15 Infamous WWE Storylines That Went WAY Too Far

Back in the old days, storylines had very little to do with wrestling. The idea back then was to outmaneuver your opponents shoulders to the mat, pin him and walk away knowing the fans got to see two guys find out who was better. Nothing was scripted, nothing was choreographed and there certainly were no storylines. Some may call this boring, some may respect it, some may like it, but no matter how you feel, it's safe to say the days of this style of wrestling are long gone.

While wrestling holds like the Greco-Roman knuckle lock, the bear hug and the suplex are still a prominent part of today's style of wrestling, it's obvious that things have changed drastically. For one, using weapons in wrestling matches are just as common as Broadcast Journalist, Micheal Cole saying "oh my". Then there's the fact that storylines are now a thing... and they have been for an extremely long time. While over the years the WWE has created some pretty amazing angles, that definitely isn't the case all the time. In many cases, some storylines flat out sucked. One that comes to mind is the recent storyline about Jason Jordan being the biological son of Kurt Angle.

I know that example was kind of a no-brainer. I could probably write an entire top 15 on why the angle is a complete disaster. Instead, I'm just going to take the high road and save that list for another day at another time. For now, let's just stick to 15 WWE Storylines That Went Too Far.

15 Big Boss Man vs. Big Show


Ah, the good old late 90s. At that time, it was OK for WWE programming to be dark, crude, edgy and risque. One specific superstar who embodied the attitude era would have to be Ray Traylor, known to most as The Big Boss Man. Want an example of just how cold-hearted and ruthless Boss Man was during that time? Then look no further than his feud in 1999 with The Big Show, who was the current WWE Champion at the time. Not only did Boss Man write a poem mocking the death of Big Show's father, but he stooped even lower than that by interrupting a funeral for Show's father, suckering the world's largest athlete in with a seriously distasteful proposal for his mom to "go out with a man like him". Obviously, this upset The Big Show. Although Show was ready to defend the honor of his mom and dad,  Boss Man had other plans and ran him over with his car. He then tied a chain around the coffin of The Big Show's deceased father, with the other end tied around Boss Man's car. After that, he proceeded to drag the coffin. Yes, I know it's scripted, but was all this really necessary?

14 Kane, Lita, Snitsky & A Child

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OK, so this storyline/feud was a little bizarre. Well, maybe a lot more than just a little. Let's start with the fact that Lita and Kane at the time were husband and wife. During their wedding, Lita states that she will always love Matt Hardy. This is because she's being forced against her will to marry the big red monster and... obviously doesn't want to. For anyone wondering, Kane won a match against Hardy at SummerSlam that year. The winner got to marry Lita. Well, fast forward some months later. Lita and Kane are expecting a child. Kane seems to have grown on Lita. Because, yeah. Then, a man named Gene Snitsky hits Kane in the back with a steel chair. Lita just so happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, Kane falls on top of her while she's pregnant and I'm sure you know where this is going. I'm sure some would argue that this is good TV, but yeah, no.

13 The Katie Vick Storyline


Kane and Triple have battled each other many times during their careers in WWE. There was the whole Brothers of Destruction vs the Power Trip angle, which also involved The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, they had a feud a couple years prior to that in 1999 which was centered around Chyna being the love interest of Kane only for her to betray him and rejoin DX. For this list, however, I wanted to discuss their feud in 2002. At the time, Kane was Intercontinental Champion, Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion, both titles were set to be on the line at the 2002 No Mercy Pay Per View event and it seemed like no one cared. It didn't seem like it had anything to do with the match itself, or anything. It just seemed like the titles were overshadowed by Katie Vick and the fact that Kane accidentally killed Vick. Triple H used this accident to try and get in Kane's head so that he would have an advantage during their match. Things went too far when Triple H dressed up as Kane and "raped" Katie Vick's dead body. To see a grown man dressed up as another grown man and then proceed to have sex with what looked to be dummy was both sad and pretty darn hilarious at the same time.

12 Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus

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Before Trish Stratus became a record-setting 7 Women's Champion and before she played a huge part in changing the fans perceive females in wrestling, she was Vince McMahon's arm candy. Go figure. Anyway, after a few months of helping Vince humiliate his own wife Linda McMahon. Vince would eventually turn on Stratus. This led to Stratus being the one that was humiliated and embarrassed. Things got really ugly when Vince forced stratus to bark like a dog. If you have no idea on earth what I'm talking about and you're interested in looking at the segment on Youtube, good luck trying to watch without hearing some background music or other distractions. I will say that if you have watched it, you probably won't find it sexy. You'll probably wish you never saw it, to be honest. The good news is, Stratus did get some revenge at WrestleMania 17 when she gave Vince a well-deserved slap across the head. Then there was that time shortly after that where Vince thought he was going to get a stink face from Stratus but instead got one from Rikishi. Can you say nostalgia?

