15 Most Creepy Clown Moments In Pro Wrestling

It seems like the world is being invaded by clowns. Creepy clown sightings have increased all around the globe, including several sightings in states like North Carolina and Connecticut. While the clowns in the woods may bring scares to some people, wrestling fans are probably already used to the idea. The world of pro wrestling is like a circus in itself, so it’s no surprise that clowns have been infused into the programming for several years.

Just like the clowns spreading urban myths in the current news, clowns used in pro wrestling organizations like the the WWE were often present to deliver creepy moments and scares. One of the most dominant and iconic clowns in wrestling was Doink. While he had a lot of scary moments during his time as a heel, there have been several other clowns to appear in various wrestling organizations. The next time that someone brings up a creepy clown sighting, you can show them this list of fifteen strange occurrences that transpired in the world of pro wrestling.

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14 Doink Meets Doink

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WrestleMania IX featured a variety of great mid-card talents that included various WWE Superstars.To name a few, Lex Luger debuted, Shawn Michaels wowed fans, and The Undertaker took on the Giant Gonzalez, but one moment that stole the show however was Doink’s match against Crush.

Doink spent months taunting Crush, interfering in his matches, and engaging him in brutal attacks. Crush would finally get his chance at revenge when he competed in a one on one match against the clown at WrestleMania. Crush dominated for a lot of the match but that was until Doink knocked the referee out. When this happened, a second Doink emerged, pummeled Crush and allowed the original Doink to win. It was creepy to see the two Doinks stand face to face and mimic their moves like a mirror. The moment stood out and was a huge victory for the clown.

13 Robbie E is Afraid of Clowns

The BroMans were full of energy and manliness, but there was one thing that Robbie E was terrified of… clowns. This created a huge problem when the BroMans when they were confronted with the new carnival stable named "The Menagerie." On an episode of Impact Wrestling, the BroMans were openly expressing their fears before the group arrived. One of the faction members was named Freak, a sideshow clown who loved to creep around the ring. The Freak was one of the more memorable characters in The Menagerie, using clown make-up that was well planned and rather frightening.

As Robbie E expressed his fear of clowns, he was forced to meet The Freak face to face when Knux led the The Freak out along with the other members of The Menagerie. The BroMans fell in defeat to the clown and his friends and was never able to overcome his fear of the creepy characters.

12 The Los Psycho Circus

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Clowns are scary enough as is, but when you add a few adjectives to their names, it can get even worse. The Mexican wrestling promotion AAA debuted an evil clown group in 2007. This group consisted of evil clown members with names like Murder Clown, Psycho Clown, and Monster Clown. Those names are scary enough to keep the children up at night.

The clowns of the Los Psycho Circus found major success in AAA. For three years, they remained unbeaten in any type of match. Eventually the group would debut mini versions of the clowns and increased the scares for fans. The clowns often partook in unique entrances filled with chainsaws, pyrotechnics, and some creepy music to top it all off.

11 The Insane Clown Posse Plays Football

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For a brief period in 1999, the Insane Clown Posse debuted and performed in the WWE. The violent rapping clowns were naturally paired with a stable known as The Oddities. The two factions would wrestle in matches together, but one of the creepiest moments with the clowns actually occurred playing football.

In a brief segment shown on WWE Raw, the Insane Clown Posse is seen playing football with The Oddities. It’s not so much as playing football rather than watching two clowns and a group of weirdos randomly chase each other around the field. The scene took place on a school field, adding even more to the creepiness. Imagine looking out of a classroom window and watching these clowns running around outside. Recess time? No thanks.

They would continue their creepy ways in WCW during the company's "darker days."

10 Joker Sting

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The Icon Sting has gone through many character transformations throughout the years, but none have been more crazy than his transformation into the clown prince known as Joker Sting. Similar to Batman’s Joker, Sting had smeared face paint and would taunt other wrestlers on the TNA roster. One of the creepiest moments in this storyline was when Sting underwent the initial transformation into the Joker character.

After Mr. Anderson spent weeks taunting Sting and making fun of his character, Sting snapped and had enough. He gave Mr. Anderson a brutal beat down and then proceeded to smear red paint over his own face. As if that wasn’t enough, Sting smeared red paint all over Anderson’s face and laughed while he did it. The scene was effective and the perfect way to start the Joker clown character.

9 My Name is Kizarny

In the early 2000s, the WWE was looking for a way to bolster their SmackDown roster. One of the newest additions they began promoting was Kizarny. For several weeks, WWE fans had to watch on as creepy Kizarny promos would air on SmackDown. The scenes would feature shots of a carnival and then the half-clown, half-carny Kizarny would appear and say “I Am Kizarny.” He would then proceed to talk in some sort of mixed gibberish language as cameras zoomed close in on his face.

In some of the later promos, Kizarny would feature carnival side-show acts at his side. Each time, he would simply state “My Name is Kizarny” and follow it up with the strange language. Unfortunately, the promo segments actually lasted longer than Kizarny’s in-ring career. He was only on SmackDown for a few weeks before WWE realized that the gimmick was a failure and they released him from his contract.

8 Attack of the Doinks

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As if Doink wasn’t scary enough, the WWE decided to bring in multiple versions of the clown. The WWE Universe was already introduced to Doink’s little buddy Dink, but now the tandem would add Wink and Pink to the mix. Officially referred to as “Clowns R’ Us” at the 1994 Survivor Series, the collection of clowns filled the WWE ring and could easily bring scares to children who were afraid of them.

