15 Members Of Iconic Wrestling Factions Who Completely Hated Each Other

Factions or stables have been part of the professional wrestling business for decades. They are formed to help all the members achieve their goals and succeed. Some members of these stables used their time with their respective group to elevate their careers and become even bigger stars. The Rock was part of the Nation of Domination before becoming one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

Triple H was just a mid-carder before forming D-Generation X with Shawn Michaels. The success of DX propelled the career of Triple H as he became a 14-time WWE World champion. He also married the boss’ daughter but that’s not the point of this list. This list is about members of iconic wrestling factions who completely hated each other.

Yes, it is possible for wrestlers working together on screen to hate each other in real life. There are a lot of factors behind the hate such as substance abuse problems and egos to explain why these faction members never got along. Some like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage of the New World Order had a love-hate relationship but they managed to get in touch before the latter’s tragic passing.

However, the same can’t be said for Hogan and Scott Steiner or Ric Flair and Ole Anderson. Steiner still hates Hogan in the present time and they even got involved in an incident at an airport while Flair and Anderson have not been on good terms for decades.

Here is the list of 15 iconic wrestling factions whose members completely hated each other.

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15 Stephanie McMahon And Paul Heyman (The Alliance)

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The Alliance was one of the biggest stables in WWE history with Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon in charge of WCW and ECW, respectively. Paul Heyman, the founder of ECW, worked alongside Stephanie but they never got along. Stephanie kept talking down on Heyman during her promos at that time and it was a blatant abuse of power since Heyman was powerless against the boss’ daughter.

The hate between Stephanie and Heyman continued when they were both parts of the WWE creative team. Heyman did not like working for Stephanie and he even took the head writer job at Ohio Valley Wrestling just to stay away from her. Heyman reportedly turned down an offer from Stephanie to work for her again before getting released in 2006. The two might have a better working relationship nowadays since Heyman is only a part-timer while Stephanie is just an on-screen character as she serves as the WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

14 Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, And Paul Roma (The Four Horsemen)

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The Four Horsemen is one of the greatest stables in wrestling history. The group started in the NWA and it has been reincarnated in WCW several times. One of those reincarnations included original members, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, plus Paul Roma. The inclusion of Roma in the stable has been criticized over the years and many fans have called him the worst member of The Four Horsemen.

Roma was very unpopular among his peers, even with Flair and Anderson. Roma is mainly known for his imposing physique, but he has an ego that ticks off his partners. Roma always believes that he is the star of every group he was in. He continues to take shots at The Four Horsemen after his retirement, saying Arn “looked like the Pillsbury doughboy.”

13 Raven And Stevie Richards (The Flock)

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A couple of ECW legends, Raven and Stevie Richards were part of Raven’s Nest and The Flock during their time with ECW and WCW, respectively. There were seemingly no problems between the two in ECW, but everything came crumbling down in WCW. Richards revealed on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD that there were tensions between him and Raven.

Raven and Richards apparently had an altercation backstage and Stevie was released by WCW soon afterward. Richards briefly returned to ECW and the independent circuit before getting signed by the WWE in 1999. Raven got to the WWE in 2000, but he barely worked with Richards. The two appear to be in good terms now since they worked together in TNA Wrestling from 2009 and 2011.

12 Rene Dupree And Sylvain Grenier (La Resistance)

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Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier are the two original members of La Resistance. They were later joined by Rob Conway and they have collectively won the World Tag Team Championships four times. Dupree and Grenier won the titles once to make the former the youngest champion in WWE history at the age of 18 years old.

However, Dupree and Grenier did not get along, and at one point, they had a fight backstage. The WWE used Conway as a peacemaker, but he only formed a friendship with Grenier. They won the tag team titles three times while Dupree was removed from the group. Dupree and Grenier continued their hate towards each other on Twitter, but they apparently made up in 2016. The two original members of La Resistance started teaming again on the independent circuit.

11 Hulk Hogan And Scott Steiner (nWo And Immortal)

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Despite no reported animosity between Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner during their time in WCW as part of the New World Order, it was a different story in TNA Wrestling. Steiner was unhappy with Dixie Carter giving Hogan creative control and things got worse when Steiner was forced to join Hogan in Immortal. The two only teamed up for four months, but it has not stopped Steiner from taking shots at Hogan on Twitter.

It even got to a point where Hogan accused Steiner of harassing his wife at an airport in 2015, which only resulted in more hate. Steiner had more ammunition against Hogan when his racist scandal happened. “Big Poppa Pump” is currently signed to TNA while Hogan is still looking to get re-signed by the WWE.

10 CM Punk And Serena Deeb (Straight Edge Society)

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The Straight Edge Society was one of the most wasted stables in WWE history composed of CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury and Serena Deeb. The group was based on Punk’s real-life straight edge lifestyle wherein he does not smoke, drink alcohol, or use substances. Serena was only a part of the group for seven months as she was released in August 2010.

Serena was reportedly released because she was breaking kayfabe. She was seen in public drinking and it upset CM Punk, who is rumoured to have requested her release. The Straight Edge Society was disbanded in the next several months. CM Punk walked out of the WWE in 2014 and started a career in MMA while Serena returned this year to participate in the Mae Young Classic tournament.

9 Eric Bischoff And Vince Russo (The New Blood)

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Towards the end of WCW in 2000, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo tried to save the promotion by introducing The New Blood, composed of young WCW stars. However, Bischoff and Russo failed to work together behind the scenes, and the stable was disbanded after just three months. The two continued to work until Bash at the Beach that same year when Bischoff walked out of WCW after Russo’s shoot on Hulk Hogan.

