15 Most Inappropriate Things Jerry Lawler Has Ever Said

Jerry "The King" Lawler has become well-known all over the world, since joining WWE back in 1992, but had already wrestled for a number of companies before Vince McMahon's promotion came calling. Lawler won 168 Championships throughout his lengthy career before WWE gave the former King of the Ring the opportunity to sit behind the commentary desk instead.

Since he returned to the company and joined WWE's commentary team back in 2001, he has become iconic in his role as a colour commentator, but it seems that Lawler has a problem telling the difference between something that is humorous and something that is actually inappropriate. Lawler was released from his WWE contract back in 2015 when the company were made aware of a domestic dispute between the WWE Hall of Famer and his girlfriend Lauren. Since then Lawler has been allowed to return to WWE but not to his commentary duties as part of their main show. Lawler does have a Legend's contract with the company and makes regular appearances on preshow panels, but it appears that his commentary duties are over for now at least.

The following list looks at some of the most inappropriate things that Jerry Lawler has said over the past few years, whether it was on commentary or as part of a wrestling match on WWE TV.

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15 Puppies

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The current Women's Revolution has spotlighted the talent of the women who are currently employed by WWE and many fans have asked the question as to why this kind of revolution in women's sport didn't happen any sooner.

There are a number of arguments as to why WWE were not ready to give the women those kinds of opportunities, but Jerry Lawler can easily be brought into the conversation. Throughout women's matches, King would be more concerned with the "Puppies" that were on display than actually calling the match. The fact that a grown man only cared about staring that women's chests and making inappropriate jokes is probably one of the reasons why WWE was stuck behind the rest of the world for a number of years while he was still allowed to be a voice of the show.

14 Inappropriate Comments About Women

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Jerry Lawler became famous for the demeaning comments that he would yell at the women of WWE at the time would make their way to the ring, somehow this became the thing that he was known for, and it was deemed acceptable during that era in history.

Some of the comments that King made about women would not be tolerated in the current society, with his saying things like: "One man's trash is another man's girlfriend" or "Women! Can't live with 'em, no resale value." He even once decided to comment on former Women's Champion Sable: "You look into Sable's eyes and you see the back of her head. A little [action] on TV never hurt anyone...unless you fall off!" Where he was seemingly calling her stupid. How is that acceptable in any era?

13 Casual Discrimination?

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WWE tolerated the use of foul language and much more violence as part of their shows a number of years ago that in today's society are deemed unacceptable because people could argue that we are all much more easily offended nowadays.

That being said, there is never really a reason why Lawler should be able to casually discriminate against another WWE superstar, whether it is a joke or not. While he was calling one of Ahmed Johnson's matches a few years ago, Lawler said: "Ahmed Johnson came from a neighbourhood where the most common words heard was, You have the right to remain silent." This probably didn't go down to well with Johnson when he found out backstage either since he is talking about where Johnson grew up as well as his race.

12 Making Fun of Vickie Guerrero's Weight

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Vickie Guerrero was brought into WWE following the death of her husband and former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, but after being part of storylines with Edge and Dolph Ziggler in the years that followed Vickie was turned into a villain on WWE TV, which meant that stars like The Rock and Jerry Lawler were allowed to insult her for fun.

During their 2010 Slammy Award presentation, Vickie stated that she had lost weight, to which Lawler responded that if she turned around and looked at her backside then she will find it. Vickie gave him a dirty look and he stated: "I can't help it that you're the only WWE Diva whose bathtub has stretch marks." Vickie has since gone on to lose a lot of weight since she left WWE after she remarried and moved on with her life. Comments like this could have added to the reasons why Vickie wanted to leave the company.

11 Jokes About Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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As already stated, some of Jerry Lawler's jokes were quite funny back in the day when the WWE Universe was used to his voice on commentary and didn't realize that he should have actually been doing his job, rather than making jokes about wrestlers and their families.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts was another star who was victimized by The King with Lawler saying things like: "The only reason Jake 'The Snake' Roberts doesn't drink and drive anymore is because he is afraid he might hit a bump and spill his drink" When it was quite obvious that Jake Robert's alcohol problems were definitely not something that should be jokes about.

10 Making Fun Of Ken Shamrock's Weight

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Lawler's comments towards Vickie Guerrero's weight have already been noted in one of the above entries but considering Lawler has never been seen to be a guy who was in shape, there should be no reason why he makes jokes about other people's weight.

WWE has employed a number of much larger wrestlers over the past few decades and that is because wrestlers of all sizes have a role to play on WWE TV, so for Lawler to think that he's allowed to make jokes about someone's weight on air, it's quite a shock. When commentating on one of Shamrock's matches Lawler said: "It used to be that Shamrock was the world's most dangerous man, but now Shamrock is the world's most dangerous speedbump." As already stated, should people in glass houses really be throwing stones?

9 Making Fun Of The Fact That Jim Ross Doesn't Have A Son

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Good Ol' JR became an iconic voice of WWE alongside Jerry Lawler for a number of years before he was released from the company back in 2013. Throughout their time on commentary, Lawler and Ross had a unique kind of chemistry, but that didn't mean that JR was safe from Lawler's attempt at humour.

There was an ongoing rumour for a number of months that Brian Christopher was actually Lawler's son, because they looked similar and shockingly for a man that dished out a lot of abuse, Lawler didn't like to take it. Lawler responded to Ross's questioning on one show by asking if he was his son to which Ross replied that he had two daughters, before King quipped back with "Not packing enough chromosomes, huh? I'm sorry Ross!"

