 'Mania rivalry. The two would face off 10 years later at WrestleMania XXVII, but 'Taker beat him in a No Holds Barred match.

Finally, they faced off the following year with Shawn Michaels acting as the special guest referee inside a Hell in a Cell. In one of the greatest matches ever witnessed, Undertaker pinned him in a match that lasted 30:50, moving to 20-0.

5 Share Dishonor of 2002 Worst Feud of the Year


Triple H suffered a career-threatening injury when he tore his quad in 2001. He missed the entire Invasion angle, which was a huge disappointment for wrestling fans. But the worst part about missing that was this ridiculously gross feud the WWE put him and Kane in during the year 2002.

You see, Kane and Triple H pretended they despised each other, like all wrestlers do. But Triple H revealed a story (keyfabe) that Kane's girlfriend Katie Vick had died in a car accident where The Big Red Machine was driving. Triple H then tried to mock Kane by wearing his attire and having sex with a mannequin of Katie in a coffin.

To the surprise of nobody, this segment was far from hilarious. It's incredibly gross to think Vince McMahon gave them the green light on this. Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Triple H and Kane's feud as the worst feud of 2002. And rightfully so.

4 Grand Slam Champions


The Grand Slam Champion definition was coined by Shawn Michaels in the '90s when he won every active championship. Over the years, the WWE has changed the definition. As of now, a Grand Slam Champion is a person who has won the WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, United States ,and Tag Team Championships.

Triple H became the second member of the luxurious club, when he and Shawn Michaels (as DX) won the tag team championships. His first title was the Intercontinental Championship, won in 1996. Kane became the third person to join the Grand Slam Club. He won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010 and became the WWE Tag Team Champion in 2011 with Big Show.

There are 12 men who have are part of the club, but The Cerebral Assassin and Kane were among the pioneers of becoming Grand Slam champions.

3 Have Appeared at Over 15 WrestleManias 


Triple H has had quite a storied career in the WWE, but his nine wins against his 11 losses at WrestleMania will loom large over this man's head. He's been in a number of memorable matches. No doubt The Game has had his WrestleMania moments. He has faced The Undertaker at three WrestleManias, as we pointed out. He'd lose his World Championship to Chris Benoit at WrestleMania XX and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32. He fought Sting at WrestleMania 31. The list of Triple H 'Mania bouts goes on.

Kane hasn't had the greatest amounts of WrestleMania moments, but he's been there over 15 times. Aside from his two losses to The Undertaker,  he also beat Raven at WrestleMania X-Seven to win the Hardcore Championship, lost to Kurt Angle at WrestleMania X8, and won the ECW Championship at WrestleMania XXIV. In that match, he beat Chavo Guerrero in 11 seconds - a WrestleMania record.

And there's no doubt these two men will keep competing in more WrestleManias until their bodies say no more.

2 Hold Royal Rumble Records


The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting annual traditions in sports entertainment. Men make their legacies and headline WrestleMania each year. Triple H and Kane have wasted absolutely no time setting records and dominating when it matters most.

The Game has the record for longest TOTAL time in Royal Rumble matches, spending 3:59:37 in Rumble matches. But Kane himself has also been a nearly unstoppable force in the Royal Rumble. He's appeared in a total of 19 Royal Rumbles, nut has won none of them. It's still not bad to be in 19 of the 29 to ever take place. Kane also holds the record for most Royal Rumble eliminations ever with 44, if you include the Isaac Yankem character. Quite impressive feats, we must say.

1 Dramatically Shifted Their Characters


A quick rundown of Kane in the WWE, again: He was Isaac Yankem, the creepy and evil dentist who had a joy in torturing his patients. The gimmick was quickly forgotten and he became Fake Diesel, a man who looked exactly like Kevin Nash. And yeah, it was a horrible gimmick that made no sense.

In 1997, Kane began his feud with The Undertaker and emerged as The Big Red Machine that terrorized his opponents in a similar way The Phenom would. He's kept that gimmick for two decades, and it's how we'll all remember him. It's the character that will put him in the WWE Hall of Fame.

As for Triple H, remember Jean-Paul Levesque - the French aristocrat? Or the Connecticut Blueblood? Then he became the leader of D-Generation X, the most iconic alliance in WWE history. From there, he became The Game and The Cerebral Assassin. He then became the leader of Evolution, a faction that dominated Raw for three years.

After the group disbanded, he and Shawn Michaels would reform DX. Then Triple H went back as a singles competitor. Then he and HBK reformed DX. Then he was still a main event guy. Then he was co-leader of The Authority. And now you have him showing up once in a while as he builds up NXT.

Well done by both men. They found ways to reinvent themselves, only Triple H had plenty of success with multiple characters. Not just one.

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15 Incredible Things Triple H And Kane Have In Common