15 Jobbers With Better Mic Skills Than Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is undoubtedly one of Raw's biggest stars and one of Vince McMahon's personal favourites. While Reigns has the generic attributes that has led him to be being one of WWE's highest grossing stars, he has yet to convince all of the WWE Universe that he has earned the right to be one of the faces of Raw and WWE overall. Whenever Reigns cuts a promo, the crowd always meets him with a mixed reception, some love him while others loath him.

WWE has tried to make Reigns look strong, as seen at last year's Royal Rumble when he defended the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Royal Rumble match against 29 Superstars. No matter how hard WWE tries to convince its fans, they still aren't getting behind him. One of the reasons why Reigns cannot connect with the WWE Universe is due to his lack of mic skills. Reigns' promos constantly contain the same structure and purpose–to make him look unstoppable. Reigns' promos often feel rehearsed like he's been told what to say. Could this be why most fans haven't enjoyed his work?

There are so many WWE Superstars who have the natural ability to produce interesting, convincing promos and interviews, but they are mostly used to put other Superstars over. So in this article, we will look at fifteen 'jobbers' who have better and more natural ability on the mic.

15 R-Truth

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R-Truth has always been entertaining and engaging on the mic. He knows how to lift up the WWE Universe and get them standing on their feet, whether he's in the ring or on the mic. R-Truth's promos and interviews have been very natural because he's so charismatic and outgoing. He's out there to have a good time and to create a lightning atmosphere with the WWE Universe.

Many of R-Truth's promos have a comedic element to them so he's not afraid to use that to his advantage. Also, R-Truth is naturally charismatic, the crowd are drawn in whenever he and Goldust are on Raw, although neither of them have been used much in recent times.

14 The Ascension

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The Ascension are rarely ever on TV anymore. When they moved to SmackDown Live, it was thought that they would get more TV time. We hoped that WWE's creative team could give them an interesting storyline but within a matter of weeks, they were quickly made to job to other SmackDown Tag Teams who were getting pushed.

However, whenever the Ascension manage to gain television time to cut a promo, they are entertaining and bring a darker feel to SmackDown Live. The Ascension's mic skills have always received a good reception with the WWE Universe, whether it's on SmackDown or NXT. With such natural ability, it's a question as to why WWE has given up on them so easily when they have such a natural promo ability.

13 The Shinning Stars

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The Shinning Stars are very charismatic and convincing. When they first rejoined WWE, it looked as if The Shinning Stars could really make an impact in WWE, especially with their unique gimmick. The Shinning Stars brought some light and comedic relief to WWE. The promos have always been entertaining and engaging whether you like them or not.

WWE appeared to grow tired of them after a while despite their charisma. So, why aren't WWE using their natural ability to push them? They spent several weeks promoting the debut of Shinning Stars in WWE, but it doesn't seem like they will be pushed up the card anytime soon.

12 James Ellsworth

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James Ellsworth is practically the face of Jobbers after facing 'The Monster Among Men' Braun Strowman. The WWE Universe rooted for Ellsworth which led to him getting a SmackDown Live contract. Perhaps it's because he doesn't look like a typical WWE Superstar, or it could be due to his work on the mic.

While it may not have been expected from him, he has the ability to get himself over with the crowd, as a face and a heel, he manages to get the job done. James' promos are fluid and precise, although he's currently jobbing to John Cena, he still does a good job whenever he's on the mic.

11 Bo Dallas

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We all remember Bo Dallas's "bolieve" gimmick, and while at times it could have been annoying, he truly managed to portray it well through his numerous promos when he first entered WWE. Every time that Bo is on the mic, whether it's a promo or a backstage interview, Bo has a way of being convincing and engaging.

Bo Dallas has the potential to be a major league star and could have followed in his brother's footsteps, however, he's mostly jobbing to other Superstars these days. As natural as Bo appears to be on the Mic, why is WWE not using him better?

10 Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal has always been a classified jobber from his time in 3MB during his first stint with WWE and until recently as he tag teamed with Rusev. We don't get to hear Jinder speak very often as he is more seen as backup or protector for whoever he's with, but he's been a convincing heel whenever he has been on the mic.

Jinder always got the WWE Universe to hate him. Unfortunately, WWE seems to have no creative direction for him so he's been used to lose to other Raw Tag Teams such as Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

9 Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel has always been naturally gifted with something to prove throughout his time in Nexus, RybAxel and his solo career. He has never been given the opportunity to truly make an impact in as a solo competitor in the ring. If WWE used him correctly, he could get the WWE Universe to root for him.

