15 Lesser-Known Women Of WWE: Where Are They Now?

Some of the most beautiful and powerful women in the world have walked though that WWE curtain over the past four decades, but many of them have become forgettable, footnotes in history in favour of m

Some of the most beautiful and powerful women in the world have walked though that WWE curtain over the past four decades, but many of them have become forgettable, footnotes in history in favour of many female legends we see today.

Every WWE fan remembers the likes of Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz ,and many other former Women's Champions from the early 2000s. And then the later batch of women like Beth Phoenix, Melina and Mickie James who were all in WWE until 2011. But what about all the women who failed to lift the title? The ones who's stint with the company was much shorter than they were prepared for. The ones who are now reduced to being used as questions in WWE trivia because their stints with the company were so short that only a select few members of the WWE Universe remember them.

There are many women who the WWE Universe don't remember. Many of them didn't make an impact on the history of the business, they didn't go on to become legends like The Fabulous Moolah or Mae Young, but they did play a part in the history of the company and helped pave the way for the stars of WWE today.

So what happened to these women after their 15 minutes of fame? How do you go back to reality after being part of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world? The following list looks at the 15 most forgettable women in WWE history and what they have gone on to do since they left the company.

15 Lauren Mayhew


Lauren Mayhew was the talented ring announcer when ECW was rebooted back in 2005. WWE often prefers female announcers, as seen with Lilian Garcia and JoJo Offerman in WWE right now, but Lauren sadly didn't last as long as these two stars. WWE made the decision to have her work as part of the broadcast team rather than train her to be a wrestler, and it seems that she thrived for a while in this role.

Lauren began working for WWE in October 2009 and her contract expired in November the following year. At this point WWE decided not to renew it. She instead went on to continue her budding acting and singing career. In 2014 she joined The StreamTV as a host and was cast as the leading lady in a series called 'Escort' later that year.

14 Muffy Mower


Muffy Mower was given her start in WWE as a fitness instructor and would later become Stephanie McMahon's personal trainer. She was released from her contract just months after she debuted since WWE couldn't come up with a new gimmick for her. No surprise there as WWE often have no idea what to do with up-and-coming talent in their company.

She has since gone on to make an impact on the acting stage appearing in the likes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Leap of Faith, and Firefly. Following her retirement from wrestling, she has gone back into working as a stunt double and has appeared in the likes of Elizabethtown, Nancy Drew, and Posiden. She has also appeared in TV series' K-Ville, Room 401, and Still Standing.

13 Francine


Francine was one of many women who were brought into WWE when they relaunched ECW. She was part of a class that included Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams. She was used much less on the SyFy show than Kelly and Brooke, but she did appear in Bikini contests against them. Her only match on TV was an Extreme Catfight against Ariel back in 2006 before she was released from her contract.

Since her release from WWE, Francine has semi-retired from wrestling and instead focused on her personal life. She married Joseph Meeks in 2008 and went on to give birth to their first child, a daughter named Molly Rose the following year. Francine then gave birth to her second child in 2012, a son whom she named Connor Joseph.

12 Mike McGuirk


The second female announcer on the list, Mike McGuirk is the daughter of former professional wrestler and promoter Leroy McGuirk and worked for WWF from 1987 to 1993. She was also the travel companion of Sensational Sherri during their time together with the company.

McGuirk was multitalented and also did the commentary alongside Bruce Prichard when needed. In many ways McGuirk was ahead of her time in WWE. She left the company in 1993 because she reportedly refused sexual advances from Vince McMahon, but she later stated that it was because of the travel schedule 9who knows for sure which reason is the legit one for leaving). She has since gone on to work as a real estate agent in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

11 Rockin' Robin


Rockin' Robin was a second generation wrestler in WWE and is the half-sister of WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. She made her debut in with the company back in 1987. She feuded with Sensational Sherri over the WWE Women's Championship throughout 1988 and went on to win the title later that year in Paris. (Instead of crowning a new champion, the company felt it best to simply vacate the title entirely.)

She held and defended the Women's Championship for the next two years, until 1990 when she decided to leave the company and WWE retired the belt due to inactivity. She had a brief stint on the Independent Circuit following her WWE departure and has since gone on to run a real estate appraisal business in Hammond, Louisiana.

10 Nidia


Nidia is remembered as the first winner of WWE's Tough Enough competition. Following her win she was awarded a one-year WWE contract. Nidia made her WWE debut in 2002 on the SmackDown brand but was later drafted to Raw. She defeated Molly Holly in her debut match on Raw but failed to make much if an impact.

She was released from the company in 2004 along with many other talents and has since gone on to focus on her personal life. She gave birth to her second child in April 2007, a daughter who she named Lilith Fae Doe and then attended the Culinary Institute in Houston Texas in 2010, in an effort to begin a new career. It seems that Nidia has completely moved on from professional wrestling.

9 Rebecca DiPietro


Rebecca DiPietro had already appeared in Playboy and Maxim before she auditioned for WWE's 2006 Diva Search. She was the third women eliminated from the contest when the women began appearing live on Raw but was hired by WWE four days later.

