15 Married Wrestlers: Who Did They Date Before?

It is a well-known story that all parents tell their daughters, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. Obviously, this works for men as well and in reality, it is very rare that a person will find their soulmate in their very first relationship.

WWE Superstars are exactly the same as every other human being in the world. They have to date around before they find the right person and decide to settle down.

For some Superstars this takes much longer than others. After all, it is hard to settle down when you're still touring the world for 300 days a year, which means that most of the wrestlers on this list have been in wrestling for a very long time or are ready to leave and settle down with their new found spouse.

Many of these stars are also still active on the Independent Circuit in both the UK and Europe.

Here are 15 Superstars who are now married, but they had to date a fellow WWE Superstar first before they decided to move on and marry someone else.

15 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE World Champion and has had two spells with the company, both ending abruptly. The most recent departure was back in October 2016 and it has recently seen Del Rio's personal life become public knowledge.

Alberto Del Rio married Paige in recent weeks when the couple decided that despite the recent negative spotlight on Paige, they were going to move forward with their life. Paige isn't the only WWE star that Del Rio has got up close and personal with since he caused a lot of tension between Paige and Charlotte last year when it was revealed that Del Rio and Charlotte were having a fling before he made his relationship with Paige public knowledge. Del Rio was also still married to his wife Angie at the time and has only recently officially divorced.

14 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff are finally back in WWE. The Hardy Boyz main their long awaited return at WrestleMania and won the Raw Tag Team Championship. Before Matt moved to TNA and met his future wife Reby Sky, he had quite the record when it comes to women in the WWE locker room.

Matt dated Lita for many years before it was made public knowledge that she had cheated on him with Edge. Matt then moved on and decided to date 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley. This relationship didn't last very long either since Ashley then moved on to date Paul London, which caused issues between London and Hardy. Luckily Matt has moved on since then and seems happy with his new wife and their son Maxel.

13 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly has recently returned to WWE and is rumoured to be playing a part in the SmackDown Women's Division in the future. Even though Kelly had quite the reputation in the WWE locker room before she left, she is currently a married woman after she married former professional hockey player Sheldon Souray back in February 2016.

When Kelly was first a part of the WWE she was known to have dated a number of different wrestlers including CM Punk, Justin Gabriel, and Batista while Randy Orton stated in an interview that Kelly had dated 'at least ten' guys in the WWE locker room before she left the company back in 2012. Luckily she is returning as a different woman now because WWE wouldn't want that kind of scandal again.

12 Mickie James

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Mickie James is considered by many of the WWE Universe to be one of the best female wrestlers to have ever set foot in WWE as both a former Women's and Divas Champion, but she created quite the scandal during her first run in WWE.

Mickie is now married to fellow professional wrestler Magnus and the couple have recently welcomed their first child, but things were not the same back in 2009 when Mickie was engaged to fellow WWE star Kenny Dykstra. Their engagement was later called off when it came to light that Mickie was having an affair with 16-time WWE Champion John Cena. Mickie was then moved to the SmackDown roster away from Cena and later released from the company, she then moved to TNA where she met her future husband Magnus.

11 Maria

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Maria is a former WWE and Ring of Honor star who is currently employed by TNA. The former backstage interviewer recently married fellow professional wrestler Mike Bennett, but like many other stars on this list, Mike wasn't the first wrestler that Maria dated.

Before she left WWE and became 'The First Lady of Ring of Honor' Maria was part of many relationships with Superstars backstage. The best-known stars were the likes of CM Punk and John Cena, while there are reported to have been many others. Maria was hardly used as a wrestler while she was in WWE but has recently proved that she can ply her trade in the ring if needed, which has led to rumours that the former Playboy cover girl could be returning to WWE in the near future.

10 Randy Orton

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The Viper has been in WWE now for more than a decade and during that time he has been married twice. Orton is currently married to Kim Marie Kessler, and the couple has recently welcomed their first child together and their fifth overall.

Orton was married to a woman named Samantha Speno for a few years before, but that then ended in divorce a few months before he met Kim. In between his marriages, it was reported that Orton was dating WWE ring announcer JoJo. Before he married Samantha when she first made his name in WWE, Orton was linked with former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler. Orton was also in a relationship with Kelly Kelly for just over a year, along with many other male wrestlers during that era.

9 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella is currently married to SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, Brie is also about to give birth to their first child at any point now so that the couple can become a real family. Brie and Daniel have been together now for almost five years and they married back in April 2014.

Before Brie married Daniel she was in a relationship with pro snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya for more than two years. The couple broke up back in 2009, it was revealed in an interview much earlier in her WWE career that Brie Bella's high school boyfriend of many years passed away whilst they were still together and she then decided to have the bear paws on her hips tattooed as a symbol of respect for him, and as a way to ensure he is still with her.

