15 Insane WWE Storylines... That Nearly Happened

We all know that the WWE is king when it comes to crazy, insane storylines. I remember as a teen I used to follow the daytime soap, Days of Our Lives, as they embarked on an overly embellished tale about Marlena being possessed by the devil, but they had nothing on the stories that have come forward throughout the decades by WWE creators and Superstars.

We have seen love triangles that sometimes started with real-life affairs that concluded with adult scenes, miscarriages, and baby punts. There have been wars that included blown up limousines and beer trucks driven down the ramp resulting in a beer bath. You name it and the WWE has most likely done it with overdrive spelled in big letters over top of it, but if we have seen everything from kidnapping to old women giving birth to hand's then how insane could the storylines be that never made it because they were too crazy for WWE to follow through with them?

Some of these storylines never made it past a pitch, but were given some serious thought before fortunately being nipped in the bud. Some made it part of the way through before causing a quiet awkward silence or astonishment elicited from fans before being dropped, but here they are, 15 Insane WWE Storylines… That Nearly Happened.

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15 CM Punk's Fake Return

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The first live event in Chicago aired about a month after CM Punk's exit from the WWE and the crowd was in high anticipation of The Best In The World's return. According to a 2015 interview with Wade Barrett done on Chris Jericho's podcast, the original plan was to have Bad News Barrett come out to CM Punk's entrance music and relay some “bad news” to the loyal fans of CM Punk.

The plan was abruptly dropped 30 minutes before because the crowd was already so fired up about Punk that the WWE feared the backlash that would follow, so they instead opted to send Paul Heyman out to the entrance to keep the peace.

Heyman later did an interview explaining how honoring CM Punk's swift departure was one of the easiest promos that he ever had to do. Wade mentioned that the angle would have been hilarious, yet he also admitted it would have been in poor taste. At least WWE realized just how insane this storyline would have been and had the decency to retract the idea.

14 Ric Flair Makes Rocky Balboa Run At 57

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This storyline idea would not have been entirely insane, so much as it might have been insanely boring. Apparently, the idea was for Flair to go on a Rocky Balboa-style run towards the World Championship by coming out of retirement and having one last push for gold.

Ric Flair has said that the storyline was pitched and he loved it, however it never came up again and he had frequently been pushed to the side for going on about a year. I will admit that the Rocky Balboa storyline that was said to have been the idea of Stone Cold would have at least given Ric a good farewell run and maybe they could have let him leave with the title, but it sounds like dropping the story might have been Vince's way of pushing the famed Superstar into retirement.

13 Juan Cena

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In late 2010, John Cena was fired as a stipulation that was in place after Wade Barrett lost in his WWE Championship Title match against Randy Orton. In the match Cena pushed Wade into the final RKO costing Wade both the match and the belt. After getting fired, John Cena's name was changed to Juan Cena for all future live events.

He began having interactions between himself and his Mexican cousin "Juan" via Twitter, who supposedly hired by WWE to fulfil Cena's upcoming commitments to the company. He presented himself as Juan Cena with a mask on similar to ones worn by Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. At the time there were various rumors circulating that WWE felt ticket sales would drop without Cena being present at live vents and that they were possibly testing out the new persona and storyline before using it on the air. It turned out that the Hispanic community was less than happy with the new character and the idea never made it to TV.

12 Hade Vansen, X-Man Mutants & The Undertaker

In 2008, the WWE had hinted at a new feud between Hade Vansen and The Undertaker that never officially made it through. Many people were upset about the storyline being dropped because it could have been insanely good.

Vansen was supposed to be a take on a dark force-like character with Keven Thorn and Black Pain as his sidekicks that would be similar to X-Men mutants. In the plot, Vansen's Mutants were going to come out every week and attack The Undertaker leading up to WrestleMania where Vansen would finish up the storyline by trying to beat the streak. He has never suggested that he was actually going to beat the streak, but there were rumors flying around back then saying that it was a possibility.

Unfortunately, Vince did not believe that it was in the company's best interest to put new talent such as Vansen into what might become a huge storyline, so the idea was pushed to the side and Vansen was eventually let go.

11 The Real Anonymous GM From Monday Night Raw

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I do not think a WWE storyline has been more hated by fans since the Anonymous GM angle. It left people unsure about just where WWE was going with the idea after it had gone on for about a year and then the whole idea just vanished. WWE could have just left things alone, but a year later, the Anonymous GM popped back up only to be revealed as Hornswoggle, which left fans confused and disappointed.

