15 Mind-Blowing Facts You NEED To Know About The Architect

Seth Rollins has become one of the most popular and talented wrestlers in the world, as he has gone from being the inaugural NXT Champion to being a member of one of the most dominant stables in WWE history before winning the biggest title in the business in a little over three years.

Of course it hasn't always been this way for the now two-time WWE Champion, as he has endured death threats from many fans after he instigated the break up of The Shield back in 2014 and even a relationship scandal.

Luckily for Rollins, WWE has stood by him throughout both these problems and continued to allow the former WWE Champion to thrive in the business he was quite obviously born for.

Rollins took one of the hardest hits of his career last year when he suffered what was considered a career threatening injury. Rollins tore his ACL, MCL and medical Meniscus on the first night of WWE's European tour back in November, but has shockingly managed to recover in less than seven months.

Rollins returned to the company at Extreme Rules back in June before winning his second World Championship last month and now he steps into the most anticipated match of the modern era as he faces both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship in less than two weeks at Battleground.

The following are 15 little known facts about the two-time Champion that should be known by every die hard fan.

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15 The Real Reason Behind The Blonde Streak

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It is one of the most noticeable things about Seth Rollins and one of the things that first allowed him to stand out in front of the NXT crowd, but why did Colby Lopez (real name) decide to dye one side of his hair blonde?

The former World Champion has stated in many interviews that he made the decision after he saw all the people that were making their debut with him. He saw the likes of Roman Reigns and Adam Rose and realized that there were more than a few wrestlers who had long dark hair and he wanted to stand out. He then made the decision to change his hair, a decision that the former NXT Champion stood by until his injury in late 2015 where as part of his new 'Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim' attitude, Seth has decided to finally allowed it to grow out. Maybe he has decided that he stands out now for much more than his hair?

14 Dream Match With Shawn Michaels

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Seth Rollins has been part of many dream matches that have been thought up by the WWE Universe. Many would have loved to have seen Seth Rollins face CM Punk one more time when The Best in the World was still a part of WWE. Others suggest that a match against AJ Styles would be one to set the world alight, but Seth Rollins only has eyes for one Texas native.

When asked who he would love to face, the Former World Champion would love to step in the ring with The Heartbreak Kid himself, Shawn Michaels. Rollins stated in a recent interview that he would love to be able to coax The Showstopper out of retirement to face him at WrestleMania and that despite the fact that he was allowed to face Sting, Michaels would always be his dream opponent. Surely Michaels' wouldn't turn that down if asked, right?

13 Why The Curb Stomp Was Really Banned

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It was the move that won Seth Rollins the NXT Championship and it was the move that allowed Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 31, when hit it on Roman Reigns to win his first WWE Championship.

Rollins then found ways to retain his Championship for a while while using either the RKO or The Pedigree before WWE officially revealed that The Curb Stomp as a move had been banned from WWE. WWE stated that it was a part of their ongoing concussion lawsuits. It was thought that the move was dangerous because it focused on the head.

It seems the real reason was the fact that the move was so easy for members of the WWE Universe to copy and do real damage with. The move has remained banned in WWE for over a year now with many thinking that it will never be brought back.

12 Black and Brave Wrestling Academy

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Not only is Seth Rollins a world class wrestler, he is also now considered to be a wrestling teacher and trainer. He opened the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy back in 2014 alongside his former independent wrestling friend Marek Brave.

The school is named after Rollins' ring name from his time on the Independent Circuit, as he was Tyler Black, and Marek Brave. Matt Mayday has recently joined the team of trainers. It seems that Seth Rollins spent a lot of time at the school when he was out injured from WWE as seen on WWE 24's exclusive documentary on the Iowa native. He considers it his way of giving back to the Midwest community since there were no wrestling schools around his local area when he was younger, so he's now giving aspiring wrestlers a chance that he never had.

11 Win/Loss Record As WWE Champion

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It is widely considered that Seth Rollins carried the WWE for most of 2015. Ever since he won the Money in the Bank contract, WWE became reliant on the former Tag Team Champion to be the main guy for the company.

That is until his shocking injury at a house show back in November. That being said, for a Superstar that the company were fully dependant on, Seth Rollins' win/loss record was pretty abysmal. Until his career threatening injury last year, out of the 176 matches that Rollins competed in during 2015, he actually won just 51 of them. That's a 29% win percentage.=.

Just to put that in a comparison, The Swiss Superman, Cesaro, wrestled 185 matches in 2015 and won 115 of them, for an incredible 62%. So what does that say about the way WWE booked their World Champion for almost an entire year?

10 He Doesn't Like Many Of His Fans

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It's probably not the smartest thing for a wrestler to do, but Seth Rollins admitted in an interview that he is actually mean to many of his fans because he finds them to be rude. He said that he doesn't mind it if a fan bumps into him and wants a picture, but when fans stalk him in an airport at 4am then he is obviously going to be mean to them.

He understands that fans are passionate about the business, but he doesn't understand the obsession with people gatecrashing his flights, gym sessions, and hotel stays, and that is why he sometimes seems like he is being rude when in fact he's just a human being who wants to have a work out, flight or to sleep in peace.

Figuring out exactly how to deal with the fans is something every WWE Superstar must learn throughout their careers. The independent circuit is one thing, but the WWE is an entirely different world.

9 His Name Is Already In The Record Books

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Seth Rollins has created many records in the past few years, some that he will want to remember and some that he definitely won't. Following his match at Money in the Bank in June, Rollins made history by becoming the shortest reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion after lasting just over two minutes before Dean Ambrose cashed in, which broke the five minutes and 15 seconds record held by Roman Reigns.

