15 Most Inappropriate Confessions Ever Made By Pro Wrestlers

Wrestling stars are in the spotlight for most of their careers. They appear on podcasts, talk shows, and even radio shows which mean that there are a lot of times that they can slip up and reveal things that should perhaps have been kept private.

Things like Social Media and Total Divas haven't helped the business either since fans now feel that they deserve to be part of wrestlers private lives and push for more information about their favorite stars than ever before.

Many of the confessions that are made by some Superstars are actually about other stars, which is hardly fair. Some secrets should not be revealed under these circumstances.

Total Divas lived off the hype of confessions and where they would lead their main characters, but it is unknown just how true many of these confessions really were, or if they were dramatized for the sake of the show.

That being said, over the past few years the following list of 15 stars have revealed a lot about subjects that perhaps should never have been talked about in the public domain. Some things are better left secret, or at least just between those who need to know.

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15 Alberto Del Rio And Ryback Reveal WWE Payscale

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It's an unwritten rule of wrestling that money isn't talked about. The only people who need to know about the money you are being paid, are the people who are paying it. But sometimes former stars will do anything to remain relevant and get one over on WWE.

Alberto Del Rio and Ryback openly discussed the pay grade and the fact that they were paid much less than other stars who were part of the same match as them. Money isn't something that the WWE Universe really needs to know about when it comes to the wrestlers they see on TV and Ryback's lengthy Instagram post about it actually cost him his job. Meanwhile, Del Rio made the decision to end his contract with WWE merely days after he was suspended for failing a drug test.

14 Brie Bella Apparently Shares Everything With Her Sister

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Brie And Nikki Bella are two of the biggest stars on Total Divas, and it seems to be this way because the girls really don't have any problems sharing information about their personal life on national TV. The most recent season on Total Divas saw Brie finally announcing that she was pregnant, but before this, she had a confession that she had to make to her sister.

Brie revealed that she and Daniel hadn't had sex in more than a month because Bryan liked the whole process to be slow and built up. Apparently, Bryan doesn't know how to have a "quickie" something that Brie wasn't exactly pleased about. Luckily Brie later found out she was pregnant so we could avoid any further confessions of this nature in future episodes.

13 Sunny Claimed Seth Rollins Gave Her An STD

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Perhaps one of the most random claims that Sunny has ever made, and perhaps the only one she has ever taken back. Apparently, it was someone else on Sunny's account that made the claim earlier this year. Sunny then stated that she hadn't seen Rollins since he was in Ring of Honor back in 2007 and that she had never seen him in that way.

Rollins has been part of enough scandals himself and he really didn't need to be dragged into whatever Sunny has going on in her life right now. It was a huge shock for the WWE Universe to read something like that, but given the things that Sunny has confessed over the past few years, there's nothing that she can do to shock the fans anymore.

12 Nikki Bella's Sex Toys

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Nikki Bella has always talked quite openly about her private life outside of WWE. In the first few episodes of Total Divas when she was moving in with John Cena back in 2013, there was something else that Nikki was forced to confess.

Nikki moved her boxes into Cena's house and one of them wouldn't stop vibrating. It was then revealed to be a box of Nikki's sex toys. She then stated that she had lived alone in San Diego for a long time and all of her "friends" had kept her company so she thought it was only fair if she brought them along for the ride to Cena's house. Wow, there are some things that you should probably keep to yourself Nikki, seriously.

11 Batista Cheated On His Wife To Force A Divorce

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Batista and Melina had an affair back in 2005-06, which then lead to Batista's wife Angie filing for a divorce later that year. Batista cheated on his wife a number of times while they were together and she was ill. But the fact that he confessed about them all in his book was perhaps the worst part of the story.

Batista wrote all about the affair in his autobiography which his wife was then forced to read. It was a horrible way for his wife to find out about the affair but Batista wanted a divorce and this was his way of forcing his wife's hand. This could be why Batista has been hated by so many WWE fans for a while. He has since remarried a professional pole dancer, so hopefully he will get it right this time around.

10 Hulk Hogan Slept With His Best Friend's Wife, But He was Given Permission

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Back in 2012, Hulk Hogan was the victim of a leaked sex tape scandal where it was revealed that he and his best friend Bubba The Love Sponge's wife were much more than just a friends. Hogan stated that Linda had driven him into the arms of another woman because she was verbally and emotionally abusive towards him, but he did get permission from his friend to sleep with his wife.

Hogan stated that Bubba had been OK with him sleeping with his now estranged wife Heather Clem. It was an entire saga between Hogan, Bubba, and Heather and it was something that Hogan's new wife Jennifer wasn't exactly happy about either. Hogan has had his own fair share of scandals recently, maybe he should stay away from other people's wives in future.

9 Melina And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison were in a lengthy relationship during their time with WWE and it hit a number of bumps in the road. One being when Melina was revealed to have had an affair with Batista. But when Morrison made the switch over to Lucha Underground, their relationship definitely reached an all time low.

