15 INSANE Real-Life Stories Of Today's Biggest WWE Stars

The WWE is currently packed with a bunch of talent, with both Raw and Smackdown having their share of amazing wrestlers who elevate the quality of the product. WWE is probably enjoying its busiest schedule in years after going through with the brand extension earlier last year, which is allowing them to give many opportunities to the big names they have in the company right now.

These wrestlers all have their personal sides which not many know about, as they like to keep to themselves most of the time when they are not wrestling. They also have been part of some in-ring or real life experiences which not many fans actually know about, with these stories being absolutely insane to believe. The wrestlers spoke of these incidents in various interviews and podcasts, where they voiced the gravity of how weird and outrageous these experiences were.

The WWE might have a lot of big stars in the company right now but even the biggest stars have been part of some amazing, unbelievable incidents which are almost too surprising to believe. These INSANE stories are definitely unheard of among the WWE fans!

16 Charlotte Was Arrested For Assaulting A Police Officer

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Charlotte is much deservedly the "Queen" of the WWE right now, with the genetically superior athlete being the best female wrestler on the main roster right now. Charlotte has been extremely professional and committed to her work in the past few years, but she has been part of some crazy incidents in the past when she was still only Ric Flair's daughter. Charlotte was actually part of a shocking arrest back in 2008 when concerned neighbors had called the police after they heard Charlotte and her then boyfriend had a fight with Ric Flair. Charlotte was later arrested for assaulting the police officer who had come to handle the situation, for which she was initially given a 45 days prison time. But after serving a $200 fine and probation, she was let go by the authorities as this insane story shows how derailed her life was before WWE.

15 Roman Reigns Got His Private Parts Grabbed During Original Entrance

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Roman Reigns has remained a controversial figure amongst the WWE fans, his latest transgression retiring The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, with the Big Dog now ruling over his yard. Reigns originally came through the crowd in his Shield days, which gave a unique feel to his entrances. But he has stopped doing it for about a year now and he spoke to Chris Jericho on his podcast about it. Reigns stated that he stopped doing it because of some incidents where he got his junk grabbed by the fans in Europe. He also got his rear grabbed at places which made it really uncomfortable for him to stay in character, as this insane story shows how desperate a few individuals can be. Reigns has received some hate for ditching his entrance through the crowd, but you can understand his lack of desire to go through with that after some shocking experiences.

14 Cesaro Had A Cooking Show On Youtube Before WWE

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Cesaro is known to be a man of many interests, with the Swiss Superman stating in many interviews about how he has many hobbies outside wrestling time and time again. But probably the most surprising hobby of his is cooking and he loves to show off his cooking too. Cesaro decided to display his amazing cooking when he was still known as "Claudio Castagnoli" in his Independent days and even started a cooking show called "Claudio's Cafe" in the WWE. He uploaded some episodes of him giving cooking lessons and showing the lip-smacking cooking he does in his personal time. This was obviously discarded after he joined WWE, but this crazy story goes onto show just how insanely talented Cesaro is and the variety of things he can actually do!

13 The Miz Was Kicked Out Of The Locker Room

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The Miz is currently one of the best heels in the WWE, with the A-lister enjoying an amazing 2016 in Smackdown Live! and getting the promotion to Raw a few months earlier. The Miz might act like he's one of the hot-shots of the WWE locker room right now, but he wasn't really so "awesome" when he initially arrived in the WWE. The Miz revealed of an outrageous story where he was kicked out of the locker room for six months! He was apparently eating chicken over a guy's bag (allegedly Chris Benoit) and that ticked Benoit off. The Miz was banned from the locker room for all those months and he had to take a shower and change in a completely different room which he had to find for himself, as this shows the insane hazing incidents which take place in WWE.