Rollins is also made the history books after he became the first ever wrestler to hold both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship simultaneously back at SummerSlam in 2015. Of course, Rollins only held the United States title for a month before he lost it back to John Cena at Night of Champions. Rollins and Dean Ambrose made history at Hell in a Cell back in 2014 when, at 28 years old, they both became the youngest ever Superstars to main event a WWE Pay-Per-View event.

8 He Came Up With His Own Ring Name

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With the name Colby Lopez, it was obvious that the former independent wrestler would have to change his name when he began wrestling full time. Lopez was known as Tyler Black when he wrestled for Ring of Honor, but when he received the call from WWE, it seems it was time for him to take on a new name and persona.

Lopez was inspired by former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins and decided that his last name would be perfect for his new character. He also stated that he loved the name Seth. It was a name that he had wanted to use for a while, so he pieced the two together and became Seth Rollins. Rollins then dyed his hair partially blonde and debuted in WWE as a much different character from his days in ROH and the rest, as they say, is history.

7 He Is Unlucky In Love

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It is perhaps one of the best known stories in WWE, but fans rarely pay attention to the other side of the story. The story of Leighla Schultz. Seth Rollins and Leighla met when she was a waitress and, according to Rollins, she loved him when he had nothing and he considered them to be soulmates.

That was until Leighla discovered pictures of another woman on Rollins' Twitter account and decided to share ones that he had then sent over to her. Her reaction left the couple unable to save their relationship despite the fact that they had been engaged for almost the entire time Rollins had been in WWE. Rollins then continued his relationship with Zahra Schreiber, the women who had caused the break up, but the couple went their separate ways in January 2016 when it was reported that Zahra had moved into her own apartment.

6 History With Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

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The WWE Universe are currently anticipating The Shield triple threat match that is set to happen at this year's Battleground, but the match has actually already happened. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Leakee (Roman Reigns) were a part of an entertaining Triple Threat match during their time in FCW. All three members of The Shield were a part of the FCW roster long before it became know as NXT and they had some incredible matches together.

Rollins and Reigns then headed over to NXT while Ambrose went AWOL for a few months before it was made obvious that WWE wanted to sign all three up and comers to a WWE main roster contract and have them as a stable. CM Punk was said to have hand picked Rollins for the group, while Ambrose and Rollins then took it upon themselves to help train the much less experienced Reigns throughout their time together.

5 His Parents Divorced When He Was Young

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Seth Rollins was recently the subject of a WWE 24 documentary based on his recovery from his career threatening knee injury. This was the first time that many fans were able to delve into the life of one of the most popular Superstars on the current WWE roster.

This was also the first time many fans had seen both Rollins' mother and father. Both parents talked about how proud of their son they were, but it was made obvious that Rollins' parents divorced when the former Champion was young. He grew up with his mother in Davenport, Iowa and even took on his stepfather's last name when he became known as Colby Lopez. Rollins grew up with his mother's Mexican husband rather than his Armenian father, but rarely speaks about this in interviews.

4 Only Wrestler to Hold The ROH/NXT/WWE Titles

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Seth Rollins is only 30 years old but he has been wrestling since he was 14 years old, which means he has managed to accomplish a lot in the past 16 years. As he stated in a recent tweet on his Birthday back in May:

Well, if this is Rollins just getting started, then the next few years could be some of the most incredible in WWE history.

Rollins has set many records in his short time between WWE's ropes, but by far his most outstanding one would definitely be the fact that he is the only man in the world to have held the Ring of Honor, NXT, and WWE World Championships. For a man who was just 28 years old when he realized his dream of lifting the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 31, that is absolutely incredible.

3 His Two Tattoos Have Personal Meanings

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Many WWE Superstars have tattoos and some of them are because of family or personal backgrounds. It seems the two that Seth Rollins has have deep personal meanings to him.

Seth's first ever tattoo was the one that he has on his wrist that is a page from a burning book that has the word 'forever' written on it. He said that he has this to recognize how far he has come. He had it done when he was 19 and it reminds him of his writing and wrestling aspirations.

His other tattoo is Chinese writing down his spine which is called Bushido - The Way of The Warrior, which translates to Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honour, Compassion, Honesty, and Loyalty, which is something he wants to live up to. He has only had these two tattoos done and before he had his first one, he stated that he was living a straight edge lifestyle and really wanted something unique.

2 He's A Writer

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Creativity comes in many forms. Many people consider wrestlers to be very creative minded individuals since they often come up with an entirely separate alter-ego for the wrestling ring. Many wrestlers lack the creativity, but do have the talent. It seems Seth Rollins stuck gold because he has both.

Seth Rollins has proved his creativity many times and this was shown often during The Shield's feud with Evolution back in 2014. Rollins' Twitter updates were always well written and it seemed that he was always much smarter than the fans were led to believe. Rollins is a writer outside of WWE, and he himself came up with his new Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim slogan, just to further prove his qualifications. He writes a lot in what spare time he does manage to find between his heavy travelling schedule with WWE and Black and Brave.

1 He Has An Incredible Raw Record

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It is hard to be a professional wrestler and not be passionate about what you do. The travelling and constant time away from the people you love would be enough to suck the passion out of the best of people, but it seems this drives Seth Rollins even more.

From The Shield's debut at Survivor Series in 2012 up until his injury in November 2015, Seth Rollins never missed an episode of Raw. He was present on every broadcast for almost three years, something that has never been done before. Dean Ambrose was missing for almost a month while filming 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown and Roman Reigns was forced out of action around the same time when he suffered an incarcerated hernia. This isn't likely to be a record that is broken very soon either. Rollins could well be the hardest working man in wrestling.

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