15 Must-Hear Wrestling Stories Almost Too Crazy To Be True

Professional wrestling is considered to be a bit crazy at the best of times. To be a wrestling fan you need to understand that the story is stage but the physicality is real and the performers are skilled technicians who travel the world, sometimes working over 300 days a year, to put on these staged, but inspiring performances. Join such an odd profession and spend that much time on the road and the lifestyle can take it’s toll on even the strongest of men.

So, when sports and entertainment fans catch wind of some of the most insane behind-the-scenes stories to involve the performers and the underbelly of the business, it’s no surprise that there is a mixed reaction. Non-wrestling fans might hear these stories and react with pure shock. How could these people do such horrid things to each other? On the other hand, professional wrestling fans understand a different truth. The business is an odd one and as such, it breeds odd characters. To hear about two friends who once almost stabbed each other to death but stayed friends or to hear about how a 260 lbs bodybuilder who sniffed his food instead of eating it, is just another story.

For real, hardcore wrestling fans, these types of stories give an insider look at what really goes on in the business and we can’t get enough. For those that love these kinds of dramatic back stories, keep reading. This is 15 of the most outrageous wrestling stories ever to be told. These stories are so odd, a normal person wouldn’t dare believe them.

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15 Sid vs Arn Anderson And A Pair Of Scissors

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This story has made the rounds and sometimes the details seem to change. What we know for sure is that on an October night in 1993, both Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson were drinking heavily in Germany and arguing over the reasons the company wasn't drawing as much money as it should be. Ric Flair became a point of contention. Sid said something about Flair stealing the spotlight and Arn stood up for his fellow horseman and long-time buddy.

Both went back to their hotel rooms to cool off, but Sid let the argument stew and eventually couldn't take it any longer. He grabbed a chair leg which he had broken, went to Arn's room and after hearing how drunk Arn was and likely unable to defend himself, threw the chair leg away. Surprisingly, Arn eventually answered the door with a pair of scissors and stabbed him with them. Still intoxicated, Arn dropped them and tried to stab Sid again. Sid snapped and proceeded to boot Arn in the face and stab him with the scissors multiple times.

Anderson suffered twenty stab wounds to the chest and stomach while Sid was stabbed four times. Both ended up in the hospital and then deported back to America. Sid was fired and Anderson suspended after many wrestlers threatened to boycott the company. Amazingly, they are on good terms today because Arn remembers nothing about the night.

14 The Sandman Overdoses, Dies and Returns To Wrestle That Night

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If you ever thought you had a so-so reason to call in sick for work, then you'll probably realize you could have gone in, especially when you consider that The Sandman wrestled the same night he had already legally died.

Not one to take things slowly, and popular for drinking beer on the way to the ring during his entrances, Sandman was known to do more than drink a little. After injecting himself with Nubain, he overdosed and died on the way to the ECW show where he was scheduled to wrestle Tommy Dreamer. Instead of doing what a normal person would, the wrestlers who were with Sandman (including Rhyno) lied to the hospital staff and told them they'd found this body on the side of the road. They then ran away and to the ECW show.

An adrenaline needle revived Sandman, who then found his own way to the show and wrestled Dreamer as scheduled.

13 Roddy Piper, Don Muraco Avoid Arrest While Bob Orton Gets Naked

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If there's one thing we know, it's that wrestlers of the '80s knew how to cause trouble. Roddy Piper, Cowboy Bob Orton and Don Muraco were a great example of how one night can get completely away from you. A full night of drinking started by getting thrown out of a liquor store in Fresno California due to starting a fight and moved to trying to figure out how to lift a stalled car off a set of railroad tracks. Of course, after failing to lift the car with Orton inside, they accepted their impending fate and understood that an oncoming train meant their doom. Fortunately, the train was on a different set of tracks and missed the car by only a matter of mere feet.

Thinking they'd escaped death, but having pretty much destroyed the car in the process, they made their way back to the hotel only to find cops waiting. Orton managed to escape the questioning but Piper and Muraco didn't. As a way to try and distract the police, Orton got naked and ran around the hotel after intentionally locking himself out of his room. Of course, the police had to deal with the "naked crazy man" and tased Orton. He was left unconscious, put back in his bed and all the men got off with a warning.

