15 Most "Adventurous" Wrestlers In The Bedroom

Professional wrestlers sometimes skirt the line between actors and athletes, but the one thing they tend to have in common with both groups is how much action they see in the bedroom. While not every wrestler sleeps around as much as they can while they’re on the road, most professional wrestlers always seem to have at least one shocking bedroom confession to make whenever they’re pressed to tell their best road stories. We’re sure someone out there has an explanation for just why that is, but we’re going to chalk it up to a combination of wealth, athleticism, and that good old post-show adrenaline.

While such activities may be incredibly common in the world of professional wrestling, that doesn’t mean that every professional wrestler is on the same level in terms of how...adventurous they are in the bedroom. While it can be difficult to speak to the bedroom habits of every single wrestler, the ones who are into some really wild stuff or otherwise consider bedroom escapades to be their second job tend to also be the ones that let you know about them. With that, we bring you the 15 most “adventurous” wrestlers in the bedroom.

15 Victoria

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When Victoria arrived in WWE, she shied away from some more risque matches and feuds. At the time, she noted that her nieces and nephews watched wrestling and that she didn’t want them to see her aunt doing certain things. However, Victoria also noted that she could be just as sexy as any diva if she really wanted to. Behind the scenes, it’s long been rumored that Victoria and John Cena engaged in a heated affair while travelling on the road. While those reports may or may not be accurate, we do know that Victoria recently had some private photos and videos leaked online. The content of those videos and photos certainly seem to suggest that Victoria knows what she is doing in the bedroom.

14 Ric Flair

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First off, you have to understand just how big of a star Ric Flair was in the southern territories during the wrestling boom of the ‘80s.In certain areas, Flair was arguably more popular than Hulk Hogan. He was a combination famous athlete/movie star. What this means is that Flair slept with a lot of women during this time. Now, we want to be clear that when we say “a lot,” we mean that Flair’s numbers might be somewhere in the neighborhood of quadruple digits. While we can’t speak exactly to the specifics of Flair’s bedroom adventures, we do know that he has no problem walking naked throughout an airplane to hit on a stewardess and was known for organizing orgies in nearly every major city.

13 Dolph Ziggler

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Some people might try to tell you that Dolph Ziggler is a career underachiever. Sure, Ziggler has done well in the ring, but he has also failed to grab that fabled “brass ring” time and time again that would have supposedly propelled him to the superstar level. While that may be true, all reports suggest that Ziggler might be holding a little back to save for the bedroom. Ziggler has reportedly slept around the locker room a bit - there’s even a rumor that he hooked up with Sunny, who was a huge fan of his... but the best story about Ziggler comes from his ex-girlfriend, comedian Amy Schumer. Schumer said that she ultimately had to break up with Ziggler because he was way too athletic in the bedroom and she couldn’t keep up.

12 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro seemingly came out of nowhere when she arrived in WWE. The story goes that she met a WWE casting director at a swimsuit competition and the director immediately asked her to join WWE’s Diva Search competition. Massaro was in no way ready to wrestle, but she certainly earned a few fans with her slightly trashier looks and Playboy appearance. There are also some stories out there that suggest Massaro’s promiscuous nature was far from a gimmick. Along with the usual rumors about her sleeping her way through the WWE locker room, there are also reports that Massaro used to work as a high-class call girl. Someone found her on a high-class call girl website that was quickly taken offline. Generally speaking, people in that line of work tend to have a few kinks.

11 Dean Ambrose

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Prior to his arrival in WWE, Ambrose toured the indies as John Moxley. In the ring, Moxley was known for his hardcore matches, surprisingly good technical wrestling abilities, and his insane promos that seemingly caught the attention of WWE before anything else. Those that followed Moxley a little more closely also knew that he was even more wild outside of the ring. Ambrose participated in some shoot interviews early into his career during which he revealed that he lived some wild nights while touring the world. Ambrose describes himself as a guy that is up for anything in or out of the ring. So far as bedroom specifics go, look no further than the time that Ambrose supposedly hooked up with a girl while wearing a bear costume because she was kind of a furry.

10 Jake Roberts

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You’ve probably heard some stories about Jake Roberts’ out of ring activities. In fact, there have been a few documentaries centered around just how much Jake drank, how many drugs Jake did, and how all of it led to Jake experiencing a prolonged down period in his life. What tends to be glossed over in those documentaries is Jake’s reported love for ring rats. In fact, Roberts says that Paul Orndorff gave him “The Snake” nickname because Roberts was always stealing his hook-ups. While we’re not quite sure what to make of the rumors involving Jake Roberts’ famous vomit-filled ring rat parties - don’t ask - we do know that Jake typically went into hotel rooms with multiple women at a time and was particularly fond of doing hard drugs in the middle of the act.

9 Natalya

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Early on, it was clear that WWE didn't’ know what to do with Natalya Neidhart. Nattie was good looking and clearly talented in the ring, but this was a time when WWE just didn’t care about whether or not the women on their roster could actually wrestle. Eventually, however, Nattie’s obvious talents won WWE over. Around that same time, she also began to show off her sexier side by wearing more provocative clothing and getting a little handsy with her fellow female wrestlers. This is all apparently quite in line with how Natalya really is in the bedroom. In fact, her recent dominatrix outfit look is a callback to a moment on Total Divas when she revealed to her husband that she had hired a dominatrix for them. Apparently, Natalya was very into it.