11 Jinder Mahal Makes Fun Of Shinsuke Nakamura


Next up is a more recent angle. During the summer, Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal began to feud over the WWE Championship. The first encounter was at SummerSlam. Multiple people thought that the match sucked. After that, the two continued to feud and Nakamura got a second chance at Hell in a Cell. Many people thought that the match sucked. Mahal is still WWE Champion as we speak. Many people aren't with this. In the weeks leading up to the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, Mahal made things personal with Nakamura by making fun of him. You know, making fun of his facial expressions, mocking him, etc. Many wrestling fans thought that Mahal was being racist and this was a cheap way to get heel heat and I totally agree. Oh, I didn't forget to leave out The Singh Brothers playing the part of Mahal's flunkies to perfection. Seriously, what more proof do you need to prove that this got way out of hand other than the fact the fans in attendance were chanting, "that's too far".

10 Vince McMahon & His War With God

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So here's how everything went down. The storyline was pretty interesting at first. It starts with Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon exchanging some words about Brett Hart and the Montreal screw job, Michaels states that people ask him if he had to screw Hart over again, would he go through with it. Michaels states that he would, but thinks that McMahon should let the past go and move. McMahon threatens to screw HBK, much like he did Brett Hart at the 1997  Survivor Series event. Michaels takes off his suit jacket, possibly ready to fight McMahon. The two have a brief standoff but nothing happens. By the time WrestleMania 22 rolls around Michaels/McMahon becomes official. McMahon enters WrestleMania looking like he's 30 years younger and leaves a bloodied, battered, defeated man. In other words, HBK beats the crap out of his boss. Sounds good so far, but this next part is where it gets bad. Mcmahon is convinced that Michaels had some help from God in order to defeat him. So at Backlash, we get to witness a tag team match. Mcmahon, along with his son Shane vs. Shawn Michaels and God. This is the part where I stop writing about this entry and question humanity.

9 Tim White Wants To Take His Own Life


Who remembers Tim White? Well, just in case you don't, he worked as a ref for the WWE for multiple years. During a high profile Hell in a Cell match featuring Triple H and Chris Jericho, White, unfortunately, suffered a shoulder injury. The hook was that White was depressed because he could no longer referee a match because of his shoulder injury. Three years later, in the year 2005 white began appearing in several backstage segments where he tries to kill himself. Growing up as a child, every time I watched these segments, I couldn't help but feel depressed. I mean the guy hung himself, then there were the segments about him trying to kill himself with rat poison, suffocation, electrocution, etc. It wasn't fun to watch, but I will say that Tim White is one heck of an actor. As a kid, I truly believed that this was real. Which is saying something... OK, so maybe I lied about that last part. Anyway, the storyline comes to an end when White invites Josh Mathews to The Friendly Tap because apparently, he was no longer depressed. There's this ultra corny bit where Mathews and White are getting drunk and having a good time doing ridiculous things. White pulls out a shotgun and "kills" Josh Mathews because Mathews wanted to see the shotgun.

8 Stephanie McMahon Vs. Her Father


Making his third appearance on this list is none other than the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon, who in the year 2003 at WWE's No Mercy Pay Per View, went head to head with his daughter Stephanie McMahon. Some would say this was a genius idea and what better way could you get someone to hate you than to show what kind of despicable human being you can be to your own flesh and blood. What sucks, even more, is that unlike previous entries that featured Vince on this list, this one doesn't have much of a happy ending. After being assaulted by the likes of The Big Show, A-Train, and Brock Lesnar, Stephanie faces her dad at the pay per view and looses. The way the match ended made me want to cry as a kid and I have no shame in saying that. Since this was an I quit match, the only way for someone to win would be by quitting. While Stephanie never said the words "I quit" even when being chocked out with a steel pipe, her mother Linda McMahon threw a towel in the ring to end to end the match

7 Randy Orton's Despicable Remarks About Eddie Guerrero


I'll be the first to admit that Orton was an entertaining heel during his run on Smackdown from 2005 to 2006. One example would have to be his feud with the Undertaker in 2005. Although The Deadman kept his streak alive at WrestleMania 21, he lost to Orton at SummerSlam due to interference from Cowboy Bob Orton. The final chapter in the feud ending at Armageddon that year. A moment from that time period that should have been erased was right after Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble and Orton told Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero was in hell. This was done to goad Mysterio into a match at No Way Out for Mysterio's championship opportunity at WrestleMania. As you probably know, Mysterio faced off against Orton at the Pay Per View and lost. Although Mysterio was defeated at No Way Out, the match ended up becoming a triple threat, which Mysterio won.