12 Paul Heyman Hitches A Ride From A Crazy Freddie Blassie

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A young Paul Heyman used to get picked up from the Madison Square Gardens by his father. One night, Classy Freddie Blassie realized he didn't have enough clothes to fulfill his entire schedule so unknowingly, Paul accepted a ride from one of the worst drivers in the world. To be a good son, Heyman called his father to let him know Blassie was going to give him a ride home since Blassie's house wasn't far from Heyman's. 

The trip became a ride from hell as Blassie, who is 20% blind in one eye and 80% in the other, would make left turns onto one-way streets all while people were swerving and throwing things. Eventually, Heyman found the experience unbearable and freaked out and Blassie, unaware of how poor a driver he was, pulled over and let Heyman drive the rest of the way since Heyman refused to go any further.

Arriving at Heyman's house, Blassie gets along swimmingly with Heyman's father, complimenting Paul over and over. Full of pride for his son, Blassie make sure to add that while Paul was a great young man, he was also the worst driver to ever give Blassie a ride home. Of course, Heyman was not of legal driving age at the time.

11 11 Haku Bit Off Someone's Nose For Calling Wrestling Fake

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Haku — or Meng, as he used to be known throughout his tours with many different promotions — has always been one of the scarier personalities in wrestling. Stories about him legitimately teeter on the verge of insane and he is/was probably the most all-around feared wrestler in the industry. This story proves why.

In an airport bar one night, a couple of locals decided to harass the wrestlers who'd come inside to mind their own business and have a few drinks. Touting them with comments about wrestling being fake, Haku decided to prove the business could hurt by biting off the nose of the loudest heckler. He didn't warn the guy or try another solution first, he simply bit his nose off.

Haku was sued, but to this day, recalls the story with fondness. It's like he's proud of the fact that he maimed another human being.

10 Andre the Giant "Checks Oil" 

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Andre the Giant was notorious for being the type of wrestler who was great to you if he liked you and not so great to you if he didn't. And, if he didn't, there wasn't a whole lot you could do about it. He was huge and he demanded respect.

There are multiple stories of Andre's odd tendencies, but one trick he played on a number of other wrestlers and giving the loveable giant a good laugh was the concept of "checking oil". To check oil meant to take your thumb and essentially jam it up the rear end of another wrestler. Andre might do this in a match or he might do this in the back, but when he did, his excessively large hands probably made that experience less than fun. Rumor is that Hulk Hogan was on the receiving end of this type of torture many a time before Andre finally decided to pass the torch at WrestleMania III.

9 Daniel Bryan Catches A Burglar

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You know you're tough when you run down and tackle a man who just broke into your home after you had neck surgery. Not only did Bryan catch a thief who was in the midst of robbing them when he and wife Brie walked into their home, but Bryan caught a thief who had been terrorizing the entire neighborhood.

Concerned more for their dog than their belongings, Bryan didn't really think and just ran after the two men who fled their home. The burglar wasn't in great shape and Bryan said it was easy to take him down, being so tired and all. He choked him out and waited for the police to arrive.

Daniel and Brie held a press conference the next day and joked that he thought maybe Triple H put someone up to it.

8 Shane Shoves Vince In The Pool

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Vince McMahon used to sit in his yard with Pat Patterson and come up with nearly every angle and storyline fans would see on WWE programming. The two would brainstorm around the pool, which incidentally, is also where they would hold meetings and meet new wrestlers coming into the company. For some reason, Vince and Pat thought that the funniest thing in the world was unsuspectingly pushing people into the pool.

One day, when Shane McMahon was younger, it was time to turn the tables and when Vince wasn't ready, Shane jumped out from his hiding spot and sent Vince flying into the pool, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Apparently, Vince likes to dish out the punishment but not take it. Vince was livid and was looking to ring Shane's neck. Shane was wise enough to hightail it out of the yard and disappear for a while, thus escaping the wrath of his father.

7 Harley Race Pulls Gun On Hulk Hogan

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When the WWE  was becoming the national force it was about to become, they invaded the NWA territories. That didn't sit too well with Harley Race who left mid an NWA show to find Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon and confront them, 9mm gun in hand.

Before thinking about using the gun, Race had a much better idea and tried to set the ring on fire to cancel the show. When that didn't work, he searched high and low for Hogan who had snuck across the street to a local bar. Hogan tried to come back just in time for his main event match, but after being confronted in the bathroom by Race, was worried for his life having heard the rumors Race wanted to kill him. Worried, Hogan waited as Race told him he had come there to blow his kneecaps off, but decided instead he'd rather work for the WWE.

