15 Lesser Known Sisters You Wouldn’t Even Recognize Of Current WWE Stars

When it comes to the WWE and their Superstars, topics of conversation are absolutely endless. We can discuss a Superstar for days whether it be assessing their value in the ring or heck, evaluating their personal life outside of it. The WWE is always aware of what the fans want to see and for that reason, Total Divas became a major hit due to the fact that it followed Superstars during their lives outside of the ring. Admit it, even you the male reader have sat down to watch an episode or two or an entire season.

In this article, we aren’t recapping episodes of Total Divas but instead, featuring lesser known family members. For most WWE stars featured on this list, you likely weren’t even are they had a sister to begin with and what makes the article that much better is the fact that some sisters of current WWE stars are absolutely smoking.

From WWE Superstars like Braun Strowman to the current Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella, we’ll examine all sides in this article featuring the lesser known sisters of these WWE Superstars. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 lesser known sisters you wouldn’t even recognize of current WWE stars. Ring the bell!


15 Breanna Van Dale (Carmella)

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Yup, that’s right, the smoking 30 year old Ms. Money in the Bank has got a sister and one that’s two years younger. She’s profiled in the photo above and you probably notice the two look rather similar. Carmella’s got the pro wrestling bloodline as her father Paul Van Dale also took to the ring during the late 80s and 90s serving as an enhancement talent for the most part. He’s one of Carmella’s biggest supporters nowadays along with her sister Breanna. Her sis has got some social media accounts but don’t expect updates anytime soon as she’s been active for a couple of years now.

As for other updates on Carmella’s personal life, it’s been determined that she’s now single, although not confirmed by her or Cass. Carmella was recently spotted taking down photos with Cass on her Instagram account along with deleting him off Twitter, those are signs of a breakup folks.

14 Valerie Barrera (JoJo Offerman)

2017 wasn’t the easiest year for young JoJo Offerman. Not only was she the center of attention during Bray Wyatt’s divorce, but she also saw her personal photos get leaked out to the public, yea things weren’t the easiest for the 23 year old WWE ring announcer.

Thankfully, she had a support system behind the scenes, one of which was her older sister Valerie, the beauty you see in the photo above. The two are blessed with some tremendous looks and you can attribute that to their father who had some fantastic genetics’ as a former professional baseball player, Jose Offerman.

Since the controversy JoJo has tamed her social media content along with disabling the comment section. Certainly with time, things will go back to normal but for now, she continues to lay low which is the wise decision.


13 Hannah Scherr (Braun Strowman)

Here’s a name you likely didn’t expect to see on such a list, but yes, Braun does have a sister and one that’s blessed with similar genetics. Hannah is also quite tall and over six feet like her brother, though Braun does have the height advantage. Strowman proudly showed off his sister via Instagram most recently. Braun was a proud brother as it was the first time Hannah got to see him perform.

She also posted a photo on her account expressing the fact that it was the first time she met the “Braun Strowman” character. It was a surreal experience for her and heck, she also got in a photo with The Miz out of all people remembering his days as a Real World character back in his reality days.

12 Christine Arndt (Enzo Amore)

Enzo gets a lot of heat from the WWE Universe for his antics behind the scenes. Though what many fail to realize is the fact that the guy is a hell of a family man outside of the ring and someone who has a heart of gold. His sister Christine recently posted how blessed she was to have such a brother like Enzo, she then posted photos of a brand new Cadillac along with a Gucci scarf, both items that appear to have been purchased by Enzo.

Along with spoiling his sister, he’s also a terrific uncle as several photos have shown Enzo being present lots of times and spending time with his niece despite his hectic schedule. If anything, Christine has done a great job in helping Enzo’s public perception as a brilliant family man. Though again, these acts have flown under the radar.


