15 Leaders Of Your Favorite Wrestling Stables: Where Are They Now?

Over the years there have been lots of stables in professional wrestling. Some of the best and most remembered include the Four Horsemen, the New World Order (nWo), and D-Generation X. There were also a lot of stables that weren’t so good, and were just thrown together because no one knew what to do with a bunch of wrestlers who weren’t very good on their own.

Most wrestling fans know what the leaders of those stables like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H are up to nowadays, but what about some of the leaders of other factions such as The Nexus or The Nation of Domination? This list includes some guys that are still wrestling, but it also includes managers who are out of the business, and even some wrestlers who have found other jobs such in acting and being a comedian.

15 The Nexus - Wade Barrett

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Back in 2010 the rookies from season one of NXT formed an alliance known as The Nexus and were led by Wade Barrett. Barrett later went on to lead the alliance called The Corre and later joined the short lived League of Nations faction. Shortly after he was kicked out the group, he was released from the WWE in May 2016. Barrett said that he chose not to re-sign with the WWE and he was going on hiatus from wrestling to work on his acting career. Barrett starred in the movies Dead Man Down in 2013 and Eliminators and Vengeance in 2016. It seems easy to forget that Barrett is a five time WWE Intercontinental Champion. He was winner of season one of NXT and also the King of the Ring in 2015, which he made sure to let everyone know about.

14 Dangerous Alliance - Paul E. Dangerously

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Before being known by his real name of Paul Heyman, Paul E. Dangerously led the Dangerous Alliance in World Championship Wrestling. The group consisted of Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude, Steven Austin, and more. The Dangerous Alliance also existed in ECW later on. Wrestling fans certainly know about how Heyman owned ECW and is now the advocate for Brock Lesnar. He has been a part of The Heyman Hustle which featured his writings and videos and appeared in the films Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and Countdown. Heyman has been a broadcaster, commentator, writer, manager, creative genius, and occasional wrestler during his career in the business that started 30 years ago in 1987. With the WWE now owning the video libraries of WCW and ECW, he will surely make the WWE Hall of Fame soon.

13 Filthy Animals - Konnan

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The Filthy Animals were an interesting faction that existed in the later years of WCW. The group consisted of Konnan, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Disqo (Disco Inferno), Juventud Guerrera, and Torrie Wilson among others. The leader was not clear, but it appeared to be Konnan who competed in WCW from 1996 to 2001 after wrestling in Mexico. He wrestled in WCW’s last pay-per-view but did not transfer to the WWE when they purchased the company. Konnan competed in TNA and AAA, as well as on the independent scene. He managed Prince Puma in Lucha Underground and had his hip replaced in 2014. His weekly podcast Keeping it 100 with Konnan can be heard on The Jericho Network. Konnan lost his creative job with AAA but remains a consultant.

12 Nation of Domination - Clarence Mason

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Even though he was not a wrestler, the manager and leader of the Nation of Domination was Clarence Mason. Mason shared duties with Faarooq aka Ron Simmons. Other leaders of the Nation of Domination included The Rock and Owen Hart, who was the only white member of the group. Mason was a manager who used an attorney gimmick in the WWF from 1995 to 1997 and then under the name J. Biggs in WCW from 1998 to 1999. In WCW he managed Chris Kanyon and Harlem Heat 2000. It turns out being an attorney was more than just a gimmick for Mason, who returned to his original profession after leaving WCW. He now practices law in Delray Beach, Florida. Another faction named the Nation of Domination also existed in the USWA.

11 Blue World Order - The Blue Meanie

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The Blue World Order or bWo was led by none other than The Blue Meanie who was trained by Al Snow before joining ECW in 1995. The Blue World Order consisted of Da Blue Guy aka The Blue Meanie who was a parody of Scott Hall, Big Stevie Cool aka Stevie Richards who was a parody of Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Nova aka Nova or Simon Dean who was a parody of Hollywood Hogan. The bWo made a brief appearance in the WWE and then Meanie compete don the independent circuit. In 2012 he joined Monster Factory where he is a wrestler and trainer. He has also appeared in movies including The Wrestler, Swamp Zombies, Curse of the Wolf, Warriors of the Apocalypse, and Fist of the Vampire.

10 Aces and Eights - Bully Ray

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Many fans were surprised when The Dudley Boyz resigned with the WWE and then retired after not very long. Before coming back to the WWE they competed in TNA where Bully Ray led the faction known as Aces & Eights who were similar to an outlaw motorcycle club. Aces & Eights were one of the most infamous stables outside of the WWE and after they broke up Team 3D was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Bubba and Devon wrestled on the indy circuit for a couple years before returning to the WWE in 2015 when Bubba/Bully was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. He now runs the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment with his “brother”. Bully Ray has also been romantically linked to Velvet Sky.


9 Camp Cornette - Jim Cornette

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Manager Jim Cornette put together an interesting stable in the mid-1990s called Camp Cornette. The group consisted of Owen Hart, Vader, Yokozuna, and The British Bulldog. While these guys were all world champions at some point and great talents, the sad part is that all but Vader have passed away and even he is in serious condition health wise. Cornette started out in the Continental Wrestling Association and Mid-South Wrestling. He was well known in WCW and then in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the WWE. From 2006 to 2009 he worked for TNA where he was a Management Director and road agent. From 2009 to 2012 Cornette worked for Ring of Honor as their commissioner. He took some time off of wrestling and in 2014 conquered his fear of flying by appearing at five dates in the UK.