8 Paige

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio decided to finally tie the knot recently becoming engaged just five months ago. The couple have been through it over the past few months with Del Rio's WWE release, Paige's suspension, Paige's surgery, Del Rio's divorce, Paige's recent hacking scanda,l and now finally they have become known as husband and wife.

Before Paige began dating Del Rio back in the Summer of 2016, she has had a string of ex-boyfriends that the WWE Universe will be aware of from Total Divas episodes. These were mostly musicians, but it was recently revealed that Paige and Brad Maddox were also dating back in 2015, before he was released from his WWE contract and just after Paige was moved up to the main roster.

7 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and is currently married to former WWE star Edge. The couple married back in 2016 and currently have two daughters together, but this isn't the first time Beth has been married.

Beth was married to a man named Joey Carolan for a number of years before she was brought to WWE. While she was making waves in WWE's Women's Division after she was called up from OVW, Beth also became another notch on CM Punk's bed post as it is reported that she dated the Straight Edge Superstar for a while. Their relationship ended quite abruptly and on bad terms since CM Punk seemingly doesn't have anything nice to say about his former girlfriend when asked about her in interviews.

6 Mr Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy as he was known during his WWE tenure has since become a star in TNA as Mr Anderson. Mr Anderson is currently married to Shawn Trebnick. The couple have been dating since 2002 and decided to marry back in 2008. The couple has been together for 15 years and have two children a boy and a girl.

This isn't the only relationship that Mr. Kennedy has been in over the past few years, though. It seems that during his time in TNA, Mr. Anderson allowed his eyes to wander and it was reported that he and ODB were together for a while. There were no specific times attached to the rumours, but it seems that the couple were together for a short length of time before Anderson returned to his wife.

5 Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes is a former WWE Superstar and the son of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Cody has been married to former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes for the past three years, but the couple actually met back in 2011 and dated for more than two years before they decided to marry. Before this Cody had already had many other relationships.

Cody's most notable relationships are with American Model Melissa Lingafelt who he met in November 2009. The couple didn't remain together long. Apparently only two months before Cody then moved on to former WWE Diva Layla El. Cody and Layla were together for two years while the were working together for WWE, but it seems that things changed in 2011 and Cody then moved onto a relationship with his current wife Brandi.

4 Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods is a former WWE Tag Team Champion, and one of the longest tag team Champions in WWE history. He is also married to a woman named Jessica and has been since October 2015. He and his wife are expecting their first child in the next month.

Xavier has been in WWE for the past few years and while there haven't been any relationships to show for the, more recently a personal video which featured  Xavier Woods, Brad Maddox, and Paige was revealed to the WWE Universe and this somehow proved that Xavier obviously wasn't the sort of guy who wanted a relationship a few years ago. It seems as though he only recently decided to settle down and is now fully prepared to be a father.

3 Edge

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Edge's personal life has been something that has become public knowledge over the past few years following his affair with Lita. Edge is currently married to WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and has been since October 2016. The couple have two children together, but this isn't the first time Edge has been married.

Edge has actually been married three times. He was married to his first wife Alannah Morley, the sister of former WWE star Val Venus back in 2001. Their marriage ended in divorce after Edge was caught cheating with Lita back in 2004. Edge then married Lisa Ortiz in 2004 but their marriage only lasted a year. Edge and Beth Phoenix then dated after she left WWE and only decided to marry on Edge's birthday last year after being together for more than three years.

2 AJ Lee

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The former WWE Divas Champion has been married for former WWE Champion CM Punk since 2014. Despite the fact that AJ made quite a name for herself by dating many other wrestlers on WWE TV throughout her time with the company, AJ doesn't have as long a lost of conquests as her counterpart.

AJ began her wrestling career while she was dating her trainer and Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal. When she was signed to WWE it was reported that the duo had decided to part ways and AJ was then linked to Trent Barreta who was working in NXT at the time. When she was promoted to the main roster AJ then dated Dolph Ziggler outside of WWE before she was linked with CM Punk and the couple decided to marry and leave wrestling behind.

1 CM Punk

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CM Punk is currently married to former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. The couple have been married since 2014 but CM Punk has perhaps one of the longest dating resumes on the entire wrestling circuit.

Punk began dating Becky Bayless and Alison Danger when he was first coming through the ranks as a wrestler. He then dated both Mickie James and Shannon Spruill back in 2003. Punk then moved onto ECW star Ariel in 2004 and then Maria back in 2005. After two years of dating Maria, Punk then moved onto Kelly Kelly in 2007 and then dated Lita in 2009. Punk had a short fling with Beth Phoenix in 2011 before returning to date Lita up until 2013 when it was revealed that Punk was dating AJ Lee, who he later married.

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