11 Mika Rotunda (Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas)

T W O THOUSAND & EIGHTEEN I’ll say, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. A year that has brought me to the highest place of peace I’ve ever been. Success, happiness, trial, error, hard ass work, sacrifice, patience, joy, laughter, learning, giving, evolving, faithfully walking, deep thoughts, diligent prayers. Intentional steps, big leaps, life long changes and more than anything, chasing God’s heart like never before! ⏱ I’m sitting down right now, which is a rare occurrence. But literally, just sitting, thinking and placing my gratitude out on the inter webs for all to read and feel. When I look at my life, where I am today, the blessings I get to account for as my own and the indescribable love I have for HERE and NOW- I’m humbled, baffled and thankful for all of it. A few days ago, I shared an honest thought on twitter- it read “Life is about being truthful with yourself, not always positive. Don’t be afraid of your reality, the journey is the beauty and each part is vital. Be intelligent about your outlook and fearless in the actions you take! Don’t just live life, “okay!” “🖤 And as I stare at my plans I’ll resolute to abide by tomorrow, I dig deep to ensure, that I’ll NEVER wake up to ever just be, “okay!” We get ONE time here, a few trips around the sun and a limited time offer to get what we want. And if what I want is to live a life worth being admired by God, to impact as many lives- in as many positive ways possible. Then to grow old, still waking up with a hunger to keep giving and growing, then I know I did this lifetime fulfilled to a purpose bigger than myself. As we approach the new year, I challenge you to take a some time, be still, say some prayers, think deep, carve out some BIG ASS MOVES in stone, go after them, be fearless in your pursuit and as always remember that YOU ARE INFINITE! Thank you to each and everyone one of YOU for your endless support, encouragement and kindness. Let’s get it! ❤️🏄🏽‍♀️ Xo, #Where2NextMika

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Sadly, Bray’s sister isn’t named Abigail, boy would that be something. Instead, she’s far from it as a fitness guru. You can find her via Instagram - from motivational quotes to fitness posts to even photos with Bray, Mika’s profile has a wide range of content. She also has a hell of following with more than 40K supporters; we guess that’s what happens when you mix in fitness and being the sister of two popular WWE Superstars.

Along with working as a personal trainer, Mika’s a self-proclaimed writer, speaker, cook and marketing expert, a female that can do it all basically. She resembles both Bray and Bo, Mika has minor features of both brothers. A wrestling career doesn’t seem to be in the works which is a darn shame, just imagine Bray’s actual sister taking on the Sister Abigail role?

10 Hadassah Perry (Lana)

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Some people get it confused due to the fact that Lana played on the show Sisters The Series, though her co-star wasn’t her actual real-life sister, that honor instead goes to Hadassah Perry. Lana has featured her sister numerous times in the past via Instagram, she even posted a photo of herself, her sister and Nia all twerking together after a day by the water, no folks, and you can’t make this stuff up – social media has turned into a weird place.

Judging by Lana’s posts, the two are very close and the Ravishing Russian has expressed that fact many times before. Lana’s an open book when it comes to social media and she’s shown that by featuring her family numerous times, including, the creator of Rusev Day, husband Rusev!


9 Janny Kanellis (Maria Kanellis)

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Maria was another WWE Superstar that had an interesting year to say the least. She saw the highs and lows of life in 2017, the biggest high of course, announcing her pregnancy and first child. She also signed a deal with the WWE which wasn't too shabby either. The unfortunate side, she was yet another victim of leaked photos though she took the news like a true pro based off her statements pertaining to the matter.

In all likelihood, she probably turned to her sister as well. Janny, is a former cheerleader of Illinois, there are numerous photos available online of Janny and her cheerleading days. You’ll find out quickly that like Carmella’s family, the blood is rich in the family and both are blessed with some tremendous genetics.

8 Christina Crawford (Alicia Fox)

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Something most fans likely weren’t aware of, Alicia’s sister was actually signed to a WWE deal two years after the Foxxy one inked a deal with the company. Sister Christina was brought in back in 2010 and was instantly put in FCW. She later joined the Tough Enough cast and had a hell of a run being the final female in the competition, though ultimately she finished in fourth. She had a decent career with FCW even claiming the Divas Championship, though she was quietly let go when the company rebranded to NXT.

Following her WWE career she briefly joined the indie circuit and later made the jump to cheerleading joining the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Her older sister Alicia keeps going on strong with the WWE nearing in on a decade long run with the company.


7 Amy Hennig (Curtis Axel)

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We’re all well aware that the son of the late great Curt Hennig is a part of the WWE roster, in fact, Curtis Axel has now been with the company for longer than a decade, an achievement in itself and something his dad would be proud of. A little known fact however, is that his sister, Amy Hennig also wrestled at one point in time and she was even signed by the WWE.

Amy got trained by the great Harley Race after inking a deal and she would then hit the indie scene to gain some experience. She had the look to thrive even looking eerily similar to her father, rocking the curly blonde look. Unfortunately, her her career would eventually quietly fizzle out before making a noticeable impact on the pro wrestling scene.