8 Los Boricuas - Savio Vega

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In the late 1990s there seemed to be all kind of stables in the WWE, and that included the Hispanic stable Los Boricuas who were led by Savio Vega and also consisted of Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada Jr., and Jesus Castillo. That faction didn’t last very long in the WWE but ended up spreading to other promotions across the world. Vega wrestled in the WWE under the name Kwang the Ninja at first and later joined The Nation of Domination. He would later wrestle for the International Wrestling Association and TNA and then World Wrestling League. He can still be found competing on the independent circuit from time to time. Vega has been most successful in the WWC where he has a total of 16 championships.

7 The Brood - Gangrel

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Gangrel was the leader of The Brood, which was the team of Edge and Christian at the beginning of their WWE careers. He didn’t last long in WWE and started wrestling on the independent circuit in 2001. He did appear for the WWE multiple times over the years but never lasted. He became an adult film star under his Vampire Warrior ring name and appeared in episodes of the TV series Cougar Town in 2014 and Star Trek: Renegades in 2015. Gangrel was married to Luna Vachon from 1994 to 2006 and was trained by Boris Malenko, the father of Dean Malenko. Along with Vampiro, Gangrel is one of the most popular wrestlers to ever use a vampire gimmick. His cohorts Edge and Christian certainly changed their gimmicks and went on to be very successful.

6 Truth Commission – The Commandant

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Many wrestling fans won’t remember the Truth Commission or their leader The Commandant. They debuted in the USWA and didn’t last very long in the WWE in the late 90s. The group consisted of Kurrgan the Interrogator, Recon (Bull Buchanan), Sniper, Tank (Mantaur), and The Jackyl. The Truth Commission was led by The Commandant, who was not a wrestler but a South African actor discovered by Bret Hart. The Jackyl took over as leader because the WWE wanted someone who could actually wrestle. The Commandant was played by Robin Smith who has starred in several films including American Ninja 4: The Annihilation, Cyborg Cop II, Dangerous Ground, Berserker – Hell’s Warrior, The Fall, and Invictus. Aside from his time in the USWA and WWE he never worked in wrestling again.




5 Right to Censor - Steven Richards

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The WWE had a genius idea when they decided to turn several popular wrestlers into heels by adopting a goody two shoes gimmick and forming the faction Right to Censor. The group consisted of the leader Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Val Venis, Ivory, and The Kat. They protested sex and violence in the wrestling business and wore white shirts with black ties and slacks. Richards was also a member of several other factions including Raven’s Nest and the Blue World Order. He wrestled in the WWE’s version of ECW before returning to the independent scene and also wrestled in TNA. Richards joined Ring of Honor in 2015 and lost to World Champion Jay Lethal and World Television Champion Roderick Strong. In 2011 he pitched a perfect game in the video game MLB 2K11 but failed to win a million dollar prize because he did so before the contest had started.

4 Natural Born Thrillers - Mike Sanders

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The Natural Born Thrillers were another questionable faction that was formed in the last days of WCW. The group consisted of Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Sean O’Haire, Shawn Stasiak, Reno, and Johnny the Bull. It is safe to say that none of those guys went on to become big names in the wrestling business. He joined WWE’s developmental Heartland Wrestling Association and became head booker after a foot injury. He wrestled on the independent circuit before getting into stand-up comedy. He performs comedy and improv at clubs and corporate events and has also become a motivational speaker. He owns the talent solutions company Roll Speed Media and the DJ and entertainment company The Party Paramedic. He is said to still be good friends with Vince Russo, Palumbo, Jindrak, and O’Haire until his passing.

3 Varsity Club - Kevin Sullivan

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The Varsity Club stable existed in NWA’s Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championships Wrestling. It started with Kevin Sullivan who recruited Mike Rotunda (IRS), Rick Steiner, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, and Dan Spivey. Sullivan was also the leader of the Dungeon of Doom faction later on in WCW. He was the head booker of WCW after Ed Ferrara and Vince Russo were demoted in 2000 and Sullivan was fired before the company was sold. He has made various appearances over the years and has been serving as the booker for Don West’s American Pro Wrestling Alliance. He also hosts the podcasts MSL & Sullivan and Kevin Sullivan’s Helluva Deal on MLW Radio. During his career he wrestled for the WWWF, Championship Wrestling from Florida, WCW, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and ECW among others.

2 The Menagerie – Knux

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The Menagerie are just another one of TNA’s failed attempts at interesting stables. The most exciting thing about them was seeing the stilt walkers perform around the ring. The group consisted of Crazzy Steve, The Freak (Rob Terry), and Rebel. The Menagerie was led by Knux, better known as Mike Knox. Knux had a decent run in the WWE’s version of ECW and was a part of the TNA faction Aces & Eights before forming his own. Since leaving TNA he has wrestled in the Inoki Genome Federation in Japan. He has held championships in the American Pro Wrestling Alliance, Deep South Wrestling, Impact Zone Wrestling, River City Wrestling, and Western States Wrestling. Mike Knox was ranked #87 on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500 singles wrestlers in 2009.

1 Misfits In Action – Hugh Morris

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The group Misfits In Action were formed in the last year of WCW and were a military style faction consisting of leader Captain/General Hugh. G Rection (Hugh Morris), G.I. Bro (Booker T), Private/Major Stash (Van Hammer), Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero, Jr.), Sgt. AWOL (The Wall), and Cpl. Cajun (Lash LeRoux). Hugh Morrus was also part of the stables The Dungeon of Doom and The First Family in WCW before joining the WWE. Under his real name Bill DeMott he served as head trainer for NXT before he was forced to resign due to allegations of misconduct. DeMott was also featured on the reality TV series Tough Enough. He was accused of several things including physical assault, bullying, homophobic and racial slurs, and sexual harassment.

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