12 Dean Ambrose Set Up Wrestling Rings As A Teenager

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Dean Ambrose might be one of WWE's crazier guys, but the Lunatic Fringe is also one of the most hard-working wrestlers in the company right now. Ambrose has clawed his way to the top of the WWE in the past few years, but things weren't always so lavish for him. Before he could become a WWE Superstar, Ambrose had to work his way to becoming a known wrestler in the Independent circuit. The start of his Indy career also came at a price, as Ambrose had to show promoters what he was made off. So before he was even 18, Ambrose would take an interest in wrestling and would assemble and disassemble wrestling rings before and after events. He also worked at concession stands selling food and merchandise, as he has an insane story of becoming a wrestler and this shows just how passionate and hard-working he has remained.

11 Samoa Joe Wasn't Assured Of Main Roster Spot Upon Joining NXT

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Samoa Joe has been a destructive element for WWE ever since joining the main roster, with "The Destroyer" living up to his name in the past few months. Joe had an amazing time at NXT, where he was treated really well and became a 2-Time NXT Champion as well as getting a lot of popularity because of his work. Joe spoke on his main roster call on Chris Jericho's podcast "Talk is Jericho" recently, where he revealed a really surprising story. Joe recalled that when he became a part of NXT, he got word from the WWE higher-ups that he shouldn't expect a main roster call and that he was only hired for NXT. It was only after his massive success did WWE budge in on bringing him to the main roster, where he's been destroying people ever since.

10 Sami Zayn Made A Fool Of Himself In A Guns N' Roses Concert

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Sami Zayn is a really happy-go-lucky guy in the WWE, with his sweet nature almost forcing you to root for him to succeed. Zayn has had a rocky path on the main roster so far after winning the NXT Championship at NXT, but his talent assures him much success down the road. Zayn also seems to have a crazy, wild side outside the company and once spoke of an insane story during a Guns N' Roses concert he attended. Zayn got backstage passes for the concert and met the band's guitarist Bumblefoot who asked him if he played the guitar and told him to "go for it". Zayn later ended up on the edge of the stage dancing to their songs, but was later pulled back by security and asked to "cool off the dancing" as he ended up acting like a complete geek in front of Guns N' Roses.

9 John Cena Pooped His Pants During A Match

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John Cena might have slowly transitioned into a part-timer in the WWE over the past year or so, but he's still considered as a top guy for the company where he has served so well for over a decade. The 16 time World Champion is a guy who is admired for his work-ethic in the WWE, but even someone like Cena has some shocking real-life stories to reveal and he did tell of one such incident on an episode of Total Divas a few years ago. Cena stated about how he pooped his pants during a match in a live event. He apparently had food poisoning and went through with the match despite not feeling well and ended up embarrassing himself by pooping his pants. One cannot imagine of this disgusting incident but this shows how even the best superstars have some sort of an insane real life story to tell.



8 Kevin Owens Learned English From Jim Ross' Commentary

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Kevin Owens might be "The Face of America" right now as the United States Champion, but everyone knows that Owens is a Canadian superstar for whom English is not the primary language. Owens barely knew English while growing up as a kid, but started to learn the language once he got addicted to WWE and specifically to Jim Ross' commentary. Owens spoke in an interview years ago where he said that he loved listening to Ross' commentary while growing up and he'd understand much of the English language through that commentary. He used Jim Ross' terminology as a kid and became interested in learning more about English because of Jim Ross, who was a massive influence for Owens' amazing mic skills right now. So when Kevin Owens says that English isn't his primary language, he doesn't really lie as this insane story shows his determination into becoming the complete pro wrestler.

7 Jeff Hardy Once Wrestled Under The Influence

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Jeff Hardy has returned to the WWE after almost a decade of leaving the company, but he wasn't released by the WWE for his poor performances. Hardy was too addicted to the wrong kind of drugs at the time because of which WWE released him, with the exciting superstar ending up in TNA. He slotted right into the main event scene for TNA, but his drug problems wasn't resolved at the company either. This resulted in a disastrous story in 2011, when Jeff Hardy was scheduled to face Sting for the TNA World Championship at their "Victory Road" PPV. Hardy came out looking absolutely out of it, as he was drugged out of his mind. Sting quickly ended the match as the fans were shocked at what had transpired and this was a wake up call for Jeff who then quit on drugs and slowly got his life back in order.

