15 Male Wrestlers Who Are WAY Too Fancy

In wrestling, a performer's personality and persona are almost more important than their actual skill in the ring. Think about it; all our favorite wrestlers have crazy personalities and over-the-top get-ups. However, there is a line. Wrestling is all about being flashy and showing off, but there are some who took that a little too far. Okay, maybe not a little. Like, waaaaaay too far.

Choosing a persona as a wrestler trying to break into the game must be a daunting task. It's got to be something that's memorable. Something that will stick in the minds of wrestling fans all over the world. Even wrestlers who have chosen a successful persona and stuck with it, maybe started to push things a little too far with outrageous outfits and costumes. From beginners looking to make an impression to veterans whose fashion got out of hand, here are the 15 Male Wrestlers Who Are WAY Too Fancy.

15 Jeff Hardy

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Exploding onto the WWE scene with his brother Matt Hardy, The Hardy Boyz were the high-flying, super-popular daredevils that went on to perform in some of the most memorable matches in WWE history. They pretty much invented the Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches, along withThe Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. Jeff and Matt, especially Jeff, was always a bit weird. He had this punk-rock, grungy type look, with long dyed hair, ridiculous facial hair, and of course Jeff's signature arm-band thingies. Jeff always had a flair for the dramatic. However, when he started to reach the peak of his popularity and even won the World Heavyweight Championship, the extreme look got a little...ridiculous. With some insane face paint and even crazier costumes, once Jeff transitioned to TNA wrestling, his gimmicks got even more bizarre. It was hard not to be a fan of the Hardy Boys when they emerged onto the WWE roster, but as the years went on and their popularity rose, so did Jeff's absurdity.

14 Tekno Team 2000

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In the mid-nineties, the WWE gave us lucky wrestling fans a glimpse into the year 2000 with the hilarious Tekno Team 2000. Travis and Troy were touted as the next big thing in the WWE when they first broke onto the scene in 1995. Wearing ridiculous silver costumes with futuristic lettering and face makeup that made them look like aliens from a bad Star Trek episode, Tekno Team 2000 didn’t last long. They won their first match as faces, but the strong push from the WWE brass couldn’t help the fan base realizing this tag team duo was ludicrous. They showed promise, however, and was even at once point named as one of the top ten tag teams in the world, and were even pushed to win the tag titles. But the gimmick was just too much. The crowd didn’t respond and eventually Travis and Troy left the WWE altogether. Tekno Team 2000 was one of the most insane gimmicks in WWE history.

13 Shawn Michaels

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We all love The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. There’s no denying that. But let’s all agree that sometimes the dude wore made some costume choices that were pretty out there. While being flashy was all part of Michael’s gimmick, from the zebra prints to the tassels, he mixed some Southern flair with bright colors and mixed patterns. When Shawn Michaels and Triple H were deep into their D-Generation X story runs, they of course wore matching getups, which also seem to help Michaels tone down the outrageousness of his costumes. But, like all good storylines in wrestling, DX eventually would end with some sort of betrayal and Michaels would go back to his solo act of rhinestones and cowboy hats. Nothing like delivering a little Sweet Chin Music with your boot tassels flopping around. Say what you will about his choice of clothes, but the crowd would always explode when Shawn Michael’s music would hit.

12 The Godfather

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Yes. He is a pimp. So the feathers and the fur are part of the fun. The Godfather, real name Charles Wright would make his entrance down to the WWE ring back in the '90s and early 2000s dressed in bright, conflicting colors and his signature top hat. His sunglasses, just as big and bright as the rest of his costume, gold chains and cigar perfected his signature look. Oh, and let’s not forget about the train of ladies he would have trailing behind him. We won’t refer to them as their known name (man, the WWE was a different place then), but as his popularity grew, as did the following train. Charles Wright had a long and successful wrestling career, appearing as many different personas, including Papa Shango, but had a decent run as Intercontinental Champion as the Godfather. Yes, the clothing was ridiculous and unpractical. But let’s not kid ourselves; The Godfather’s entrance was always hilarious.

