15 Must-See Personal Pictures Of Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

There are certain professions out there that are more than just a job, they’re a full-on lifestyle, and wrestling is one of those jobs. The best characters are exaggerated versions of the performer, just dialed-up to 100. The line between real life and personal life can often blur, because of this. When you become a WWE Superstar you also become a celebrity to many. This can make what was once a comfortable divide between personal and work lives into a very confusing and frustrating situation. This is even more complicated for the daughter of the most prolific promoter of all-time, Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Triple H. The couple have experienced the spotlight for so long and have such busy schedules that involve the business that it can be hard for them to find candid personal moments. When these rare moments occur it is generally with their children or out together at some sort of event. The power couple will sometimes take a selfie or get captured in the wild posing with fans. It is these unplanned and random moments that help to shine a special light on the off-screen real life personas of these larger than life characters that we’ve all come to know, love and sometimes hate.

We have scoured the net to find interesting and rare images of Trips and Steph that we hope will help you see them in a different light. We hope that you enjoy these 15 Must-See Personal Pictures Of Triple H And Stephanie McMahon.

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14 Mom Steph

via pinterest.com

Here we see what you would assume is a candid picture of any average family. We have three little girls and their mom boating on a lake. Mom looks a bit worn out, but she's putting on her brave face for the camera. In reality, this family is world famous wrestling royalty. One of the cool things about Trips and Steph is that it really seems like when they are home they are really a down to earth family, albeit one with a lot more money than any of us. These moments can be rare for the McMahon family, especially during the times when Steph and Triple H are working their characters on camera and not just behind the scenes. The WWE schedule can be a demanding one.

13 Connor the Crusher

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This is a collection of personal pictures of Stephanie and Trips and there is nothing more personal than the way they handled their interactions with Make-A-Wish kid Connor. This special little guy came to the WWE and they went above and beyond to take care of Connor and his family, gaining an emotional attachment so strong to the boy that when he tragically passed away, they named an annual award after him. Here we saw the mom and dad come out of these WWE Superstars and their compassion was not only touching, it was inspiring. Here is a great picture backstage of Steph and Triple H with Connor. We see no evidence of characters or WWE officials, instead we’re treated to a genuine moment with this power couple and a special little boy.

12 The Power Couple

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Speaking of power couples, here we have a great shot of these two lovebirds on what we can only assume is a private WWE jet, both dressed to the nines, looking like a million bucks. The fast-paced lifestyle that they lead keeps these two busy, but the financial rewards are worth the effort. If online websites are to be believed, these two have a combined net worth of around $70 million. I don't care who you are, that's a lot of dough. These two have the confidence and look of a power couple, but they also have the “couple” aspect on lockdown. Steph is playfully draped across Trips and you can tell that they have managed to keep their marriage healthy, despite their WWE schedules.

11 Triple H and his Parents 

Here we have a great candid shot of Triple H with his parents, Paul and Patricia Levesque. You can see the clearly family resemblance between Paul Jr. and his father. The 48 year old WWE executive and father of three spent a lot of his adult life on the road and remains extremely busy, so he probably doesn’t get too much opportunity to visit with his parents, outside of the holidays. We don’t know who snapped this great shot of the Levesque family, but it was likely Steph herself. Triple H is very close to his parents, in fact his father was the best man at his wedding to Stephanie McMahon. No doubt this is one proud set of parents, not only is their son very successful as a wrestler, but as an executive, father and husband.

10 Daddy's Girl

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Stephanie has been a part of the WWE since she was born. She would come to work with her father, Vince, and as he ran the WWE (then WWF), she would play and hang out with all of these larger than life athletes. There is a rather famous picture of Steph sitting on Andre the Giant's lap as a little girl. This great picture of Steph, all grown up, with her father is a great representation of their relationship. In fact, Steph so looks up to her dad that she entered the family business at a young age and has only become more and more involved in it over the years. The WWE is such a part of her world that she married a wrestler and started a family with him.

9 Partying with Celebs

via newsday.com

The wrestling world of the WWE is truly “sports entertainment” and the crossover is often rather abundant. In this picture from 2004 we see Steph and Trips out for a night of partying at the Level 7 Club Hollywood and Highland along with Ryan Reynolds and singer Alanis Morissette. Triple H was one of the stars of Reynolds then biggest film to date, Blade Trinity, where he played a character named Jarko Grimwood. This was just a year after the couple was married in real life and two years before they had their first daughter, Aurora. Trips still rocked the long hair and Stephanie is notably younger in appearance. The young couple enjoyed the Hollywood nightlife, as Trips flirted with the idea of becoming a legit movie star.

8 Family Vacation

via nowthats80s.com

This picture is a great family vacation photo that you could find in any one of your own family albums. We see old grandpa Vince in he back wearing wacky shorts and a much younger Stephanie and Triple H with their first daughter standing proudly by the swimming pool. This may fall into the realm of goofy family photos, but at least Trips is keeping it real with his bad ass skull swim shorts. This picture screams summertime family fun and is a far cry from the intimidating and entertaining characters that they all play on television, but that’s what is so cool about photos like this one. It shows the real people behind the characters that we know and love and sometimes when Stephanie is on screen doing her evil doings or Triple H is burying another young talent it’s healthy for us to remember this image and that it’s all just for fun.