6 Randy Orton Received A Bad Conduct Discharge From The U.S. Marine Corps

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Randy Orton has now developed into a veteran in the WWE, with the Viper remaining among the company's biggest stars over all these years. Orton recently also won his 13th WWE Championship which he dropped to Jinder Mahal at Backlash. Despite that, Orton remains as one of Vince's favorites in the company for his amazing work over the years. But before he was a WWE superstar, Orton got a bad reputation in the United States Army Forces. Orton volunteered to serve for the US Marine Corps before he was in WWE, but couldn't handle the heat in there. He was court-martialed for disobeying a direct order from a superior officer and spent over a month in military prison. Orton later received a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Marine Corps, which gave him a real black mark and thankfully he struck gold in WWE, or else he would've barely gotten any work.





4 Alexa Bliss Was Once Told She Had 24 Hours To Live

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Alexa Bliss is currently the talk of the WWE's Women's Division, with the wicked witch of WWE enjoying an incredible rise to the top by winning both the Smackdown and Raw Women's Championship in the past year. Bliss might be this evil, hate-able character on-screen but she's actually quite the inspiring person in real life if one knows her life story. Bliss had an awful eating disorder before she had taken up wrestling and this almost killed her. Bliss told ESPN in an interview about how she was told by doctors that she only had 24 hours to live due to her eating disorder. She was diagnosed with bradycardia and made a heroic recovery, as only one of every three people lives from such a condition. Bliss took wrestling as a profession afterward as it paid off and she's reaping the rewards of her hard work over the few years.

3 Finn Balor Cleaned Training Rooms In Japan

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Finn Balor is currently one of the most unique, charismatic superstars in the WWE right now. He looks fantastic, is amazing in the ring and also has a unique persona through his "Demon King" side which everyone loves. Balor has reached the top of the ladder in wrestling but it's been a difficult road to get there. He got much of his fame in Japan, where he went to at the age of 24. He discovered the gravity of unreal training in the Japanese Dojo, where he had to do so much more than just wrestling. Balor spoke of how he had to actually clean and disinfect the training gyms in Japan for almost 3-4 hours a day, which included cleaning ring canvases, the ropes, the floor and even the Air Conditioner as the Japan Dojo made him the warrior he is right now.

2 Brock Lesnar Put A Person "To Sleep" In A Bar

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Brock Lesnar might have become a "lazy part-timer" in the past few years in the WWE, but he's definitely one of the toughest, legitimate wrestlers around in the world. The Universal Champion loves his personal space as he's a bit of a loner who loves a happy, quiet life outside of wrestling. But if someone was to threaten him, he's going to put them down. While talking in an interview years ago, Lesnar spoke about getting into a bar fight years ago. Lesnar was returning from a function and decided to take a few drinks with his friend. But when he reached to get his ordered drinks, he saw that someone else had taken them. He tried to reason with the man but he didn't listen as Brock snatched it from him, but the man tried to hit him afterward but was "put to sleep" by Brock who proved that he's not someone you want to mess with.

1 Bray Wyatt Attended Jury Duty In Character

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Bray Wyatt has remained as one of WWE's most mystical, intriguing characters in the past few years and it's all because of the man's incredible work at perfecting this difficult gimmick. Wyatt opened up about his devotion to the character some-time back in an interview, where he stated that his obsession with the character reached such a level that he went to jury selection as Bray Wyatt. Bray stated that Dusty Rhodes told him to do so in order to become the gimmick - and he did! This insane story just goes onto show the level of dedication this man has, whose previous gimmick of Husky Harris was a total bust, but he recovered from that and came back with one of WWE's most popular and mysterious characters who keeps everyone hooked when he's on-screen.

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