Fortunately, Jerry Lawler was not afraid of clowns. He was Doink’s opponent at the event and presented his own Royal Family to take on the clowns. In an impressive sweep, Lawler and his partners eliminated all of the clowns and were declared the winners. The match featured a lot of goofy comedy and might have set a record for most clowns in a WWE ring at once.

7 A Clown Enters the King’s Court

At the 1993 SummerSlam event, Jerry Lawler was scheduled to face Bret Hart, but The King was later replaced at the last minute by the evil Doink the Clown. After losing the match, Doink was forced to face Lawler on his talk show “The King’s Court.” What proceeded showcased why evil Doink was a great heel for the 1990s and could truly deliver the creepy persona if needed for his character.

Doink came out to The King’s Court, showcasing his mime skills as Lawler spoke on the mic. He was brilliant in the role, making strange faces, over-acting to Lawler’s claims, and then. after several minutes, Doink spoke on the mic and delivered a great promo. This moment truly cemented Doink’s role as a great heel character and showcased his underrated brilliance.

6 Meet Frank the Clown

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One of WWE’s self-proclaimed super-fans is a man known as Frank the Clown. Frank was regarded as a huge fan and one that wore clown make-up whenever he got the chance. Frank the Clown has made a name for himself over the years, but he was formally introduced to the WWE Universe on the WWE Network show Holy Foley. Frank the Clown is dating Mick Foley’s beautiful daughter Noelle.

The first time we are introduced to Frank the Clown is when he shows up late for a Foley family dinner. He was in his full clown garb and it was starling to see him standing on the front porch when the door was answered. Frank has made several appearances on the show and he also has made several in-ring appearances at independent wrestling shows.

5 Doink Pulls Out a Gun

Doink has pulled a lot of pranks on WWE Superstars. This includes buckets filled with water, squirting flowers from his jacket, and even a few disappearing tricks. When Doink made a special appearance on a 2012 episode of WWE Raw, nobody expected the clown’s next trick would involve a gun.

During a six-man tag team match, Doink found himself in the middle of the ring going one-on-one with The Great Khali. Seeing the disadvantage, Doink decided to pull out a small gun and point it at Khali. Within moments, he would pull the trigger and water would come squirting out. Even though it was revealed to be a toy, the moment was particularly shocking because it took place during the WWE’s PG era. Khali didn’t fall for the gag as he chopped Doink down and eliminated him from the match.

4 Chris Jericho as Doink the Clown

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Doink the Clown has been portrayed by multiple WWE Superstars throughout the years. No one really thought anything when Doink returned for a special match against William Regal. As Regal tried to fight off Doink, something felt different about the clown’s performance. Doink was more aerial and quite impressive in the ring. Then out of nowhere, the clown performed the Walls of Jericho and the crowd quickly realized that this was no ordinary Doink… it was Chris Jericho.

After the match, an upset Regal escaped the ring and Jericho continued to taunt him as Doink. Jericho removed the wig and started peeling off the paint. This part made the Doink look even more scary than it originally was. The moment was a great part of the feud and a highlight for Y2J's WWE career.

3 Doink’s Fake Arm

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One of Doink’s first feuds in the WWE was against Crush. Doink had proclaimed that Crush has broken his arm and was forced to wear a sling because of his actions. In an effort to make amends, Doink proceeded to offer Crush a flower. Crush reluctantly accepted the flower and began walking away. Doink then revealed that his arm was a fake and he attacked Crush from behind. The clown began brutally beating Crush with the use of his fake arm. One of the best moments of this attack was the close-up views of upset and scared fans reacting to the moment.

It was during this moment that Doink truly showcased his evil side. It helped establish his evil character and showcased that he would go at any lengths to defeat opponents.

3. Doink’s Evil Entrance Theme

The evil Doink had a lot going for it. The look of the character was great, the actions were scary, and feuds were built up to make him a legitimate contender in the ring. The best way to cap all of this off was by combining it all with some scary entrance theme. The evil Doink entrance music is truly terrifying and one of the more underrated themes in WWE history.

The slowed down song is quite creepy. If you played this song moments before going to sleep, it would be the perfect way to give yourself some nightmares. The theme could still be used to today for haunted houses and other creepy productions found around Halloween. The character was watered down in the later years, but the song was a huge factor in the initial success.

2 Pogo the Clown

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Pogo the Clown has been wrestling on the independent scene for several years now. The evil clown character has tried to top Doink in every aspect of wrestling. He’s deranged, crazy, and will go to great lengths in order to ensure a victory. Pogo the Clown has won multiple championships during his career and had memorable feuds with the likes of The Sandman and Joe Applebaumer.

The creepiest part of the Pogo the Clown character is that it was based off a real serial killer. John Wayne Gacy is a convicted serial killer that would often dress up as Pogo the Clown to try and lure children. This real-life connection really pushes the limits of gimmick, this factor truly made him terrifying anytime he stepped foot in the ring.

1 Doink Appears in the Stands

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When wrestlers debut in the WWE, they are typically introduced through video packages or some type of debut match. For Doink, it fell more along the lines of the recent clown sightings across the globe. During random matches, Doink would appear in the stands. Sometimes he would just stand there, other times he would dance around. Eventually, Doink started interfering in matches.

For small children, it must have been terrifying to see a large evil clown show up right next to them in the arena. It was a great gimmick that helped introduce the character in a unique way. The WWE also took their time with the introduction, as Doink would appear in the audience for several weeks before he even had his first scheduled match.

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