15 Insanely Attractive Female Wrestlers WWE Won't Bring Back

There is little chance of the WWE offering them a contract to appear in the ring.

We all know that the word "never" doesn't exactly exist in the world of wrestling. Dream matches that you thought would never happen have taken place. Wrestlers signing with different companies that you thought would never "leave home" have taken place. So what would make a return any different?  In the case of the following insanely (insane may be a little too close to home for a couple of these ladies) attractive female wrestlers, there is little chance of the WWE offering them a contract to appear in the ring, let alone as a interviewer or broadcaster with the company.

For some of these ladies, the writing had been on the wall for a while that it was just a matter of time before Vince was either going to let them go because there was nothing of value for them at the time or they had their own reasons for wanting to leave the company (which is recently becoming a trend). While all of the following fifteen ladies are amazingly gorgeous and there are many more to choose from (Jackie Gayda and Kelly Kelly to name but a few). For some of these ladies being let go or asking for their release may have been a blessing in disguise, while for others the chance to be under the spotlight is something that they will never experience on the grandest wrestling stage ever again.

15 Melina

Despite being a former champion many times over, the amount of heat and drama that Melina caused backstage during her time with the WWE gives Vince McMahon plenty of reasons why she won't be seeing any time on Raw or SmackDown Live anytime soon. When you piss off the list of who's who in the WWE ladies locker room, chances of a return are slim. Add in numerous stories of run-ins with many of the other ladies both new and old as well as causing friction among the men through her various "tag team" partners despite being in a relationship with John Morrison. With her diva-like attitude, Melina's inflated ego quickly equaled receiving a pink slip and best wishes for future endeavors.

14 Aksana


Quick, name one memorable moment that Aksana had during her time with the main WWE roster that did not include some sort of stupid gimmick match or her rolling around the ring in some sort of scantily clad ring attire? You can't can you...thought so. In all honesty, the only thing that Askana did of significance during her tenure under a WWE contract was during her time in FCW as she was both the Queen of FCW and the FCW Divas Champion.

13 Torrie Wilson 

Even Torrie Wilson herself admitted she wasn't the biggest fan of in-ring work during her most prominent WWE run. Wilson loved the entertainment factor, however when it came to the actual wrestling aspect, she didn't get too excited. In the midst of an era that caters to those that want to thrive in the ring, the chances of Wilson returning after making such comments are quite slim.

12 Stacy Keibler


Another one of Vince's hires that basically made the most of every fanboys dreams, Keibler had her fair share of Evening Gown matches, Bra and Panties matches and even the memorable Gravy Bowl match. Funny enough, if you look back on her match history, Keibler ran off four straight Bra and Panties matches and nine of ten in a mix of SmackDown live events and live broadcasts.

11 Maxine


She may have battled main roster names like Kaitlyn, AJ Lee and Tamina, but those matches all took place in NXT, as Maxine never set foot in a Raw or SmackDown ring. Considering that Maxine was part of the development show for nearly two years, one would think that with many of her peers getting a crack at the big time, that the Florida native would as well. Guess again. With no sign of a light at the end of the tunnel, Maxine decided to do what was best for Maxine and not for the WWE by asking for her walking papers.

10 Brandi Rhodes

She never set foot in a WWE ring as a competitor and her popularity is heavily due to her looks and her husband, but who are we to judge. As for a return to the WWE whether it is as a ring announcer, a valet or as a wrestler, chances are based on Cody Rhodes recent comments regarding his success in the independents, that his wife will remain loyally by his side.

9 Ashley Massaro


As one of the many former WWE Divas to grace the pages of Playboy, there are far more NSFW pics of the 2005 Diva Search winner floating around cyberspace. While she had all of the "features" that the WWE was looking for during that time, what she didn't have was a great wrestling ability.