Melina shared a picture on her Twitter account that proved Morrison, who's now known as Johnny Mundo actually needed a prescription for an erectile dysfunction drug known as Cialis. This was the end of their relationship. Mundo has since moved on with fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie, and the couple announced their engagement back in June. Melina is reportedly said to still be single.

8 CM Punk On Colt Cabana's Podcast

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It was the story that the entire WWE Universe was waiting to hear. Why did CM Punk walk away from WWE, and what actually happened leading up to him being fired from the company? Well, in November 2014 Punk finally revealed all the details in a podcast with his former rival on the Independent Circuit, Colt Cabana.

The Podcast was a huge hit for Cabana and was listened to by millions of people around the world. But that podcast ended up costing Punk $1 million after WWE doctor Chris Allman decided to file a lawsuit for defamation after the comments Punk made about him failing to see and treat a staph infection. The confessions on the podcast are among some of the biggest that have ever been said on the record about WWE. So the WWE Universe are quite impressed that someone finally revealed the truth to them.

7 The Bill DeMott Situation

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Bill DeMott was once the head trainer in NXT until it was revealed by Judas Devlin, in a letter he wrote online, that documented all the abuse he put his trainee's through. He ended up having to resign from his position in order to avoid company action.

DeMott got away with this kind of abuse for a number of years. Some of it being seen as racist, sexist, and even bordering on levels of sexual harassment. DeMott thought he was untouchable and it was only when his actions were made public that WWE finally decided to do something about it. Even though it probably was an inappropriate letter to leak to the WWE Universe, it was Devlin's only way so he can perhaps be forgiven for it.

6 Ryback's Recent Diva Confessions

via wrestlingforum.com

Ryback has made a lot of claims over the past year since he left WWE. And the WWE Universe are finally realizing that a lot of what The Big Guy is saying is actually a lie. But a few months ago Ryback decided to claim that he could have slept with any of the female wrestlers in the locker room but he decided not to "poop where he eats."

Ryback stated that there were a few guys who did take that route and if he wanted to then that wouldn't have been a problem but he didn't want to complicate his career any more. So he made the decision to be nice to all of the women backstage and never put himself in a questionable position. Of course you did, Ryback

5 Sunny Claims That Shawn Michaels Doesn't Like To Give Oral

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Sunny has made some x-rated confessions over the past few months but some of them have definitely been above and beyond what the WWE Universe expected to hear from a person who was in the spotlight at that time.

Sunny decided to grade the men that she has slept with over the past few years and stated that Shawn Michaels was definitely the best he had ever had. She went on to state that the sex was definitely the best, but Michaels didn't like to give oral. She said that he was better at the actual sex than he was at the foreplay. It's really not something that the WWE Universe wanted to know about a legend like Shawn Michaels, so maybe Sunny should have kept this information to herself.

4 Scott Steiner's Incredible Confession About His Sex Life

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Scott Steiner has recently joined Impact Wrestling and as part of the press conference to announce his arrival to the promotion now known as GFW, Steiner made headlines all over the world when he stated that he had already beaten Wilt Chamberlain's record when it came to sleeping with 20,000 women in a year.

Steiner claimed that back in 1999 he was able to bed more than 15,000 women. Which means that he must have slept with approximately 41 women a day, or one woman every 35 minutes. This is one of the most bizarre boasts that any Superstar has ever made, but for fans who have come to know Steiner over the past few decades, they will know that this is exactly the kind of person he is.

3 Ric Flair And Halle Berry

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Ric Flair is a legend in WWE circles and is a 16-time World Champion. But even he has to stretch the truth sometimes and he was caught back in 2016 when he boasted that he had slept with Bond Girl, Halle Berry.

Flair stated that Halle had "taken a ride on Space Mountain" before the Hollywood star herself responded to the rumors by stating that she had never ever heard of Ric Flair and didn't actually know who he was so there was no way that anything else had happened between them. Flair was left with a little bit of egg on his face for a while after this sordid confession, maybe it's wise that he should keep his personal life to himself from now on?

2 Sunny's Confession About Dolph's Zigzag

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It's hard to pinpoint any one confession that Sunny has made over the past few years that hasn't made the WWE Universe feel uncomfortable. Earlier this year Sunny decided to share personal information about the men she had slept with over the years. And while she praised some of these men, she revealed that Dolph was a little different when it came to his actual physical presence.

Sunny revealed that sex with Dolph lasted around seven hours because he has incredible stamina, but the one thing that stood out about him as the fact that he "curved to the left." It's perhaps information that the WWE Universe didn't need to hear about one of the most popular wrestlers in the company, but Sunny is physically incapable of keeping this kind of information to herself.

1 John Cena And The Six Ring Rats

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John Cena is a media trained performer now and he is always able to keep things professional when he is part of interviews outside of WWE TV. But this hasn't always been the case. There is a famous interview that includes John Cena from the beginning of his career where he brags about sleeping with six ring rats in one night.

The interview took place on The Howard Stern Show and saw Cena even brag about being able to sleep with a ring rat who was deemed to be fat because he was dared by other members of the locker room. Cena has grown up a lot since the beginning of his career because some of the confessions he made on that show came across as quite immature and harsh.

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