15 Infamous Wrestling Mistresses: Where Are They Now?

WWE's creative writers work long and hard to establish some of the most controversial storylines on WWE TV when they could easily pick up tips from the talent since the real controversy happens backstage in the company.

Superstars often end up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it is revealed that they were caught cheating on their wives or husbands with a female wrestler that they have become close to while out on the road.

Wrestling is perhaps one of the hardest jobs in the world. It is impossible to do it full time without a lot of travelling and when a Superstar is signed to WWE, they are on the road for up to 300 days a year. This can leave them quite lonely and in need of someone who often turns out to be their partner, but sometimes, it isn't.

The stories of people like John Cena. Kurt Angle, Batista or even Seth Rollins in recent years all cheating on their loved ones have become public knowledge and while their careers have continued despite this, what happened to the women that they cheated with?

The following list looks at the mistresses of these wrestlers and where their careers went after perhaps one of the biggest mistake they ever made.

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16 Maria

via pwpnation.com

The former WWE Diva and participant in the Raw Diva Search left quite the impression during her short time with WWE. Maria was never the most talented wrestler at that time, but what she lacked in ring skill she made up for in personality.

Maria was mostly known as a backstage interviewer and the real-life girlfriend of CM Punk, but after the couple broke up Maria had a fling with John Cena, who was already married at the time. Since then Maria has made a name for herself as 'The First Lady' of both Ring of Honor and TNA and has recently married her long time boyfriend 'The Miracle' Mike Bennett. So it seems that things are going quite well for the former WWE star.

15 Mickie James

via wrestling-edge.com

Mickie James is one of the most famous WWE mistresses of all time because she was the reason that John Cena's first marriage ended so abruptly and is the reason that he won't be getting married again. Mickie was engaged to fellow WWE star Kenny Dykstra at the time as well and it also cost her the relationship with him.

Mickie left WWE not long after the controversy took place and has since moved over to TNA to become the first woman to hold the TNA, Women's, and Divas Champions on both wrestling platforms. She has recently returned to WWE and signed a new contract with the company earlier this week to return to wrestle on a full-time basis on the SmackDown Live brand in 2017.

14 Sunny

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Sunny was considered to have been the first ever WWE Diva and she set the tone for many of the women who came after her. The issue was the fact that she couldn't maintain a level of dignity after she left the company. While she was with WWE there were rumors that Sunny and Bret Hart were fooling around behind his wife's back and there was also a story about Sunny and Shawn Michaels.

She has made a lot of wrestling site news recently because of her latest health issues and problems with authority. Sunny's method of employment has also been questionable since she left WWE and it is something that has forced WWE to question whether or not she should ever have gone into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sunny has also entered the world of adult film.

13 Michelle McCool

The former Divas Champion and the current wife of WWE legend The Undertaker, Michelle McCool had been friends with 'The Deadman' for many years. But following the breakdown of his marriage to Sara back in 2006 it was said that he had began seeing Michelle before his divorce was finalized. Which would classify Michelle as a mistress.

Michelle went on to marry The Undertaker in 2010 and they welcomed their first child, The Undertaker's fourth just two years later. Michelle was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and was forced to have holes cut out of her skin to save her life. She hasn't been seen by the WWE Universe for a while but was recently at ringside with their daughter and you can bet she will be around for The Undertaker's WrestleMania push.

12 Melina

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Another former WWE Women's Champion and another one of the best-known mistresses in WWE history, Melina was part of a storyline with MNM as Batista and she tried to convince 'The Anima'l to not face her tag team on SmackDown that week by seducing him in a backstage segment. That was said to have started a real life fling between Melina and the married Superstar.

This caused a major problem in Melina's relationship with John Morrison as well (although the couple remained together for a few more years before finally calling it quits). She went on to leave the company a few years later and is currently plying her trade in the UK Independent wrestling scene where she is the reigning Queen of Southside Wrestling.

11 AJ Lee

via wrestlingnews.co

The former WWE Divas Champion retired from WWE back in 2015 following a successful yet brief WWE career. It was thought that AJ retired from WWE after all of the problems that followed her real life husband CM Punk were placed on her and caused her some real issues backstage with people in the company.

When AJ and Punk first began dating it is believed that he was still in a relationship with Lita and actually cheated on her with AJ at one point as well. This could well just be a rumour to add to more negativity around CM Punk, or it could well be true. More recently AJ Lee has announced that she has written an autobiography entitled 'Crazy Is My Superpower' that is out in April next year. AJ has also been supporting her husband in his UFC career.

10 Lita

via wwe.com

When it comes to love triangles and controversy in relationships for WWE, Lita was always going to get a mention. The former four-time Women's Champion became part of one of the biggest real-life storylines a decade ago when it was revealed that she had cheated on her boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge.