6 Xavier Woods' Sister

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Xavier Woods is a man with many talents. Not only is he a popular WWE Superstar with arguably the most over faction in the last decade but he’s also the proud founder of a popular gaming channel over on YouTube, UpUpDownDown. The content is incredibly impressive and somehow, Woods posts up to five videos a week. He’s got a tremendous subscriber count as well with over a million subs.

Along with his fellow co-workers (who are featured in most of his videos), Woods has also posted videos with his family members, specifically his mother and sister who you see in the photo above. They engaged in a game of shocking one another, surprisingly Xavier’s sister looked like the more poised of the two in the competition.


5 Michelle Ouellet (Maryse)

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Back in the days of My Space, the two sisters had photos together. Nowadays, in the era of Instagram, Maryse is still posting photos alongside her sister, the photo above is one of those pics as the two look quite similar, both rocking the signature Maryse look. Sister Michelle must be excited at the fact that she’s set to become an aunt in the very near future as Maryse is set to give birth in 2018. She remains on the sidelines with no timetable for a return, it seems unlikely that we’ll see her in a WWE ring at any point in 2018 calendar year.

We will see the two on reality television however as the couple are set to headline a spin-off of Total Divas as the main characters. With Maryse’s pregnancy, the WWE likely salivated at the prospect of getting a behind the scenes look at both herself and The Miz.

4 Megan Fliehr (Charlotte)

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The Flair family has a forgotten member and that’s Megan Fliehr who’s stayed away from the limelight throughout her life.The photo above is a shot of Ric alongside his two girls, the well known Charlotte and lesser known Megan.

Unlike Megan, all three of the children would dip their feet into the wrestling business. Who can forget David’s awful run with WCW that thankfully came to a halt. Reid also showed passion in making it though sadly, he passed away due to an overdose. And finally, we’ve got Charlotte who entered the business pretty late well into her 20s and with no experience, though as we’ve seen, she’s a true natural in the ring and likely when her career comes to an end, one of the very best females to ever lace up a pair of boots with the WWE.


3 Anne-Marie Devitt (Finn Balor)

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We saw during the WWE 24 Special on Finn’s injury rehab that he’s quite the family man outside of the ring. He spends lots of time with his parents and both have witnessed Finn compete inside a WWE ring. His sister Anne-Marie also got a glimpse of her brother’s in-ring brilliance posting a post-match selfie alongside her bro. Finn himself also put up a picture featuring his sister’s wedding; you can get a glimpse of the photo just above.

It’s hard to believe but Balor is 36 with more than 17 years of in-ring experience. Despite his age and experience, The Demon still looks better than ever inside of the ring both physically speaking and given his body of work. We hope for several more years out of The Demon.

2 Vanessa Anoa’i (Roman Reigns)

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Sika is the father of Roman. It’s well known that Roman’s late brother is former WWE Superstar Rosey, however, he’s also got two sisters and one of them is featured in the photo above, Vanessa Anoa’i. His other sister’s named Summer, his dad Sika also had another child in a prior relationship, a daughter Myritza who’s Roman’s step-sister. Sika, the now 72 year old, is separated from his spouse Patricia Hooker. Yup, it’s a big family tree with lots of movement and we haven’t even dived into his laundry list of other cousins and relatives, we’ll keep that topic of conversation for another day.

Age 32, Reigns continues to make his bloodline proud enduring the absolute prime of his career. 2018 seems to be no dffernet with a likely Universal Championship reign set to being at WrestleMania 34, it’ll be his third straight ‘Mania headlining the event.


1 Brenda Martinez (Bayley)

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Back in September the internet nearly shattered with the introduction of Bayley’s sister Brenda Martinez. A bikini photo of Brenda went viral with fans salivating at the photo. She’s quite similar to Bayley in terms of facial similarities, however, she’s a little more blessed in the chest area which caused a ruckus online. Some even made the claim that the company should have signed her sister instead but that’s just cruel!

Poor Bayley just can’t catch a break nowadays, not only is she getting booked horribly on Raw but her Mixed Match Challenge partner was rumored to be Finn Balor, though she was given Samoa Joe instead which isn’t all that bad. Another plot twist however, with Joe getting injured she was given a new partner, Elias... No disrespect to Elias but it must be disheartening seeing Balor get paired with Sasha and Joe be removed for Elias.


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