Instead, he's used to making other WWE Superstars look strong such as Braun Strowman. With Curtis's natural ability on the mic, it's unclear as to why WWE refuses to use him, as he could be an excellent mid-card talent.

8 Zack Ryder

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Zack has been through plenty during his time in the WWE, one minute he's been pushed and then he's not. It's a vicious cycle, yet Zack's loyalty to WWE has never faltered for one second. Whether Zack's in the mid-card or jobbing, Zack's determination and charisma always manage to bring out the best in his promos.

Ryder's promos always seem to get the crowd hyped and excited to hear what he has to say. Zack has the natural ability to connect with the WWE Universe, he's someone who you can easily resonate with them. He hasn't been able to take the next step in his career as his booking has been inconsistent.

7 Fandango

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When Fandango first entered WWE, he quickly made impact by defeating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29. The fans were intrigued by his unique character, and his ability on the mic. WWE, as well as the fans, grew tired of his gimmick and he began jobbing to everyone else.

Now at SmackDown Live, he's still used to put over Tag Teams over with his Tag Team partner Tyler Breeze. His ability to convey and put over his character remain impressive but he will likely have to change his gimmick in order to remain on the roster.

6 Mojo Rawley

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Mojo Rawley is undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic, pumped up Superstars WWE has to offer. Mojo's gimmick is high energy and outrageous but he does it so well. Mojo's promos are often short, sweet and straight to the point. It could be Mojo's outgoing personality but he appears to be natural and confident on the mic.

It's almost as if he was meant to be in the WWE, his promos are engaging and crowd orientated as he speaks directly to them. He's jumping up and down, determined to make best any situation. Mojo may be jobbing to other Superstars but he has potential to be one of WWE's top stars.

5 Big Show

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Big Show has had an incredible career. Whether he's been a heel or a face, Big Show has continuously impressed with his athletic ability. In the past few years, Big Show's air time has been limited and he's mostly used to put over newer Superstars.

He's got the ability to make people boo him or cheer him. Big Show is one of those Superstars who can pull off either role. Although the amount of turns he has had throughout his career has hurt his credibility as a Superstar. It seems like Big Show could be retiring soon, so WWE could be preparing one final run for him.

4 Heath Slater

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Since Heath slater first debuted, he's been naturally gifted on the mic. On occasions, his ring work has at times needed to be improved, he's naturally been charismatic throughout his numerous gimmicks from Nexus, 3MB and now as part of a tag team with Rhyno. Heath has always been able to sell and cut interesting promos.

Perhaps, it's Heath's sheer determination to work for the WWE or maybe it's just practice but he knows how to cut a promo both in front of the WWE Universe and in backstage interviews. Roman could learn from 'The One Man Band' as he has proven to be extremely entertaining.

3 Apollo Crews

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Apollo is still relatively fresh from NXT yet WWE is still unsure of what to do with him which is why he's been Jobbing to Dolph Ziggler. One of the great things about Apollo is his continuous improvement on the mic. Apollo does not often promo in the ring, most of his air time has been through backstage interviews to promote an upcoming match.

Apollo's promos and interviews tend to be short, sweet and direct. He had been criticized for his lack of mic skills, but he has improved in recent times and just needs the opportunity to display it. With Apollo having great in-ring talent, he could potentially be around for years to come if given a more interesting role.

2 Tyler Breeze

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Despite the terrible character he has had to portray, Tyler Breeze has always been naturally gifted on the mic. He displayed how talented he is on the mic during his NXT stint. Sadly, he hasn't been granted that same opportunity on the same roster as he has been stuck portraying a terrible character.

His gimmick is clearly not working and he won't be getting over with the fans with his current direction. However, a new character could finally allow him to connect with the WWE Universe. He has potential to be at the very least a solid mid-carder.

1 Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn isn't exactly a jobber, but he has been recently booked to look like one, putting over Superstars such as Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Sami is a great all-rounder who is strong and confident in and out of the ring. He puts a hundred and ten percent into his matches and his promos respectively.

With a talent like Sami's, it is really mind-boggling as to why they are not using him to his full potential. He's well respected by the WWE Universe and has all the tools to become great. Roman could really learn a lot from him, perhaps since they spent some time together as a tag team, some of Sami's ability might have rubbed off of Roman. Time will tell.

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