15 Must-See Photos Of Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose has only been on the WWE main roster for a few months, but she is already making an impact. WWE called her up from the Performance Center to be a part of Absolution faction along with her best friend Sonya Deville and Paige. Rose joined WWE as part of the Tough Enough competition in 2015. While she finished second in the women’s fan vote, Rose was the apple of WWE’s eye due to her amazing looks and athletic background. Rose joined the Performance Center on a developmental contract with a world of potential.

Vince McMahon intentionally never wanted Triple H to give her a role on NXT due to always believing she was main roster ready once getting enough live event experience. The last person to get this treatment was Braun Strowman and we see where he is today. Mandy has received comparisons to WWE legend Trish Stratus for having the bombshell look and athleticism to become a star.

Time will tell if she lives up to the potential, but there is a big opportunity there. While McMahon will be pushing Rose to the moon, he doesn’t want you to know about her pre-WWE life, especially when it comes to her smoking pictures. However, sharing is caring, and we will pass them on to you. These are fifteen Mandy Rose photos from before WWE that would drive the McMahon’s wild.

15 Workout Buff

The background and passion in fitness led Mandy Rose to a spot in WWE. Tough Enough was the perfect opportunity for her to get her foot into the door for a chance at a big contract and instant fame. Rose competed in fitness competitions for years before joining WWE giving her a better background than most. The passion for working out made Mandy a living and it also helped her become one of the best-looking people on the planet.

This picture shows Rose in her workout outfit. Mandy used social media to showcase her workout outfits and routines before signing with WWE and having to branch out into other forms of connection with an audience. As seen above, Rose looks outstanding in workout gear from all angles and it may very well be her best overall look.

14 Flying in style

Back to NY✈️✈️ Always got my cawfeeee 😋☕️

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Most people like to travel in comfort. You will be hard pressed to find many folks at the airport rocking the best outfits or trying to look their best. Mandy Rose clearly doesn’t prescribe to that theory. This picture is from one of her trips getting back to her home state of New York. Rose grew up in upstate New York and lived there until moving to Florida to train at the Performance Center.

While a t-shirt, sweatpants and sunglasses are the relaxed look for most, Rose still looks like a supermodel. It almost isn’t fair to make the most basic outfit look good, but Mandy benefits from it big time. The luggage in the picture shows she either was ending or about to start a trip, but she looks like she’s ready for the next photo shoot.

13 Mandy loves her curves (and so do we)

We all love curves and Mandy Rose clearly is on board for the movement. Rose references how much she enjoys the angles of her curves in this outstanding outfit. While she may not have any glaring weaknesses, this dress showcases the strengths of Mandy in a very impressive way. Rose used the hashtag telling others to embrace their curves. Everyone can agree Mandy embracing her own curves is a great decision.

WWE has mostly showcased Rose in her gear since coming to the main roster. Hopefully the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame will give us the chance to see Mandy in her best dress. Considering her sense of fashion and love of curves, we will likely be in for a treat by her choice. Call it a bold prediction if you want, but Rose will steal the show at this year’s Hall of Fame.

12 Modeling success

📸 @harrylhgfx

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Mandy Rose is most known for her WWE career and prior success in the fitness industry, but she was a great model as well. The incredible look of Rose allowed her to get many photo shoot gigs. There are still some shoots Rose takes when WWE approves it. However, the peak of her modeling came back when it was one of her career paths.

This picture showcases the beauty of Mandy’s face along with just how insane her body is. Rose clearly works out every body part as seen with her abs in this one. The gorgeous results will make you forget she is wearing a basic white top and jean shorts. No offense to John Cena but he will never be able to sell jorts as well as Mandy does here.

11 Casual greatness

Casual night out 👟❤️

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Mandy Rose’s social media pages show us that she is clearly into glamour. The pictures showcasing fancy dresses, skimpy bikinis and high heels usually get the most attention. However, her ability to look amazing in every outfit is something that helps benefit her social media posts. Rose snapped this picture of her version of a casual outfit.

The tank top, jean shorts and sneakers are the ideal combination for most casual outfits. Mandy somehow makes it look like it belongs on the cover of every fashion magazine. WWE has been having her wear the Absolution top over her gear on television lately. Many would complain about this if Mandy didn’t make it look way hotter than it is similar to the results of this picture.

10 Already a champion

👑👑 #MissWbffBikiniWorld 🙋☺️ #tbt - MU by @cherrydollsbeauty

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Mandy Rose has yet to win a championship belt in WWE, but she is a champion in another field. Before coming to WWE, Rose was a huge fitness buff competing in various contests to showcase her impressive physique. The peak of Mandy’s career came when she won the 2014 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Championship.

This picture shows her wearing her literal tiara along with the sash reminding us what exactly she won. Rose winning this competition and being named Miss WBFF Bikini World was a huge addition to her resume. It is clearly one of the things that helped get her noticed by WWE to join the Tough Enough cast. Maybe Mandy should invest in the tiara and sash if she wins the Women’s Championship in WWE since she looks so good with it.

9 Purple princess

The fitness career of Mandy Rose saw her post a lot of pictures in her various workout outfits. While sharing her advice on picking a diet and staying with it, Rose decides the best motivator is showing her results. Mandy’s absurdly fit body is on full display in this purple top and booty shorts. The fact that Rose looks so good while working out is a great selling point for anyone she is trying to sell on getting into shape.

Not every color will work for anyone’s fashion, but Mandy takes the risk by going with the bold color of purple. Naturally, it works to perfection and she makes it look incredible. Rose is one of those few people that doesn’t have to wearing the right color as she looks great in just about every option available.