6 Andre the Giant Breaks Record Drinking

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Some people are big and some people are drinkers but there is only one Andre the Giant, who was a very big drinker. The stories of Andre drinking are legendary. From needing two liters of vodka just to get warmed up to having witnesses who'd seen him drink 156 beers in one night. What seems to be the record (and not one that Guinness will verify) is that Andre drank 119 beers in a single sitting.

If you did the math on that, 119 beers would be around $936 if you calculated them at $6 per drink. We have to assume he was a big enough star that a few came on the house, but after a while, that sort of thing would get out of hand. It would have probably taken no less than two and a half hours and this amount of alcohol could do serious damage to a regular sized human being. 

5 Harley Race Threatens To Fight An Entire Biker Gang

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Harley Race is one of those guys who around the wrestling industry was legitimately feared. In part, it's because he was incredibly tough. The other part is because he's a bit off his rocker. This is a man who was stabbed, shot at and challenged to fights on a consistent basis by fans because he was so good at being the heel. One night in Oregon, a group of bikers started heckling Race.

One night in Oregon, a group of bikers started heckling Race. Race waited for the show to end and the bikers stuck around. Race invited the biggest into the ring (warning him of course that doing so would be a bad idea). The biker insisted on showing Race that this "fake wrestling" didn't amount to much and Race proceed to headbutt him, breaking his nose then put him in a cross-face until he passed out. No other bikers wanted to take Race on thinking he'd just killed their biggest member.

4 Sid Vicious Attacks Brian Pillman With A Squeegee

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Sid Vicious seemed to continually find ways to get himself in hot water. This is the second time he's made our list. Back in 1991, he was scheduled to work with the late Brian Pillman. Being the more veteran of the two wrestlers, Vicious assumed he was still calling the spots in the match, but Pillman wasn't having it and the two ended up getting into an argument. 

Pillman ended up getting the upper hand in the minor fight which further embarrassed Sid. Not willing to leave it alone, Vicious decided to leave the bar, find a weapon and go back to teach Pillman a lesson. Unfortunately, the only thing Sid could find was a squeegee from a closed gas station. Everyone got a good chuckle including Pillman and Sid would have been better off just letting it go because he was ribbed pretty hard for a while after the word got out to the other wrestlers.

3 The Ultimate Warrior Sniffed Cookies

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Everyone is fairly aware of The Ultimate Warrior's ability to be a bit off. He believed so strongly in his character, that he Jim Helwig legally changed his name to Warrior and lived by the mantras he'd preached. Part of that character was about healthy eating. Warrior perhaps took it to the extreme.

Bret Hart tells a story about how one day he was in the locker room getting prepared when the Warrior came in with a handful of crushed up chocolate chip cookies. Instead of eating them (because of course that would be unhealthy), he sniffed them. Bret asked what he was doing and the Warrior told him he got the same satisfaction from sniffing them that he did eating them.

2 Zack Ryder's Opponent's Trunks Explode

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On some of the lesser rated wrestling shows, it's not uncommon for WWE Superstars to face no-name wrestlers. The term for these no-name wrestlers is often referred to as a jobber. The jobber helps get the WWE Superstar over by losing decisively and the WWE Superstar can get in all his best moves.

Zack Ryder once told the story about how he was in such a match and while doing his move set, went to grab his opponent. Instead of the usual result of grabbing the tights to get a better grip, his opponents tights simply exploded! The didn't just rip or fall down. They exploded into a million pieces. To make matters worse, the jobber was not wearing anything under the tights, thus revealing to Ryder and the entire audience everything.

1 Rick Rude Would Purposely Start Fights In Bars

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Rick Rude loved to fight. He loved to fight so much in fact that he would just accept a challenge, he'd doctor up scenarios in which a fight would just sort of come as result of the environment he'd create. One example would be how Rude repeatedly would go out with his girlfriend to bars. He wouldn't spend time with her, but instead, send her down to the other end of the bar and wait for people to hit on her. As soon as someone even looked at his girlfriend the wrong way, Rude would take it as a personal slight and feel the need to make this innocent and unsuspecting schmuck pay for it with a whooping.

This was the type of behavior that made his friends and traveling partners respectful but hated going on the road with Rude. He did this type of thing for years and made people like Paul Bearer very tired of traveling with him.

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