Edge was also married at the time, and this then caused his relationship to break down. The trio managed to get past this and continue to perform together, but all three have since left WWE. Lita returned to the company as an analysis on pre-shows on the WWE Network, but it is said that the WWE Hall of Famer has now left the company once again. Who knows what the future holds for Lita and the WWE.

9 Zahra Schreiber

via caws.ws

One of the most recent mistresses and one that then gained a lot of attention thanks to the fact that she was the reason Seth Rollins engagement to longtime girlfriend Leighla Schultz didn't work out. The leaked images on Social Media were just the tip of the iceberg and Rollins and Zahra Schrieber actually continued to date for a time after their scandal was exposed.

It was revealed in February this year that Seth and Zahra had split and given that Zahra had been fired by WWE many months earlier, it was said that the former NXT Superstar was working on the Independent wrestling scene earlier in 2016. Rollins has obviously continued to work for WWE despite his personal life being leaked to the WWE Universe.


7 Beth Phoenix

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Beth Phoenix is a former Divas and Women's Champion in her own right, but she makes this list thanks to a fling that she had with married Superstar John Cena. At the same time as many other women but Beth also cheated on a married woman. Her fling with Cena was said to have been a short one as well.

Luckily Beth has managed to move on from Cena since she left WWE and has recently married WWE Hall of Famer Edge. The two stars had already welcomed two children before they announced their marriage on Edge's birthday back in October. There have been many rumours about Beth Phoenix making a return to WWE, but Beth is still yet to state her actual future intentions.

6 Paige

via youtube.com

The Inaugural NXT Women's Champion and youngest ever Divas Champion has had a shocking 2016 after being suspended by WWE twice. One of those times was on her Birthday. She has also been linked with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, who has been married the entire time the couple has been together. The couple recently became engaged at a live event in Puerto Rico, that was said to have not been sanctioned by WWE.

Technically Paige and Del Rio have cheated on his wife the entire time they have been together because Del Rio is still filing for divorce. Paige recently underwent neck surgery and has been rehabbing ahead of a WWE return. Her suspension is up now and she can return to WWE in a non-wrestling capacity at any point now.

5 Terri Runnels

via wwe.com

Terri became another female wrestler who aired her laundry in public after years of being part of both a real-life and on-screen couple with Goldust. Terri was put in a storyline with Shawn Stasiak and it seemed that the two stars had good chemistry. This was rumored to have been because they were a couple backstage as well.

This caused problems for Goldust and Terri and forced a bitter divorce between the duo. Terri was recently seen at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier this year. She has been working with children since she left WWE many years ago. There has been no word on Terri and a possible role in WWE but you never know when they offers are made and one could be extended to Terri at some point.

4 Jacqueline

via heartbreakers.me

There are many rumours circulating around Jacqueline and the fact that she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year has made many of the rumours public knowledge. It is said that while she was part of WWE Jacqueline was passed around Superstars backstage and was the 'go-to person' for sex for many stars at that time.

Kurt Angle was one of the mentioned names along with many others. As already stated, Jacqueline was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year and enjoyed her time in the spotlight before she has disappeared from public view once again. As it stands right now, Jacqueline has not been offered any sort of role with WWE aside from the Hall of Fame induction.

3 Velvet Sky

via velvetskysass.tumblr.com

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were one of those couples who were together for a very long time behind the scenes in TNA and everyone thought that they suited each other. That was until Sky began moving towards Bubba Ray Dudley. Sabin didn't find out about the fling until the last minute and it seemed Sky had already made her intentions clear at this point.

Dudley and Sky then became an actual couple and Sabin was booked badly by TNA for the next few months before he left the company. Velvet Sky left TNA earlier this year when she was put in a match with her career on the line and she lost. Since then she has been linked with a move over to WWE.

2 Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams is a former WWE Superstar and came in through the company by way of the WWE Diva Search. But it's her time in TNA that brings her onto this list. Brooke began dating resident jobber Robbie E a few years ago while he was still married to his wife. Shockingly Robbie then left his wife to be with Brooke before then breaking up with the TNA Knockout to re-marry his wife.

Brooke has more recently left TNA and became involved with personal trainer Weston Wayne. Brooke gave birth to the couple's first child in September this year, a baby boy named Jace. What a strange process for this mistress and her affair with Robbie E. Hopefully, somebody learned something from all of this.

1 Victoria

via youtube.com

Kenny Doane shared a lot of stories about John Cena and his time on the road following his WWE release after he blamed Cena for the breakdown of his relationship with Mickie James. Kenny shared the story that Victoria had also cheated on her significant other with Cena while the duo were both on the road.

Victoria admitted that she had a fling with Cena but she said that she was separated from her husband at the time, which is questionable, to say the least. Victoria has more recently gone into the restaurant business since her wrestling career ended but was said to have left her restaurant with her husband and friend when she moved back to California in 2015.

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