8 Queen of New York

#NYC 🗽

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As mentioned earlier, Mandy Rose hails from the state of New York. Westchester County is the home of Rose as she referenced it in some of her heel promos on the NXT live event tour. Rose was working on those shows to get experience in the ring and on the microphone. The heel act of claiming New York was better than other states got her a great deal of boos.

Mandy may be from upstate New York, but she clearly loves the city. This picture showed her enjoying her time in NYC in the form of a gorgeous picture. While this isn’t the most revealing photo, Rose still looks like a supermodel in the attractive jacket rocking her impressive accessories. NYC may have the busiest streets in the world, but the average has to stop and stare when in the presence of Mandy.

7 Cheat day beauty

Love Sunday's 💗 #cheatday - Snapchat - sacs90 👻

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Mandy Rose is one of the fittest wrestlers in the world given her commitment to the gym. However, even the physically flawless bombshell likes to indulge in a cheat meal. Rose has posted various pictures over the past year showing various unhealthy food she enjoys occasionally. The workout regimen allows her to have a great cheat meal while remaining in tremendous condition.

This picture showed one her of old cheat days on a Sunday. Mandy looks outstanding in her cheat meal outfit of a tank top, sweatpants and sneakers. The sweatpants have the writing of “I love tacos” on it. If you needed it to be confirmed, superhuman goddesses love tacos as much as the rest of us. Unfortunately, our abs either aren’t as impressive or don’t exist at all.

6 Yoga pants legend

It's been real PR ✌️

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You may have realized that Mandy Rose is a legend when it comes to looking incredible in leggings, sweatpants and yoga pants. This picture is the proof if you needed even more to be convinced. Rose snapped this picture during a trip to Puerto Rico. While getting ready to leave, she decides to photograph from an angle that showcases just how amazing her backside looks in the pants and we can’t blame her.

Rose might be the top woman in WWE today when it comes to looking good in yoga pants. The fact that this picture took place before the yoga pants popularity grew, Mandy has been getting the best of this look before it was cool. Rose had to figure out at some point that it perfectly captured the product of all her hard work in the gym.

5 Arnold Classic

The fitness background of Mandy Rose saw her get involved in the respected Arnold Classic. Most strength athletes work with the hopes of being involved in some form at the annual event. In recent years, Triple H has set up a working relationship that allows NXT to have shows there during the Arnold Classic. A few NXT TV episodes have taken place there as well.

Rose was one of the few wrestlers to not be making their debut at the Arnold Classic when going there with NXT. The successful fitness career allowed her to be invited there. Rose was there signing autographs and taking pictures long before it was a thing WWE set up. The throwback picture shows her looking amazing in real time and on the banner above her.

4 Mandy loves skirts too

Most of Mandy Rose’s social media pictures will see her in workout gear, bikinis or dresses. This is an extremely rare photo of Rose wearing a pencil skirt. We get a glimpse at a different angle of Mandy’s assets with the change of pace in her fashion game from a few years ago. Skirts aren’t meant to be as flattering for the backside as her other outfits, but Rose finds a way to make it work.

Mandy was preparing for a night out in Brooklyn at a friend’s birthday party when this picture was taken. Considering Rose recently performed at the Barclays Center for the star-studded Raw 25 episode, it has been a change in her reasons for visiting Brooklyn over the years. Mandy truly looks incredible no matter what her outfit choice is, and this picture is the proof that everything works.

3 So many abs

This is one of the most impressive pictures that showcase Mandy Rose’s physique. The ideal combination to being in great shape usually comes down to having a good diet and working out. Rose’s caption confirmed that she got to that point by doing both to perfection. The fact that some of Mandy’s other assets look so impressive can make it tough to remember to appreciate her abs.

Rose’s abs were in peak condition at this point with the picture. It is a difficult task to count them all without losing concentration. Everything else looks amazing in the photo, especially the leopard print leggings. Mandy’s commitment to fitness is the reason she looks so good all the time. Even if you’re not a fan, you must respect the work ethic.

2 No filter, just squats

#NoFilter #JustSquats 😜 - 🍑🍑

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The Revival getting buried means their “no flips, just fists” catch phrase may be wasted. Mandy Rose already has a great replacement as seen in one of her old Instagram posts. The wording of “no filter, just squats” is genius as she markets the greatness of her backside. Rose has gone on the record that her booty is her favorite body part and pictures like this show why.

We get a tremendous view of the greatness in a gorgeous dress. Mandy loves this angle for many of her pictures as the squats have become something associated with her career. The caption is her feeling the confidence and she deserves it for the work that went into it. WWE needs to get ready for her singles run and Mandy would sell many “no filter, just squats” t-shirts, but it may need to be printed on the back for proper marketing.

1 Swimsuit goddess

😎😎😎 Love this bikini top by @streetgearusa 👙

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Alexa Bliss has some competition for the “Goddess” moniker of WWE. Mandy Rose has been using the “Golden Goddess” nickname since developmental and it is still part of her presentation today. Bikinis are a huge part of Rose’s social media game when it comes to snapping gorgeous pictures. Mandy has been posting countless pictures since moving to Florida for WWE, but there were some gems from her past.

This bikini showcases just about every one of Rose’s assets in impressive fashion. The company clearly benefited from being advertised by Mandy on her Instagram page. Rose would have been the biggest star in the women’s division back in the era when bikini contests were a fixture. Luckily, she does have the athletic ability. If Mandy becomes a good in-ring performer, there is no ceiling for her potential in WWE.

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