Since then, it has been revealed that Vince never really knew where they were going with the angle, but some ideas put forth by creators had been Kevin Nash, with his reason for hiding behind the laptop being that he was still under contract with TNA at the time. Another possibility had been Triple H and who knows where that would have gone, but there was definitely supposed to be more to the story than Hornswoggle. Even in terms of Hornswoggle, there could've been more. Apparently, he was supposed to take on the persona of a bitter man who resented his fellow wrestlers for not taking him serious enough. When the time came for The Anonymous GM to be revealed, Hornswoggle still was not able to pull the role off, so instead they just revealed it was him leaving us with virtually nothing.

10 Daniel Bryan & The Wyatt's

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Fans were actually a little excited to see The Wyatt Family pull off a kidnapping that actually had something to it when they turned Daniel Bryan in December of 2013. However, after only two weeks, Daniel Bryan had turned on them.

He was back to leading his fans in the now infamous “Yes” chant and everything was back to normal. Apparently, Bryan was booked to remain with the Wyatt's as a heel until WrestleMania before turning his back on his newfound brothers. Instead WWE had to rush the story because of the footage from Michigan State fans using the “YES” chant. While some people were not particularly happy with Bryan being the chosen new member for the group, it still would have been interesting to see Daniel Wyatt and just how far he could have brought them.

9 Goldust's Million Dollar Breast Implants

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When Vince first contacted Dustin Rhodes with his character, they couldn't have realized  how popular the persona of Goldust would become. The idea was questionable to have an ambiguous two-sided personality, but Goldust has mentioned in interviews that he was willing to put 110% into anything given to him. Little did Vince know just how serious he was about keeping his persona up. In fact, after Goldust began to dwindle in the eyes of fans, he pitched the idea about getting real-life breast implants for his character Goldust. He felt that this idea would be so bizarre that everyone would want to see him wrestle and that it would bring his stardom back, along with a huge payoff for the WWE.

After questioning the idea and trying to talk Goldust out of the storyline, the idea was brought to Vince and Goldust suggested that if Vince paid him a million bucks, he would even undergo the surgery live. The whole story is about as insane as it gets, but the worst part is that Vince actually considered the plot before dropping the idea as being too over the top.

8 Charlie Sheen vs Daniel Bryan

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At the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw, Charlie Sheen took to Twitter as an ambassador for the WWE and appeared via Skype several times throughout the episode. During the segments, Sheen talked about how epic the 1,000th episode was and how they might have had a place for him with the stable D-Generation X. He also took time to comment on The Rock's promo on Daniel Bryan and spoke of him having anger problems and mimicked The Rock by calling him an Oompa Loompa. Later, Sheen went as far as calling Daniel Bryan out and it seemed as though the storyline was leading up to a SummerSlam match-up.

In an interview with IGN, Sheen also indicated that it was a strong possibility since at the time he was starring in his new show, Anger Management. Daniel Bryan addressed the dropped angle in his book and it seems as though one of the writers for WWE got a verbal agreement from Sheen and never had a contract written for the deal. Which is more insane? Charlie Sheen against Daniel Bryan or the fact that someone actually relied on Sheen to stick to a verbal agreement?

7 What Happened To GTV?

That is a big question on wrestling forums, as the angle went on for about a year in the late 90s where a black and white security style footage would occasionally pop up showing Superstars backstage in embarrassing situations, such as in the shower or in a bathroom staal. Eventually, the footage just stopped appearing and it seemed as though the angle had been dropped.

There are conflicting stories as to who was supposed to be behind the taping since Goldust has come forward saying that the storyline was meant for him, but he was let go and has tried to bring up the angle since returning, but it has been turned down. On the other hand, you have Chris Jericho, who claims it was meant for Tom Green, but Vince Russo came out with a column later saying that it was meant to be Green TV originally. Then when Vince McMahon actually saw Tom Green's work, he changed it to Goldust TV instead. It doesn't really matter who was behind GTV, though it would have been interesting either way and many would have liked for the WWE to have seen that one through.