8 Jerry Lawler Didn't Like Bret Hart's Mother

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Helen Hart was the wife of Stu Hart and the mother of Bret Hart. Lawler had a famous feud back in 1993 with Bret Hart where he decided to include his parents in his promo and make the rivalry a little bit more personal.

Lawler enjoyed making fun of Bret's mother and came out with a number of one-liners whenever he could as a way to annoy the former WWE Champion. Lawler said things like: "I'm not gonna say she's old but she is the only person I know who has an autographed copy of the Bible." Or "I wanted to meet the one responsible for producing more tragedies than Shakespeare." This was slightly unfair since Helen wasn't a wrestler and she never signed up for any of the abuse Lawler gave her and was never allowed to return the favour either.

7 Jerry Lawler Get's A Little Bit Too Personal

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At 67-years-old, it's only right that Jerry Lawler is no longer on WWE screens on a weekly basis sharing information that the WWE Universe didn't need about his personal life. Not only that, but the commentary team has a much better balance now that the commentators are actually calling the action rather than making up offensive jokes.

If Lawler wasn't busy drooling over some of the most beautiful women in the world during the attitude era, then instead he was sharing comments like this: "When I'm in bed with a woman, my favourite move is a wrestling hold called the lip-lock." Sometimes The King's commentary did border on cringe-worthy, but during that era he was saying exactly what a number of other men were thinking all over the world.

6 You Never Really Know A Woman Remark

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Jerry Lawler is a man who can find a joke in everything that he goes through in life. When he stole the above quote from Norman Miller, King was attempting to describe how married life was treating him since he married WWE Diva Stacy "The Kat" Carter. He summarized his experience by saying "You never really know a woman until you see her in court".

King had already been to court a few years earlier when he was accused of assaulting a 15-year-old girl and even though the charges were later dropped, it still isn't something that King should be deciding to make light of while commenting at the highest level on national TV. Sometimes the fact that Lawler didn't have a filter was one of his best qualities, but sometimes it did get him into a lot of trouble with WWE executives.

5 His Comments About Taka Michinoku

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WWE has had a number of successful Japanese stars sign with them over the past few years, and currently have the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and the Undefeated Empress Asuka, currently flying the flag for the Japanese community.

Back when Taka Michinoku joined WWE in the late 1990s, Lawler had a number of opinions about the superstar that should never have been broadcasted. King would be allowed to say things like: "Statistics prove that somewhere in Japan, a woman gives birth to a baby ever four seconds. Now I'm going to over there and find that woman and put a stop to it and we wouldn't have people like this (foreigners, talking to Taka Michinoku) coming into our country." Or even: "The only reason why Taka Michinoku is here in this country is because there are too many people in Japan" while calling his matches.

4 Making Old Jokes About WWE Hall Of Famers

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Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah were pioneers of women's wrestling, without the sacrifices that those women made, the women of WWE would never have been able to reach the position that they are currently in on WWE TV.

Despite this, Lawler never tried to show the women any kind of respect when they were included in WWE storylines, and instead decided to try and make jokes about the fact that they were old. He once stated that: "Mae Young is so old that when David killed Goliath, she was the one that called the cops!" Before turning his attention to the former Women's Champion and joking: "The Fabulous Moolah was a waitress at the last supper." Many fans might have found this humorous, but Lawler never really knew where the line was when it came to jokes.

3 When He Made Light Of The Fact That He Had A Heart Attack

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Lawler was part of one of the most shocking moments ever to be broadcasted live on Monday Night Raw back in 2012, when he suffered a heart attack as the show was being recorded and the paramedics were then forced to deliver CPR and take him straight to a nearby medical facility as the WWE Universe watched in horror.

Lawler was able to return to health a few months later and then take back his duties on WWE TV, even though the WWE Universe were still quite tense watching Lawler undertake strenuous activities after what they had witnessed a few months before. Despite this, Lawler wanted the whole thing to be treated as a joke, so when an ambulance arrived at the arena during Brad Maddox match with Ryback, King stated: "Uh-Oh, gotta go. My ride's here."

2 How Does Lawler Like His Women?

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WWE has gone through something of an evolution over the past few years, and this is why it is much better for the product if Lawler isn't on the commentary panel anymore. Lawler has outdated views and jokes, especially when it comes to the women. The Women's Division is currently in full swing in WWE and considering the fact that Lawler once commented that his favourite type of women were inflatable or that "Women should be ob-scene and not heard" or even "My two favourite kinds of women are 'domestic' and 'imported'." Perhaps it was a good thing that WWE decided to replace him back in 2015 so that the women of WWE were free to continue to make history without Lawler ruining their matches with his derogatory comments.

1 Jerry Lawler's Comments About Sunny

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Lawler became famous for his "puppies" phrase whenever he saw the WWE Divas, but it seems that when it comes to inappropriate comments aimed towards the opposite gender, Lawler always saved his best comments for Sunny.

Lawler's commentary partner Jim Ross once told him that he was too old for the Diva and he responded: "I'm not embarrassed to be seen with younger women, except when I drop them off at school." Lawler had previously commented: "Sunny, she wants me. I can read her like a book, but I prefer the Braille edition". These comments just made Lawler come off as a perverted old man whenever it came to the much younger women of WWE. Throughout the years that he was behind that commentary table, it seems that the one thing the WWE Universe could count on was comments like this from "The King."

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