15 Most Bizarre Rumours Currently Circulating About Paige

Paige was suspended from WWE back in the summer of 2016 after weeks of not being featured. Having been suspended twice for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, the former Divas Champion has not been seen on WWE TV since.

Paige was reported to have undergone neck surgery late last year and has been recovering and rehabbing for the past few months, but Paige has become more talked about recently than the wrestlers who are still working weekly on Raw and SmackDown.

Paige has gone from an apparent arrest to a sex tape hacking scandal. Her constant arguments and postponed marriages to Del Rio. And now their relationship seems to have taken on a much more toxic atmosphere.

Paige is never out of the headlines anymore and even though it is reported that Paige could well be close to a WWE return, it is highly unlikely that she will ever wrestle for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Especially since she has broken so many of their rules over the past year and even underwent neck surgery without their permission.

Paige is no stranger to rumors, and as you will see from the list below, there are some pretty nasty ones about the former Divas Champion.

15 Paige And Alberto Del Rio Have Broken Up

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio have to be one of the most talked about couples in WWE right now; having definitely surpassed AJ Lee and CM Punk when it comes to how newsworthy their relationship is these days.

It has been reported that Paige and Del Rio constantly argue in front of people at wrestling promotions that Del Rio is currently working for, which has given the couple a bad reputation in the business. It was recently announced that the couple has finally decided that enough is enough and have gone their separate ways. But this could not be the case since there are other rumors that suggest that the couple is still together and are working out their issues. It's an on-going rollercoaster and apparently, they both want to remain strapped in.

14 Brad Maddox And Paige Had A Toxic Relationship As Well

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Up until Paige was recently hacked and her personal videos were then leaked online, many of the WWE Universe were unaware that Paige and Brad Maddox were a couple. Apparently, they dated for a number of months while they were both together in WWE and their relationship was just as toxic as her current one with Del Rio.

Paige was just 20-years-old when she was signed to WWE. She was then taken in by Maddox's charms and their relationship was not the happy one that many of the WWE Universe would imagine a normal functional relationship to be. Brad was released from the company at the end of 2015 after Vince McMahon took offence to one of his promos, and Paige has since been used much less on WWE TV.

13 Paige's Film Is The Only Thing Saving her WWE Career

After such a great 2014 for Paige, 2016 was her downfall year. She was suspended by WWE twice, she failed to win a championship, and then she appeared in the middle of a ring for a rival promotion, thus risking her job with WWE.

Paige then underwent neck surgery without WWE's permission and has since been the victim of a hacking scandal. But WWE refuses to release Paige from her contract because they are currently in the process of making a film about her life starring The Rock and the company stand to make a lot of money from this. So for right now, Paige can do no wrong in WWE's eyes, but this could be a completely different story when the film is finally released.

12 Paige Was Suspended For Taking Drugs And Partying With Del Rio

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Paige was suspended on her birthday back in August last year for the first time along with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio for violating WWE's Wellness Policy. Del Rio then decided to negotiate his release from the company rather than continue his contract up to October. Meanwhile, Paige was then suspended for a second time 30 days later.

Paige tweeted about doctors' notes not being good enough and that the painkillers she had taken were prescribed for her neck, but the rumors around Social Media suggest that Paige was suspended for taking a much more illegal drug whilst she was out partying with Alberto Del Rio. Paige and Alberto are regularly seen out partying together and the couple could be doing much more than that on a regular basis, which would probably explain the regular fighting.

11 Paige's Family Hate Alberto Del Rio

Paige comes from a family of wrestlers. Her mother, father, and brothers are all part of the British Wrestling Circuit. Not one of them decided to wheel out the welcome wagon when it was revealed that Paige was dating the former United States Champion.

Paige's family even took to Social Media to state that they will never welcome Del Rio into their family. This opinion obviously changed quite quickly since the Mexican went on to perform for the family promotion called WAW in Norwich, England before The Knights were then invited over to perform in Mexico by Del Rio. The family are now back to their original opinion of Del Rio after it was reported that he physically assaulted Paige and was then arrested and investigated for domestic battery.

10 Was Xavier Woods In A Relationship At The Time He And Paige Made A Video?

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Paige, Xavier Woods, and Brad Maddox were all victims when personal videos were leaked to the public online earlier this year. It was revealed that not only were Paige and Brad Maddox in a relationship earlier in her career but apparently Paige and Xavier Woods decided to make a tape of their own.

The timing of the tapes being leaked couldn't have been worse for Xavier as his wife Jessica was about to give birth to their first child and the WWE Universe then attempted to figure out if Xavier was in a relationship with his wife at the time that the tape was made. She seemed to take the leaks much worse than Paige and Xavier and even deleted her Instagram account and it still yet to return to Social Media since.

9 Was Paige Once Pregnant?

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Paige was a member of the E! reality show Total Divas for a number of seasons. During her time on the show, Paige shared a lot of personal information including the fact that she was unable to be happy for Rosa Mendes when she announced that she was expecting her first child because it brought back bad memories for her.