7 Trips and Stephanie at the Club

via download-wallpaper.net

This is a rare shot of Stephanie and Triple H out enjoying the nightlife. This shows Trips still sporting his long hair out with Steph and The Undertaker, aka Mark Calaway. Taker is joined by his then wife Sara. You can also see just a bit of The Rock over on the left-hand side. We don’t have an exact date and location on this photo, but we know it was before 2007, as 'Taker and Sara split by then. Trips and Steph are still together and going strong, however. They were able to spend some time hanging out together before they took on the intensive roles within the company that they have now. This picture was likely taken before the couple had their first daughter, which happened in 2006.

6 Cena's Wedding

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Is this a picture of Paul and Steph enjoying a slow dance at a wedding or just some average mum and dad. This could be any loving couple, but of course it’s the WWE power couple of Triple Hand Stephanie McMahon having a dance at John Cena’s wedding back in 2009. Cena married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. The two would remain married until 2012 when he divorce her after only three years of marriage. It can take marriage, and sometimes kids, to really test a relationship and it will either crumble or grow. Clearly, marriage and kids have only made Triple H and Stephanie stronger as a unit. They two have a greater purpose, not only with the family business, but in their duty to the family that they have made together, as well.

5 Family History

via wwe-curiosa.blogspot.ca

The McMahon family is far from your average household, but you wouldn’t know it when you see pictures like this one. Here we have a picture of Vince, Linda and the kids, clearly from the 1990s. They all have goofy smiles on their faces, as you’d expect from any bad family photo. Stephanie and Shane are both clearly quite young. This is probably right before the Attitude Era began. The WWF was soon to be embroiled in combat with rival promotion WCW and Stephanie would eventually become a part of the show, along with Shane. The McMahon family is still close to this day, despite their disagreements over the years. Shane is currently the television GM of SmackDown Live, while Steph has that same role over on Monday Night RAW.

4 The Big Game

via pinterest.com

One of the biggest sporting events each year, besides WrestleMania of course, is the NFL Super Bowl. The commercial ad space sells for absurd amounts and the crowds come by the thousands. In attendance at this year’s Super Bowl were Stephanie and Triple H, who are both huge fans of the New England Patriots. The game was a dream event for the couple, since the Patriots came out victorious. This is an adorable picture of the two celebrating the big win that they posted online. Candid shots of them out in the world enjoying sports other than wrestling help to give another dimension to the real lives of these two. Triple H decided to award the Patriots with a special commemorative WWE belt to celebrate their Super Bowl win.

3 Steph and Trips Go Metal

via teamtripleh.tumblr.com

This is a great picture of Steph and Triple H backstage at a Black Sabbath concert. They are featured here with infamous front man Ozzy Osbourne. The couple had backstage passes to the show (it’s good to be famous!) and clearly had a great time. It isn’t surprising to see them at a Sabbath show, after all Triple H is a well known metal head. His theme songs, of which there are three, were all done by legendary rockers Motorhead. Triple H was friendly with late front man Lemmy and he even spoke at his funeral. Triple H recalled a great story where Lemmy would come and see him wrestle every time they were in Los Angeles and often Triple H would lose. Triple H would be a little embarrassed about losing in front of his idol, until Lemmy took him aside and assured him that the fact that he lost all the time made him the perfect representation of Motorhead.

2 Getting the Star Treatment

via twitter.com

The power couple of Stephanie and Triple H are a loving couple and a mom and dad, but when they go out into the world the reality is that their superstars. Instantly recognizable by generations of fans, they get the good star treatment wherever they go. Here we see a picture of them with their driver at the Super Bowl. Despite their abrasive on-screen personas in the WWE, Steph and Triple H are well known to be great with fans out in the real world. It isn’t difficult to find a plethora of candid shots with this cool and relaxed couple meeting excited fans in all walks of life. You can’t beat having your own golf cart and driver to get you around and avoid some of the crowds, especially at a big event like the Super Bowl.

2. Meeting the Fans

via wwestocks.blogspot.ca

We have a great shot here of Stephanie and Triple H rubbing elbows with some fans years ago. We see Stephanie looking adorable in her glasses and you can see what a real couple the two make. This was back when Trips was in ring shape, but these days he is rarely seen in a WWE ring or on television. The last time we saw Triple H in the ring was for an unsanctioned match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 32. The head of NXT did work some non-televised matches on the United Kingdom live tour this year, but we don’t have any indication that he will be coming back to his “Authorative” role on television anytime soon. He has expressed in interviews that his in-ring career is winding down almost completely soon.

1 Stairway to Heaven

via pwpix.net

We have made it to the end of our list and we are wrapping things up with this recent picture of Steph and Trips. They have been married nearly 15 years and they have 3 daughters together, but at heart they're still the coolest couple around. Triple H is hard at work developing NXT and his pet projects within the WWE, while Stephanie is more beautiful and successful than ever, helping to progress the company into taking the female athletes more seriously. The future is limitless for these two, as we move towards the inevitable takeover of the company once Vince steps away. We don’t know what role the McMahon family will have in the company in the future and whether or not their daughters will get into the family business.

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