At the present time, Bischoff has made a couple of appearances with the WWE while Russo is busy taking shots at almost everyone in the wrestling industry. Russo continued to mock Bischoff’s accomplishments in a “letter of apology” several months ago. It was probably Russo’s way to get back at Bischoff for calling him a “delusional clown riding solo in his own clown car” a week earlier.

8 Randy Orton And Manu (Legacy)

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Back in 2008, Randy Orton was the leader of a stable called Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Legacy was a group of multi-generational wrestlers that also included Sim Snuka and Manu of the Anoa’i Family. But just after a couple of months as a member of Legacy, Manu was kicked out and he was released several months later.

Orton revealed in an interview that Manu was released due to his bad attitude in the WWE locker room. Manu allegedly did not feel like he had to pay his dues because he was a member of the Anoa’i Family that also included WWE superstars like The Rock, Roman Reigns, Nia Jax, and The Usos. Since his release from the WWE, Manu has been working on the independent circuit in promotions such as World Xtreme Wrestling, Pennsylvania Premier Wrestling, and the National Wrestling Alliance.

7 Farooq And Ahmed Johnson (Nation Of Domination)

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The Nation of Domination is one of the most iconic stables from the Attitude Era. They became popular when The Rock became their leader, but the group's first incarnation had Farooq as the main man. One of the superstars who joined the faction is Ahmed Johnson. It was a terrible move by the WWE since Farooq and Johnson never got along during their feud where they admittedly tried to injure each other intentionally.

Things got so bad to the point where Farooq and Johnson had a brawl backstage. A legitimate injury forced Johnson to be written out of the Nation. The only good thing that came out of it is The Rock replacing Johnson as one of the members. He later usurped Farooq to take the stable to even bigger heights.

6 Juventud Guerrera And Psicosis (The Mexicools)

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The trio of Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Super Crazy formed The Mexicools when they were signed by the WWE in 2005. The gimmick was supposed to be against the stereotypical portrayals of Mexicans in the United States, but they played those same stereotypical roles from the get-go. It was bound to fail and the group disbanded after just one and a half years.

Psicosis has been known to have a problem with Juventud for years even before they were signed by the WWE. It is because Juventud had a really big ego and bad attitude backstage, which ultimately led to his release. At one point during their run together, Super Crazy and Psicosis requested to be separated from Juventud because they do not want to be associated with him.

5 Shawn Michaels And Rick Rude (D-Generation X)

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For those who do now know, “Ravishing” Rick Rude was one of the original members of D-Generation X along with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna. Rude served as the stable’s bodyguard, but he did not wrestle even once as a member. He was only a part of DX for three months and he left because he hated Michaels.

Rude reportedly left the WWE mainly because of the Montreal Screwjob. He was good friends with Bret Hart and he immediately signed with WCW after the incident. Although Vince McMahon was the main reason for the screwjob, Michaels played a big part. The two never got to make peace since Rude passed away in 1999 when Michaels was recovering from his back injury and he had not yet been converted into a born-again Christian.

4 Ole Anderson And The Four Horsemen

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As mentioned earlier, the Four Horsemen have had several incarnations during their legendary run. The original members of the stable were Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson. But when the WWE inducted the Four Horsemen into the Hall of Fame, Ole was left out and he was replaced by Barry Windham.

Ole only lasted a year with the Horsemen and he was kicked out of the group because of his issues with Flair and Blanchard. Flair and Ole are not in good terms for decades and it reportedly started from an $800 loan. Ole has taken lots of shots at Flair over the years. On the other hand, Ole and Blanchard did not get along because of Blanchard’s heavy drug use during their run.

3 Triple H And Ken Shamrock (The Corporation)

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Triple H is famous for making several enemies during his way to the top of the WWE. One of those enemies is Ken Shamrock, who was also part of The Corporation in the late 1990s. Triple H joined The Corporation after leaving D-Generation X as part of his singles push. Shamrock was out of The Corporation several months after the addition of Triple H.

Shamrock has revealed in a couple of interviews that Triple H hated him for two reasons. The first reason was due to a rib pulled by Triple H on Mark Henry with Shamrock telling Henry about it. The second was because of Vince McMahon using Triple H to put Shamrock over in 1997. But despite the heat between the two stars, Shamrock is open to working with Triple H and the WWE again.

2 Hulk Hogan And Randy Savage (nWo)

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Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were two of the most iconic superstars of the 1980s. They even got paired as the Mega Powers, but Savage hated Hogan for allegedly playing a part in his separation with real-life wife, Miss Elizabeth. The two legends have a love-hate relationship and they went on to work with each other again in WCW as part of the New World Order.

Savage had so much hatred for Hogan after their time in WCW that he dissed him in one of his rap songs. “Macho Man” even wanted to fight Hogan for real and called him out during the promotion of his rap album. There was also a confrontation during their brief stint in TNA. Sadly, Savage died in 2011 before an actual peace was made between him in Hogan. However, Hogan has claimed that he was in touch with Savage before his death.

1 The New Age Outlaws And Triple H (D-Generation X)

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Although the New Age Outlaws were very close to Triple H during their DX days, there was resentment when “The Game” started his singles career. And when Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were released from the WWE, they had several shoot interviews blasting Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Vince McMahon. They even declared war on DX in 2006 when they were called the Voodoo Kin Mafia in TNA.

But fast forward to 2012, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were re-signed by the WWE. The New Age Outlaws apologized and they made their return on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw to reform DX. Dogg and Gunn even went on to become WWE tag team champions for several weeks in 2014. Now, Dogg is a producer for SmackDown Live while Gunn was released in 2015 for testing positive for PEDs.

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