6 Muhammad Hassan's Terror

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When you think about it, Muhammad Hassan was the perfect heel. He made his TV debut in 2004 during an episode of Monday Night Raw, interrupting Mick Foley. From there he went on to feud with the likes of Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels, and Batista. However, his rise to fame came to an abrupt end when he and The Undertaker squared up. In order to write him off, he received the last ride through the stage, courtesy of the Deadman. If you're wondering, Hassan was written off the script due to the events that happened a few week prior. Teddy Long put The Undertaker in a match against Daivari, which The Undertaker won. After the match, Hassan began to pray and moments later, several masked men appeared and attacked The Undertaker. To make matters worse, just three days after that, the London Bombings happened. It's really interesting because apparently, Hassan was going to take the World Heavyweight Title from Batista, who was the current title holder at the time.

5 Vince McMahon Making Fun Of Jim Ross

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Over the years, Jim Ross has been the butt of many jokes and some pretty embarrassing moments to boot. There was that time where he forced to join the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club by The Undertaker of all people. Then there was the time Triple H beat him up after JR told him exactly what he thought about him. Then there was the time with Michael Cole and the fake pictures that Cole said JR tweeted. You remember, don't you? Anyway, those can all be considered funny or stupid, take your pick. Joking about someone's Bell's Palsey is a different story. This happened and I'm sure you already the man who did it. Yes, that's right, once again it was Vince McMahon. Looking back on it, McMahon and Ross never seemed to be buddies on camera. On one hand, you had the beloved voice of the WWE, who put his heart and soul into every word that came out of his mouth every week. On the other hand, you had the cold-hearted and ruthless businessman Vince McMahon who destroyed lives and got turned on by it.

4 Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand


For anyone who doesn't know, before all the gags and comedy acts that involved Mae Young during the attitude era, she had respectable wrestling career and is WWE Hall of Famer. That being said, during her run with the WWE, especially in the late 90s to early 2000s,  she was involved in some pretty wacky moments. One moment that's definitely a candidate for the weirdest Mae Young attitude era moment would have to be when she gave birth to a hand. Hey, she even had moral support from The Fabulous Moolah, Mark Henry, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson. I give them credit for not making it all that serious, by adding cigars, fart sounds, and tools to the mix. So anyway, long story short, after few moments of trying to get whatever it is in Young out of her body, the doc finally succeeds. Instead of a child, out comes a hand.

3 Pillman's Got A Gun


1996 was a good year for the WWE. For one, it was the year that Stone Cold Steve Austin became more than just stunning, a superstar or a ringmaster. During his feud with Bret Hart, he had an encounter with his longtime tag team partner, Brian Pillman. After talking about Hart's return and their match a future match that would take place at Survivor Series 1996 between The Hitman and The Rattlesnake, Austin attacked Pillman and broke his ankle. This was partially due to the fact that Pillman seemed to favor Hart. Shortly after that, Austin decided to pay an injured Pillman a visit. As Kevin Kelly interviews Pillman, the conversation goes from asking Kelly asking Pillman about an update on his injured ankle to Pillman pulling out a gun while uttering the words "Steve is a deadman walking, because when Austin 3:16 meets Pillman 9 millimeter glock. I'm gonna blast his sorry a** straight to hell!"

2 Booker T and Triple H


So WrestleMania 19 was approaching. It was the year 2003 and Booker T had just won a battle royal for a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania against Triple H. The problem was that Triple H didn't Booker T had the credentials of being a world champion and wrote Booker T off as simply just an entertainer, stating that it was Booker T's job to make people like him laugh. Plus there was the part about Triple H wanting Booker T to dance for him, then a week after that, there was a segment where Ric Flair confronted Booker T and said that he was no Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Triple H. This is important to note because Jordan and Woods are both African American, but done have a history with breaking the law, making this more about Booker T's troubled past than about racism. Still, when someone says they want you to dance for them, talks about your hair being nappy and throws money at you because they want you to get them a towel it makes it hard to believe that the angle wasn't about racism.

1 Everything Val Venis


To make things a bit more specific, I don't mean the Val Venis gimmick shouldn't have happened. On the contrary, it was one of the things that made the attitude era the attitude era. It's safe to say that Val Venis wouldn't be considered acceptable for WWE programming today, but as it's been stated so many times before now, this was a different time. A time where having a pornstar gimmick in the WWE or WWF as it was called back then, was totally acceptable. A time where sexual innuendoes and such were just A-OK. Anyway, what I'm talking about is the angle with Kaientai. Venis, being the ladies man that he was, was having an affair with Shian-Li Tsang AKA Yamaguchi San's wife. For anyone who didn't know, he managed Kaientai, a mid-card wrestling stable with an extremely stereotypical Japanese gimmick. Things got serious when Taka Michinoku turned on Venis in a tag team match and Kaientai attempted to cut Venis' man parts. Apparently, Kaientai didn't get the job done and Venis was "saved" by a little shrinkage and John Wayne Bobbit.

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