Paige stated that she was pregnant when she was much younger but she ended up losing the baby and that she was unsure if she would be able to have children in the future. It is unknown if this was something that Paige actually went through, or if parts of it were dramatized for the show much like many of the other storylines that WWE has produced over the past few years.

8 Paige And Del Rio Have Postponed Their Wedding Three Times

The rollercoaster that is the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has become quite hard to follow over the past few months as it was falsely reported many times that the couple had actually married.

It was then reported that Paige lost her engagement ring before they were then set to marry again in May. But once again their union was postponed due to the constant arguments between the couple that sometimes became public. Paige later announced on her Instagram account that the couple had bought a house together and had set another wedding date for the future. It is now thought that the couple could have been married in secret away from the WWE Universe since they are not big fans of all the attention they have been receiving recently.

7 Was Paige In The Audience For Slammiversary?

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Paige has already proposed in the ring at WWC without obtaining permission from WWE in the past, thus risking her job. Then, she decided to go one step further recently by cheering on her fiance from ringside at TNA's recent Slammiversay event.

Paige wore a blue Lucha mask to hide from the TV cameras but she wasn't smart enough to cover up her name that was on the inside of her phone case while she was holding it open and filming Del Rio's match. Superstars in the past have been fired from WWE for appearing at rival events and the WWE Universe are still confused as to why Paige would risk her career like this, and why WWE have not decided to do anything about it?

6 WWE Tried Underhanded Tactics To Break Up Paige And Del Rio

It was reported last year that when Paige and Alberto Del Rio were drafted to separate rosters as part of the WWE Draft, it wasn't an accident. Officials in WWE were not happy about the relationship between the two and the huge age gap and decided to do what they could to split them up.

It was also belived WWE told Paige that her job was in jeopardy if she didn't break up with Alberto Del Rio. But once again this is something that was never officially reported, it was just rumored. WWE have never supported Paige and Alberto Del Rio, but that could be because the company knew that Del Rio was still married at the time when he decided to publicly announce that he was in a relationship with the former Divas Champion.

5 Were Big E And Paige More Than Friends?

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Paige was only ever seen to be close to the women who appeared on Total Divas. So, it seems that she wasn't very close to many of the talent backstage in WWE. But many times, Paige was revealed to be quite close to New Day member Big E.

Paige and Xavier Woods were once friends and now many of the WWE Universe have speculated that Big E and Paige were much closer than just friends as well. The backstage video on Total Divas show that the duo are quite happy to act stupidly around each other. But it is unknown as to whether or not the couple has ever been more than best friends, which could be why the WWE Universe continues to speculate about the entire situation.

4 WWE Have No Plans For Paige When She Returns

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The wrestling world waits for no one. Everyone is replaceable and  Paige is learning that the hard way. Since she left in the middle of 2016, the Women's Revolution has taken over the main roster, where she doesn't actually fit anymore.

So much so that Paige was recently reported to have been ready to return to the company after undergoing neck surgery back in December, but WWE has nothing currently planned for her, even if she was cleared. WWE knows that the Universe will obviously want to voice a lot of opinions on Paige when she does return, so it would have to be handled properly. Of course, maybe WWE doesn't actually want Paige to return to TV.

3 Paige And Charlotte Hate Each Other

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Paige and Charlotte were once best friends. The duo worked together as two-thirds of PCB before Paige turned on Charlotte when she won the Divas Championship back in 2015. After this, the group obviously went their separate ways.

Paige and Charlotte didn't only split on WWE TV. Charlotte and Del Rio had quite a secretive relationship before Del Rio revealed publicly that he was dating Paige. Charlotte then took it out on the former Divas Champion. Charlotte and Paige appeared together for WWE a few times after it was revealed that she was dating Del Rio and it is believed that Charlotte purposely made it awkward for Paige. Charlotte has since gone on to become one of the best female wrestlers in WWE while Paige has been away from the company.

2 Paige Tried To Get Fired From WWE Along With Del Rio

Paige never had any problems in WWE until she revealed that she was dating Alberto Del Rio. And then, she was suspended twice in succession for violating WWE's Wellness Policy. Many of the WWE Universe have blamed Del Rio for the negative impact he's had on Paige's life and even went as far as speculating that Paige was purposely failing the tests so that she could be fired along with her boyfriend.

A third strike for the Wellness Policy results in the termination of the WWE superstar's contract and the fact that Paige is contracted with the company until 2019 means that they were not open to letting her out of it like they did with Del Rio. It is unknown if this was Paige's plan, but if it was, it doesn't seem to have worked out too well.

1 Did Alberto Del Rio Hit Paige?

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The most recent story to be reported about the couple is that Alberto Del Rio is now being investigated for Domestic Battery. There is also a leaked audio account from the airport where Paige was apparently said to have been crying and was then approached by a member of the public who apparently threw a drink at Del Rio.

Paige defended Del Rio on Social Media, but it seems that the audio doesn't back up her story and even Paige's family are now trying to ask the WWE Universe's help to get her away from Alberto Del Rio for good. The full story behind these recent accusations are currently unknown, but it is thought that more information will come out in the coming days as the relationship between the duo has reached an all time low.

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