8 Brian Pillman

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The world took Brian Pillman way too soon. Pillman possessed a unique mix of talent, looks, and attitude that made him something of a forerunner to the attitude era. Actually, it’s really a shame that Pillman died before the attitude era began in earnest because Pillman could have been a global star in a no-limits version of WWE. For as crazy as Pillman was on-screen, however, many of those who knew him best know that Pillman’s wildest moments occurred behind closed - or sometimes closed - bedroom doors. Pillman’s friends always tell stories about Pillman’s seemingly insatiable sexual appetites. Pillman would return to the hotel with multiple women on many nights and would reportedly participate in some truly wild stuff. For instance, an old roommate of Pillman’s talked about the time he caught Pillman with a girl who was hanging upside down with the help of gravity boots.

7 Mickie James

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Anyone who watched WWE when Mickie James debuted will not forget her first few months in the company. Between her short skirt wrestling outfit and her stalker romance with Trish Stratus, James quickly established herself as one of the sexiest - and best all-around - divas on the WWE roster. What some didn’t know at the time was that James had spent quite a few years on the indie scene. In fact, she spent so many years on the indie scene, that she had to supplement her income by doing some adult photo shoots. Actually, James' photo shoots for some adult fetish magazines are probably way more revealing than you might think they would be. Those photo shoots combined with a few stories about James’ backstage romances suggest she is the adventurous type.

6 Lita

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WWE fans had never seen anyone quite like Lita when she debuted for the company. Lita had tattoos, an attitude, and was capable of actually doing incredible things in the ring. While Lita wasn’t exactly your typical WWE female wrestler, she was certainly as attractive as anyone on the WWE roster at that time. Lita is another wrestler whose road to WWE was filled with a lot of setbacks and odd jobs. Some have gone so far as to say that Lita was forced to sleep with a lot of wrestlers in order to receive the training needed to make it to WWE.

Whether or not that’s true, we do know that while in WWE, Lita has slept with the likes of Matt Hardy, CM Punk, and Edge. She even participated in a live sex show with Edge and has consistently sought out younger men as she entered her cougar years.

5 John Cena

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For years, John Cena has been WWE’s golden boy. He’s the guy that learned Mandarin so he could give a speech about WWE in China. He’s the guy that has fulfilled more Make-A-Wish requests than any other wrestler. He’s the guy that regularly leads the company in merchandise sales and is a hero to millions of kids. He’s also the guy that knows how to have a good time behind the scenes. Some of Cena’s non-WWE interviews have contained decidedly un-PG revelations involving John taking six women back to her hotel room, making good uses of “champagne rooms,” and even having fun with an almost 300 lb woman. John has admitted that he’s up for trying anything and doesn’t just seek out the most traditionally beautiful women.

4 Sunny

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There are two Sunnys. There was the Sunny that was the hottest thing most wrestling fans had ever seen when she joined WWE in the nineties, and there is the Sunny we found out about afterwards. Put simply, Sunny has - or at least had - a lot of serious personal issues that ensured she was in and out of rehab and legal trouble. Of course, even when Sunny was considered to be as hot as the sun itself, her wild side was still there. There are countless stories of Sunny exchanging “favors” for drugs as well as stories about her sleeping around in just about every company that she’s ever worked for.

She claims to have slept with Dolph Ziggler for over seven hours and has admitted to some bedroom adventures too sordid to recount here.

3 Missy Hyatt

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While many say that Sunny really ushered in the era of women’s wrestlers being prized for their sex appeal above all else, it’s probably fairer to say that she was the first person to do that on-screen. Behind the scenes, there were plenty of female wrestlers that lived the Sunny lifestyle and were primarily kept around for their bedroom talents. Chief among them was Missy Hyatt. Missy Hyatt’s autobiography and shoot interviews have revealed that she may just be the wildest woman that has ever stepped foot in the ring in terms of bedroom escapades. Hyatt has reportedly slept with wrestlers in exchange for them agreeing to lose, done some things with certain toys that are still illegal in certain states, and had admitted to sleeping with wrestlers just to see how big they were. She clearly did not have any hang ups.

2 Paige

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A year or two ago, we probably wouldn’t have considered Paige for this list. At that time, Paige was mostly seen as a tremendous young female wrestlers who certainly oozed sex appeal, but wasn’t necessarily associated with any specific sordid tales. Oh how times have changed since then. Earlier this year, word started to float around that a series of private videos starring Paige were going to be leaked onto the internet. Most people were expecting some rather tame pictures, but what we got instead was a series of videos showing Paige with multiple WWE wrestlers, Paige in some rather personal - and possibly uncomfortable positions, and Paige doing things that those with a crush on her would have never expected to see her doing. Yeah, she belongs on this list.

1 Raven

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In the history of professional wrestling, there have been a lot of guys and gals that have made themselves the stars of some X-rated adventures. For instance, one time a largely forgettable wrestlers named Klondike Bill found a pair of women’s underwear on the ground and proceeded to put them in his mouth. However, few can boast the kind of stories that Raven lays claim to. The one thing that all of Raven's stories have in common is that there is no way we can go into too much detail about them. However, if you’re looking for a preview, try to imagine Raven in a hallway full of prostitutes heading towards a woman at the end of a slip and slide with a phallic adult toy on his head. You can also picture Raven’s supposed adventures with multiple women, some of which may have been as young as 15 or 16.

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