6 Dolph Ziggler and Maria Adult Tape

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One of the creative writers for the WWE pitched an insane angle to Dolph Ziggler and Maria back in 2009. Dolph was supposed to be blackmailing Maria, yet they would never directly show what he was blackmailing her with. The plan was to imply that the whole thing was over an adult tape from when they had been an item and that Dolph was threatening to release the tape to Maria's friends and family, but not to fans.

It has been said that the angle was dropped before it ever got started, but most feel that it was most likely due to the new PG theme WWE had taken on. It would have made for an amazing storyline and, at the time, WWE's ratings had dropped, so it seems more insane that it was not at least given a shot. Who knows how things would have turned out.

5 Batista's Anger Issues Finally Addressed

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Did anybody ever wonder why Batista was so angry back in his early years? Well as of 2014, it all began to make sense. In a podcast with Chris Jericho, Batista brought up how his in-ring persona always seemed pissed off about something. Apparently, the original storyline was supposed to be that he never knew who his father was because his father abused his mother, which is how Batista was conceived.

That's right, only WWE could come up with something as twisted as this for a gimmick. I wonder how this insane storyline would have eventually unfolded? Maybe one of Batista's fellow wrestler's would have come forward as the aggressor, thus igniting a huge feud only realizing before the reveal that a vendetta such as this could only be pulled of in the movies. Only WWE knows where this would have eventually led. Can you imagine Ric Flair telling Batista he's the father and following that up with a large WOOOOO.

4 The Blonde B**** Project

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The Blonde B**** Project was yet another of Vince Russo's insane storylines that was in the process of being aired before getting zed and it could have been a good one. Although, when I look back at The Blair Witch Project days and decide to watch it now, it is kind of hard to see what all the hype was about.

The angle was meant to use Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie in a parody of the famous movie meant as a joke on Sable who had left. The filming had been done in the woods at one of the writers' house and the idea was for Blue Meanie to track down Stevie and upon finding him in the basement Meanie would see that Stevie was dressed as Sable, then the cameras would go black.

Of course, Vince McMahon had no idea what or how big The Blair Witch Project was, so when the idea was leaked, Vince saw it and cancelled the airing.

3 Beaver Cleavage

Vince Russo once pitched a gimmick and storyline to Charles “Chaz' Warrington, aka Mosh. His character would be known as Beaver Cleavage and the storyline was to be a WWE parody of Leave It To Beaver, but the entire goal was to inconspicuously lead to him having an incest angle with his mother Mrs. Cleavage, who was really Marianna Komlos and went on to be his on-screen girlfriend.

In the two weeks before being shut down, there were black and white shoots where she would ask Beaver Cleavage if he would like some of “mother's milk” for his cereal. According to Chaz, the storyline was cut short by Vince McMahon (who had originally approved it) following Owen Hart's accident. This was also around the time frame where Sable had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit and many controversial storylines around then got cut. At the time, most thought that he was upset with the gimmick since soon after it was nixed, he stormed out and ridiculed the storyline, but in a later interview he claimed that the walkout was staged and the whole thing would have went over great with fans had it not gotten cut and in those times that was just what sold.

2 Vince McMahon's Death, The Power Struggle, and The Hobo Army

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There were multiple rumors circulating about the 'who killed Vince storyline' from 2007, which was abruptly dropped after the death of Chris Benoit. The story kicked off with Vince being blown up as he got into his limo. Everything was planned out so that the world would really believe Vince was dead, but, instead, he showed up a week later very much alive.

Most of the rumors seem to have been started by a former WWE writer who leaked some information on a radio show. Apparently, Vince frequently changes his mind before and during storylines, some of the first ideas were that he would gather a hobo army while he was assumed to be dead in order to get his company back and he planned on growing out his hair and beard to play the role. In the meantime, there was going to be a power struggle between Stephanie, Shane, and Vince's illegitimate son (who would have turned out to be Mr. Kennedy, not Hornswoggle). To bad thing' happened the way they did because it would have made for an insane storyline.

1 Stephanie McMahon's Baby Daddy

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For some reason, Vince has been really stuck on doing an incest storyline for years and, to make matters worse on this occasion, he was planning to involve not only his daughter, but his granddaughter as well.

When Stephanie was pregnant with her first child, Vince pitched a storyline where he'd be her baby's father. He has pitched the incest card a couple of times before, just not with his own grandchild in the angle. Of course Stephanie turned the idea down immediately only for Vince to pitch the idea again with her brother, Shane, as the father instead, which fortunately she also turned down.

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