8 Gail Kim

Hmm, six-time Knockouts Champion, Hall of Fame member and recognized as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, or a bit player in a constantly confusing Women's Revolution. Sure her greatest success has come during her run with TNA/Impact/GFW rather than the giant that is the WWE, but real wrestling fans are still more than willing to acknowledge greatness regardless of where it takes place. Even after being released by the WWE in 2004, Kim decided to give the company a second chance (money talks!) in 2008, but found out that nothing much had changed in the way that they had visioned women's wrestling at the time and the plans that they had for Kim.

7 AJ Lee


A former three-time Divas Champion, it would be interesting to see how Lee would fit into the new era of the women's roster. Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, matchups against stars like Charlotte, Sasha and Alexia Bliss are but a pipe dream as CM Punks' wife retired from the ring in the spring of 2015.

6 Rosa Mendes


The only thing that was memorable about Mendes during her run was thewardrobe malfunction on an otherwise forgettable episode of WWE's Main Event. Exposing one of the nicest rumps to be captured on camera during the PG era (or any era for that matter), Mendes had her trunks ripped from her body as she attempted to return to the ring. Considering that she was best known for shaking her booty, either while dancing with Fandango or as the valet for Epico and Primo, Mendes really didn't provide the WWE Universe with anything other than eye candy (not that there is a problem with that).

5 Eva Marie


What "Miss All Red Everything" did during her time with the WWE is anyone's guess other than make a name for herself by pretty much doing absolutely nothing. Kinda like Kim Kardashian, famous for doing nothing but looking hot and acting dumb. Though, like everyone's favorite reality star, Marie had people talking about her and she's making money, so why would she care?

4 Cameron


Unfortunately for the former Funkadactyl, most of her highlights (or lowlights) came outside of the ring. Even after she famously gave a questionable response during her time in the Tough Enough competition, Ariane Andrew was given an opportunity as a valet,dancer and wrestler teaming up with Naomi as the sidekicks to Brodus Clay.

After splitting up and moving on to singles competition, Cameron struggled to find the same success and popularity of her former teammate. With strike two coming against her in 2012 for a police incident, the writing was all but on the wall for Cameron. Strike three came after Cameron was released in the spring of 2016 as she had taken the side of former WWE star Ryback and his comments about the business and pay aspects that the company has towards its talent.

3 Emma


Honestly, getting let go by the WWE is the best thing that could happen to Emma at this point in her career. The only question is, where will she end up? Could a gig with Impact/GFW be in her future, battling for the Knockouts title with names like Gail Kim or current champ Sienna? Anything has to be better than the way that the WWE treated the 28 year old Australian beauty.

2 Christy Hemme


She hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since her final match in a SmackDown loss against Melina back in 2005. However, that doesn't mean that Hemme has been absent from the wrestling world completely. It's been the opposite for the former Diva Search and Playboy pinup. After being let go due to apparent budget cuts - Hemme found success as a member of the TNA lineup for nearly a decade.

While you could never confuse her ring abilities with someone like Charlotte Flair or Gail Kim or even the local development talent at a dirty high school gym, Hemme used her "talent" as the main ring announcer and backstage interviewer for Dixie Carter's company. Throw in a role as part of the creative team (which considering its TNA is pretty damn creative) and Hemme more than made an impact in the wrestling world one way or another.

1 Summer Rae


Could there be a warm front heading into Impact/GFW soon? Could there be an early sign of Summer? Okay, forget the puns.  In all honesty, after just being released, there are numerous rumors and thoughts as to where Summer Rae may make her next appearance. Sure, she had been absent from any sort of WWE programming for over a year mostly due to injury and rehab, but Rae had been healthy and ready to roll for a period of time before being wished all the best at honing her craft elsewhere.

The best thing she did was shake her booty as Fandango's valet, but that storyline was short-lived. Believe it or not it was all downhill from there for the former Lingerie Football League star. Imagine your last major gig was part of a horrid love quartet with Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Lana. Yea, exactly. If those storylines are what Rae is remembered for (other than her looks), why would Vince or Paul ever hire her back?

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