She was then used as a backstage interviewer and appeared at ECW house shows. Her only pay-per-view appearance was at Cyber Sunday 2006 when she was a Lumberjil for the Women's Championship match between Mickie James and Lita (not exactly a great WWE career there). She requested a release from her contract in March 2007 and has since gone back to working as a model. Of course, the Divas Search was really nothing more than a contest for models so the fact that she went back should come as no surprise.

8 Marianna


Known as Mrs. Cleavage or Marianna during her short stint in WWE in 1999, Marianna was a bodybuilder with an impressive look who managed a wrestler by the name of 'Beaver Cleavage.' His gimmick was considered absurd and didn't last long so Marianna moved on to portray the girlfriend of Warrington, but once again, this gimmick didn't last and she was soon released from the company.

The Canadian star has an impressive resume as a former bodybuilder and had appeared on the cover of both Muscle and Fitness and Flex. Marianna also married MMA star Paul Lazenby in 2004, but sadly passed away later that year after a short battle with breast cancer, she was 35-years-old at the time of her passing. She should be remembered by the WWE Universe.

7 Rue Debona


Rue Debona was a short-lived WWE backstage interviewer who was hired by the company back in 2003. She didn't make much of an impact during her time with WWE and asked for her release in 2004. She was married to former WWE and TNA commentator Josh Matthews until their divorce in 2008. Matthews then went on to marry former TNA knockout's Champion Madison Rayne in 2015.

She has since moved on to Ion Television and began plying her trade as a host for Firebrand, a show that didn't last very long and seemed to be a attempt to use commercials as content for a show. She was once part of girl band called Boy Krazy, a short-lived group that split up in 1993. But the group still have many songs available on iTunes.

6 Savannah


Savannah was part of the 2007 Raw Diva Search and even though she didn't make it to the finals of the competition, she was signed to a developmental deal with the company like many other women who appeared for WWE during their Diva Search years.

She spent much of her WWE career working in FCW, but when it was rebranded as NXT, she became the official ring announcer for the first season of the show. She was released from her contract in 2010 and has since gone on to work for Lucha Underground. She is known as Black Lotus on the Spanish promotion's show and also appeared on dating show Take Me Out back in 2012. She appeared on every single episode of the show.

5 Shaniqua


Shaniqua along with Jackie Gayda was a joint winner of the second season of WWE Tough Enough and won a one-year contract with the company. Shaniqua was both a wrestler and manager during her time with the company managing the likes of Shelton Benjamin and The Basham Brothers.

She managed The Basham Brothers up until 2004 when she was released from her WWE contract. She has since stepped away from the world of professional wrestling and now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she works as a substitute teacher for public schools. She is also a study hall teacher. Shaniqua was a unique WWE talent but unfortunately, the company never made much of her time there. This is nothing new of course. But at least Shaniqua moved on to helping kids.

4 Amy Weber


Amy Weber is another former WWE Diva Search contestant, who despite not winning the show was still signed to a WWE contract and debuted with the company on their SmackDown brand. She became JBL's image consultant and defeated Joy Giovanni in her only WWE match.

She resigned from WWE in 2005 when it was brought to light that she had accused many of the wrestlers in the locker room of harassment. She later stated that she was not happy with the pay and the 'frat-like' environment. Since her departure, she has gone on to marry and welcomed twin girls in 2009. She has also continued her acting career appearing in films such as Playdate, Crossroad and Becoming Pony Boi in recent years. So, she is definitely keeping busy.

3 Barbara Bush


Barbara Bush is a  former WWE, WCW, and TNA Superstar who made her debut back in 1999. Word has it that she got into wrestling after she met a few wrestlers at a Hooters where she had worked for seven years. She then agreed to manage them at a local Indy show. Her first notable appearance was as an EMT during the first ever Gravy Bowl match between Jacqueline and Ivory. She was in the company at a time when women were used as objects and was mostly pushed because of her chest size.

She didn't last long and was released from WWE in February 2000. Following a short stint with TNA she decided to walk away from Professional Wrestling and currently resides in Florida.

2 Cherry


The former WWE star from 'the other side of the tracks' Cherry made her WWE debut as part of a team with Deuce and Domino. She later led the team to Tag Team Championship success before going on to have singles success of her own. Cherry was used much more as a valet during her time with Deuce and Domino and wasn't able to fully be herself until the boys dropped her in favour of Maryse.

Cherry had feuds with the likes of Maryse and Vickie Guerrero and was the first person that Natalya faced in WWE. But sadly she was released from her WWE contract in early 2008. But she has remained close friends with many of the WWE women's locker room and now keeps fans updated on her rollercoaster life through her various Social Media pages.

1 Jackie Gayda


Jackie won the second season of WWE Tough Enough with Shaniqua and following her win she was put straight onto WWE TV as a heel character. She was famously part of one of worst female wrestling matches with Trish Stratus that year, where she botched a lot of the WWE Hall of Famers move-set.

She was released from the WWE in 2005 and went on to appear in TNA. In 2011 she appeared in the VH1 reality show Wrestler Wives alongside Stacy Carter and Booker T's wife Sharmell. She married former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas in 2005 and the couple went on to have four children, with the most recent one being born in 2012. Jackie and Charlie also opened a nutrition and smoothie shop in Texas back in 2008.

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15 Lesser-Known Women Of WWE: Where Are They Now?