11 Macho Man Randy Savage

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Incredibly successful and immensely popular, Macho Man Randy Savage pushed the limits of mashing color patterns. Just looking at the guy was a struggle for the eyes. Macho Man’s cowboy hat would always match his tasseled jacket, sunglasses and jeans, mashing extreme colors with glitter, sparkles…and one hell of a beard. Macho Man Randy Savage had an incredible career in both the WWE and WCW. As an Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE, as well as a run as World Heavyweight Champion in the WCW, the late Randy Mario Poffo’s wrestling career lasted more than 30 impressive years. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. Macho Man Randy Savage was his most popular and most colorful moniker, who wrestled such legends as Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. With all those tassels and rhinestones, I’m starting to think that Macho Man and Shawn Michaels shop at the same stores.

10 Stardust

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Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, half-brother to the equally as weird (and also on this list) Goldust, wrestled under his own name for quite some time, and with some success. However, wanting to play on his brother’s gimmick, the WWE writers decided Cody’s new moniker would be Stardust. Wearing leotards of black and gold, while painting his face with similar colors and a large star over his eyes, Stardust was almost an exact duplicate of Goldust and even teamed with his half-brother for some time from 2013 to 2016. They called themselves the Brotherhood for some time (creative!) and Stardust competing in solo matches, but Cody was beginning to run out of patience for the Stardust character. He begged the WWE to allow him to go back to his regular Cody Rhodes name, but they refused, and Rhodes requested leave from the company, to which the WWE agreed.

9 William Regal

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With a last name like Regal, you better be fancy. William Regal, real name Darren Kenneth Matthews, had an incredible run in the WWE, mostly as a heel. With his over the top British persona, Regal would walk to the ring in long, flowing robes of purple and gold. With fancy stitching and puffy shoulders, the heavy robes would become a signature of his look. While Regal never won a World Title, he was successful in both WWE and WCW, winning 15 titles in his career, including the European Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship. As well as all the championships, Regal also spent time as the RAW General Manager and WWE Commissioner. After his retirement, he was officially the General Manager for NXT wrestling. Regal is very well respected among his peers in wrestling and is still making appearances at NXT events. Gone are the purple and gold robes, now replaced with boring old suits.

8 Chris Jericho

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Yes, Y2J had to make this list. Chris Jericho is well-known for his dramatic flair. If you look directly into Jericho’s jacket close you may in fact go blind. It’s kind of like he ripped apart a disco ball and made a jacket out of it. Jericho is all about confidence and he’s certainly shown a particular love for his fashion choices. After Y2J made his very memorable debut in the WWE in 1999, he took the company by storm, becoming very popular and very successful. Chris has gone back and forth from heel to face a few times now, but he’s always been a fan favorite. He won the Intercontinental Title not long after breaking out, then became the first Undisputed Champion, carrying both belts. Jericho has won the World Heavyweight Championship and the current United States Champion. If there were an award for fanciest jacket, Y2J would most definitely be the Undisputed Champion.

7 Enzo Amore

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What is with wrestlers and their love of leopard print? Enzo Amore is a recent addition to the WWE roster. With no previous wrestling experience, Enzo got the attention of Triple H when training, and after he created a video of himself performing various exercises and moves. With a bushy beard and some of the most ridiculous hair you’ve ever seen on a grown man, Enzo also sports some insane fashion. His colorful, eye-bleeding jackets and worn with thick gold chains and of course, a whole lot of leopard print. Enzo is screaming for attention, sometimes literally, as his over the top energetic persona is certain to get all eyes on him. Over the years Enzo has had one bad haircut too many, but has seemingly settled on a silly blonde monstrosity. Will Enzo ever win the WWE Championship? Not likely. But he is joining a long roster of wrestlers with poor choices of jacket.

6 Koko B. Ware

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The hair! The gold robe! The parrot! Who can forget that parrot? Give Koko B. Ware a Google and you will see some of the best promo shots ever taken in wrestling history. With an awesome smile and his signature bird, Koko has quite an outrageous personality. Usually wearing a sparkling gold robe and white gloves, along with some incredibly amazing 80s hairstyles, Koko shared some tag team time with the late Owen Hart, which produced not only one of the best wrestling promo shots of all time, but I think one of the best pictures ever taken. Look at the above picture and try not to smile. I dare ya. Sure, Jake has a snake, but Koko has a bird. That parrot went wherever Koko went, and was much more than an accessory. That parrot was part of the family. Koko didn’t win any major championships, but that picture will live on forever.

