15 Ladies Of Wrestling Who Are Jerks In Real Life

The female wrestlers on here definitely were a jerk at various points backstage or in everyday life.

The wrestling industry is home to many larger than personalities both inside and outside of the ring. WWE sells this to create interest in the product, but the real life personas of the performers vary in drastic fashion. Much like faces and heels, there are wrestlers from both sides when the cameras are off. We have taken a look at the jerks in wrestling numerous times but this list will look specifically at the women’s wrestlers throughout the years to develop a bad reputation for various reasons.

The stories range from the ladies being rude to co-workers backstage to having horrible interactions with the fans when meeting them. There are two sides to every story and you can argue that some of them were justified in their actions. However, being a jerk is still being a jerk even if you have your reasons for it. The female wrestlers on here definitely were a jerk at various points backstage or in everyday life and it still haunts them today. Hopefully your favorite women’s wrestler did not make this list as it’s not a positive one. These are fifteen ladies from the world of wrestling that could be considered jerks in real life.

16 Nikki Bella


The Bella Twins are generally liked by the locker room and their fans for the work they’ve put into WWE. Both Brie and Nikki have become huge success stories. Nikki however has shown a bigger ego on multiple occasions. The inception of Total Divas saw Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Maria Kanellis get snubbed after negotiating contracts with WWE.

15 Michelle McCool


Former WWE star Michelle McCool achieved a lot of success as a top heel during the original brand split. The strange thing is her success apparently came out of nowhere as WWE transitioned her from eye candy to a credible wrestler. According to many rumors at the time, McCool started dating The Undertaker and allegedly used the power that came from dating him.

14 Reby Sky


The Twitter antics of Reby Sky range from highly entertaining to downright petty. Reby clearly has no restraint from firing at people she dislikes. We all love her rants about Jeff Jarrett, Ed Norholm and others in TNA that are trying to prevent the Hardys from using their Broken trademark. The commentary from Sky crosses the line from endearing to annoying quite quickly.

13 Eva Marie


One of the biggest negatives someone can say about a wrestler is that they are using the gig in order to get bigger opportunities outside of the industry. While branching out is a great thing, a wrestler only using the business to branch out with zero love for it is frowned upon. Eva Marie fits the bill of this as her career was always to set up a brand for acting.

12 Zahra Schreiber


The look and potential of Zahra Schreiber could have made her a future star in WWE. A history of being a jerk however caught up to her to ruin her career. Schreiber first made news as the woman Seth Rollins cheated on his fiancé with. The jilted fiancé responded by posting nude pictures of Rollins and Zahra that were on his phone. While this was bad, it wasn’t enough to classify her as a jerk.

11 Stephanie McMahon


The real life of Stephanie McMahon is difficult to truly grasp. Everything Stephanie does or says seems to be great considering her love of charity work and trying to provide more diversity on the WWE roster. However, many stories about working with her paint her in a negative light. AJ Lee blasted her for being a hypocrite when it came to women’s rights issues as the company treated women horribly for years.

10 Melina


The WWE career of Melina made her look like a complete jerk. From developmental to the main roster, Melina had problems with her peers consistently throughout her tenure in the company. The perception was that she held a huge ego that made her look down on the other female wrestlers in WWE. Melina had backstage rivalries with the likes of Candice Michelle, Mickie James and a few others.

9 Jessica Havok


Jessica Havok is most known for her short stint in TNA and her failure to land a deal with WWE. The time of Havok attending a WWE tryout camp happened to be when her career changed for the worse. Old racist social media posts of Havok were found and turned into a huge story while she was at the Performance Center trying to impress. The controversy doomed any chances of her getting signed.

8 Missy Hyatt


The legacy of Missy Hyatt seems to be more about her antics out of the ring rather than her work as a manager. Hyatt was one of the most successful valets taking part in storylines, but she is often remembered for all her relationships. Missy would become romantically involved with countless wrestlers often leading to drama in the locker room.

7 Sable


Sable was one of the first women to become a huge draw for WWE. The fans wanted to see Sable and she overshadowed the wrestlers she managed, namely her ex-husband Marc Mero. Sable would receive the big pop from the crowd and everyone would pay attention to what she was doing outside of the ring rather than the action in the ring.

6 Lana


The current role of Lana in WWE is tough to figure out. She has transitioned from the manager of her husband Rusev into a wrestling role. Now, it appears Lana is becoming the manager for Tamina after a few months of working in the ring. The one thing to remain consistent through her entire run with WWE is the fact that she appears to be a jerk.

5 Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky appears to be transitioning out of the wrestling business today following a long career mostly spent in TNA. Despite being quite popular with the fans, Velvet seemed to be one of the bigger jerks in the TNA locker room. One of her backstage rivalries featured her taking shots at Brooke Adams on social media for no reason whatsoever.

4 Stacy Keibler


The career of Stacy Keibler made her one of the biggest female stars in wrestling history. Keibler achieved popularity with WCW that landed her in WWE when WCW was purchased by Vince McMahon. Coming to WWE was the best move for Stacy’s career and her fame would reach new levels. Along with the popularity, Keibler apparently started to develop a huge ego.

3 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is arguably the top women’s wrestling star today after she helped bring the women’s revolution to the main roster. The talent of Banks isn’t a question as she has been a part of numerous classic matches. Sasha however is quite hostile to the fans that she encounters. Banks has a strong belief that fans shouldn’t approach wrestlers outside of an official meet and greet situation.

The fans at airports and hotels get the worst wrap as Sasha refuses to acknowledge them. Whenever she does take a picture, she will intentionally make an angry face to send a message. Fans outside of Summerslam apparently booed her for refusing to acknowledge them. It would be one thing to want your privacy. Sasha is aggressively harsh towards them in a manner that makes her look like a complete jerk.

Oh, and if you need another example of Sasha burying a fan online, here's another one:


1 Sunny


Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had everything going for her in the mid-90s. WWE pushed her as one of the first major female stars in the company due to her great looks and charismatic personality. Sunny was even the most downloaded woman in the world reaching near the mainstream level of popularity. Two things would always be her downfall in the industry – her drug abuse issues and the fact that she’s a horrible human being.

Sytch would cheat on respected and beloved wrestler Chris Candido with Shawn Michaels. Everyone knew about it but she kept doing it in hopes of mooching off the bigger star. Sunny would go on to have negative interactions with countless wrestlers that have trashed her in interviews. In recent years, Sytch has been arrested numerous times and posted racist tirades online to show her true character. Karma has hit Sunny hard for being a rotten person.

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