5 Ric Flair

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Never has a man been so comfortable with feathers and puffy shirts that Ric Flair. Never has a man worn so many pink feathers to fight someone and emerged victorious. But there’s Mr. Flair, making his dramatic entrance to the ring wearing a jacket that would make Elton John blush. Yes, The Nature Boy is an absolute legend. Having a long, successful career in NWA, WCW and WWE, if there’s a championship belt, chances are Ric Flair has won it multiple times. The guy wrestled for 40 years, which is absolutely unheard of in the industry. Not so much a catchphrase as a war cry, Flair’s signature WOOOOO is known throughout wrestling, as are his interesting fashion choices, which got more and more outlandish as his career went on. A 16-time World Champion, NWA Hall of Famer and WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair is living proof that outrageous costume choices go a long way in wrestling.

4 Dolph Ziggler

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Neon pink may not be the shirt color of choice for most men, but that doesn’t stop Dolph Ziggler. Dressed in incredibly bright colors and his combed back blonde hair, Ziggler, real name Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, broke onto the WWE scene in 2004 with the absolutely embarrassing Spirit Squad, a group of wrestlers made out to be a cheerleading team. The team had some success, even defeating Kane and Big Show to win the Tag Team Championship. But in 2008, he reintroduced himself as Dolph Ziggler, an over the top heel with a cocky personality wearing bright, flashy clothing. Ziggler had great success with his new moniker, winning the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship and eventually, upon a face turn and a win at Money in the Bank, the World Heavyweight Championship. He’s currently still on the roster with as Dolph Ziggler, with his signature slick hair and neon colors.

3 The Honky Tonk Man

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Here’s a wrestler that would have Elvis singing the blues. Emerging onto the scene as some sort of Elvis Presley impersonator, Roy Wayne Ferris made his debut as The Honky Tonk Man in 1986. Obsessed with the King of Rock and Roll, The Honky Tonk Man slicked his hair just like Elvis and even sported some incredible sideburns. Wearing a one piece suit blue suit with a picture of Elvis on it, The Honky Tonk Man brought his acoustic guitar down to the ring to perfect his look. In addition to wrestling with the WWE, he was also on the WCW roster for some time under the same name. He’s best known for his Intercontinental Championship run where he held the belt for a record 64 weeks from 1987 to 1988. Currently, he’s still in wrestling in the independent scene. Still with the same personality and still with the ridiculous getups. Rock and Roll never dies.

2 Razor Ramon

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With his confident swagger and signature snarl, Razor Ramon, also known as Scott Hall, embraced the heel personality happily. Wearing bright pinks, yellows and purples, Ramon sported one of the most legendary mullets in all of mullet history. Around his neck he wore some gold and silver chains to add some flair to the look. Scott Hall has been all over the wrestling world, wrestling for NWA, WCW, WWE and a whole lot more. He had the most success as wrestling Razor Ramon and Scott Hall, going through some lengthy Intercontinental Championship runs in the WWE. Well known for being a founding member of the nWo, his Razor Ramon moniker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. Hall is still currently involved in the WWE, appearing backstage and WrestleMania 32 with the other nWo members. In this older years, the flashy Razor Roman persona is all but gone. The wrestling world will forever remember that mullet in all its glory.

1 Goldust

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We already read about Stardust and his absurdity, with weird costumes and face paint, but now let’s discuss number one on this list; Goldust. Taking the strange persona and somehow making it incredibly popular and successful, Goldust was always painting in gold and black, wearing a one piece leotard that matched his sparkling gold face paint. Goldust has been in and out of the WWE for years. He’s spent some time with TNA wrestling, WCW and some Japanese circuits. Winning the Intercontinental Championship multiple times, Goldust has also had some success with tag teams, along with his half-brother Cody Rhodes, who eventually turned into Stardust to reflect his brother’s personality. Goldust was always his most ridiculous when he wore the long golden wig and when his face paint looked as if he could be a member of KISS. Most recently, Goldust has seen success with the strange pairing with R-Truth, competing heavily in tag team matches.

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